Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1045 - All of You Were Taught by Me

“Celestial Venerable Mu, you ignorant kid! I haven't gone to find you, yet you dare to look for me, bringing me this rough encounter! Are you thinking of overturning the heavens?”

Qin Mu's sword qi had already arrived at the front of the Numinous Sky Hall. It appeared to have run into an invisible wall as it shattered into pieces.

“Do you think that just because you have a higher cultivation realm, you can climb onto my head, doing whatever you please?”

The figure of God Emperor Lang Xuan stood proud and tall, high up in the air with his four faces and eight arms. He sneered as he looked down at Qin Mu and the rest who were approaching the divine palace. “You nine Celestial Venerables opened up the divine treasures and celestial palace and created the 14 realms. However, these so-called realms have only been around for 2,000 years!”

He reached out with his hand to grab them. “I'm telling you, 2,000 years ago, what ruled the prehistoric universe wasn't realms of divine treasures or of the celestial palace but bloodline! Bloodline determined the extent of your abilities and your status. And I'm the first half-god in the world, an existence that stands above all species!”

His palm came in front of Qin Mu. This wasn't magic power formed by vital qi but pure physical power.

Being the firstborn of the ancient Celestial Emperor, not only did he inherit the bloodline to control all of the Great Daos in the world, but he also inherited the bloodline of Divine King Gong Yun, one of the three divine kings of the masters of creation.

His palm contained the rules of Great Dao. As his five fingers clamped down, Celestial Venerable Yue, the dragon qilin, and the rest looked up from below and saw that the palm of God Emperor Lang Xuan was marked with Great Dao patterns that resembled mountain ranges and rivers. His five fingers were like the five elements of the rules of Great Dao—metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They reinforced each other, forming a five element formation!

There were divine arts created by the nine Celestial Venerables of the human race in between his fingers, looking like pearls of rice. In terms of the scale of divine arts and comprehension of Great Dao, the divine arts of the nine Celestial Venerables were far from comparable.

Realms were established by the nine Celestial Venerables of the human race. The fifteen realms were Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death, Divine Bridge, God, True God, Jade Pavilion, God Execution Stage, Jade Capital, Numinous Sky, Emperor's Throne, and Celestial Heavens.

So far, the seven realms of divine treasures had been established for nearly 2,000 years, and the realms of the celestial palace had been established for more than a thousand years. However, most of the gods were still exploring the seven realms of the celestial palace, trying to find out where the boundaries of the realms of the celestial palace were.

Even the Celestial Venerables were developing the limits of these realms.

However, 2,000 years ago, the half-gods started studying bloodlines and had formed their own unique civilization.

The power of the half-gods came from the ancient gods who controlled the powerful rules of Great Dao. These half-gods inherited the bloodline of the ancient gods. As they grew older, their control over the rules of Great Dao became stronger.

This was why, for billions of years, the half-gods were able to flourish. In the last million years, the half-god races mastered the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces. This was the main reason they were able to suppress the human race and other Postcelestial races.

As God Emperor Lang Xuan's palm came crashing down, his voice trembled. “Celestial Venerable is just a title casually conferred by the ancient gods upon your race for your creativity. It's a name with no material benefits. Do you really think that you're worthy enough to cause trouble in this celestial palace?”

As his palm clamped down, terrifying power erupted. Celestial Venerable Yue, who was under the palm, couldn't help but want to make a move. Suddenly, she saw a flash, then realized that they were transported onto the back of God Emperor Lang Xuan's palm!

Celestial Venerable Yue couldn't tell how they were able to go through God Emperor Lang Xuan's terrifying five elemental rules of Great Dao, appearing upon the back of his palm. Her heart trembled violently. 'The divine arts of Celestial Venerable Yun are far from such a profound level. Could it be…'

She looked at the back view of Qin Mu. He continued to bring them forward, walking along the arm of God Emperor Lang Xuan, not breaking a step.

Around Qin Mu, the frightening divine power of magnetism contorted space, and countless stars appeared in the sky above the Primordial Realm. The stars grew bigger, and their light became more intense. Even the divine power of magnetism that was in the ground of the Primordial Realm exploded, linking up with the divine power of magnetism of the sea of stars in the sky!

Celestial Venerable Yue raised her head. The position of the constellations had already begun to change. The radiance given off by these stars was even brighter than the Primordial Realm's sun.

These stars were becoming bigger than the sun. If one had a pair of divine eyes, they would see the gigantic palaces in these stars. These were the habitats of the ancient gods who controlled these countless stars.

It was very rare for the later generations to see such a sight in the Primordial Realm's sky. Only in this ancient, obscure era, could one come this close to the ancient gods.

The divine power of magnetism exploded, suppressing the power contained within God Emperor Lang Xuan's palm!

All around the Lang Xuan Divine Palace, explosions of magnetism erupted!

Below the palace, the gigantic half-gods that were carrying the thousands of palaces and throne halls on their backs gave off heart-breaking wails. They were getting crushed and were ceaselessly sinking into the ground.


One of the giant half-gods couldn't help but kneel. The throne hall on his back shook violently as the half-gods in the hall reeled from left to right, having difficulty standing upright.

Thumping sounds repeatedly traveled over as more of these half-gods that were supporting the Lang Xuan Divine Palace knelt. Instantly, the Lang Xuan Divine Palace high up in the sky was much lower!

Despite their immense strength, their half-god status, or their extremely powerful bloodline, when Qin Mu mobilized his divine power of magnetism to press down upon them, together with the weight of God Emperor Lang Xuan himself, they were instantly crushed!

God Emperor Lang Xuan was shocked and angry. He raised his seven other hands, striking towards Qin Mu and the rest.

In terms of battle power alone, there was an insurmountable gap. He was the son of the ancient Celestial Emperor and Divine King Gong Yun, as well as an adult half-god. His combat power was comparable to an Emperor's Throne existence.

He had also experienced the battle of the Blood Rust Zone, slaughtering the masters of creation. On top of that, he possessed the blessings of Celestial Emperor. His abilities were extremely strong and boundless, and he was one of the most powerful existences in this era.

His abilities were even greater than many ancient gods.

However, his palm strikes were unable to connect with Qin Mu. He had mobilized the rules of Great Dao to launch his attacks. Every time they seemed to fall on Qin Mu's body, he and the rest would disappear and reappear on the back of his palm.

He was completely unable to tell what divine art Qin Mu was using!

The thousands of half-gods in the Lang Xuan Divine Palace reacted and flew to kill Qin Mu and the rest!

The half-gods were richly endowed by nature with powerful abilities. At birth, they were already stronger than humans. As they grew older, this gap continued to grow. After they were fully grown, the rules of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth that they controlled became stronger.

In the past, they were susceptible to illness, old age, and death. Now that the nine Celestial Venerables of the human race had created the seven realms of the celestial palace, all they needed to do was cultivate to the god realm to achieve immortality, forever living in peak condition.

The scene of thousands of half-gods charging over to kill caused people to tremble. Celestial Venerable Yue couldn't help but feel despair. Although she was one of the human race's Celestial Venerables, she was still exploring the celestial palace realms. In this era, Celestial Venerables weren't the world's strongest existences.

Conversely, there were innumerable half-gods whose abilities were superior to humans.

The expression of the master of creation, Luo Xiao, changed. According to the memories of the masters of creation, the ancient gods had deployed countless of these half-gods in their attacks during their battle with the masters of creation.

Although he hadn't experienced those horrifying scenes of adult half-gods charging towards the masters of creation with their full mastery of the rules of Great Dao, he had seen it from the memories of his ancestors!

'No wonder we were defeated…'

He thought quietly to himself, 'The half-gods are able to procreate faster than us. Their Great Dao is also everchanging, and their races are plentiful. Combined with their ability to grow rapidly into adulthood, it seems that it will be very difficult for the masters of creation to return to our homeland.'

Just as he thought until there, Qin Mu's voice traveled over. “When Celestial Venerable Yu was alive, he didn't teach me the seven realms of the celestial palace or the way to become a god.”

As he raised his hand, darkness surged forth in the Lang Xuan Divine Palace. The power of the Great Dao of Youdu appeared in the Primordial Realm.

Qin Mu said plainly, “It was me who created the method to become a god and comprehended the realms of the celestial palace. I was the one who imparted this to everyone. All of you…”

His face revealed a slight slice of pride. “Were taught by me!”

As his palm spread open, a Gate of Heaven Influence stood erect in the Lang Xuan Divine Palace. Wherever it passed, countless seemingly powerful half-gods immediately lost their primordial spirits, their souls being beaten into Youdu as they suffered an unnatural death!

Innumerable corpses fell like rain, crashing into the Lang Xuan Divine Palace, smashing through the palaces and knocking down its walls.

As Qin Mu clenched his hand into a fist, the devil qi of Youdu burrowed into the Gate of Heaven Influence with a whoosh. The gate then vanished.Read more chapter on v ip novel. com

He continued walking forward along the arm of God Emperor Lang Xuan. As he arrived in front of his face, his face was expressionless. “Lang Xuan, your celestial palace was also taught by me.”

The giant face of God Emperor Lang Xuan revealed a slice of panic, and his body rapidly shrunk as his aura became stronger. Light rays of Great Dao shone from his body, throwing Qin Mu and the rest off.

His abilities were truly terrifying and far surpassed Qin Mu. However, he wasn't confident of dealing with Qin Mu because Qin Mu was able to detect the flaws in all of his attacks!

As for Qin Mu's divine arts, he didn't understand a single bit!

If they were to fight, he had faces in all four directions, as well as eight arms. With his battle power, there was no need for him to fear Qin Mu. However, Qin Mu need not fear him either!

Qin Mu and the rest were surrounded by brightness, reappearing again in front of him.

“Can we talk now?” A faint smile materialized on Qin Mu's expressionless face. His smile grew as he spoke pleasantly.

God Emperor Lang Xuan was bewildered. “What do you want to talk about?”

Qin Mu was getting more and more cheerful. “After the Jade Pool Meeting, Celestial Venerable Qin and I have been cultivating in seclusion, comprehending divine arts. Now that the human celestial heavens has been established, I'm able to come out and move around. In the past, the human race didn't have their celestial heavens and had to trouble the half-gods under God Emperor Lang Xuan to take care of them. Now that they have the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens, they don't have to trouble God Emperor anymore.”

God Emperor Lang Xuan composed himself and smiled. “I see. Why didn't Celestial Venerable Mu say so earlier? You brought along such a big battle, making me think that you wanted to annihilate my race.”

Qin Mu laughed heartily and said, “My way of doing things is to try peaceful means before resorting to force.”

“Try peaceful means before resorting to force?”

God Emperor Lang Xuan looked at his ruined divine palace. Thousands of corpses hung upon the walls of the palaces and throne halls. Even the now dried up Jade Pool was filled with the corpses of half-gods.

The corners of his eyes twitched uncontrollably as he smiled ambiguously. “This is how Celestial Venerable Mu tries peaceful means before resorting to force?”


Qin Mu placed his hands behind his back and said leisurely, “If things had turned bad, then this scene would be a hundred times worse. So this is me trying peaceful means before resorting to force. God Emperor must know that I have established my path through divine arts and was appointed a Celestial Venerable by Celestial Emperor. The half-gods under you that cultivated celestial palaces were all taught by me. If I display the full extent of my divine arts…”

He circled his surroundings, looking at those half-gods that narrowly escaped death. He smiled faintly. “They will all die, and your race will become extinct, and there's nothing you can do to me. However, I won't kill you. Let's try peaceful means before resorting to force and talk about the future matters of the two families.”

God Emperor Lang Xuan controlled his anger and smiled. “What does Celestial Venerable Mu want to talk about? Please feel free to speak frankly.”

“The human race will be taken care of by humans, while the god race will be taken care of by the gods.”

Qin Mu said, “Starting from today, the human race taken care of by the half-gods under you will migrate to the territories of the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens. The half-gods under the jurisdiction of the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens will return to the territories of half-gods. What does Dao Brother think of this?”

God Emperor Lang Xuan smiled ambiguously. “My race has been cultivating these bits of food for so many years. Since the ancient primordial era until now, we have always been eating and drinking like this. This is a rule that was passed down. Now isn't the time to harvest for this season. However, Celestial Venerable Mu has come over and helped us reap our harvest. If I agree to you, I'm afraid that I will be unable to answer to the god race under me.”

Qin Mu said plainly, “If the god race is extinct, then there's nothing for God Emperor to answer to. The rules that were passed down from the ancient primordial era aren't practical for the present-day. It should be changed.”

God Emperor Lang Xuan raised his eyebrows and laughed heartily. “I have yet to congratulate you for setting up the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens. In that case, I will give Celestial Venerable Mu some face. This food belongs to you now. Celestial Venerable Mu, back then, we were both at the Jade Pool Meeting but didn't have the chance to meet. Today, we finally met. Celestial Venerable Mu, through your divine arts, you are deserving of being a Celestial Venerable appointed by His Majesty. Why don't we retreat to my throne hall so that we can talk more in detail?”

Qin Mu said respectfully, “No, I have troubled God Emperor for so long. I feel bad about it and wouldn't want to intrude further. I'll take my leave.”

God Emperor Lang Xuan said respectfully, “In that case, I shan't keep Celestial Venerable.”

Qin Mu said, “Farewell.”

He turned around and wanted to leave. God Emperor Lang Xuan stared at his back, his four faces full of killing intent. Suddenly, countless broken pieces of wall flew up around the Lang Xuan Divine Palace. It was as though time was flowing in reverse as the entire celestial palace recovered rapidly.

Soon, the Lang Xuan Divine Palace was restored to its original state, looking exactly like before!

However, those powerful half-gods that were killed by Qin Mu weren't brought back to life, remaining on the ground as corpses.

God Emperor Lang Xuan's eight arms were trembling non-stop, as he forcefully suppressed his desire to kill. 'This divine art…'

He watched as Qin Mu left the divine palace. The collapsed Southern Heavenly Gate was standing upright, its broken pieces restored.

'I'm really unable to comprehend it!' He gritted his teeth forcefully until he was bleeding, feeling a sense of weakness permeating through his entire body.

Qin Mu and the rest walked towards the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens. He said, “Yue, when we get back, go to the territories of God Emperor Lang Xuan and bring the humans over. Try your best to find a place that's fertile, ideal for growing crops. Educate them to improve their lives. I have thought it over carefully. You were right. If this generation is unable to be awakened, there's always the next one. If two generations are unable to be awakened, there's the third generation. Every generation, there are bound to be a few who will be awakened. They are our hope for the human race…”

Celestial Venerable Yue was listening quietly behind him. Suddenly, she said, “Mu Qing?”

Qin Mu turned around and revealed a radiant smile. “Why did you change to calling me Mu Qing?”

“Nothing much.”

Celestial Venerable Yue laughed and said, “I suddenly feel that Mu Qing is a meaningful name. When I mention this name, I can't help but imagine a painting. A young man herding cows and sheep in a boundless lush field. Tell me, is that how your name came to be?”

Qin Mu laughed. “You think too much.”

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