Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1049 - Summoning Ancestral Star

Beside Qin Mu, Yan'er became a small green sparrow that hopped around excitedly. Sometimes, she was on the carriage, while other times, she was on Qin Mu's shoulder or head. She turned around and flapped her wings to land on the dragon qilin's head and excitedly pecked the top of it.

“What are you excited about, Yan'er?”

Qin Mu shook his head as he opened his palm. Thousands of sword pellets on the celestial river collided in an orderly manner. Soon, they merged and formed one sword pellet that landed in his palm.

He just relied on the thousands of sword lights shot out by the sword pellet to defeat the gods and devils under the Five Elements Star Sovereigns. It seemed like a simple sword formation, but if it was wielded by a sword expert of Eternal Peace, it would take an entire army that cultivated sword skills to deploy it!

Said army of Eternal Peace had troops that were equipped with either a sword pellet or sword case. Once activated, thousands of them would shoot towards the enemy and cleave at them. They could gather to form formations and disperse to deploy different sword moves.

Qin Mu used his sword pellet to deploy his sword skills, and every skill of every sword energy was different. He was essentially an entire army that cultivated the sword!

Discounting this era, where the sword path didn't exist yet, even in Eternal Peace, his attainment in Sword Dao could keep up with or even exceed that of Village Chief and the previous imperial preceptor, Jiang Baigui! He was only second to Founding Emperor!

The gods and devils had never seen or even heard of his sword skills, so they could only meet such a miserable end.

“Worms!” Yan'er excitedly pecked the dragon qilin's head while staring at the Five Elements Star Sovereigns.

The dragon qilin's head bled due to her pecking, yet he still didn't move despite fresh blood shockingly flowing down his face. He thought, 'I'm used to it already, but these ancient gods aren't worms. I'm used to that too…'

Yan'er's personality was elusive.

She was too inexperienced and naive, and she was fond of servitude and eating strange things.

At the Ruins of End, she thought that all of the ancient gods created by stamens were flowers and thus ate them all. As a result, she became a fat girl for a long time that Qin Mu felt embarrassed about bringing out.

It took a long time for her to digest them and for her figure to recover. Now, her liking of the Five Elements Star Sovereigns as food unnerved the dragon qilin.

Saturn Sovereign and Mercury Sovereign had the bodies of a snake, while the female ancient gods of the Ruins of End were snake belles with human heads. Thus, to Yan'er, a dragon sparrow, they were worms.

Jupiter Sovereign had the head of a bird, Mars Sovereign had the head of a cow, and Venus Sovereign had the head of a tiger, so they weren't worms to Yan'er. However, crucially, they were stepping on dragons.

The dragons beneath them were worms to this dragon sparrow, which got her excited.

She ate ancient gods at the Ruins of End and missed their taste.

'I wonder how fat she'll become this time?'

The dragon qilin's head was pecked on so much that it started ringing. He thought, 'I'll never despise her no matter how fat she gets.'

The Five Elements Star Sovereigns frowned as they looked at the corpses flowing down the celestial river. They were their descendants. Although they couldn't compete with them, they were the elites of their descendants that cultivated the divine treasures and celestial palace system and were immortal. They were the gods of the new generation.

Although most ancient gods didn't care about their descendants since they were their forces, Qin Mu wiped out nearly half of them, which was intolerable to them.

Qin Mu seemed to have gotten more powerful after causing havoc at the Jade Pool a thousand years ago, which caused the five star sovereigns to be fearful.

“Five Elements, you guys aren't my opponents. It's better if you all withdraw.”

Qin Mu said nicely, “I learned fortune-telling from North Deity Xuan Wu, and I'm quite accurate at it. You will all face a disaster that you will die to in the future, so you should all go back to your ancestral grounds and peacefully cultivate. As for Celestial Emperor, we just have a misunderstanding. I will personally explain everything to him, so there's no need for all of you to act up.”

Saturn Sovereign looked at the others silently.

Mars Sovereign whispered, “He is indeed powerful and fearless of our power. We are unprepared to burn bridges with him now.”

Jupiter Sovereign nodded and said, “I don't know what he used to dodge our power. The six heavenly dragons with him are powerful too. If we fight on, we will get injured as well. We should head back first and write to Celestial Emperor, charging him with the crime of killing our descendants. He will preside over this.”

Mercury Sovereign licked his lips and laughed. “When he reaches the celestial heavens, he will be executed on the God Execution Stage, and we shall watch it from the side! There's no need to fight to the death with him now.”

The other star sovereigns nodded in agreement.

Saturn Sovereign was the head of the five elements, and he was about to speak when, suddenly, Venus Sovereign smelled something. He hesitantly said, “There's a strange smell here that seems to belong to the masters of creation…”

His tiger smell was sensitive, and he smelled again. His ears stood up, and the bronze axe in his hand rang out. Suddenly, he looked at the carriage and shouted, “There, a master of creation is hiding in it!”

The other four ancient gods became stern and murderous as they looked at the carriage behind Qin Mu.

In the carriage, Luo Xiao was visibly pale as he stood up, curled his lips, and whispered, “I walked out of the Great Void with the idea that I would die. I didn't think that I would die before finding our ancestral grounds. I wonder if I can reunite with my spirit ancestors if I die here…”

Qin Mu sighed as the sword pellet in his hand floated up again. He was hopeless despite believing the situation to be preposterous. 'Could it be that they died to me?'

The Five Elements Star Sovereigns hollered in unison, “Summon the ancestral star!”

Saturn Sovereign rotated around as his snake body expanded to form a large snake that was thousands of miles long. He coiled up on the celestial river as death spread around him through the void!

The space around the skies rumbled as a dead star smashed through the Primordial Realm's world barrier. Its surface had already appeared in the Primordial Realm's sky!

The star was gloomy as it squeezed into the Primordial Realm from another world. The part that squeezed into the Primordial Realm became larger and larger, and it was Saturn of the five elements!

Saturn had dirt-yellow halos around it with several smaller stars, around 70 to 80 of them, orbiting the dead star. Those stars were also large, but they were minuscule compared to Saturn.

Rays of light emanated from the stars that had palaces on them. Countless half-gods with the bodies of snakes were dispersed as drums were played and cheers were repeated. The drums came from the skies, and they were ear-shattering despite coming from a faraway place. It caused the celestial river's water to start shaking too.

Saturn, as one of the oldest stars, was a god star and the birthplace of Saturn Sovereign. Mesmerizing rays of light that emanated from the Great Dao of Death covered it. Following Saturn Sovereign's summon, the parts of Saturn that squeezed into the Primordial Realm increased.

Qin Mu instantly felt that something was up. When Saturn appeared, the aura of Saturn Sovereign grew!

Clearly, the ancestral grounds could elevate these ancient gods' Great Dao cultivation!

He looked up and vaguely saw an incredibly large sacrificial altar in the center of Saturn. It was there that the rays of light of the Great Dao of Death were the densest.

It was the connection between this giant sacrificial altar and Saturn Sovereign that allowed Saturn Sovereign to pull Saturn into the Primordial Realm without a blood sacrifice!

“This sacrificial altar resembles that of the masters of creation!” Qin Mu's heart shuddered.

In the carriage behind him, Luo Xiao was pale as he sent his voice into Qin Mu's ear. “Influential families created terrifying life that ultimately destroyed them…”

Before Qin Mu could think more on it, the sky cracked open again as a blue star squeezed through the Primordial Realm's barrier and towards its sky!

A terrifying murderous aura filled the skies. There were jails everywhere on this star that were filled with gods and devils that had the bodies of snakes and crimson hair. They had all sorts of bone-chilling torture devices in their hands as they screamed in excitement.

On this star, Qin Mu saw another giant sacrificial altar.

At the same time, the flame-like Mars descended on the Primordial Realm.

The star wasn't on fire. Instead, the foul atmosphere created by the plague completely drowned the star.

In that foul atmosphere, countless large gods and devils appeared. They had cow horns and wielded hammers. They smashed their chests with the hammers to create drum sounds!

Another loud sound came, and the green Jupiter appeared. It had halos too, and in the halos, countless half-gods with the heads of birds extended their wings to fly. They covered the heavens and the earth as they made ear-piercing sounds!

Suddenly, the sky was as white as snow as Venus squeezed into the Primordial Realm. On Venus, countless gods and devils with tiger heads leaped towards the celestial river. They wielded bronze axes and had a roar as loud as thunder!

The ancestral grounds of the Five Elements Star Sovereigns were being summoned one by one!

Strangely enough, in the center of these five old stars, there were incredibly large sacrificial altars!

Qin Mu's heart sank as the Five Elements Star Sovereigns' auras increased in strength rapidly. The descent of these five stars caused their power to grow exponentially. If these five stars completely entered the Primordial Realm, what would their power be like?

Luo Xiao walked out of the carriage and behind Qin Mu, then looked up at the stars and laughed. “My ancestors should have paid for the sins of their greed a long time ago. Today, I'm the one repaying it… Celestial Venerable Mu, this is my ancestors' sin, which is unrelated to you. Let me pay back their sins…”

Before he finished, Qin Mu's figure grew as the sword light in his hand exploded. It became even more terrifying than when he killed thousands of gods and devils with one sword. With one sword, the sea of blood surged and rose into the air!

“Then we shall kill them before the five elements stars complete their descent! Yan'er!”

Qin Mu hollered as he rushed towards Saturn Sovereign with sword light in his hand. He shouted, “Eat whatever you want! Fatty Dragon, let go of the dragons and use the Dragon Rearing Scripture!”

Yan'er cheered, and the little green sparrow rushed towards Mercury Sovereign. It spread its wings and became a dragon sparrow thousands of miles long. On its head, the dragon sparrow primordial spirit flew out!

In front of Luo Xiao, the dragon qilin let go of the leash. The six dragons instantly gave up. Even the dim-witted dragon that claimed they could beat the Five Elements Star Sovereigns lost the will to fight and said, “We can't beat them, they are ancient gods. Let's just run!”

The dragon qilin shook his body and became a human with the head of a qilin and the tail of a dragon. He utilized the Dragon Rearing Scripture and whipped them, calling out, “You lot have a higher realm than me, yet you're so timid! On me!”

The dragons flew. One wrapped on his left arm and another on his right. Two of them coiled themselves on his leg, while two more coiled around his body with their heads on the dragon qilin's shoulders.

With the utilization of the scripture, the magic power of the six heavenly dragons was borrowed, and the dragon qilin's primordial spirit cultivation grew exponentially. It went past the Southern Heavenly Gate, Jade Pool, and God Execution Stage, descending into the Numinous Sky Hall of the Jade Capital. It entered the hall directly. He praised, “Dragon Rearing Sovereign is truly amazing!”

At the same time, Yan'er faced Mercury Sovereign head-on. Mercury Sovereign controlled killing and punishment. At that moment, his cultivation exploded as he went to grab onto the dragon sparrow's claws to rip her apart. Yet, her primordial spirit rose into the air and trapped him.

Mercury Sovereign was instantly restrained until he couldn't move.

Yan'er's claws clamped down as she pecked on his brain. Mercury Sovereign's head soon had a hole in it, and he became groggy. His earth soul, heaven soul, and god soul were all shattered.

Yan'er cheered and picked up Mercury Sovereign to swing him around so as to straighten his body. She looked up to straighten her throat as she swallowed him.

Mercury Sovereign was large and long. When his body was at her mouth, Yan'er had to adjust it with her claws to straighten it. It took awhile for her to swallow his tail.

Yet, Mercury Sovereign was too long, and part of his tail was still outside. Yan'er lifted her claws and stuffed it into her mouth. Finally, she swallowed it whole.

However, she burped, and the tail emerged again.

“I can only eat one…”

Yan'er appeared disappointed as she looked at the other star sovereigns. She said, “Dig a hole and bury them. They can last for a long time…”

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