Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1050 - The Fall of the Five Elements

On the other side, Qin Mu's sword light met Saturn Sovereign. Saturn Sovereign's reaction was swift, and he faced Qin Mu's sword light with his mirror. On the other hand, he raised his white banner and stuck it onto the celestial river!


The water suddenly burst open as that white banner became a large flag that covered half the sky. With a whoosh, Qin Mu's sword light went through the mirror and disappeared. In the next moment, it flew out of the banner.

At the same time, countless monstrous masters of creation appeared with their third eyes. Their third eyes were the Grand Primordium Divine Stone. Their corporeal bodies were sturdy and strong as they caught Qin Mu's sword light and sent it back at him.

Saturn Sovereign was the head of the five elements and was, naturally, strong. Qin Mu's sword contained a later generation's sword skills and Sword Dao. The nineteen basic sword forms constituted his sword skills, while the twentieth sword form unified them so that his energy would fuse into his blade to form the Sword Dao.

Yet, Saturn Sovereign's white banner was linked to the summoning mirror. There were many corpses of masters of creation hidden in it. Their corporeal bodies were forged to be extremely strong, and under his control, they caught Qin Mu's sword light and sent it back at him.

It was expected of the strongest being amongst the star sovereigns of the five elements, to use Qin Mu's own sword skills against him.

Now, his birthplace, Saturn, had descended. His magic power grew along with his Great Dao cultivation, causing his strength to rise exponentially. This, plus his trick with the banner and the mirror, allowed him to turn the tables.

In the next moment, Qin Mu's third eye opened, and his consciousness exploded. His terrifying consciousness instantly swept all of the incoming masters of creation corpses!

Thousands of masters of creation corpses were controlled by Saturn Sovereign because of his soul controlling trick. He was the ancient god that controlled the Great Dao of Death. When he killed the masters of creation back then, he controlled their souls and borrowed them to control their corporeal bodies.

These masters of creations were the influential families. Almost all of them died at his hands.

Saturn Sovereign relied on the Great Dao of Death to exterminate them, which was something that shook the prehistoric era.

Now, with the flooding forth of Qin Mu's consciousness, he was able to control the masters of creation's corporeal bodies almost instantly. He deployed the Grand Emperor's body borrowing technique to eradicate Saturn Sovereign's soul controlling trick!

The combination of the divine treasures and celestial palace system and the Grand Emperor's Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness allowed him to greatly surpass any tricks that Saturn Sovereign possessed. It was easy to overwhelm his soul controlling trick.

Saturn Sovereign was shocked as he realized things were wrong. At that moment, his white banner and soul summoning mirror were shattered by thousands of masters of creation using sword light.

The masters of creation rushed towards him in rows. There were 33 rows as they deployed themselves in a picturesque manner to form the sword formation.

Saturn Sovereign hollered violently and slithered towards the masters of creation instead of backing off.

They were souls of the dead that belonged to him, so he was fearless.

Yet, the sword light rose.

Although it was the masters of creation who were wielding the sword and setting the sword formation, it was Qin Mu who was deploying them. In reality, Qin Mu was using the masters of creation to fight against him.

The sword formation became complete almost instantly. It was the 33 heavens.

Saturn Sovereign's body was in severe pain. Founding Emperor's 33 heavens of the sword path cut his body into 34 pieces. Its power was unleashed, and the sword form formed the sun, moon, mountains, rivers, flora, and lifeforms of the 33 heavens!

His primordial spirit and corporeal body collapsed as the power of such a refined Sword Dao of the later generations entered his body!

He controlled death, yet, at that moment, he felt death arriving.

Qin Mu used Founding Emperor's sword skill to kill the strongest, Saturn Sovereign. He then turned around violently, but it was too late.

The moment he killed Saturn Sovereign, Venus Sovereign attacked him.

Venus Sovereign rushed towards him while stepping on two dragons. One of the giant dragon claws locked Qin Mu's body down, suppressing him violently.

Qin Mu's body skidded back after being suppressed onto the celestial river's surface. Venus Sovereign rushed to lock him down again while stepping on his golden dragons. He raised his bronze axe and brought it down on Qin Mu, chopping him to a pile of mud!

A golden dragon raised its claws and threw Qin Mu's tattered body. Then, the two golden dragons spat out two golden pellets that shot out thousands of streams of gold energy that penetrated Qin Mu's body.

Venus Sovereign held his axe with both hands and opened his eyes. White light shot out of them and rushed towards Qin Mu!

At that moment, a large hand held onto his tiger head and pulled him back.

Venus Sovereign was shocked as his head was lifted up, and he saw the face of a qilin.

The dragon qilin held his tiger mouth with both hands. He ripped it towards the side and spat out qilin and dragon pearls that bombarded Venus Sovereign's mouth.

The dragon qilin forced Venus Sovereign's mouth shut after that.

The two god pearls had gone through many refinements by the dragon qilin. When he followed Qin Mu, Qin Mu showed him all sorts of Emperor's Throne techniques. He was the first to learn all of the paths, skills, and divine arts that Qin Mu opened. He learned the Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture, the Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness, the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, the Martial Arts Heavenly Technique, the Dark Mo Jia Sutra, and others from him.

The two pearls were refined to become divine weapons. At that moment, by borrowing the power of the six Jade Capital Realm heavenly dragons, his cultivation was so grand that it reached Numinous Sky. The power in the pearls exploded in Venus Sovereign's mouth, and his body trembled greatly. His eyes flew out of their sockets, while his throat and vital organs were almost completely destroyed by the pearls.

He didn't die yet, and the two golden dragons beneath him flew to land on his hand. They tried to twist the dragon qilin's neck. They were made from gold energy, and they were sharp and determined to decapitate the dragon qilin.

The two heavenly dragons on the dragon qilin's shoulders immediately opened their mouths to bite the golden dragons. They had blood flowing out of them as a result.

Venus Sovereign tried to get rid of the dragon qilin's restraint at that moment to kill him. However, it was difficult to do so without his eyes.

The dragon qilin feared nothing as the heavenly dragons circled his body to block Venus Sovereign's attack. They were like six arms as they deployed paths, skills, and divine arts that they had never learned before under his control. Their suppression of Venus Sovereign made defeat inevitable for him.

On the other side, Mars Sovereign and Jupiter Sovereign rushed forward. Mars Sovereign held hammers in both his hands. With the head of a cow, he was frighteningly powerful. Meanwhile, Jupiter Sovereign had the head of a bird, and his claws clamped onto two green dragons. They suddenly changed to form a bow and arrow.

Jupiter Sovereign rose and caught the arrow that a green dragon morphed into. He shot it and hit the center of Venus Sovereign.

The dragon qilin was surprised, yet he saw Venus Sovereign's injuries recovering rapidly. In his empty eye sockets, two eyes were growing rapidly!

'Jupiter Sovereign is the ancient god that controls the Great Dao of life and sacrifice. He's not shooting Venus Sovereign to kill him but to heal him!'

Venus Sovereign's power recovered fully, and it even grew. Add to that Mars Sovereign and Jupiter Sovereign, who were both rushing towards him, and the dragon qilin was outmatched.

At that moment, a fat dragon sparrow came. Its claws caught Jupiter Sovereign and caused him to flip. The two birds fought in the air, creating a lot of crisp bird cries.

Jupiter Sovereign saw how Yan'er killed Mercury Sovereign, so he was fearful of her. When Yan'er swallowed Jupiter Sovereign, she became round like a sphere with two sparrow wings. She had a hard time flying, which gave him the courage needed to fight back.

'As long as I can last until my ancestral star arrives, it will be easy to kill this stupid bird!' Jupiter Sovereign was determined.

Mars Sovereign rushed over to the dragon qilin and attacked his sides with his hammers. At the same time, the obviously dead Qin Mu rushed towards them as if he was reborn.

Mars Sovereign's heart jumped when he saw Qin Mu's palm in an ever-changing form. It was as if there were countless figures of him deploying different battle techniques at the same time.

Suddenly, they combined to form a punch that slammed into his chest past his hammers.

Mars Sovereign heard his bones cracking as he flew back.

Qin Mu chased on as his hands began to divide into two until they were eight. Runes were activated, and all sorts of divine arts bombarded Mars Sovereign.

Mars Sovereign instantly felt that his body was incredibly heavy. It was as if the heavens were pressuring him from above. Soon, the divine arts sent towards him exploded on his body, ripping and tearing every part of him.

The good thing was that his corporeal body was strong enough to resist the power of torn space.

Qin Mu's eight arms flew as his third eye released light to form a sky above Mars Sovereign.

Although Mars Sovereign felt the crazy pressure of magnetism, his body didn't crash into the celestial river. Instead, it flew up towards that sky.

His limbs were spread open as his body grew.

He heard the voice of the Heavenly Dao. It was the Dao voice from Heaven Duke's Great Dao and was mysterious and deep.

He wanted to look up, but he couldn't turn his head.

He could only try to rotate his eyeballs and see the hammers he forged with Mars' Great Dao of Plague become thin sheets of paper.

Not only was his Dao weapon a thin sheet of paper, so was his body, and it grew thinner and thinner.

His body was still rising. At that speed, he should have been outside of the Primordial Realm at that point, yet when he looked down, he was still on the celestial river where Qin Mu stood.

His vision grew blurrier and blurrier. It was as if layers of void covered his eyes.

He felt himself rising to no end. At that point, he was a sheet of paper with no thickness. Even his thoughts were extended and stretched to become infinitely thin and delicate.

Finally, he settled down at the top of the sky, and he stayed there like an eternal imprint.

Qin Mu extended his hand to catch it, and the sky broke. He immediately turned around.

This was the fourth heaven of his entering the path with divine arts, Grand Overarching Heavenly Completion.

At that moment, Qin Mu turned around, and the third heaven of entering the path with divine arts was formed.

With the deployment of this trick, the celestial river shook violently as the current was stopped. It even drifted away from the celestial river to form a mini celestial river of its own.

The mini celestial river flowed through the four poles, which Green Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird appeared on, respectively. The celestial river formed a large circle.

His body stood in the circle formed by the celestial river, while his own Great Dao runes were on the four poles that the four deities of the ancient gods stood on. He used the power of the celestial river and Dao of the four deities to allow him to control the rules of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth like the ancient Celestial Emperor.

The Celestial River's Viewing of the Four Poles.

Qin Mu deployed it and pulled the dragon qilin and Venus Sovereign, who were fighting to the death, into the divine art.

The entire fight only took a few moments to unfold.

In those moments, the ones attacking and the ones defending switched sides multiple times, making the fight difficult to observe.

This was especially true for Luo Xiao, who was prepared to fight to the death. He couldn't find an opportunity to help by observing the fight normally.

It wasn't until Qin Mu used his Celestial River's Viewing of the Four Poles that he found a chance to intervene, but by then, Qin Mu and the dragon qilin had already worked together to kill Venus Sovereign in the divine art.

Qin Mu calmed himself down and groaned. At that moment, Jupiter Sovereign threw the fat dragon sparrow away and flew up towards Jupiter, which had already mostly entered the Primordial Realm. He shouted, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you're dead!"

"You colluded with the masters of creation to kill the ancient gods. Celestial Emperor will kill off your family! Your human race will perish too!"

Yan'er chased after him, but her speed decreased because she was out of breath.

The dragon qilin chased after him too. He caught up to Yan'er quickly, but he couldn't catch up to Jupiter Sovereign.

Jupiter Sovereign became faster and faster. If he reached Jupiter, he wouldn't have to fear Qin Mu and the others attacking him at once with the help of his ancestral ground birthplace.

Suddenly, a large body flew by Yan'er and caught up to the dragon qilin before dumping him behind.

The dragon qilin was stunned beyond words. The body flying up didn't belong to a person but to the youth that Qin Mu picked up, Luo Xiao.

He saw the youth racing up toward the sky with an expanding body. He soon became way larger than Jupiter Sovereign. Even the five element stars didn't appear large in front of him.

Qin Mu looked up. The giants of the primordial era, the prehistoric masters of creation, had once again appeared in the skies of the Primordial Realm after so many years.

Luo Xiao extended his palm and caught the Jupiter Sovereign, who was rushing towards Jupiter.

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