Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1051 - Shocking Change

"He really is a master of creation!"

Jupiter Sovereign was held by Luo Xiao. He was shocked. This master of creation was strong, stronger than any he had faced before. He must've been a talented master of creation.

However, to deal with the masters of creation, the ancient gods had their tricks.

Masters of creation didn't cultivate Dao or divine arts, they only cultivated consciousness and used it to forge their corporeal bodies. They visualized things but had no primordial spirit, so their souls were weak. The masters of creation were strong but weak at the same time.

Jupiter Sovereign held the Dao to life and sacrifice. The moment Luo Xiao held onto him, his palm began to expand. In a short while, it expanded to four to five times its normal size, way above what his corporeal body could tolerate.

His palm started to collapse as the weight of the muscles crushed his bones!

Not only that, but his arm began to expand too, and this expansion went up his arm like a torrent, causing his corporeal body to grow.

Luo Xiao's complete corporeal body was already large, and Jupiter Sovereign used the Dao of life to incite his corporeal body to grow infinitely and crush itself.

In the ancient primordial era, this trick was always successful. At the battle of the Blood Rust Zone, countless masters of creation rushed towards him, but they expanded before they could even reach him, crushing themselves and becoming puddles of flesh floating in the universe.

After countless years, that battle was still the grandest and most shocking battle in history.

During that battle, the ancient gods were marvelous, which allowed them to rule the universe ever since.

During the million years between the Dragon Han Era and Eternal Peace Era, the ancient gods ruled the world.

That was the result of the battle of the Blood Rust Zone.

Luo Xiao knew he had a trick up his sleeves, so the moment he grabbed Jupiter Sovereign, he threw him back. Jupiter Sovereign fell out of his hand. Meanwhile, his arm lost all of its muscles and was only left with bones. The collapse of the muscle was spreading towards his shoulder too.

Luo Xiao decisively lifted another arm and visualized a divine knife to cut off his own arm to prevent the spread of the collapse.

Jupiter Sovereign tried to flap his wings and stabilize himself after being thrown towards the Primordial Realm, but Luo Xiao's consciousness rushed to visualize meteors that collided with his body, causing him to continue falling towards the Primordial Realm.

Luo Xiao's body shrunk as he rushed towards him while visualizing more and more meteors, bombarding Jupiter Sovereign. Jupiter Sovereign was furiously shocked when, suddenly, two god pearls attacked the back of his head. It was the dragon qilin behind him.

Jupiter Sovereign was dazed as his souls were dispersed. Yan'er flew towards him and extended her claws to rip him apart at the same time as Qin Mu's sword light flew to him. They killed all three souls of his with one blade.

Luo Xiao stopped visualizing and descended. He tore off his clothes to wrap his broken arm and prevent further bleeding. He bowed to Qin Mu. "Celestial Venerable Mu, now that my identity has been exposed, the ancient gods will come and kill me to find out where we went. My time will be up soon. I feel guilty for involving you, and I doubt I'll have a chance to repay you in this lifetime. Farewell!"

Qin Mu smiled. "Master of Creation Luo Xiao. We are of the same kind. Why do you leave so hurriedly? Don't you want to find your ancestral court? Without my help, you'll never find it."

Luo Xiao's heart fluttered as he stopped.

Qin Mu said, "The only person who can help you is me. Your enemies are the ancient gods, and so are mine. Let's collude… pooh pooh! Let's face the same enemy together. Maybe we will be of help to one other."

Luo Xiao looked at him, stunned. Qin Mu went to the carriage to open the curtains. Luo Xiao hesitated before clenching his teeth and entering.

The dragon qilin dispersed the Dragon Rearing Scripture and fastened the heavenly dragons to the carriage while Yan'er ran around to collect the Five Elements Star Sovereigns' bodies, thinking, 'They can last for a long time…'

Suddenly, a violent rumble came from the sky. The dragon qilin and Yan'er looked up and saw Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and the other god stars being cut in half by the Primordial Realm's barrier without the summon of the Five Elements Star Sovereigns!

The five elements gods on them evacuated, though many were cut in half by the world barrier, while the five cut open stars were stuck in the sky.

The dragon qilin calculated their trajectory and said to Yan'er, who was carrying "rations" into the carriage, "In 5000 years, they will fall from the sky one by one and smash into the Primordial Realm. Their current trajectory is dangerous."

Yan'er didn't care about it at all. She became a fat green sparrow that struggled to the dragon qilin's side as she said, "By then, we will have left. Let's quickly go and find my mother!"

The dragon qilin hesitated and whispered, "We made a big mess this time. We can't hide the fact that we killed the Five Elements Star Sovereigns here from Heaven Duke, Mother Earth, and Earth Count. The celestial heavens and the other ancient gods will know about this soon. I feel that we can't go to the celestial heavens anymore…"

Yan'er was stunned as she looked at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's voice traveled over then, saying, "Yan'er, we will find the ancestral court first. We will have plenty of chances to see your mother."

Yan'er could only nod.

The dragon qilin asked, "Cult Master, where is the ancestral court?"

"That depends on how high up the celestial heavens is."

Qin Mu said, "To know where the ancestral court is, one has to know how high the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens is. I already know the location of Xuandu, Youdu, the four poles, the Primordial Realm, and the Ruins of End in the Great Star Atlas of the Universe. The only thing I don't know is the original height of the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens. However, since we are here, it isn't hard for us to measure its exact location."

He pushed open the carriage window and looked up at the celestial heavens along the celestial river. His gaze was faint as he said, "Now that the celestial heavens knows about their deaths, they will probably deploy the ten guards or many ancient gods to capture and kill us. Let's get closer. We'll leave after measuring the celestial heavens' height."

The dragon qilin trembled with fear as he drove the carriage towards the celestial heavens, thinking, 'What if we can't get away in time? Killing an ancient god is probably something earth-shattering in this era…'

As expected, the battle in the skies above the Primordial Realm's celestial river stirred a huge commotion. This battle was watched by Mother Earth on the Primordial Tree and Heaven Duke high up in Xuandu.

Earth Count in Youdu was also watching it.

However, they all had a tacit understanding to not interfere in unison. Instead, they chose to watch it silently.

The Five Elements Star Sovereigns were ancient gods sent to the Primordial Realm, Xuandu, and Youdu to monitor them. Thus, they chose to watch them get killed, for it was a good thing.

The battle ended quickly too, so the celestial heavens could barely react in time. Their successive deaths prevented timely intervention from Heaven Duke and Earth Count.

However, this battle had a deep meaning that caused Heaven Duke, Mother Earth, and Earth Count to think deeply.

Celestial Venerable Mu, who had caused a ruckus at the Jade Pool, had appeared again after a thousand years. Now, he had the power to kill ancient gods too.

"Civilization began when normal people began to hold the power of the gods."

In Xuandu, Heaven Duke's snow-like eyebrows fluttered like pure white light as he strummed bright suns. His voice boomed and echoed in Xuandu.

"In the beginning, man learned the gods' language and was able to communicate. Then, they learned how to use and create tools.

"Later on, they mastered runes and divine arts.

"And now, they are beginning to master Great Daos."

Heaven Duke's inexpressive face began to move as he said, "Ancestral God King, this is civilization. A revolution to replace the ancient gods has begun. I see the fall of the ancient gods and the fall of the era of the ancient gods."

Ancestral God King floated in front of the vast face of Heaven Duke. He bowed and said, "Father, if humans created civilization and intend to overthrow the rule of the ancient gods, why don't we annihilate them? I can head down now to do it!"

Heaven Duke replied, "You are wrong, Ancestral God King. My son, as the master of Xuandu and a god born from the Heavenly Dao, I can't be angry or surprised at how things go. I can't make decisions based on my preferences. The Heaven Duke can't assist or interfere. Instead, he must silently observe the change, for it is the way of the Heavenly Dao."

Ancestral God King protested and said, "Will you only strike when they have changed the circulation of the Great Daos and weakened the Heavenly Dao, Father?"

Heaven Duke said, "Even if they do change it, I can't interfere as the god born from the Heavenly Dao. We master the orbits of the heavens and billions of stars. We should watch the changes in the world without any emotion and give civilization their years to grow. This is the joy in tranquility."

"Aren't you too inflexible, Father!"

Ancestral God King turned around, and his cape fluttered to cover half of Heaven Duke's face. He continued, "Ancient gods have disregarded the glory of gods and let mortals step over them. You can tolerate them, but I can't! I'll head down now!" After he finished his hollering, countless gods rose from Heaven Duke's enormous body to head down with Ancestral God King.

Heaven Duke didn't intervene in their actions.


Devil aura filled this vast frontier. Earth Count peacefully ruled the dark side of the thousand worlds. Countless worlds' living things were under his watch.

A young Celestial Venerable You floated in front of him as he watched the battle on the celestial river from his third eye.

His third eye blinked, and the sight disappeared.

"You, your time has come."

In his eye, Earth Count's primordial spirit walked out and said to Celestial Venerable You, "You should be happy. Microscopic life like you are about to become the masters of the universe. I can already see our fortunes going away."

Celestial Venerable You bowed. "Are you going to exterminate us, Earth Count?"

Earth Count shook his head. "I came from Dao, and I control everything about the Netherworld. I'm not concerned with anything else. However, this revolution fills my peaceful heart with some expectations. I think that I'm seeing too far. My thoughts seem to be extended, as I see the end of our era in around 10,000 or a million years. I see Postcelestial lifeforms controlling the great power of the Great Dao. I'm delighted. I want to change like you guys, You."

He revealed a smile, surprisingly, as he said, "Maybe one day, I'll walk around the world of the living like a normal person and find a breakthrough. Grow quickly. When I reincarnate into a human, I'll need you to help me take care of Youdu."

The Primordial Realm.

Mother Earth stood in front of the palace in the Primordial Tree. Surrounding her were shocked ancient gods of the Primordial Realm. They consisted of ancient gods that were qilins, phoenixes, heavenly dragons of the dragon bloodline, pixius, and taoties.

They saw the battle too, and they felt the fear of death deeply.

Mother Earth swept her gaze over them and said, "The great change has already begun, yet you lot are terrified and impotent, which disappoints me."

They replied, "When humans mastered divine arts, they began to change the geography of the lands, altering the courses of rivers and mountains. They mined, logged, and altered the growth of plants. They even domesticated animals after capturing them. Now, Celestial Venerable Mu has killed the Five Elements Star Sovereigns. We are saddened."

Mother Earth smiled and said, "They may have begun to master the power of Dao, but the ones they master are merely ours. Can they create Great Daos out of nothing? We are richly endowed with talent. All we need to do is grind our own Daos, find the end of our own Great Daos, and push them to the limit. Humans and Postcelestial lifeforms will never be better than us. The Five Elements Star Sovereigns were dumb thinking they were born from Dao, causing them to be stuck trying to seek the source of their power. It wasn't a coincidence that they were killed."

An ancient qilin said, "However, the Postcelestial lifeforms reproduce more than us. Their reproductive capabilities are too strong."

"Give birth to more, then. The more, the better."

Mother Earth smiled. "Population is the source of power. The more kids one has, the more stable their reign is."

In the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens, Celestial Venerable Yun watched the five stars hanging in the sky. Only half of them were left. They were incomplete god stars.

"Old Dao, Old Dao!"

He called Dao Ancestor and said, "The five disaster stars are dead, and they left their ancestral stars behind. There must be attainments there. Can we go up there? We can research the five elements disaster gods' Great Dao in detail since their Great Dao light hasn't dispersed yet."

Dao Ancestor said, "Their Great Dao is too deep. It will take a lot of effort to study it."

"This is where your algebra can shine!"

Celestial Venerable Yun brought some human gods who were good at algebra with him to the five element stars and said, "Have you heard the tale? It was Celestial Venerable Mu who killed them. I want to meet him and talk to him, but I don't know where he ran off to, unfortunately."

He seemed excited. "I want to meet him!"

The carriage stopped at a place far from the celestial heavens. Qin Mu used triangulation to confirm the celestial heavens' height and position in space to calculate the exact location of the ancestral court. He relaxed and said, "I have found the ancestral court's exact location."

Luo Xiao looked at him and suddenly asked, "Celestial Venerable Mu, who are you?"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "You will know in the future."

"Cult Master, the celestial heavens' army is rushing here! It appears to be the Celestial River Navy!" said the dragon qilin.

Qin Mu said hastily, "Leave now!"

At the same time, a figure ran across the river. He closed in on the carriage as he called out, saying, "The Celestial River Navy is coming after me. Please save me!"

Qin Mu looked out of the window and saw a young man with wide robes, who was visibly anxious.

"You are?" Qin Mu's heart fluttered as he inquired.

"I am Hong, Da Hong!"

Goosebumps rose on the back of Qin Mu's neck as his hair stood on end.

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