Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1054 - The Background of the Ancient Gods

“The so-called ancient god from an egg is the ancient Celestial Emperor.”

Luo Xiao continued, “We have a lot of clans. The strongest of which is the Ju Yu Clan. They held the best territory in the ancestral court that was filled with plenty of heavenly treasures. They even had the oldest Grand Primordium Divine Stone mine. Our most sacred treasure, the Grand Primordium Origin Stone, came from that mine too. Aside from it, they also extracted a large egg that hatched into the ancient Celestial Emperor.”

Qin Mu was stunned. Although he heard Shu Jun and Lang Wo talk about it before, they weren't as detailed as Luo Xiao.

The egg of the ancient Celestial Emperor came from the same place as the Grand Primordium Origin Stone, the Grand Primordium Divine Stone mine!

So what was the link between the ancient Celestial Emperor and the Grand Primordium Origin Stone?

Luo Xiao continued, “The second type of ancient god was born from Dao. When the first master of creation died, Youdu was created. Death appeared, and a place for souls to stay appeared in heaven and earth. Thus, Earth Count was born from Youdu.”

“When masters of creation used consciousness to mobilize the natural power of heaven and earth, the orbits of the stars changed under their power, creating Xuandu. Heaven Duke was thus born to control the thousands of worlds and countless stars' orbits.

“When a soul died, Heavenly Yin was born to gather broken souls.

“When masters of creation created things like stars in the void, in Yuandu, the Ruins of End appeared. The Ruins of End symbolized creation and destruction, as it engulfed everything created in the void while spewing out destroyed substances. The Ruins of End has two flowers on the same stem. One symbolizes creation, while the other symbolizes destruction.”

When Qin Mu heard that, he looked at Da Hong and Gu Xiao. They tried their best to look shocked, which made him laugh inside.

The person who knew the least in the carriage was Qin Mu, followed by Luo Xiao. The people who knew the most about the ancient gods' history were Da Hong and Gu Xiao, who were trying their best to appear stunned!

Luo Xiao said, “The ancient gods were born from flowers but aren't flowers. Due to how creation and destruction were one, the two sisters of the Ruins of End were recognized as one ancient god. Earth Count, Heaven Duke, Heavenly Yin, and the sisters of the Ruins of End were called the four primordial gods. They are ancient gods born from Dao. The third type of ancient gods are those born from sacrifice.”

He continued, “They came slightly later as they required the collective sacrifice of all clans of the masters of creation. The sacrifice required the spirits, also known as holy objects, which each clan created via consciousness to protect their own clans, to be gathered together to work. The five elements ancient gods, star gods, and even Great Sun Sovereign and Great Moon Sovereign came from sacrifice. They were originally guardians of each clan. We call them spirit gods.”

Qin Mu's heart fluttered as he asked, “What about the four deities of the ancient gods?”

“The four deities were spirit gods created by the four strongest clans via visualization and sacrifice.”

Luo Xiao continued, “In the primordial, the clans never stopped trying to kill each other. A master of creation may not be strong, but a united clan is shockingly powerful. They visualized and worshipped together to create abnormally strong lifeforms. The four strongest clans visualized and created the four deities as a result.”

“Nü Xin created the White Tiger, Fang Bo created the Green Dragon, Ju Yu created the Black Tortoise, and Yang Lu created the Vermillion Bird. That's the four deities' origins. Other smaller clans created the star gods. Due to the difference in visualization and the expected power, the attributes of the spirit gods were different.”

Luo Xiao said, “The clans treated them as weapons to defend themselves. During combat, the masters of creation fought with the spirit gods. When Ju Yushi became strong, it resulted in a situation where there were three kings and one emperor. The emperor was Grand Emperor Ju Yushi, while the three kings were Fang Bo Shu Jun, Nü Xin Gong Yun, and Yang Lu Bo Yang.”

Qin Mu was enlightened. “I see.”

Gu Xiao and Da Hong were visibly enlightened too, and they said in unison, “I see. Brother Luo, you really are knowledgeable and wise to know so many things.”

“We use consciousness to pass down history and wisdom, which is why I know about the origins of the ancient gods.”

Luo Xiao humbly said, “However, we still lost much of our history due to war. The fourth type of ancient gods are those born from heaven and earth.”

Qin Mu's heart fluttered, and he exclaimed, “Mother Earth!”

“Mother Earth is the strongest among them.”

Luo Xiao said, “They were born from heaven and earth, like Mother Earth, who was born from the Primordial Tree, or the real dragon born from the dragon vein. This also includes phoenixes born from the essence of wind and fire and qilins born from the essence of mountains. There are many more such examples too. Amongst these ancient gods, some are weak, and some are strong. There's a lot of variety.”

Qin Mu sunk into silence while he thought.

The four types of ancient gods had their own strengths and weaknesses.

There were powerful beings even among the ancient gods born from sacrifice, such as the four deities. On the other hand, there were terrifying strong practitioners like Mother Earth among the ancient gods born from heaven and earth.

In those born from Dao, there were “weak” beings like Goddess of Heavenly Yin too.

Though, she was only weak in comparison to Heaven Duke and Earth Count. In reality, she was also strong, especially after she was resurrected by Qin Mu and got rid of her Great Dao restraints.

Gu Xiao suddenly said, “The births of the ancient gods were all related to the masters of creation, so why did the ancient gods desire the eradication of the masters of creation? Brother Luo, since you are a master of creation, do you know why?”

Luo Xiao shook his head. “We experienced the battle of annihilation and the battle of the Blood Rust Zone, which resulted in us losing quite a bit of our history. We lost our ancestral court too. I came out now to find the lost history regarding these two battles and to see whether we have a chance to return to our ancestral court.”

Gu Xiao's gaze flashed, and he said, “If you learn the lost history and find out that your race deserved it, what would you do?”

Luo Xiao blushed and explained, “I don't know about the rest, but those who taught me were good people. We opened the void to escape warfare. We are definitely not evil people! I don't believe our ancestors deserved it.”

Gu Xiao smiled. “Well, I'm afraid that's not up to your judgment, Brother Luo. After all, you know little about the dark ages of the primordial era.”

Da Hong smiled and said, “In that case, Brother Xiao, do you know a lot about it?”

Gu Xiao hastily replied, “I'm only raising a possibility. Don't scare me, Brother Hong.”

Both of them laughed loudly.

Qin Mu laughed too.

Luo Xiao saw them laughing, so he joined in despite not knowing why they were laughing.

Qin Mu's laughter slowly disappeared as he looked out.

Qin Mu knew little about the unforeseen event of the primordial era and the ancient gods. The masters of creation in the Paramita World experienced wave after wave of extermination, which was probably why the spirit ancestors there knew little about the past.

In Luo Xiao's era, the masters of creation of the Great Void still knew some ancient history, though they knew nothing about why the masters of creation were annihilated by the ancient gods.

In the future, when the masters of creation in the Great Void were eliminated by the Grand Emperor, another part of their history would be lost, as those who escaped into the Paramita World were often the later generations of masters of creation.

By then, Luo Xiao would have died. He would become a crazy spirit ancestor that was in a daze constantly. As such, another part of their history would be lost.

The carriage sped on. The scenery outside became the starry sky, and Yan'er ran to the back to look at the Primordial Realm. She saw how it appeared tiny by then.

They drove by the side of a large red sun. It was old and huge, and ancient continents floated around it. Tattered and empty cities were on said continents.

Yan'er looked at those cities, and her heart fluttered. She got the dragon qilin to fly closer.

The carriage flew towards a continent and went through some large buildings.

It was a dead god city. The walls were smooth and bright, something that couldn't be forged with the current path of forging.

Qin Mu saw it, and his heart fluttered as well. 'This is a city of the masters of creation.'

Luo Xiao crawled to the side to look at it. His gaze was faint. One knew little about his thoughts.

The carriage flew away from the continent, and the heavenly dragons became big as they revealed their true forms. They raced through the starry sky at an ever-increasing speed. The carriage became as large as a palace of gods too. It was very luxurious.

If one looked up from within the carriage, they would see how the stars were like a canopy as they formed the Heavenly Dao of Xuandu. It was mesmerizing.

Gu Xiao, Da Hong, and Luo Xiao all wowed by the sight. Although they boarded the carriage, they had little chance to examine it.

It was only after careful examination that they realized that the carriage was so luxurious that it was beyond the standards of craftsmen then. Even Celestial Emperor's carriage paled in comparison to it!

'Where did Mu Qing get such a luxurious carriage?' The two of them were perplexed.

Celestial Venerable Mu was labeled a Celestial Venerable because he established the path through divine arts, but could he have researched divine arts to such a level alone?

Da Hong moved to Qin Mu's side. Qin Mu was utilizing techniques, vital qi, consciousness, and his primordial spirit, consolidating them as one. It was just that even he couldn't see what was going on inside Qin Mu's divine treasure and celestial palace.

'If that Gu Xiao wasn't here, I would be able to see through this fellow completely and see why he's so strong.'

Da Hong said with a smile, “Brother, your divine arts are superb. I've observed the saints beneath the heavens and found none as good as you. What's your technique?”

“It has nothing to do with technique.”

Qin Mu opened his eyes, which were pure and clear as he said with utmost seriousness, “It's related to my bodily constitution.”

Da Hong acknowledged it and humbly asked for teaching, “May I ask, what's your bodily constitution, Brother?”

“The overlord body!”

Qin Mu was instinctively proud. “My bodily constitution is called the overlord body. I can establish the path of divine arts better than any saint beneath the heavens because of how my bodily constitution is the best and is unrivaled. People take thousands of years to comprehend divine arts and still might fail at learning them, while I only spend a bit of time and can use them. After that, I just have to comprehend it to enter the path!”

Da Hong was shocked. Thinking about it, they had heard some rumors about the overlord body at the Jade Pool Meeting then. It seemed to be spread by that tough guy, Niu Ben.

Qin Mu said with a sincere gaze, “Brother Hong, I'm actually not strong at all. I just have a good bodily constitution. If you had it too, you would definitely be way stronger than me. Unfortunately, there can only be one per era.”

Da Hong asked with skepticism, “So, can you impart some powerful divine arts for me to enter the path with, Brother?”

Qin Mu said, “Why not? Truth be told, I attained a lot by researching consciousness divine arts all these years. I'll teach you how to deploy divine arts with consciousness. First, I'll teach you visualization…”

Da Hong heard him talk about visualization and said, “I've learned.”

Qin Mu smiled. “You don't have to be so formal with me since we're brothers. You can go and comprehend it first. This consciousness visualization thing takes hundreds of years to finish learning.”

Da Hong turned around to leave, but not before glancing at Qin Mu and thinking, 'This little fellow seems to know my identity. He's trying to fool me with consciousness visualization. Overlord body, hehe, there really is such a bodily constitution…'

On the other side, Gu Xiao spoke with Luo Xiao. Luo Xiao was talking about his experiences in his clan and embarrassing things in his youth to this sworn brother of his. Gu Xiao laughed heartily.

Qin Mu glanced at them and was immediately troubled.

He revealed almost nothing, while Luo Xiao revealed almost everything of the Great Void's masters of creation.

'Thank god he hasn't told him where the Great Void is. However, in the future, they will still be nearly exterminated. The one who finds them won't be the ancient Celestial Emperor but the Grand Emperor.'

Qin Mu retracted his gaze as he utilized the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. He stored the universe with his body, so he didn't need to use external Daos or absorb the spirit energy and force of heaven and earth to elevate himself.

The Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique had been running by itself the whole time. However, this time, he tried to get himself through the Southern Heavenly Gate of the matured celestial palaces. The most important one was the main celestial palace.

He had to try and enter the true god realm, even if he only entered half of it.

That was because Da Hong and Gu Xiao were too dangerous!

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