Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1056 - Exploring the Ancestral Court for the First Time

“Void beast?”

Qin Mu frowned, and so did Gu Xiao and Da Hong.

Qin Mu had received the entirety of the masters of creation's wisdom and knowledge from the ancestor spirits of the Ancestor Spirit World. Within it, there were records of the void beasts.

A void beast was a type of ancient primordial beast in the ancestral court. These void beasts could traverse through the void, appearing and disappearing mysteriously. They were one of the strongest predators of the ancient primordial era!

Only the masters of creation's powerful consciousness could control these void beasts. Other races in the ancient primordial era were unable to fight against these beasts!

They could traverse through the void, even swallowing the stars and heavens!

If one was to summon a void beast, what catastrophe would it bring?

Da Hong's gaze flickered as he revealed a faint smile.

Gu Xiao sighed and had a stupefied expression.

Qin Mu shuddered as he felt killing intent coming from Gu Xiao's body. He knew that if Luo Xiao insisted on his way, Gu Xiao would definitely kill him!

Gu Xiao's objective was to find the remaining survivors of the masters of creation. However, if Luo Xiao managed to find the ancestral court and summon the void beast from it, it would mean that Luo Xiao had already lost control.

At that point, killing Luo Xiao would be the best option!

Suddenly, Qin Mu said with a calm expression, “Brother Luo, is there a way to check if this is the ancestral court of the masters of creation without summoning a void beast? I heard that void beasts are difficult to control and subdue and that they consume everything. If you are unable to control it, wouldn't we bring a disaster upon the world?”

All along, he wanted to protect Luo Xiao and see if he was able to change history. This was another attempt at saving him.

If Luo Xiao had walked out of the Great Void without meeting Qin Mu, he would long be dead and wouldn't be able to return to the Great Void with the three prophecies. Qin Mu had gone to great lengths to protect the life of this master of creation.

He had to fulfill this piece of history.

Luo Xiao hesitated and thought it over carefully. He then blushed. “My consciousness is indeed not strong enough to restrain a void beast. However, for this trip, my chief only taught me how to summon a void beast. They didn't teach me how to summon the other ancient primordial beasts.”

Qin Mu suggested, “Since it's a summoning technique, it must be two-way, meaning that our consciousness can establish a connection with these void beasts. While we can summon them, we can also rely on this connection to determine their location.”

Luo Xiao appeared to be confused.

Da Hong and Gu Xiao, however, were able to understand. Da Hong asked, “Reverse summoning?”

Qin Mu nodded. “Consciousness will be established with the void beasts' senses. Hence, we can sense each other. In that case, consciousness can execute the consciousness divine arts in the heads of these beasts. Therefore, setting up a reverse summoning isn't entirely impossible.”

Luo Xiao finally understood after hearing his explanation, but he hesitated. “There's no such consciousness divine art among our race…”

“Hence, we need to create it.”

Qin Mu could feel that the killing intent from Gu Xiao's body was gradually dissipating, and he was secretly relieved. He smiled and said, “You should know that my consciousness isn't inferior to yours, and modifying divine arts is my forte. Why don't you impart the technique of summoning the void beast to me, and I'll set up the reverse summoning.”

At that moment, he suddenly felt killing intent faintly emitting from Da Hong's body.

Qin Mu was alarmed. The killing intent from Da Hong's body wasn't targeted at Luo Xiao but at him!

Clearly, his words had triggered Da Hong to develop killing intent against him.

He had managed to dismiss Gu Xiao's killing intent against Luo Xiao but had stirred up Da Hong's killing intent against himself!

‘Maybe I have performed too well.'

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and thought, ‘I said I could modify the masters of creation's consciousness summoning, establishing a reverse summoning. I believe that he never thought of it before. I have come across as smarter than him, causing him to be fearful. Hence, he wants to kill me. I should act a little stupid…'

Luo Xiao's consciousness trembled, transferring the void beast summoning technique into Qin Mu's head. He said, “Brother Mu, give it a try.”

Qin Mu glanced at Da Hong, who gave a faint smile and encouraged him, saying, “Brother Mu, feel free to give it a try.”

Qin Mu looked at Gu Xiao and said, “When I'm trying this reverse summoning, there could be unpredictable dangers. Big Brother Gu, you must ensure my safety.”

Gu Xiao glanced at Da Hong and smiled ambiguously. “Celestial Venerable Mu is renowned for establishing the path through divine arts, and I would also like to witness Celestial Venerable Mu's attainments in the art of divine arts. Don't worry, we are both of the human race and are brothers. I won't let you get into any danger.”

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief.

Da Hong chuckled and hugged himself with his hands in his sleeves.

Gu Xiao also laughed as he took a small file out of nowhere and started filing his fingernails.

Luo Xiao felt that the atmosphere was a little off. However, he was unable to pinpoint the cause.

Qin Mu studied the Void Beast Summoning Technique several times and soon understood its principle. After all, he had received the knowledge and wisdom of the masters of creation, so comprehending their consciousness techniques wasn't a difficult task for him.

He deconstructed the Void Beast Summoning Technique and blended in the later generations' runes of Great Dao. After some time, he created a new summoning technique from this. He then used algebra to deconstruct the summoning technique that was evolved with the runes of Great Dao, establishing a new summoning technique in reverse.

Finally, he completed it all. He stretched his back and went to the sacrificial altar that Luo Xiao took out. He then carefully examined the structure of the altar.

Qin Mu released a long sigh and immediately began to alter the sacrificial altar. Gu Xiao, Da Hong, and Luo Xiao walked over to watch him bustle around, engraving rune formations on the altar. They looked at it in detail and realized that they were unable to understand the rune formations used by Qin Mu.

Some of the rune formations contained ercrossing runes created by Qin Mu using the Dao of the later generations to deconstruct consciousness, while some were created by him using consciousness to deconstruct the Dao of the later generations. Also, there were many runes of Postcelestial Great Dao inside the formations. They were totally clueless upon seeing all of it.

Qin Mu set up a smelting table and started producing pieces of divine weapon components. He then asked the dragon qilin to modify the sacrificial altar with those components.

The dragon qilin didn't need any guidance from him and mounted the divine weapon components onto the sacrificial altar.

“Celestial Venerable Mu, who established the path through divine arts, is indeed of great renown!”

Da Hong and Gu Xiao couldn't help but quietly sing praises in their hearts. ‘Even his mount is proficient in paths, skills, and divine arts, and his talents are by no means insignificant!'

Qin Mu forged even more divine weapon components and combined them together into a smaller sacrificial altar, placing it beside the existing sacrificial altar.

The structure of the big and small sacrificial altars were reverse images of each other.

Qin Mu moved to the bigger sacrificial altar, sweeping his gaze across everybody's faces. “Everyone, when on this sacrificial altar, I'll mobilize my formation, and we can then try to enter the ancestral court. I have placed another type of rune on the other sacrificial altar. The ancestral court has been sealed, and I'm unable to break that seal by my power alone. Hence, I have a second sacrificial altar. We can use the reverse summoning technique to summon us back from the ancestral court. This second set of runes requires me to mobilize them. Does everyone understand me?”

Da Hong chuckled and said, “Brother Mu has thought of everything. I understand.”

Gu Xiao nodded and said, “I understand as well.”

Qin Mu heaved a sigh of relief. Based on the words of those two, his life could be considered safe.

At least they wouldn't kill him before leaving the ancestral court.

The Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage also arrived on the sacrificial altar. The six heavenly dragons, the dragon qilin, and Yan'er were all present. Yan'er was guarding the lantern that was given to them by Wei Suifeng.

Qin Mu released a soft shout and executed the Void Beast Summoning Technique. The countless runes on the sacrificial altar instantly exploded, transforming into infinite light rays. The light rays slowly rose and gathered at the heart of his brows. Suddenly, a ray of light shot out from the heart of Qin Mu's brows, piercing into the void!

The void trembled slightly. Immediately, Qin Mu sensed giant lifeforms in the void, one after another. They felt extremely savage and full of bloodlust!

He chose a powerful lifeform and attacked it with his consciousness.


He sensed a gentle tremor rippling over. He felt that he had established a faint connection with that powerful lifeform.

On the sacrificial altar, Qin Mu's eyes were blank, but his hands were dancing around. The divine weapon components that were mounted around the sacrificial altar suddenly become extremely bright. The imprints that Qin Mu had placed on these runes looked as though they were alive, swimming above the divine weapon components like snakes!

Pillars of light shot up into the sky, and above their heads, they formed an image of a sacrificial altar that appeared to be made of runes. It then crashed into the void!


Everyone on the sacrificial altar heard the violent tremor. Suddenly, the entire sacrificial altar felt like it was being hauled up by a powerful force as it flew towards the void.

At that moment, Qin Mu suddenly saw a giant eye opening in the darkness of the void, exposing a weird-looking eyeball that rolled around.

‘This type of eye, I seem to have seen it somewhere… in the Paramita World!'

He was shocked. When he was in the Paramita World, as the masters of creation were summoning the Ancestor Spirit World, he had seen an eye that looked like that. It was the apparition formed when the Ancestor Spirit World appeared.

However, what Qin Mu didn't know was that, in the supreme consciousness realm in the land of Great Void, the earth, mountains, rivers, and sky all had similar eyes!

Only, at that point in time, he didn't notice it. However, the divine dragon created through visualization had seen that eye!

‘Could it be the eye of a void beast? In that case, the Ancestor Spirit World was built by the void beasts?'

Just as he thought until there, the sacrificial altar had already charged towards the center of the giant eyeball.

The sky suddenly brightened. The giant eyeball looked as though it got a shock and hurriedly retreated, and the sacrificial altar gave chase at full speed.

In the next moment, violent tremors came rippling over. The sacrificial altar came to an abrupt stop, and piercing light rays shone into everyone's eyes.

The eyeball of an ancient primordial beast appeared beside the sacrificial altar. Its pupil narrowed as it focused on the sacrificial altar that had suddenly shown up. Even when its pupil was narrowed, it was still much bigger than the altar!

Everyone on the sacrificial altar wanted to get a full view of the owner of the eyeball. However, they were unable to see its actual body, as the eyeball blocked out half the sky.

‘It's a void beast!'

Cold sweat appeared on Luo Xiao's forehead. He hurriedly opened the eye at the heart of his brows, and his consciousness surged forth into that eye. He shouted, “The void beast consumes everything. Be careful, everyone! I'll try to subdue it!”

His consciousness charged into the eyeball, and the giant eyeball gave off a miserable shriek. It was extremely piercing, causing the six heavenly dragons, the dragon qilin, and Yan'er to roll about on the ground in pain.

The consciousness cultivation of Qin Mu and the rest was extremely high and wasn't injured by the shrill scream of the eyeball. However, the consciousnesses of the dragon qilin and Yan'er weren't as powerful.

The giant eyeball retreated, its eyelid flipping upwards as though it was trying to cover up the eye. The terrifying thing was that beneath the eyelid was a giant mouth that looked like an abyss, one without any lips!

It looked like a giant eyeball, but when its eyelid flipped upwards, the eyeball became a mouth!

Qin Mu had never met such a strange creature before.

The giant mouth looked like a bottomless black hole. A terrifying force of attraction surged forth as a long tongue coiled and picked up the sacrificial altar. The force of attraction held onto the people on the sacrificial altar, pulling everyone into the abysmal mouth!

“Don't panic!”

Luo Xiao shouted, “Trust me! My consciousness will definitely subdue this void beast!”

He mobilized his consciousness, trying to control the void beast with all his might. Qin Mu hurriedly turned his head to look back and saw that the abysmal mouth was closing!

Qin Mu executed his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and mobilized the Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness, attacking the void beast with it.

Just as his consciousness began to stir, the void beast suddenly stopped swallowing them. The abysmal mouth also stopped closing up as the giant tongue sent the sacrificial altar out of the mouth.

Everyone on the sacrificial altar was bewildered. Qin Mu retracted his consciousness and heaved a sigh of relief.

Luo Xiao wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and said delightedly, “Initially, I thought that my cultivation was insufficient and was unable to subdue the void beast. Fortunately, at the last moment, my full power exploded and managed to overcome the void beast.”

The tongue, which measured countless miles, unfolded and put down the sacrificial altar.

Qin Mu looked back and saw that the void beast had a strange appearance. On its head were rows of spurs that resembled mountain ridges. They were so huge that they looked like rows of bone mountains.

The void beast looked as though it had experienced countless battles. Many of the bone mountains on its body were broken, revealing sharp bone stubbles.

He flew up and created some distance between him and the void beast so that he could take a better look.

It had a total of six legs. Two of its hind legs were crouched among the giant mountains behind, while its four front legs supported itself off the ground. Its head exceeded the towering mountains of the ancestral court by a huge margin.

The head was round with a giant eye sitting in the center. It only had an eye, which covered the entire face.

Under the eye, there was a crack that looked like a curved canyon, and a piece of rough skin with many wrinkles.

The crack should be its mouth, and the wrinkled skin, its eyelid.

When the eyelid was lifted upwards, the mouth would become larger and larger, finally, only leaving an abyss mouth full of sharp, jagged teeth on its round head, and a long tongue in the mouth!

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