Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1058 - I Can't Die

In the nineteenth void, the void beasts that were chasing them stopped their pursuit. Instead, they looked in from the eighteenth void, roaring faintly.

Luo Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. “These void beasts are unable to enter here. It seems that we have managed to escape. How is everybody? Is everyone fine?”

Qin Mu mobilized his consciousness to resist the assimilation coming from the nineteenth void while at the same time still providing protection to Yan'er, the dragon qilin, and the rest. Without his protection, they would be unable to resist the assimilation of the void.

Even so, their corporeal bodies could no longer be seen, and their primordial spirits had gradually become blurred.

As for Da Hong and Gu Xiao, naturally, they were safe and sound.

“Brother Luo, the void beast you control can enter this place, so why can't the other void beasts enter the nineteenth void?” Qin Mu asked.

Luo Xiao was stunned. “Is it that the void beast I control is too strong? The most powerful existence among these void beasts?”

“I'm afraid so.”

Qin Mu's face changed greatly as he looked at the nineteenth void. There were white glows everywhere, which were shaped like spheres. They looked like eggs that were 100 feet tall, sitting neatly in the void.

The nineteenth void of the ancestral court turned out to have millions of those white eggs, possibly even more!

The eggs were emitting white light, and they could vaguely see a huge eye in each egg, as well as a thin and delicate body curled inside.

The dragon qilin hurriedly said, “Cult Master, these eggs…”

Qin Mu lowered his voice. “These should be the eggs of the void beasts. This place should be a nest for its offspring. That's why those adult void beasts didn't dare to give chase after we broke into this place. It seems that they're afraid we might destroy their offspring.”

“Cult Master, what I wanted to ask was, who produces these neatly placed eggs?” the dragon qilin said.

Qin Mu felt a chill in his heart. The dragon qilin had asked the crucial question. The other void beasts didn't dare step into the nineteenth void, so who came to the nineteenth void to lay so many void eggs?

Just as he thought until there, suddenly, towards the back of the nineteenth void, it felt as though a great canyon was slowly splitting open as an unimaginably large eye appeared and covered the entire nineteenth void!

When the eye opened, everyone instantly felt that the void was being turned upside down. The owner of the eye was too big. Just by opening the eye, it had overturned the nineteenth void of the ancestral court!

“Void beast mother…” Da Hong raised his head, muttering as he stared at the incomparably enormous eye.

“Run!” Luo Xiao roared as all of his consciousness exploded and surged into the mind of the void beast he had subdued.

The void beast was shaken by the void beast mother. It laid down and was afraid to move.

Luo Xiao was furious and was about to mobilize his consciousness again. Suddenly, the void beast stood up and leaped, jumping from the nineteenth void into the eighteenth void. It flew through the air as though it was flying, charging towards the outside of the void!

In the nineteenth void, the gigantic void beast mother finally woke up. Its extremely shrill voice stabbed out from the depths of the void. Luo Xiao's consciousness was suddenly disrupted. His void beast seemed as though it was drunk, stumbling left and right.

Even Qin Mu's consciousness collapsed, unable to protect Yan'er and the rest.

Fortunately, the cry of the void beast mother shook the other void beasts into a dazed state, saving their lives.

The cry of the void beast mother subsided. Luo Xiao immediately drove the void beast and charged towards the outside. It was difficult to enter the void, but it was easier to escape. The void beast galloped non-stop, fleeing towards the outside.

All of a sudden, Qin Mu looked back and saw a huge claw that covered half the sky sweeping at them!

“I can't die!”

Qin Mu suddenly shouted, “If I die, no one will be able to leave this place!”

Luo Xiao didn't understand what he meant. Just as Qin Mu's voice fell, the huge void beast mother claw seemed to have knocked into an invisible barrier, and it was beaten away from its original trajectory, swinging into the empty air above them!

Layers of void were torn apart fiercely, looking incomparably terrifying. If one was to look up in the ancestral court, they would look through the nineteen voids at a glance and see the void beast mother clearly!

Luo Xiao seized the opportunity and drove the void beast outside with all his might before the void closed. Suddenly, the roar of void beasts traveled over, and the countless void beasts that were pursuing them suddenly fell from the depths of the void like rain!

The roar of the void beast mother reached the ears of Qin Mu and the others on the sacrificial altar. Almost everyone's internal organs trembled so badly that they were bleeding from their orifices. Their consciousnesses shook until they felt like pots of paste, and it was extremely hard for them to coagulate!

The void beast under the sacrificial altar was shaken until its giant body began to collapse. It would soon die amongst the roar of the void beast mother!

“I can't die!”

Qin Mu was in a daze. He forcibly tried to hold out as he shouted, “If I die…”

Before he could finish speaking, the roar of the void beast mother stopped suddenly, as if something had blocked her mouth.

The void beast was knocked out and fell from the sky, together with the sacrificial altar and the people on it. Everyone grabbed the altar with everything they had, but they were thrown off. They frantically grabbed onto the bone mountains behind the head of the void beast instead.

Qin Mu's vital qi picked up the dragon qilin, while Yan'er protected the six dragons. She spread her wings and covered the lantern so that it wouldn't go out.

Luo Xiao wasn't far from Qin Mu. He asked, “Brother Mu, what spell is this?”

Qin Mu couldn't answer in time, as the void beast had already hit the ground. It tumbled several times and knocked down a few towering mountains.

The peaks of those mountains snapped and broke off, and the dazzling light of the divine metal unique to those mountains shot up into the sky. It was a gorgeous sight as the light was reflected over the entire sky.

Qin Mu's heart trembled when he saw this scene in the midst of the commotion. The bodies of those mountains turned out to be divine metal!

The void beast skid all the way, creating deep cracks in the ground. The gleaming light of divine metal burst out from the cracks, being extremely dazzling.

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes but was still blinded by the piercing brilliance of the divine metal. He couldn't help but tear up.

The soil that was kicked up by the void beast in the air suddenly expanded, transforming into pieces of floating land.

“Growth soil…”

Qin Mu forcibly opened his teary eyes and stared at the scene blankly. The extravagance of the ancestral court was beyond his imagination.

The void beast knocked into several mountains and tumbled for a while before falling into a huge deep pit. Its six legs sprawled on the bottom of the pit and stayed motionless for a while.

Everyone got up in succession. Qin Mu mobilized his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, recovering his corporeal body and primordial spirit rapidly to peak condition, full of vigor.

He looked at the dragon qilin, who had executed his Anasrava Creation Mysterious Technique and healed his injured corporeal body. He was now helping Yan'er with her injuries.

Qin Mu helped Luo Xiao up, who raised his only arm and wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. He said hurriedly, “What about Da Hong and Gu Xiao? Are they all right?”

Gu Xiao's voice came from the top of the sacrificial altar. “We're fine and are guarding the sacrificial altar. We can't lose this altar.”

Luo Xiao put his heart at ease and looked around. He saw that it was like a huge basin there, stretching for thousands of miles left and right. They were surrounded by towering mountains, which stood around the basin.

He suddenly revealed a delighted expression. “This place is the Primordial Tree Basin! In that case, the Jade Pool isn't far from here!”

“Primordial Tree Basin?”

Qin Mu blinked and asked, “What's the relationship between this Primordial Tree Basin and Mother Earth?”

Luo Xiao mobilized his consciousness to wake up the void beast. “I heard that Mother Earth was originally a Primordial Tree in the ancestral court. It was often watered by the masters of creation who used the water from the Jade Pool. The Jade Pool's water is remarkable. It can heal all kinds of injuries, even being capable of regenerating my arm. The Primordial Tree Basin is here. That means the ancient divine stone mine isn't far from here.”

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently, and he felt a little dizzy. ‘Mother Earth used to be a Primordial Tree here. Could the water from the Jade Pool be primordial liquid?'

Right after the void beast woke up, it dashed outwards under the control of Luo Xiao, galloping out of the Primordial Tree Basin.

Not long after, they saw a dry ocean ahead.

It was the Jade Pool of the ancestral court.

The primordial liquid in the Jade Pool had already dried up. The void beast flew over the Jade Pool as Luo Xiao looked around, trying to find any remaining primordial liquid. He explained to Qin Mu, “There used to be plenty of water in the Jade Pool. However, after the masters of creation used it to water all sorts of sacred objects, coupled with the consecutive years of war, the water decreased. When the masters of creation fled from here, they took away the remaining water. I'm not sure if a new water source appeared over these years… Look, there's some over there!”

His eyes sparkled, and his consciousness surged forth and picked up the primordial liquid that laid in a depression. He then raised his head to the sky and drank it all.

Qin Mu quietly sighed, feeling it a pity. The amount that Luo Xiao drank was much more than what Mother Earth kept as her treasure!

The big fella was recklessly wasting and misusing good things!

After he consumed the primordial liquid, his arm immediately regenerated. Soon, he grew out a strong and thick arm.

“Brother Gu Xiao, Brother Da Hong, don't you want to go look for the mine?”

Luo Xiao pointed in front and smiled. “The mine is just over there!”

Gu Xiao and Da Hong both revealed a smile. “Thank you, Old Brother Luo, for your guidance.”

Luo Xiao smiled. “We are sworn brothers, why stand on ceremony?”

In front of them, dazzling colors filled the air like a fog. This was the mine that Qin Mu saw when he was controlling his void beast.

Qin Mu felt a little uneasy. If Gu Xiao and Da Hong were indeed the ancient Celestial Emperor and the Grand Emperor, their persistence in wanting to go there would be very suspicious.

‘They probably suspect each other's identities in their hearts, so they wanted to come here to verify!'

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and the uneasiness in his heart grew. In the mine, there were eight ancient gods who died while carrying a golden coffin. Who was in the coffin?

‘The void beast mother was chasing us just now. Why did it not give chase after we escaped from the void?'

Qin Mu's sweat rolled down his back from his neck. ‘Also, there were many void beasts in the ancestral court. Why did they disappear without a trace? Could it be…'

Luo Xiao brought them to the front of the mine. The void beast halted and didn't dare advance.

Gu Xiao and Da Hong got off the sacrificial altar. They took a glance at each other but didn't say anything.

Luo Xiao was abnormally excited. “This is the territory of Ju Yushi. He discovered the first Grand Primordium Divine Stone here. Only then was there the race of masters of creation! The Grand Primordium Origin Stone was also discovered here. The Grand Emperor used that to defeat the three divine kings, hence becoming the Grand Emperor.”

Qin Mu glanced at Gu Xiao and Da Hong and saw that they were still looking at each other with smiles on their faces. They didn't seem to have heard Luo Xiao.

Luo Xiao was stunned as he looked at the Grand Primordium Divine Stone mine. He then cried, “Why are there eight ancient gods here? Why are they carrying a coffin?”

Right after he spoke, he unexpectedly broke into laughter. “Why am I asking you all this? You shouldn't know…”

“Maybe we do.”

Da Hong chuckled and said, “Old Brother Gu Xiao, do you agree?”

Gu Xiao didn't agree or disagree. Instead, he said plainly, “A coffin carried by eight ancient gods. Apparently, they intended to bury a very important person.”

Da Hong laughed coldly. “Maybe they were burying a piece of history that they didn't want anyone to find out, a dirty and despicable history.”

Gu Xiao gave a sound of acknowledgment.

Da Hong suggested, “Since we're here, we might as well take a look and see who's in the coffin.”

Luo Xiao quickly said, “This mine is very ancient. It's very dangerous, even for a master of creation. They are the only ones who could enter this mine, and most of those who entered perished! Look at these eight ancient gods…”

Qin Mu tugged at his sleeve and said, “Brother Luo, it's not up to us to decide whether to go in or not.”

Luo Xiao was slightly stunned and didn't understand his words. Qin Mu followed Gu Xiao and Da Hong, who were walking in front, and whispered, “Have you not been able to tell?”

“Tell what?” Luo Xiao didn't understand at all.

“You…” The dragon qilin walked to his side and shook his head. “Are so silly.”

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