Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1071 - Battling Each Other 700,000 Times

Que Feiyin's soul drifted leisurely, being led away by an inexplicable force.

Not long after, she saw the netherworld sea rippling among the darkness, a half-built gate stood in the middle of it.

A handsome man carrying a gourd was standing beneath the gate. Many mosquitoes flew over and entered into the gourd.

"She's here."

The handsome man couldn't help but smile when he saw her. 'This is the 100th death. After this, South Deity's god soul will be completely sealed and will never wake up. I've finished carrying out Celestial Venerable Hao's instructions.'

Que Feiyin was led to fly towards the incomplete gate. After passing through it, she was reborn.

'These insects were indeed not bad, worthy of being the family treasure of Celestial Emperor. However, Celestial Venerable Hao got ahold of so many good treasures, and yet he only gave me this bag of insects. He's really stingy!'

The handsome man was Son of Heaven Yin. He patted his gourd and pondered. 'These ancient primordial divine insects are too difficult to rear. If I could use North Deity Xuan Wu's Five Thunder Pot to raise them, their power would be greatly increased! North Deity may not be willing to give me one, but Prince You Ming is a rash fellow who acts aggressively just because he's rich. Perhaps I could get a pot from him…'

Suddenly, he frowned and felt that there was something strange about Que Feiyin when she passed through the Mingdu Heavenly Gate. Her previous mind wasn't erased.

He was a little anxious and muttered, "The last step wasn't completed, I don't know what went wrong… Well, there's next time. The soul of South Deity has become stupid, so it's not difficult to kill her. I won't need to spend too much effort in the future. Since she has become so stupid, I'll use my ancient primordial divine insects to kill her."

Que Feiyin's soul drifted around. She knew that she was already dead. Suddenly, she felt that her mind became a little clearer, her thoughts more agile than before. She was puzzled. 'Could it be that I've become smarter after passing through the gate?'

Ten months later, Que Feiyin was born. Immediately, she was aware of her previous life and remembered that she was the disciple of Celestial Venerable Yue and had the name Que Feiyin. She even remembered how she died.

Celestial Venerable Yue ordered her disciples to search for her but never managed to find her despite searching for more than ten years. Celestial Venerable Yue was surprised when Que Feiyin located the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens herself. She thought that Que Feiyin's vermillion bird god soul was awakened.

However, after she performed a check, she realized that Que Feiyin hadn't awakened her vermillion bird god soul.

Although Que Feiyin was smarter than before, she was still not intelligent enough. She took 400 years to cultivate to the god realm. After which, coincidentally, a war between the humans and half-gods broke out. Que Feiyin was sent to the battlefield and was killed by a giant mosquito.

The Que Feiyin who died saw the same netherworld sea and Mingdu Heavenly Gate. Once again, she passed through it.

Right after that, she got a shock. She actually remembered another of her past lives!


Ten years later, the reincarnated Que Feiyin was an ignorant little girl with a pair of braids who was only five feet tall. It was then that she sailed all the way to the celestial heavens, skipping and hopping along her way to find Celestial Venerable Yue.

Celestial Venerable Yue performed her check again and realized that Que Feiyin actually got a little smarter.

She clicked her tongue in wonder. 'Every time South Deity dies, her muddle-headedness decreases. Why is that so?'

However, a few hundred years later, Que Feiyin, who had become a god, was bitten by a large mosquito, which mysteriously appeared during one of her exploration trips in the Primordial Realm. It sucked all her blood and killed her.

It was still the same netherworld sea and the same Mingdu Heavenly Gate. Que Feiyin passed through the gate and was delighted. 'I've awakened the memories of another of my past lives again! This is definitely strange!'

During the long period between Dragon Han and Eternal Peace, Que Feiyin died again and again. Her death was the same every time. She was bitten and killed by a mosquito that came out of nowhere. Each time she died, she would reawaken the memories of an even earlier life.

She also became more and more intelligent and began to think about how to avoid death. She repeatedly avoided the weird mosquito's attempts at her life. Her lifespan grew longer and longer with each reincarnation, and her cultivation became higher.

Later, it became difficult for the ancient primordial divine insect to kill her, so Son of Heaven Yin had to do it personally.

Celestial Venerable Yue helped her resist several encounters. However, Son of Heaven Yin was too cunning. There would be times where she was distracted, and Que Feiyin would then die by his hands.

Later, the reincarnated Que Feiyin mastered the skills of Celestial Venerable Yue and simply didn't want to be under the sect of Celestial Venerable Yue anymore, thus trying to avoid the disasters herself.

Celestial Venerable Yue was upset and disappointed. She thought that Que Feiyin was really dead, so she gave up on her.

Son of Heaven Yin had a big headache, but he persisted, searching for her all over. Instead, he was ambushed by Que Feiyin several times and almost died.

On the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage, Yan'er still had some worries. She asked, "Young Master, can that jade pendant save my mother?"

"Of course it can."

Qin Mu said, "He was unable to hide the principle of his divine art from me, so I made use of him to break his own seal. However, your mother still needs to die. Son of Heaven Yin will continue to hunt and seek her, to finish completely sealing up her soul."

He couldn't help but smile. "Every time your mother dies, the seal will loosen a little, opening up the memory of one lifetime. After she has died 99 times, she'll be completely awakened, together with the vermillion bird god soul."

Yan'er cried, "My mother still has to die 99 times? This isn't right! What if Son of Heaven Yin stops killing her? Isn't that…"

"He won't stop."

Qin Mu said leisurely, "I know Son of Heaven Yin. He's extremely stubborn and will never stop before a matter is done perfectly. As long as your mother is still a little clear-headed, he'll do it again and again until her god soul is completely wiped out. He's such a person, so I made use of him to break his own seal."

Yan'er pondered a while and said, "This guy is full of patience. Because he wanted to get a Five Thunder Pot, he released worms to bite North Deity's gourd vines. This lasted hundreds of thousands of years."

Qin Mu smiled faintly. "From Dragon Han to the present, there are many cases of massacres. The largest were the Early Dragon Han massacre, the Crimson Light massacre, the High Emperor massacre, and the Founding Emperor massacre. It would be very difficult for Que Feiyin to survive all of those massacres. Because Son of Heaven Yin is looking for perfection, he'll ensure that she doesn't lose her soul. Confrontation with Son of Heaven Yin will also make her more and more intelligent. Son of Heaven Yin is extraordinarily smart. He'll be the stone that sharpens the knife, which means her improvements will be shocking."

Yan'er clenched her fists with excitement. Her eyes gleamed as she said, "You mean, my mother is still alive?"


Qin Mu smiled faintly and said, "When we return to Eternal Peace, we only need to check the Life and Death Book, and we'll know what her name was and where she was born in this life. The only thing that's uncertain is whether she will have died 99 times already."

He released a long sigh. "When she dies 99 times, the vermillion bird god soul will awaken, and she'll remember all of the previous lives. And…"

He waved the vermillion bird feather in his hand and laughed. "With this feather, it'll be easier to find her and her other broken souls."

Yan'er teared up with joy.

Qin Mu could finally stop worrying.

The solution was perfect!

But he was still a little uneasy. What if Que Feiyin didn't die 99 times?

What if, during their battles, she was so smart and cunning that he was unable to kill her?

'That shouldn't happen.'

Qin Mu comforted himself. 'Son of Heaven Yin is very powerful, and he wouldn't be unable to kill a little girl who hasn't awakened her vermillion bird soul. He has always been a lady killer. Killing women, especially beautiful women, is his specialty…'

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