Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1073 - The Grand Emperor Died, but His Dao Hadn't Been Wiped Out, Lang Wo Stepped Onto an Emotionless Path

Since Celestial Venerable Yun first set foot in that strange world, he had often gone there to advise the masters of creation, explaining various strategies to Lang Wo and the other masters of creation, trying to make them understand how to deceive. However, it always had little effect.

This was due to the environment that the masters of creation lived in.

The masters of creation there yearned for a life without troubles and worries. Otherwise, they wouldn't have fled there and built the Great Void.

It was also due to their consciousness cultivation.

There was no need for lies or deception among the masters of creation. They communicated with each other via consciousness. Once their consciousness touched gently, they would know everything in each other's hearts. Hence, deception and lies were unable to survive there.

Back then, the reason Ancestor Spirit Luo Xiao was able to leave the Great Void to collect information was that he was the smartest person among the masters of creation.

Despite that, Luo Xiao didn't learn how to lie or deceive.

Lang Wo and the rest didn't expect that the last lesson Celestial Venerable Yun gave them would be so cruel.

So cruel that they had to deceive the people of the other landmass, using the lives of millions and the destruction of the land of the Great Void in order to limit the power of the Grand Emperor!

And the 98 chiefs and elders actually agreed with his proposal!

The aim of Celestial Venerable Yun and the 98 chiefs and elders was to exchange the lives of a million for the lives of a hundred thousand!

The young Lang Wo felt like she was in a daze.

She saw that the other land of the Great Void had been completely destroyed. That vast continent, the starry sky created by the masters of creation, billions of stars, the mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, and creatures created by visualization were all destroyed and turned into a torrent of ownerless consciousness.

The consequences of the collapse of consciousness were too serious. The entire land was plunged into great horror, where whatever one thought of, they would receive.

The heart devil had made it an extremely frightening place. The chaotic and terrifying ownerless consciousness would sense the devil in one's inner heart and turn it into reality!

Similarly, the frightening consciousness would interact with one's consciousness, polluting it!

That once supremely pure land was completely polluted. They were afraid that the other land of the Great Void would soon be destroyed as well, as the Grand Emperor had arrived there!

The 98 chiefs and elders followed the plans of Celestial Venerable Yun and the others, fighting a bloody battle with the Grand Emperor, dying one after another. Then, finally, they lured him into a trap. The trap was designed by Yun, Yue, and Ling, those three Celestial Venerables, to counter the Grand Emperor's Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness and attack the weakness in his consciousness.

However, the price paid was too terrifying!

In order to kill the Grand Emperor, they didn't hesitate to use the Grand Emperor to destroy the land of the Great Void so as to fill the Great Void with disorderly ownerless consciousness to suppress the Grand Emperor's cultivation.

In order to kill the Grand Emperor, they used almost all of the sacred sacrificial objects contributed by countless people of various tribes to trap the Grand Emperor!

They lured the Grand Emperor into the lotus landmass and activated the traps designed by the three Celestial Venerables, using the path of creation to restrain the Grand Emperor's ability to create things. Countless thick tentacles broke through the flesh of the legs of the Grand Emperor. The tentacles pierced into the lotus landmass, holding down the Grand Emperor's corporeal body.

They fought desperately, forcing the Grand Emperor to execute his supreme consciousness realm. However, when he did that, he doomed himself.

At the same time, he had doomed them.

At that moment, the three Celestial Venerables, Yun, Yue, and Ling, simultaneously moved into action, reversing the supreme consciousness realm, sealing the Grand Emperor together with the remaining chiefs and elders inside it!

The Grand Emperor's supreme consciousness realm was the final step to trap him.

The three young Celestial Venerables stood outside the supreme consciousness realm and looked at everything around them with mixed feelings in their hearts.

The Grand Emperor, Ju Yushi, who even Celestial Emperor and his ancient gods might not have been able to take down and kill, had died at their hands.

The Grand Emperor was honored by the masters of creation as having a peerless corporeal body and unrivaled consciousness. However, his corporeal body was dead, and his consciousness was eternally sealed. All of that was accomplished by the three young Celestial Venerables of the human race.

"The three of you!"

The Grand Emperor's consciousness was frozen in his own supreme consciousness realm. However, it was still vibrating violently. Over time, the tremors became weaker and weaker.

He looked at the three young faces outside the realm and did his best to mobilize his last trace of consciousness, reverberating between heaven and earth. "I will kill the three of you in succession to avenge my deep grudge for what happened today! You're already destined to die at my hands one after another, and your corpses will become my spoils of war…"

Celestial Venerable Ling raised a finger, and a small rune twitched at her fingertips, filling the supreme consciousness realm.

She seemed to complete the last puzzle, and the trap was fully activated, sealing the Grand Emperor completely!

"The Grand Emperor is finally dead, it's time for us to head back," Celestial Venerable Ling said.

Celestial Venerable Yue looked around. The land of the Great Void that remained was filled with monsters born from heart devils. It had become an inhospitable place. She couldn't help but reveal a pitiful expression, saying, "Then they…"

Celestial Venerable Yun walked towards the surviving masters of creation. The few remaining chiefs and elders told him, "We'll lead the remaining people to migrate to the other side of the land of the Great Void and create a Void Bridge in accordance to the second prophecy of our ancestor spirit, building a world without worries and troubles on the other side."

Celestial Venerable Yun nodded. "From time to time, I'll come back to help you until you've created the Paramita World. Celestial Venerable Yue will also help you design the entrance from the Void Bridge to the Paramita World. She has designed the three houses that will prevent others from discovering the Paramita World."

He then went over to Lang Wo. The young Lang Wo was still sorrowful and quiet.

"I used to like you, but not anymore starting from now."

That young master of creation fell into a daze. Suddenly, tears rolled down her cheeks. However, her tone was unusually calm as she said without turning her head back while walking off with the masters of creation, "I guess I won't fall for another person again. Yun, your last lesson touched me greatly. For the sake of my people, I'll be another you."

Celestial Venerable Yun stood there blankly as he watched her leave. All of a sudden, he felt a tingle of pain in his heart.

He wanted to tell her that she didn't have to be like him. He wanted to see her as carefree as before. He wanted to shout out to her, giving her promises.

In the end, there was a smile on his face as he heard himself say, "Okay."

Lang Wo's body shook slightly when she heard him. Ultimately, she strengthened her resolve as she slowly walked off into the distance.

Celestial Venerable Yue and Celestial Venerable Ling came beside him. Celestial Venerable Yun wiped away the sorrow in his heart and invigorated his spirit. "We should go now, the human race needs us."

The three of them then left the decimated land.

Inadvertently, they looked back and saw the surviving masters of creation embarking on their migration, which was similar to the hardship faced by their ancestors. They walked in the ruined world of the land of the Great Void.

How many of the 100,000 masters of creation who embarked on the trip from there to the Paramita World would survive?

Celestial Venerable Yun and the rest didn't know the answer. However, Qin Mu had heard Lang Wo mention it before. There were only 20,000 who managed to enter the Paramita World alive.

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