Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1075 - Fighting Da Hong With His Life

Qin Mu's eyes jumped twice violently, and cold sweat covered his hands.

He saw the battle between Da Hong and the ancient Celestial Emperor's reincarnation, Gu Xiao. They were tough. Although Da Hong wasn't Gu Xiao's opponents, he was still powerful.

Could he really deal with him?

Even though Qin Mu comprehended how Celestial Venerable Ling broke the Grand Emperor's supreme consciousness realm, he wasn't confident.

The gap was too big.

Da Hong's sleeves fluttered as he entered the carriage with his gaze on Qin Mu.

“How dare you appear here, Grand Emperor. You do know that your enemies are everywhere, right? There's Heaven Duke watching over the Primordial Realm from above, the Great Sun Sovereign monitoring the heavens, and Mother Earth in control of the Primordial Realm from below. There's also Divine King Gong Yun searching for you.”

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath and said, “You just exposed your consciousness divine art. You can't hide from them. If I were you, I would have left after I missed. Yet, you remained to settle your score. How unwise.”

Da Hong plainly said without any expression, “I know, but I have to repay the blood feud with more blood. You block me, and I'll kill you. It won't take long for me. I'll leave after I'm done. Even Heaven Duke and Mother Earth won't be able to find me. A mere Great Sun Sovereign won't be able to either.”

Qin Mu's pupils contracted as he coldly said, “You think you can do so in a short time? It has been 100,000 years since we last met, right? I'm a hundred times stronger than then! I'm already at the Emperor's Throne Realm. How do you think I was able to block your hit with a Great Dao clone of mine alone?”

Da Hong's pupils contracted as he replied, “No way, right?”

Qin Mu continued, “What do you think of my consciousness attainment?”

Da Hong's expression changed violently.

Qin Mu plainly said, “You can't get any benefits here. I won't trouble you since you're the Grand Emperor. Leave now!”

Da Hong suddenly burst into laughter. “So what if you're at the Emperor's Throne's Realm? You probably still don't know my divine art! I'll let you see the real primordial ultimate arts!”


His consciousness burst forth and became the supreme consciousness realm in an instant.

In an instant, the realm expanded, and he had a large spear in his hand. At the same time, everything came to a stop in the realm, as if time had stopped.

The only thing that could move was Da Hong!

Be it Yan'er, the dragon qilin, or the six heavenly dragons, any movement, even that of blood, stopped at that moment.

The celestial river stopped in the realm.

The moment he used the realm, Qin Mu finally felt relieved. He lied about his realm to force Da Hong to use the supreme consciousness realm!

If he didn't force it out, Qin Mu wouldn't be able to block even a single hit from Da Hong. He would probably be killed in one hit!

As long as he used the realm, he had an extra lifeline!

When the realm burst forth, Qin Mu immediately used the way to break it that he comprehended from Celestial Venerable Ling's notes!

The way Celestial Venerable Ling broke it was via the path of creation. It was the basis of unchanging substance. Qin Mu knew a lot about it already, so it was easy for him to comprehend the way to break Da Hong's supreme consciousness realm!

His sword light was activated in the realm. At that moment, it flashed, and countless runes flew out of the sword's tip and filled the realm.

Da Hong instantly felt his own realm freeze and reverse. His mind was blown.

He was naturally cautious. When the Grand Emperor body went to the Great Void to exterminate the masters of creation there, he had this borrowed body guarding the entrance to it.

When it died and had its consciousness trapped, he became furious. However, he knew that he wasn't Yun, Yue, or Ling's opponent, so he flew to the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens in a fury to vent his anger out by annihilating it.

What he didn't expect was how Qin Mu was guarding the place and how he forced him to use the realm that got him trapped.

How similar was that moment to the moment in the Great Void?

However, he had already suffered losses. Before the consciousness realm was fully frozen and reversed, he still had a shot!

Even if his cultivation was limited then, as long as he could kill Qin Mu before he finished the divine art he needed to break the realm, he could stop the realm from reversing!


Both of them hollered at the same time. In the carriage, an unbelievably bright light burst forth like a giant ball of light, expanding outwards at a crazy rate!

The water of the celestial river was forced out by it, and it formed a giant ball of water that was bursting outwards!


Terrifying vibrations burst forth, and sword lights scampered around in the ball of light. They crisscrossed, and one could faintly see the 33 heavens.

Another large spear became a dragon vein as it rose up to break the 33 heavens!

Qin Mu's third eye opened. Tai Chu's egg, Earth Count's horn, and the Grand Primordium Origin Stone were all activated at the same time. They became a dazzling divine light that faced the Grand Emperor's god spear!

Thousands of Dao boomed in his god eyes, sending forth a Dao voice recited by thousands of gods simultaneously!

Another even more terrifying rumble came. It caught up to the first light ball quickly as it swept down at an even faster speed!

Finally, the light dissipated, and around a 500-mile stretch of the celestial river was missing. The Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage fell down from the sky.

At the same time, a green bird flew up and expanded. It rotated around crazily in the air before suddenly rushing into the sky and disappearing. When the countless clouds in the sky dissipated, one could no longer see the bird.

In the carriage, Qin Mu fell down onto the floor, his chest exploded open, and his limbs blasted everywhere.

When Yan'er rushed into the carriage, she saw Qin Mu's scattered limbs. All that was left was his head, which rolled on the floor.

The head stared as it stopped at Yan'er's feet.


Yan'er fell to the ground and extended her trembling hand to close Qin Mu's eyes.

“Don't fool around, Yan'er.”

Qin Mu spat out blood, which covered her hand. He barely used his consciousness and said, “Extinguish the lantern and return us to the ghost ship. Big Brother can save me…”

Yan'er was pleasantly surprised, and she hurriedly threw his head aside. She rushed out of the carriage to handle the lantern, but she was stunned. The lantern that Wei Suifeng forged was destroyed by the violent tremors.

It was also daytime, not night, so the carriage hadn't returned to the ship.

Cold sweat burst from Yan'er's forehead as she shouted, “Go to Youdu! Fatty Dragon, go to Youdu!”

It was then that the dragon qilin felt danger, and he immediately used his Dragon Rearing Scripture. The heavenly dragons came to him and finally blocked the divine art impact that came from the carriage. He was severely injured too.

The dragon qilin heard it and immediately dispersed the scripture before chiding. The dragons dragged the broken carriage forth with all their might. Suddenly, a vibration came from the front of the carriage. It was then that the carriage entered Youdu.

At the moment of entry, it disappeared again, and they appeared on the ghost ship in the next moment.

Yan'er rushed out and said, “Emperor of Endless Clouds, please come and help!”

Chapter end

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