Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1076 - Dragon Blood Treasure Tree Protecting God Soul

Wei Suifeng's expression was serious while on the ghost ship. He checked the damage to Qin Mu's head before immediately tapping his head with his fingers in rapid succession. He tried to use the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures' Seven Writings of Creation to seal Qin Mu's soul and spirit embryo to prevent his soul from leaving.

Soon, his body became a tiny shadow and entered Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure in his eyebrows with a whoosh.

The Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was the technique he got from Saint Woodcutter's scripture. The techniques the Heavenly Saint Cult cultivated were techniques he passed down.

The body becoming a black shadow was called the Phantom Illusion Technique. Besides, there was also the Mirror Resemblance Technique that allowed one's body to become like mirrors.

Wei Suifeng came to Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and looked around. He was shocked. Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was way different from everyone else's. It was vast, like the prehistoric universe!

'No wonder he's so powerful!'

He examined it and saw Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure collapsing. The meteorology was in chaos, and the geography inside was flipped. Everything was collapsing. The yin and yang, four symbols, five elements, and seven stars were all in chaos.

“Celestial Dipper Technique!”

Wei Suifeng gently hollered and sacrificed his own celestial palace to halt the attributes in chaos and quell the geography. He waved, and the meteorology was no longer in chaos as the stars returned to their places.

He immediately split yin and yang and settled the five elements to finally get Qin Mu's injuries to stop worsening.

Suddenly, he saw a giant tree in Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. It was an injury left behind by a giant spear piercing through.

'How powerful!'

Wei Suifeng was shocked. He only felt relieved after wiping away the underlying divine art in the spear injury.

Qin Mu's spirit embryo and soul were tattered. The celestial palaces were all destroyed, and his spirit embryo and soul barely survived.

Wei Suifeng frowned. Such injuries weren't things he could heal.

Qin Mu's consciousness wavered. It was as weak as a shred of cloth. “Big Brother, there's a jade bottle at Dragon Pi's neck. There's primordial liquid inside…”

Wei Suifeng immediately flew out of his divine treasure and took the Bottle of Flask World from the dragon qilin's neck. He entered and took out some primordial liquid that he put into a giant golden cauldron that he put Qin Mu's head in.

'It seems like Great Cult Master Wei put in too much primordial liquid…'

The dragon qilin looked at the primordial liquid in the cauldron and thought, 'He probably doesn't know that it was used to water Mother Earth. It should be fine putting in so much, right?'

Qin Mu's neck began to absorb it, and it was like his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure restarted a creation movement as the broken stars recovered. The broken taiji diagram also regenerated itself rapidly. Day and night began to work again as broken mountains rose back up. Mist and rain fell as ancient god apparitions were revived.

Qin Mu's spirit embryo and soul were rapidly recovering like his flesh.

Wei Suifeng held the Bottle of Flask World and was ready to add primordial liquid into the cauldron at any moment. He saw the amount in it decreasing, and every time it did, he added more.

He still felt that it wasn't enough, so he pinched Qin Mu's mouth and added more primordial liquid into his stomach.

The dragon qilin was shocked, and he hastily reminded him, “Great Cult Master, we can't use too much of the primordial liquid. One can die from it. It's a treasure used to water the Primordial Tree!”

Wei Suifeng hammered his head to remind him, saying, “Are you the cult master, or is it me? I have lived longer than you. The salt I've eaten is more than the rice that you've eaten. I know what I'm doing…”

Before he finished, he saw Qin Mu's body grow, and soon, it was way bigger than him!

Wei Suifeng was shocked, and the dragon qilin said, “Great Cult Master, the salt you've eaten may not be more than the rice I've eaten, for my rice is spirit pills…”

Wei Suifeng hammered his head again and looked at Qin Mu nervously. The cauldron was big, but it wasn't big enough to hold Qin Mu's body.

“Junior Brother!”

Cold sweat burst from Wei Suifeng's forehead as he hollered, “Your new corporeal body is worse than your old one. You need to grind it. Quickly utilize your technique to prevent your body from being big but weak!”

Qin Mu was groggy. He opened his eyes to look at him before closing them again.

Wei Suifeng frowned as he walked around the cauldron, saying, “There's no damage to his corporeal body. The injuries to his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and celestial palaces have also healed, so why isn't he waking up?”

While he was thinking, Qin Mu's head expanded several feet again. It was as if he was a young master of creation.

Wei Suifeng immediately removed the extra primordial liquid from the cauldron, though he couldn't do anything about the liquid he had pumped into Qin Mu's stomach. Besides, Qin Mu's injuries were too peculiar for him to accurately know where it was.

“Who did he fight to receive such heavy injuries?” Wei Suifeng asked hurriedly.

The dragon qilin said, “Da Hong, likely a borrowed body of the Grand Emperor. It should be Celestial Venerable Hong of the later generations.”

“The Grand Emperor! So, the most severe injury is to his consciousness. I'm not strong in that, so I can't heal it.”

Wei Suifeng tried to use his consciousness to touch Qin Mu's. Upon contact, Wei Suifeng immediately realized that Qin Mu's consciousness was in a chaotic state, and he immediately asked, “Brother, how do I heal injuries to the consciousness?”

Qin Mu was barely conscious when he said, “Find Divine King Gong Yun. She owes me a favor…” After he finished, a dragon blood treasure tree flew out of his eyebrows, and it landed beside the cauldron.

The branches flew everywhere, and a melodious Dao voice came from it. Wei Suifeng felt relieved at the sight. Qin Mu's remaining consciousness flew out and was put into the tree. He was using its Dao rhythm to keep himself conscious.

The Qin Mu in the cauldron stopped expanding too. The halos around him orbited him. There were around 2000 halos, and each one of them had an ancient god apparition.

They lived all around Qin Mu's corporeal body, and they refined the extra primordial liquid within together.

Wei Suifeng saw it and was amazed. The dragon blood treasure tree that Qin Mu stole from Celestial Emperor allowed him to maintain his tiny bit of consciousness.

“Where can we find Divine King Gong Yun?” Wei Suifeng inquired.

His vital qi flew out and lifted Qin Mu from the cauldron before placing him under the tree. He was wearing nothing since his clothes were destroyed by Da Hong.

Wei Suifeng took off his robe, and the dragon qilin gave it to Qin Mu for him to wear.

Qin Mu sat there without moving as he continued utilizing the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to protect his corporeal body. His consciousness wave came from the tree. “Six hundred thousand years ago, there was a split in the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens. Divine King Gong Yun probably wouldn't have missed such a big event.”

Yan'er asked, “Why can't we go back to the moment Ah Chou attacked the celestial heavens? Divine King Gong Yun had Da Hong tied up then. It would be easy to find her.”

Wei Suifeng shook his head and used the ghost ship. Mist surrounded the ship as he said, “You guys would be there too. Two groups of you can't exist simultaneously unless one group disappears. You can't return to then.”

He was going to put Qin Mu and the tree on the carriage when rays of light shook. A giant canopy appeared on the carriage. It was the canopy that protected the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens until nighttime. It had returned to the ghost ship after.

It withstood the battle between Qin Mu and Da Hong. The canopy came crashing, and the carriage collapsed and fell apart.

Wei Suifeng frowned as he waved his hands. Countless Great Dao runes formed a giant circle that took in the tree and Qin Mu.

He extended his hand to gently clap, and the ring landed at the back of Yan'er's head. It was like a halo formed by an ancient god's blessing.

Wei Suifeng called Lin Xiao and said, “Get me another lantern! Wait, a few lanterns! Just in case they get broken!”

A hen dragon came running with nine lanterns in its beak.

Wei Suifeng retrieved them, and the six heavenly dragons, the dragon qilin, and Yan'er each took one. There was one on the tree as well, and he told the dragon qilin, “We already became unchanging substances and can't leave the ship. I don't know whether it's 600,000 years ago outside, or whether it's dangerous out there. Be careful!”

He thought about it in silence and said, “If it's 600,000 years ago, go and see the son of North Deity and steal the Glassy Sky Pagoda for self-protection!”

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