Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1078 - Blood Stain on History

On that day, Celestial Venerable Mu flipped open history, and it was dripping with blood.

Then, Qin Mu used the peachwood hairpin to summon the ghost ship on the Surging River to recreate history and relink the celestial river. This shocked Son of Heaven Yin, for he witnessed it. He said a legendary quote, “Who is bringing up the old parts of history?”

The history of the Dragon Han Era was exterminated because, in it, the old parts were filled with plotting and blood.

On that day, Celestial Emperor fell.

He was the first ancient god in history, the invincible being who ended the chaotic situation of the masters of creation killing each other. He ruled the universe, yet he silently died at the hands of half-god and human Celestial Venerables.

At one point, he had a chance to escape since he was so powerful. Even if everyone worked together, it would be hard to keep him there.

Yet, when he was trying to escape by killing everyone there, he encountered an extremely strong consciousness that hit him and forced him back.

‘Gong Yun!'

Chu Xiao felt groggy, and he was blocked by Celestial Venerable Yun, Celestial Venerable Hao, and the others again. That was when he lost the chance to live!

‘Gong Yun, hehe. It's you!'

Chu Xiao laughed as he looked at Jue Wuchen, who was coming to kill him, feeling ridiculed.

Who would've thought that it would be two ladies he once loved that ended up killing him?

Gong Yun didn't show up. Instead, she looked at the scene coldly, watching how the man who had betrayed her would die.

Chu Xiao almost went insane as he deployed a divine art stronger than all of the Emperor's Throne beings. Despite being a reincarnation, he was still more powerful than everyone in a one on one.

He broke through again and hollered, “Mother Earth, save me quickly! I'll promise you anything!”

The verdant Primordial Tree's branches shook. Mother Earth was surrounded by ancient gods born from the Primordial Realm. They were primarily phoenixes, divine dragons, and qilins.

They looked at Mother Earth, who pretended not to hear him as she watched the scene coldly. A smile emerged on her face as she said to the phoenix ancient gods beside her, “When I gained sentience from the Primordial Tree then, it was Celestial Emperor who pulled me up. I was naked and embarrassed then, for I was just born.”

Her face was as cold as frost as she said, “Yet when the celestial heavens was built, he tried to take my Primordial Realm!”

Chu Xiao was desperate, and he tried to break out of the Primordial Tree's deadlock by rushing towards the sky.

Behind him were the masses coming to kill him.

“Great Sun Sovereign!”

Chu Xiao called out, “Great Sun Sovereign! Save me quickly!”

Yet his voice couldn't break through the Primordial Tree's canopy.

“Earth Count! I know you can see this!”

Chu Xiao panicked and hollered, “I know that I was wrong. Please, on account of our old friendship, Dao Friend…”

Silence surrounded Youdu.

Chu Xiao fought with the others while walking. He went to the celestial river to try and rush towards the celestial heavens. The water of the celestial river was crimson from the blood of the people he killed.


Chu Xiao dodged attack after attack. He then saw a youth with the head of a qilin and a fat girl standing on the celestial river. There were six gods with the heads of dragons there too.

They were looking towards him with lanterns.

Chu Xiao opened his mouth. He faintly saw a tree behind the halo of the fat girl. A youth sat beneath it.

“Celestial Venerable Mu…” He couldn't help but lose concentration.


Celestial Venerable Yun unleashed the Purple Heavens Blue Skies technique to bring him down. Chu Xiao fell into the celestial river before rushing out of it. Figures surrounded him to trap him.

Faraway, Qin Mu watched the scene while sitting under the tree on the halo behind Yan'er's head. He was filled with gratitude.

The celestial river collapsed in two, and a giant figure moved back and forth like lightning. All sorts of divine arts were used, which impressed people.

During the middle part of the Dragon Han Era, the power of paths, skills, and divine arts was already impressive. The strong practitioners who entered the path gathered there to kill for the sake of the future of half-gods and Postcelestial lifeforms

Qin Mu's blood boiled. He wanted to stand up and join the fight, yet his consciousness was scattered. He could only watch them from a faraway place.

Chu Xiao escaped and killed his way out. Yet, suddenly, another consciousness wave forced him back.

Qin Mu immediately noticed it and gathered his remaining consciousness to say, “Yan'er, Divine King Gong Yun is nearby!”

Yan'er was pleasantly surprised as she looked around. Qin Mu struggled to raise his palm and take out the only Grand Primordium Divine Stone that he got from the Blood Rust Zone.

“Dragon Pi, use this!”

The Grand Primordium Divine Stone flew out. The dragon qilin took it and put it at the heart of his brows. Qin Mu imparted to him the ways to use the stone to strengthen himself.

The dragon qilin had learned Shu Jun's Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge as well as the Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness, so he was adept in it. He used the Grand Primordium Divine Stone to allow his consciousness to burst forth.

He visualized the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge. Stars of the Purple Forbidden Enclosure, Supreme Palace Enclosure, and Heavenly Market Enclosure appeared above the celestial river.

At that moment, torrenting consciousness came in the form of a female voice. “Divine King Shu Jun?”

Qin Mu huffed while being under the tree. He used his remaining consciousness to touch Gong Yun's consciousness. “Do you remember the person who brought you out of the ancestral court?”

The consciousness flew into Yan'er's halo and went around in his body before creating an apparition of Divine King Gong Yun in his head. She said, “The Grand Emperor injured you, right? The one who blocked Da Hong outside of the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens was you, right? You heavily injured him then. I was late, and I only found his corpse.”

Qin Mu was shocked. “Da Hong died?”

“I'm not sure whether it was Heaven Duke or Mother Earth who did it, but his consciousness was annihilated. He may be dead, but he's not suppressed. His consciousness will be projected down from the Ultimate Void and be resurrected. It's just that Da Hong's memory will be gone. The one who struck was powerful.”

Divine King Gong Yun quickly said, “I'll naturally repay the favor. It's just that Tai Chu isn't dead yet. I'll find you after I help them get rid of Tai Chu!”

Gong Yun's consciousness left. “Be careful of the Grand Emperor. He's immortal unless the consciousness imprint in the Ultimate Void is destroyed. I sense him nearby!”

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead.

During the battle with Da Hong, he was heavily injured, and he almost died. Da Hong was stuck in the reversed supreme consciousness realm and had to leave after being injured.

However, Qin Mu's last strike was with his third eye. It had terrifying power, and it hit the reversed supreme consciousness realm into his body.

Da Hong probably knew his identity was exposed then. Adding to how he was tricked, he probably gave up on the Da Hong corporeal body.

“Yan'er, let's wait for them at the celestial heavens!” Qin Mu said.

Yan'er, the dragon qilin, and the six heavenly dragons immediately went straight for the celestial heavens while carrying the lanterns on the celestial river.

The battle became more brutal. When they went around the battlefield, Qin Mu saw Son of Heaven Yin not striking out directly. Instead, he guarded outside, ready to trap Celestial Emperor's soul.

‘The ancient Celestial Emperor got Celestial Venerable Hao and Son of Heaven Yin to work together to assassinate Celestial Venerable Yu. Who knew the same would happen to him?' Qin Mu smiled.

The Southern Heavenly Gate grew closer, and Qin Mu grew more anxious. At the same time, it rained and made Yan'er and the others red.

The water fell into the celestial river, and it became red too, like a bleeding celestial river.

Qin Mu's heart fluttered. ‘Celestial Emperor is dead…'

He looked back and saw Celestial Venerable Yun and Celestial Venerable Hao rushing towards the celestial heavens. Celestial Venerable Yun's appearance changed at that moment to become Celestial Venerable Hao's.

They were both in the Emperor's Throne Realm, and they flew above Qin Mu, Yan'er, and the others as they rapidly moved together towards the Numinous Sky Hall of the celestial heavens!

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