Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 108 - The Crowd From Dragon Rider Sect


The huge python's thick and solid body coiled over and actually managed to coil around the several levels of the ship. The floors of these levels creaked from the bind and stupified scholars were all around the ship. Even the boatmen were frightened silly.

"Brother Wei Yong, can you fly?" Qin Mu suddenly asked.

Wei Yong had yet returned to his senses, "What?"

Qin Mu raised his hands and threw this short fatty off the ship. Wei Yong's terrified screams came from below, "I can't fly, ahh—"

Qin Mu leaped and jumped off the ship. Hu Ling'er who was dead drunk was now as awake as an owl at night. The instant Qin Mu jumped off, the little fox executed spell and a cusp of gust lifted Qin Mu up.

Qin Mu stepped on the cusp of gust and whizzed down to stretch his hand to grab Wei Yong. Wei Yong who had not yet recovered from his shock looked down and gave another scream.

"Stop screaming!"

Qin Mu exerted force and sprinted frantically. In the sky, the large ship creaked and shattered pieces of the ship came crashing down. Qin Mu continuously dodged in the sky and avoided huge woods that came whizzing past as he rushed towards the distance.

Wei Yong turned back to have a look and his gaze turned dull. The ship had been crushed into pieces. The huge snake coiled around the ship and desperately tightened the ship and split it into two halves!

The scholars on the ship jumped off the ship. There were some divine arts practitioners who had learned flying skills, therefore, they controlled their spirit weapons to assist them to fly. There were some who had never learned that before and could only flail their limbs helplessly as they were crashing towards the ground.

"Long Jiaonan! Are you trying to rebel?"

The boatswain of this ship abrupted into anger and turned into a flaming giant as he attacked that alluring man with his extremely overbearing divine art. However, the ship couldn't support the battle of the two experts and the core elixir room of the ship was shattered from the binding of the huge snake. The apothecaries and boys inside immediately rushed out and jumped off the ship.

At the same time, the huge snake spewed out a cloud of poison smoke onto the boatswain's face. The flaming giant immediately extinguished and fell down facing upwards.

"We're done for…"

Wei Yong's face turned pale white, "Dragon Rider Sect has rebelled. The person which has raised this huge worm is Long Jiaonan, the young sect master of Dragon Rider Sect. He's a well-known villain…"

Qin Mu dragged him along with great effort and rushed toward the ground. There were foothills below them where they could hide their traces and not be discovered by the strong practitioners of Dragon Rider Sect.

After some time, they finally landed on the ground. Hu Ling'er dispelled her spell and was about to say something when a blood-curdling scream came from above. A scholar crashed through the dense tree crowns and splattered into pieces in front of them, his brain and liver scattering everywhere.


Another dull thud came from not far away.

Thud, thud, thud…

It seemed like it was raining in this foothill as the scholars fell from the sky and died horribly!

Wei Yong's expression turned ashen as he shivered uncontrollably. Qin Mu's ears twitched and suddenly pulled him to sprint forward. Behind them, a loud crash sounded out as half of the ship came crashing down and destroyed a forest. The trees that were hit, shot out in all directions, looking extremely terrifying.

The huge body of that ship slid three hundred yards and finally came to a stop before crushing Qin Mu who was sprinting.

Qin Mu continued to rush forward and an earth-shattering bang came from the ship. It was the furnace exploding and the surging waves of air smacked the two people and one fox away!

Qin Mu landed on the ground and let go of Wei Yong while whispering to him, "Let us move quickly, soon there will be experts from Dragon Rider Sect to check if there are any surviving people!"

Wei Yong had just recovered from his shock and immediately sprinted forward, "What happens if they see surviving people?"

Hu Ling'er rolled her eyes at him and looked slightly drunk. It was obvious she had sneakily drunk some wine, "Fatty Wei, what do you think?"

Wei Yong gave a cold shiver, "Dragon Rider Sect sure is extremely daring. They actually dared to attack the ship which carried scholars going to take the imperial examinations so close to the capital city. When Imperial Preceptor's injuries are healed, he will definitely not let Dragon Rider Sect go!"

"You really think Imperial Preceptor is injured?"

Qin Mu shook his head, "In my opinion, Imperial Preceptor was not injured at all. He is purposely luring the snakes out of the holes, to lure out all the powers that are opposing him in Eternal Peace Empire and capture them all in one go. Isn't Dragon Rider Sect now lured out by him?"

Wei Yong was stunned and cried out, "What you mean is… Impossible! I've heard that there are no less than twenty regions that are rebelling. They have overtaken the cities and caused countless deaths among the common people, and there are many bandits running amuck. How could Imperial Preceptor condone such a thing?"

Qin Mu replied, "These are naturally tactics. If he wasn't hurt, how could he lure these rebels and traitors out? Therefore he is injured. Suffering a defeat at Great Ruins and being assassinated on his way back, he was gravely injured. No matter if it was his reputation or power had suffered a great decrease. Who would give up on such a great chance?"

He said resolutely, "From what I see, this should be a conspiracy of Imperial Preceptor and he will definitely not quell the rebellion until all the rebels and traitors have unmasked their true nature."

Wei Yong still felt hard to accept it and muttered, "But many people will die…"

"However, the danger lurking around Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would be completely got rid of, am I right?"

Qin Mu gave a look at Wei Yong. This fatty was extraordinary nimble and could actually follow his footsteps. However, it seemed like he didn't have any comprehension to the wind and couldn't step the cusp of gust to fly. Qin Mu continued, "Once he completely wipes out the lurking dangers, who would dare to mess around with him when he goes out to battle with his troops then? Besides if Imperial Preceptor manages to capture all his enemies at one go, who would dare to object if he wants to ascend to the throne?"

Wei Yong shivered a few times uncontrollably and looked at Qin Mu as if he was a monster, "Brother Qin, you're about the same age as me right? How can you think of so many intrigues and conspiracy? Little fox, is he actually an old cunning fox spirit who had cultivated himself into a human?"

Hu Ling'er got excited and said, "Fatty Wei, you also noticed it? I have long suspected that Young Master is a male fox that had turned intelligent!"

Wei Yong replied, "Don't call me Fatty Wei. The Wei Family of River Tomb is also considered a reputable family. If word of this gets out, it's going to be embarrassing."

Little fox then said, "Then I shall call you Fatty Yong."

Wei Yong fell silent for a moment before replying with an astringent voice, "It better for you to call me Fatty Wei, at least it sounds nicer."

Suddenly Qin Mu asked, "Brother Wei, what's your cultivation?"

"I have broken through the Five Elements Wall and awakened my Five Elements Divine Treasure, however, my cultivation doesn't seem too much higher than yours."

Wei Yong was bewildered, "What's your cultivation?"

"Spirit Embryo Realm."

Qin Mu's vital qi swept and pulled out his Pig Slaughtering Knife as he said, "Brother Wei, you deal with two and I'll deal with two!"

Wei Yong didn't understand what he meant. Suddenly four huge snakes slithered from the forest in front of them. Accompanying the huge snakes were melodious flute sounds that were light and quick. It was like a charming village maiden playing with a green snake in the bushes, the tune going sometimes high and sometimes low.

The people blowing the flutes should be the disciples of Dragon Rider Sect. Looking towards the source of the sound, Qin Mu couldn't see any experts from Dragon Rider Sect, therefore they should have hidden themselves.

Dragon Rider Sect was originally the sect of Great Flourish County that was near the capital city. They raised snakes for a living. Since they could raise huge snakes, therefore, they called themselves Dragon Rider.

This sect had been subdued by Imperial Preceptor and had always known their place. Even among the strange beasts kept in the military, there were huge snakes raised by the disciples of Dragon Rider Sect.

The sound of the flute was clear and melodious as the huge snakes slithered along with the flute's music.

"Brother Qin, Dragon Rider Sect's weapon may look like the huge snakes but it's actually the flute's sound which is used to control the huge snakes' attacks…"

Wei Yong was about to tell Qin Mu about the offensive method of Dragon Rider Sect but Qin Mu had already rushed out. Without a choice, Wei Yong could only take a step and rushed forward as well.

Suddenly the flute's sounds became compressed and fleeting. The speed of those huge red crown snakes suddenly grew faster as they pounced on the two people.

The instant Qin Mu met with the first huge snake, knife light suddenly flashed and burst forth like a huge silver ball!

Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities!

In a split second, before the huge red crown snake could pounce on him, a silver light went around it. This silver light rushed from the snake's head to the snake's tail and when the silver light vanished, all that was left was a huge snake's skeleton without any flesh or blood left.

At the same time, Hu Ling'er controlled her curved wind blades to cleave another huge snake. However, the flute's sound controlled the huge snake to suck in with its huge mouth and sucked in the curved wind blades, following which, the snake wanted to spew out poisonous smoke.

Qin Mu put his fingers together and thrust forward, which caused Junior Protector Sword to stab into the huge snake's eyes. Flicking his fingers upwards, Junior Protector Sword instantly broke out from the snake's head!

On the other side, Wei Yong pushed forward and his cultivation was dense. With a sword case on his back, he controlled flying swords to stab the huge snakes. The sword case was also a spirit weapon, however, its sharpness was inferior to Qin Mu's Junior Protector Sword and Pig Slaughtering Knife.

Wei Yong moved around nimbly under the attacks of the two snakes and managed to create lots of sword wounds on the huge snake but he couldn't find a chance to kill the two huge snakes.

Even though his cultivation was dense, his techniques in battle were far inferior to Qin Mu and his moves were also moves from the school. He didn't have the ability to kill with one hit.

Suddenly Hu Ling'er skipped and entered the forest like a wisp of smoke while Qin Mu also rushed into the forest from the other direction. Wei Yong gave out a cry of alarm as he wanted to rush over as well but he didn't have the chance to while being tied down by the two huge snakes.

At this moment, the flute's sound suddenly stopped and without the command of the flute's sound, the two huge snakes blanked out. Wei Yong took this opportunity and killed the two snakes, then rushed into the forest at once. When in the forest, he heard little fox's sound coming over, "Fatty Wei, over here!"

Wei Yong immediately ran over and saw Qin Mu along with the little fox. They were beside a towering tree which was bleeding but Wei Yong didn't see anyone. Taking a closer look, he saw that the one that was bleeding wasn't the tree but a man. The attire of this man was exactly the same as the tree bark and even his face was painted with the grain of the tree bark.

This person had dug a hole in the huge tree, which size was just right to hide in it. Without taking a closer look, it was impossible to see him.

"He's a disciple of Dragon Rider Sect!"

Wei Yong's heart skipped a beat and said, "Brother Qin, the disciples of Dragon Rider Sect usually move in a group!"

"What you mean is…"

Qin Mu also had a change in expression as he looked towards the deeper parts of the forest. The trees were verdant and lush over there and then over a hundred figures walked out from the tree trunks. Their bodies covered with grains of the tree bark.

The sound of the flute sounded out and countless of huge snakes came slithering from the back of the forest. The snakes spread out everywhere over the hills and dales and the red crowns of these huge snakes were like flowers swaying gently in the wind.

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