Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1081 - The Dragon Qilin Loosening the Reins for a Better Grasp

Prince You Ming spoke with North Deity. He was appreciated by them, which made him very happy.

Deity Xuan said, “It's better that we split with the celestial heavens as early as possible. We should leave for the North Pole now.”

Deity Wu said, “Although they control Celestial Emperor's corporeal body now, they can't decide on how to divide the spoils, making now the best time to split. If they finalize it, it'll be difficult to be free from the celestial heavens.”

“However, having the celestial palaces leave the celestial heavens is a big thing. People will likely try to stop it. If we act, we should get the other deities to act too!”

Deity Wu and Deity Xuan rose and said, “My son, we discussed this with South Deity, West Deity, and East Deity. We are leaving now to not be constrained by the celestial heavens. We can live freely in our territories and rule the four poles. Isn't it better if we are the celestial emperors of our poles?”

Prince You Ming was happy, yet he also felt that it was a pity. He said, “I have many old friends in the celestial heavens. If I want to see them again, I'll probably take me years to come to the celestial heavens.”

“Your friends are bad and superficial friends. There's no need to miss them!”

Deity Wu had Divine King Gong Yun's capabilities as she said, “It's better if you get rid of them. When we reach the poles, you'll be the prince of the pole's celestial emperor. You'll be happy and free.”

Deity Xuan said, “This split is a major event. There'll probably be difficulties. My son, you will fly out of the celestial heavens with the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace and go north following the celestial river. I'll stay here with your mother to protect and escort you.”

Prince You Ming was happy that he was valued.

Deity Wu loved her son, so she gave him the Glassy Sky Pagoda, saying, “This treasure was forged with our lifelong savings. With it, you can block any danger. Remember, you must not lose it.”

Prince You Ming nodded.

The North Deity couple arranged for everything. They smiled at one another when, suddenly, a loud rumble came. The Black Tortoise Celestial Palace rumbled and gradually rose, splitting itself from the celestial heavens and celestial street as it did.

Ancient gods like the Great Sun Sovereign were shocked when they saw it. He immediately mobilized reinforcements to block them.

At the same time, loud rumbling came from the south, west, and east of the celestial heavens. The gods of the celestial heavens watched with disbelief as the Vermillion Bird Celestial Palace, White Tiger Celestial Palace, and Green Dragon Celestial Palace also split themselves from the celestial heavens and rose into the sky!

Many important officials of the celestial heavens like the seven masters, five constables, and four heavenly masters flew to the celestial palaces to seek audiences with the four deities to dissuade them.

North Deity Xuan Wu went to pretend to comply while they secretly used their magic power to get the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace to leave the celestial heavens.

The Great Sun Sovereign quickly reported this at the Numinous Sky Hall. At that moment, Celestial Emperor seemed to be seated with many Celestial Venerables and leaders of races. They appeared to be talking about important things, as the atmosphere seemed tense.

The Great Sun Sovereign quickly reported on the event, and the Celestial Venerables and race leaders meditated without speaking.

The ancient Celestial Emperor spoke. “I have important things to discuss for now and can't go and stop them. Star Sovereign, use the Celestial River Navy, the armies of the four sects, the ten guards of the celestial heavens, the five carriages, and other armies to try and stop their celestial palaces first.”

The Great Sun Sovereign bowed and nodded.

The ancient Celestial Emperor waved and gave him the commander's seal to mobilize the ten guards of the celestial heavens.

The Great Sun Sovereign left hastily.

Silence filled the Numinous Sky Hall still. After a while, Celestial Venerable Huo laughed and said, “The four deities will be gone if this stalemate continues! The ancient gods must be killed! None of the four deities is allowed to live! Give me Celestial Emperor's corporeal body and let me kill them. I don't want this corporeal body. I'll return it after I've killed them. You lot can fight over it!”

Everyone coldly laughed.

Celestial Venerable Huo became furious and suddenly withdrew his primordial spirit from Celestial Emperor's corporeal body. He rose and said, “I'll kill South Deity!”

Son of Heaven Yin hesitated and said, “I'll go and take a look at the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace.”

They left.

Those that remained still didn't move.

Celestial Venerable Yun suddenly said, “The stalemate can't continue. I have a suggestion. We shall take turns being Celestial Emperor. We'll take shifts and keep tabs on one another. We can create a system that prevents one from occupying Celestial Emperor's corporeal body!”

After a while, Celestial Venerable Hao smiled and said, “I agree.”

In the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace, Prince You Ming went to find Yan'er and the others. He apologized to the dragon qilin, saying, “You truly are extraordinary. You could see the situation in the celestial heavens so keenly. It's just that I can't escort the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace to the North Pole alone. Thus, I would like to ask for your help!”

The dragon qilin and Yan'er looked at each other. Yan'er agreed, while the dragon qilin said with some visible hardship, “Our cultivation is weaker than yours, how can we help?”

Yan'er immediately shut up.

The dragon qilin said, “Truth be told, I've witnessed Heavenly Knowledge and learned algebra, but I can do little. Your escort will definitely be blocked by the gods of the celestial heavens. The ten guards of the celestial heavens, Celestial River Navy, five carriages, heavenly spirits, earthly fiends, star gods…”

He observed Prince You Ming's expression. Every time he mentioned a great army, his skin would shake.

The dragon qilin sighed and said, “We can't defend against their attacks without a powerful treasure. We can't even protect ourselves, let alone the celestial palace! Let us return, Brother.”

Prince You Ming held his hand and said, “Brother, Sister! You two can't go back even if you want to! The Vermillion Bird Celestial Palace and Green Dragon Celestial Palace have already left the celestial heavens. Where can you two go? The four deities' bloodlines are united as one. Help me return to the North Pole, and I'll personally send you two back!”

He admitted, “I can't fight a war or lead an army. I lack wisdom too. When they attack, I need you to help me adjust the formation of my palace's disciples too.”

The dragon qilin hesitated.

Prince You Ming said, “You don't trust me? Follow me!”

He led them to the front of the celestial palace and pointed to a place far away, saying, “Look!”

The dragon qilin and Yan'er looked towards the celestial heavens. They saw giant celestial palaces leaving the celestial heavens with thousands of their palaces and halls!

Besides South Deity, West Deity, and East Deity's celestial palaces, other large celestial palaces were also leaving the celestial heavens. They were likely Heaven Duke, Mother Earth, and Earth Count's celestial palaces.

At that moment, the celestial heavens rose up gently without the pressure from these celestial palaces. It seemed on track to drift out of the Primordial Realm!

Besides that, they also saw gods flying about in the celestial heavens and giving orders. Armies of the celestial heavens flew out to chase after the celestial palaces.

The dragon qilin's complexion grew pale as he said, “Brother, we're doomed!”

Prince You Ming apologized and said, “I know I was wrong, but we can triumph still. Father and Mother left the Glassy Sky Pagoda for me to guard the celestial palace with. It's an impressive treasure that has been hailed as the number one treasure in the world. With your intelligence and this treasure, we can triumph!”

The dragon qilin bitterly said, “How can one mere treasure block the armies of the celestial heavens? Brother, you're better off abandoning the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace and running away with the treasure.”

Prince You Ming pulled them towards the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace's Numinous Sky Hall, saying, “That's because you two haven't seen the pagoda yet. If you two see it, you'll be relieved!”

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