Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1082 - The Third Ancient God Egg

The dragon qilin smiled and leisurely said, “We needed to distract him and make him relaxed to capture him. We now have Prince You Ming.”

Yan'er was unnerved as she whispered, “This Brother You Ming is so honest and generous. Is it too much of us to steal his Glassy Sky Pagoda and cause him to be suppressed for 600,000 years by North Deity?”

The dragon qilin hesitated and said, “If we don't, he'd probably die before the Eternal Peace Era. Stealing it counts as saving his life.”

Yan'er always felt that it was wrong to deceive Prince You Ming. After some thinking, she said, “Even if we don't steal it, North Deity will find a reason to suppress him anyway so that he won't die from people like Son of Heaven Yin. Fatty Dragon, if we don't have to steal it, we shouldn't.”

The dragon qilin hesitated before nodding and saying, “Sounds good. We can stay here and rely on the pagoda's protection until Cult Master recovers.”

They decided to follow Prince You Ming to the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace's Numinous Sky Hall. Before they entered, the extravagance of it scared them.

They were shocked again when they entered. They saw giant jade glass pillars that held up canopies that were of a sky green color, resembling sugarcane.

When they approached, they could see that the canopy stretched out layer by layer as if stacked together.

Inside the canopy, all sorts of treasure light filtered in, as if it were hiding a small sun.

The dragon qilin looked up from below. He became dazzled when he saw how each canopy had jade pearls hanging down, and there were all sorts of treasures laid within, like bronze towers.

Stars orbited within the canopy too. Sometimes they were close and sometimes they were far away. They were too bright when they were close, but when they were far away, they became like stars in the night sky.

“My goodness!”

The dragon qilin probed, “Brother, how does one use the pagoda?”

Prince You Ming lifted the pagoda and carried it outside as he said, “What you ask from it, it will deliver. It's created from the lifelong savings of my parents. It's easy to use.”

He bowed and said to the banner, “Baby, give us some food.”

The canopy of the Glassy Sky Pagoda rotated, and all sorts of delicacies fell from it.

The dragon qilin and Yan'er were shocked.

Prince You Ming caught the falling food and distributed it, saying, “Baby, rain.”

Before he finished, the clouds gathered, and rain fell all over the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace.

Prince You Ming laughed as he bowed and said, “Baby, please protect the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace!”


The pagoda suddenly expanded as its canopies became heavens. In total, 28 heavens surrounded the celestial palace. Each one of them had all sorts of treasures hanging from it. The sun and moon orbited it, and the stars shifted. It was glorious!

In the space of the heavens, there were also jade pearls, which expanded to become large planets of outer space.

Bronze towers, flowers, trees, clouds, and rivers floated around as well. They slowly moved in the sky and gave off all sorts of divine lights!

The dragon qilin looked up and saw how at the top of the 28 heavens, there was a heaven ball hanging down. There were all sorts of Great Dao runes on it that flickered. It was likely the core treasure of the pagoda.

“This heaven ball!”

The palace maid that Gong Yun borrowed to live suddenly shuddered. She immediately transmitted her voice to Qin Mu via consciousness. “North Deity Xuan Wu brought out a terrifying guy from the ancestral court! The couple really is daring! How dare they refine this egg to become a treasure!”

Qin Mu sat under the tree, cycling his heart and spirit as he utilized the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to refine the primordial liquid that Wei Suifeng poured into his stomach. He felt his corporeal body and vital qi growing stronger, though the primordial liquid in his body remained.


Qin Mu became slightly agitated as he lifted his head to look at the top of the 28 heavens. There was indeed a giant heaven ball floating as it exchanged glows with other treasures.

'That's an… egg?'

The consciousness that Qin Mu put in the tree was disorderly. The heaven ball really was an egg. It was similar to the egg of Tai Shi and Tai Chu!

However, it wasn't entirely like the egg of Tai Chu. Tai Chu's Great Dao runes were imprinted on the inside of the egg. Qin Mu got half of Celestial Emperor's eggshell, which he fused with his third eye, making its nature clear to him.

The Dao voice of Tai Shi's egg came from within, though he hadn't researched Tai Shi's Dao yet.

The core treasure of the Glassy Sky Pagoda also came from an egg of the ancestral court, but its Great Dao runes were imprinted on the outside!

'Could it be that there are other ancient god eggs besides those of Celestial Emperor Tai Chu and Tai Shi.' He stabilized his chaotic consciousness and grew curious.

“Is Black Tortoise not afraid of causing a catastrophe by bringing it out of the ancestral court?” Divine King Gong Yun was displeased.

Qin Mu was agitated. Gong Yun seemed to know a lot about this weird ancient god egg, so he probed, “Where did this egg come from?”

Before waiting for an answer, he continued, “I know that Celestial Emperor was born from the ancient god egg dug out of the ancient divine stone mine by the Ju Yu Clan. Thus, it was powerful. However, I didn't know that there were more than one of such eggs.”

The maid hesitated before replying, “Since you know the origin of Celestial Emperor, I won't hide anything from you. When the Ju Yu Clan found the oldest Grand Primordium Divine Stone mine and dug out the egg, the Grand Primordium Origin Stone was born with it. The ancient god that came from the egg became the ancient Celestial Emperor of today. However, other masters of creation also found old mines, and the divine stones that came from those mines weren't Grand Primordium Divine Stones.”

Qin Mu's heart jumped.

Gong Yun continued, “In total, there were five of these ancient mines if you include the Grand Primordium Divine Stone mine. After the Tai Chu egg was dug out, other mines were found with similar things. Two mines had nothing, and during the conquest of the Grand Emperor, two of the eggs were lost.”

Qin Mu blinked. One of those eggs was held by Celestial Emperor and hidden in the Clear Sun Hall.

Another of the eggs was held by North Deity Xuan Wu and forged to become a treasure, the main part of the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

“Humph! Black Tortoise doesn't know how to recognize treasures. How could they treat the egg as a giant gemstone and the mainframe of the Glassy Sky Pagoda?”

Gong Yun laughed. “Idiots! The so-called reliability of the treasure comes from the manipulation of the ancient god within! It's the ancient god that's responding! North Deity Xuan Wu will be hurt by it eventually!”

Qin Mu groaned. This egg with Great Dao runes on the outside seemed similar to the treasures born from heaven and earth. However, it wasn't necessarily true that North Deity failed to recognize that it was an ancient god egg.

It was possible that they recognized it but couldn't hatch it.

What power did the ancient god within have?

Suddenly, a call came from a faraway place. “Dao Brother You Ming, Dao Brother You Ming! It's me, Yin Chaojin!”

Prince You Ming was delighted as he said to the dragon qilin and Yan'er, “It's my friend! It'll be easy to return with his help! I'll let him in!”

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