Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1084 - Legend of the Past

Son of Heaven Yin couldn't stop laughing as he waited to watch the dragon qilin make a fool of himself.

The power of the Celestial River Navy's formation was incredibly frightening.

This navy had a lot of people and ships. Its formation was designed according to the corporeal body structures of the ancient gods, and the Great Dao runes were designed by the formation experts of the celestial heavens.

Even strong practitioners like Son of Heaven Yin couldn't survive a single hit from the powerful formation of the Celestial River Navy.

This guy with the surname Dragon and the head of a qilin would definitely lose with his nonsensical formation!

Although the dragon qilin made an exaggerated promise, he was unnerved.

He wasn't good at formations. Although he learned a lot from Qin Mu, Qin Mu learned too many different things. While Qin Mu was good at every aspect, the dragon qilin was not.

“What do we do, Cult Master?” he sneakily asked Qin Mu in the halo.

Qin Mu roused his spirits and used his remaining consciousness to impart to him the ways to command the experts he had and use the Glassy Sky Pagoda's power to its maximum potential.

Although the dragon qilin knew little about the path of changing formations, he followed Qin Mu's orders and commanded the snake and turtle gods of the palace into the 28 heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda to form formations. This was to guard the treasures on the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

The formation was capable of unleashing their power and had a steady defense too.

Most crucially, the Glassy Sky Pagoda had a lot of treasures in it. The dragon qilin's formation was surprisingly able to adapt according to the attributes of different treasures to form different apt formations!

The Glassy Sky Pagoda had thousands of treasures from the ancestral court, and the dragon qilin set up thousands of different formations!

Prince You Ming was extremely impressed. Although Son of Heaven Yin was displeased with the dragon qilin, he couldn't help but admire his talent when he saw how he set up the formation.

Even he couldn't understand the principles and structure of the formation.

When the dragon qilin finished, the Celestial River Navy attacked.

Regardless of which direction they attacked, the dragon qilin would always command his troops with ease. He sent some gods to lay down formations every time, and it blocked the Celestial River Navy easily.

The Glassy Sky Pagoda was extremely powerful. The people of the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace weren't worthy opponents of the Celestial River Navy. However, when the Celestial River Navy entered the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace and went into the various heavens, they would see those powerful and terrifying treasures give off Dao markings that blasted towards them!

Those incredibly terrifying pulses shot towards the ships and immediately smashed them apart. The gods on them all died miserably. No one survived!

The navy attacked multiple times, but despite their casualties, they failed to break through into the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace.

The admiral immediately adjusted his formation and attacked again. The dragon qilin panicked, not knowing what to do.

“Pi, take the 28 heaven canopies of the Glassy Sky Pagoda and split every one of them into 360 heavenly cycle angles.”

Qin Mu's consciousness came to advise him. “Turn the first heaven eight degrees clockwise, the second heaven three degrees counterclockwise, and the third heaven 62 degrees clockwise…”

The dragon qilin quickly moved under the Glassy Sky Pagoda's pillar and bowed. However, he saw the heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda rotate individually. The positions of the treasures inside it and the gods protecting it were moved as they each went in different directions!

The formation of the Celestial River Navy's admiral targeted the defensive formations protecting each treasure. Such a sudden change in formation and treasure caused chaos for the Celestial River Navy and hence brought heavy casualties.

The admiral attacked personally, so the dragon qilin sent Prince You Ming to intercept him.

Although Prince You Ming was honest and loyal, he was one of the few strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne Realm. He also had Deity Wu and Deity Xuan's bloodlines, which made him powerful in combat. He heavily injured the admiral after several rounds.

The Celestial River Navy's ships swarmed to block Prince You Ming, and finally, they were able to get back their admiral.

The dragon qilin subtly sighed and thought, ‘If Cult Master personally commanded the Glassy Sky Pagoda, he would easily sink the entirety of the Celestial River Navy!'

After all, having to listen to Qin Mu's formation advice made him slower.

Prince You Ming was very happy after his victory. “You really are a wise man, Dragon Brother. Your abilities shock the world! You are even qualified to be a heavenly master of the celestial heavens!”

The dragon qilin humbled himself and said, “This defeat may not get them to give up. It's only the navy blocking us for now. The other armies of the celestial heavens haven't arrived yet. We must not be complacent.”

Prince You Ming praised him a lot. Son of Heaven Yin felt uncomfortable listening to him. Regardless, he was impressed by the extraordinary capabilities of this man with the head of a qilin.

‘He's under East Deity? Strange, I haven't seen him before.'

Son of Heaven Yin's gaze flashed as he thought, ‘East Deity has several powerful princes and princesses. I recognize all of them, and we have decent relationships. However, I haven't seen this fellow before. Considering his capabilities, he shouldn't be nameless in the Green Dragon Celestial Palace, yet he doesn't seem to have a reputation. East Deity is a cunning fellow too…'

With the dragon qilin controlling the Glassy Sky Pagoda, Son of Heaven Yin wasn't of much use, which he hated. This was because he had no chance of stealing the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

He was there for that treasure specifically.

Prince You Ming was someone unguarded. North Deity Xuan Wu rarely showed this treasure to outsiders, yet he brought many questionable friends to it many times. Hence, it was unsurprising that Yin Chaojin and Wei Suifeng desired it so much.

The Black Tortoise Celestial Palace continued north, yet the Celestial River Navy was on their tail. They didn't attack again, however. Instead, they just had several commanders advise Prince You Ming to stop and return to the celestial heavens.

Suddenly, the navy split up, and a large army came in from the side. It went in front of the navy's formation, and powerful gods and devils examined the Glassy Sky Pagoda's formations carefully.

Prince You Ming's expression changed as he shouted and said, “The celestial heavens' two Divine Martial Guards!”

The dragon qilin instantly lost confidence. The ten guards of the celestial heavens included the Left and Right Feathered Forest Guards, Left and Right Divine Martial Guards, Left and Right Dragon Martial Guards, Left and Right Divine Stratagem Guards, and Left and Right Divine Awe Guards. They only selected the best talents for their troops. The minimum requirement to enter was to reach the Jade Capital Realm!

They were Celestial Emperor's imperial guards. Wei Suifeng was a commander of the Feathered Forest Guards, but only the Right Feathered Forest Guards!

The Right Feathered Forest Guards alone were enough to level a large nation or race in the Dragon Han Era, such as Dragon Count Country!

The power of the two Divine Martial Guards was probably above that of the Celestial River Navy!

Suddenly, war drums could be heard again as another large army cut through the Celestial River Navy's formation. It went to the front, stopped, and raised its flag.

Prince You Ming looked at it and shouted, “The Northern Sect Army! The army commanded by the number one heavenly master! He's powerful and an expert in formations!”

The dragon qilin's heart pounded as he sneakily looked at the halo behind Yan'er.

Son of Heaven Yin saw it, and his heart fluttered. He also looked at the halo behind Yan'er's head, but he only saw an ancient tree in it and nothing else.

Qin Mu channeled his consciousness and said, “Dragon Pi, relax. The battle today will only cement your legacy in history!”

The dragon qilin calmed himself down and said to Prince You Ming, “I see through the two Divine Martial Guards and the Northern Sect Army effortlessly, as if they were as clear as a blazing fire. To me, they are selling away their lives. Victory will be swift!”

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