Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1086 - Dragon Mountain Sanren

Shang Pinying looked at the dragon qilin. His injuries became worse as he stood up with a bitter smile. With snow-like white hair and an old voice, he asked, “Sir, may I know your honored name?”

Son of Heaven Yin perked up his ears and prepared to write down the dragon qilin's real name so that he could kill him.

The dragon qilin smiled and said, “I'm a secluded mountain person. I comprehended the meteorological signs and all sorts of algebra. I call myself Dragon Mountain Sanren.”

“Dragon Mountain Sanren? Thanks for the lesson!”

Shang Pinying bowed before running away haggardly. His voice came as if he was crying and ranting. “You're still a youth, you're still a youth! The title of number one heavenly master belongs to you now…”

The dragon qilin found it hard to hide his pride as he thought, 'I'm now famous in the past. Yep. But I can't leave my name behind. If I did, this Son of Heaven Yin would definitely kill me brutally. However, the name Dragon Mountain Sanren is very loud and clear.'

He was proud, though he hated how he had no tail in his human form to shake and show off.

That was his only regret.

Qin Mu used too much consciousness guiding him to defeat the celestial heavens' armies and thus fainted once more.

The Black Tortoise Celestial Palace remained safe. Instead of putting it away, Prince You Ming allowed the Glassy Sky Pagoda to continue protecting the celestial palace. He went around treating the wounded and burying the dead.

He got the dragon qilin, Yan'er, and Son of Heaven Yin to settle down at the Jade Capital temporarily. He treated them like precious guests.

After a while, Prince You Ming finished his duties, and Son of Heaven Yin recovered. Divine King Gong Yun also finally quelled her chaotic consciousness and thus had an easier time controlling her new body.

She also fulfilled her promise of helping to treat Qin Mu's consciousness injuries after her own consciousness recovered.

“Da Hong's powerful consciousness heavily injured you in the battle because your consciousness cultivation was inferior, not because your consciousness divine art was inferior.”

Divine King Gong Yun observed Qin Mu's consciousness while healing him. She shuddered as she said, perplexed, “Only masters of creation can have such attainments in consciousness. No Postcelestial lifeforms can reach this level. Celestial Venerable Mu, your origin intrigues me.”

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After her treatment, Qin Mu woke up and looked better. He said, “I'm considered half master of creation.”

Divine King Gong Yun's gaze flashed. “Masters of creation are extinct here. Only some fled to the void to establish a new world. The Grand Emperor's body died. Mine too. Without our corporeal bodies, we are no longer masters of creation. In this universe, you are probably the only half master of creation. Your origin is truly weird. Can you talk about it in detail?”

Instead of answering directly, Qin Mu said, “One day in the future, I'll go to the celestial heavens from the Primordial Realm. We will meet there again, and you'll understand everything.”

Divine King Gong Yun changed the topic and said, “I separate my feuds and favors clearly. You saved me in the ancestral court and again in the celestial heavens. Thus, you saved me twice. This treatment is me repaying you for the first favor. I'll repay you a second time, and then all will be clear.”

Qin Mu said with gratitude, “Your consciousness is strong. You could have learned my secrets by using your consciousness, yet you didn't. Do the divine kings of the primordial era have gentlemen codes of honor too?”

“Who said only men can be gentlemen?”

Gong Yun coldly smiled and said, “I hate how men like you talk about such honor and loyalty, yet you lot steal and find prostitutes in a hypocritical manner. It's disgusting!”

Qin Mu felt guilty.

“I wasn't talking about you. I was unlucky to meet the Grand Emperor and Celestial Emperor Tai Chu.”

Gong Yun healed him and said, “I'm leaving now. You used too much of your consciousness, so although you've recovered, your consciousness cultivation hasn't yet. Cultivate hard, and don't fight in such an intense manner until you've fully recovered. You might never recover if you do.”

Qin Mu nodded and said, “What do you intend to do, Mister Gong?”

“You called me Mister Gong?”

Gong Yun couldn't help but smile and ask, “Why did you call me mister?”

Qin Mu replied, “I call gentlemen mister. You are one, so you deserve such a title.”

Gong Yun shook her head and said, “I'm not really a gentleman. This corporeal body's attributes are bad. I might free her, but I'll wipe this part of her memory. I'll then find another person with great attributes to borrow and live with.”

She looked up at the galaxies beyond the celestial river and faintly said, “There are no masters of creation left here. I should give up on the glory of being one too and live. I was one of the three kings then, and after being reborn today, I'll be the strongest being in the world!”

She smiled and said, “If you meet a famous and powerful lady with the surname 'Gong', that'll be me! I'll abandon the past and embrace this era to become the brightest star in the dazzling group of stars in the night sky!”

“Farewell, Celestial Venerable Mu!” Her figure suddenly vanished.

Qin Mu rose and walked out from the halo behind Yan'er, but he couldn't find her.

“What a curious lady. The Grand Emperor wasn't worthy of her, and neither was Celestial Emperor,” Qin Mu praised.

Yan'er cheerfully asked, “Have you recovered, Master?”

Qin Mu smiled and said, “I'm fine. It's just that I can't use consciousness for now and must rest for a while, so try not to disturb me. Where's Dragon Pi?”

Yan'er said, “Fatty Dragon was pulled away by Prince You Ming in the name of celebrating victory. Fatty Dragon also said that Son of Heaven Yin has an ulterior motive, wanting to steal the Glassy Sky Pagoda. He'll probably strike during the parade. Master…”

She looked at Qin Mu and was hesitant about continuing.

Qin Mu understood her. He thought for a while before saying, “You two shall decide. Prince You Ming is honest, and honest people can't survive until the end of the Dragon Han Era.”

Yan'er shuddered. She walked out of the room, closed the door, and went to find the dragon qilin. She told him, “Master said that honest people can't survive until the end of the Dragon Han Era.”

The dragon qilin spoke solemnly, saying, “I understand. Relax, I know what I'm doing.”

Yan'er looked at him and suddenly said, “Fatty Dragon, when my mother reincarnates, can you go and propose marriage to her?”

The dragon qilin was busy dealing with things concerning the parade. Upon hearing that, he panicked and blushed, even knocking over some plates.

Yan'er furiously said, “Do you dislike how I'm fat or how I'm ugly?”

The dragon qilin hastily said, “No, no! I was fat and ugly before. You're pretty regardless of your size. If you can't slim down, I'll be fat with you.”

Yan'er became happy after that.

“I'm just worried about Cult Master.”

The dragon qilin said with sorrow, “Cult Master isn't young anymore, but he hasn't started a family yet. Instead, I'm doing that before him. I'm scared that I'll care less about him because of that, and I can't really bear that. Although he's smart, he's worrisome too. I worry a lot about him.”

Yan'er smiled and said, “We can live a good life first. Once he has witnessed our good life, he'll be jealous, and you might not have to worry about him anymore.”

“That's also true.”

They snuggled sweetly. Prince You Ming came, saw this, and said, “What a lovely couple that makes people envious.”

It was just that he didn't know that the term “d*mned couple” would be stuck with him for the next 600,000 years of suppression. He would use that term to scold them every time he thought about this “lovely couple”.

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