Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1087 - Mantis Catches the Cicada While the Dragon and Sparrow Follow

The Black Tortoise Celestial Palace went north along with the celestial river, moving further away from the celestial heavens. The starry sky flashed, and the celestial palace passed by the suns beside the celestial river. Their light was bright and mesmerizing, and the scenery was as beautiful as a painting.

The army of the celestial heavens left and didn't chase. The Glassy Sky Pagoda was too eye-catching, so it was kept inside the Numinous Sky Hall with people guarding it.

The people in the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace celebrated again after honoring those that died.

The stars and moons outside flashed, which, when combined with the glow of all sorts of treasures in the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace, created a neon-like scenery that mesmerized people. The laughter from the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace traveled to the celestial river and caused the dragon kings of the river to send out their armies to probe.

Meanwhile, Prince You Ming was too naive, and Son of Heaven Yin got him drunk.

The dragon qilin and Yan'er saw it, which alarmed them. They knew Son of Heaven Yin would be striking out against the Glassy Sky Pagoda soon.

The celebration continued, and Prince You Ming got drunk on the table. Son of Heaven Yin put Prince You Ming's elbow on his shoulder and walked out. As he left, he said drunkenly, “I'll send the prince to rest.”

The dragon qilin and Yan'er stalked them quietly and saw how Son of Heaven Yin pasted a paper man on Prince You Ming's back after escorting him away from the festivities.

Son of Heaven Yin let go of him and pasted another paper man on himself. Yet, Prince You Ming didn't fall. Instead, he stood there all wobbly.

When Son of Heaven Yin lifted his hand, so did Prince You Ming.

When Son of Heaven Yin put his hand down, so did Prince You Ming.

When Son of Heaven Yin stepped forward, so did Prince You Ming.

“Hehe, Dao Brother, you put the Glassy Sky Pagoda in the Numinous Sky Hall and ordered people to guard it. If I forced my way inside to steal it, wouldn't North Deity know that I was the thief?”

Son of Heaven Yin smiled and said, “Of course you have to give me the Glassy Sky Pagoda personally. I'll escape with it and blame it on that Dragon Mountain Sanren and that lady.”

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He cycled his heart and spirit and took down another paper man. He kneeled down to place it on the ground before blowing on it.

On the ground, that small paper man walked forward, and Prince You Ming walked shakily towards the Numinous Sky Hall.

Son of Heaven Yin controlled the little paper man, who walked with Prince You Ming and acted like him, going all the way to the front of the hall.

The gods guarding the Glassy Sky Pagoda saw the prince and paid their respects.

The paper man waved, and so did Prince You Ming.

Son of Heaven Yin whispered to the paper man, “I'll guard this place. Go and celebrate. I'll stay here and sober up.”

The paper man repeated after him, and Prince You Ming repeated what he said. The gods guarding the Glassy Sky Pagoda were pleasantly shocked, and they saluted Prince You Ming before heading towards the festivities.

The paper man walked forward, controlling Prince You Ming to enter.

Son of Heaven Yin's heart pounded as he suppressed his excitement. He then had the paper man spread his arms and hug the Glassy Sky Pagoda, which Prince You Ming did too.

After a while, Prince You Ming walked out while wobbling with the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

Son of Heaven Yin was so happy that his heart almost jumped into his throat.

Prince You Ming got closer to him, and at the same time, he suddenly felt two auras rapidly approaching!

Son of Heaven Yin was shocked, and before he could react, he was flanked by two figures. He couldn't help but spit out fresh blood!

The one on his left was the self-proclaimed 350kg princess of South Deity, and on his right was Dragon Mountain Sanren, but with six heavenly dragons on him!

They were clearly Numinous Sky Realm beings. The fat girl's cultivation was likely higher than that of Dragon Mountain Sanren and Son of Heaven Yin, as she knocked them both away!

Son of Heaven Yin was at the peak of the Numinous Sky Realm and had many tricks, but it was hard to reach the Emperor's Throne Realm, which left him stuck in the Numinous Sky Realm.

The Dragon Han Era had lasted for 400,000 years thus far. There were less than ten people that reached the Emperor's Throne Realm in the 600,000 years since Celestial Venerable Yu created the Celestial Palace Realm. Son of Heaven Yin wasn't one of them.

Even if that was the case, he couldn't bear being ambushed by two people, especially considering he hadn't recovered from his injuries even though his cultivation had somewhat recovered.

That, along with the fact that his entire body was devoted to controlling Prince You Ming with the paper man trick, put him at a severe disadvantage!

Besides, even if his injuries recovered and he was vigilant, he was no match for Yan'er.

Yan'er had Green Dragon and Vermillion Bird bloodlines, and she was the female disciple of Celestial Venerable Yue. Also, she learned South Deity Vermillion Bird's paths, skills, and divine arts, which made her capable.

It was just that Yan'er disliked cultivation and didn't wholeheartedly comprehend said paths, skills, and divine arts. This prevented her from breaking through to the Emperor's Throne Realm.

The good thing was that she swallowed several terrifying ancient gods and digested them, which allowed her to be more powerful than before!

When Son of Heaven Yin was knocked into the air, that fat girl came like a whirlwind, and the space around her was made into a mirror, which made him shudder.

The surrounding space was like the surface of a mirror that reflected his figure. The mirror began to break, and his reflection inside the mirror broke too.

Son of Heaven Yin saw how Celestial Venerable Yue schemed against Celestial Emperor's reincarnation, Chu Xiao. Even he fractured under Celestial Venerable Yue's space path.

This fat girl's space divine art seemed to be even better than Celestial Venerable Yue's. Son of Heaven Yin immediately felt his corporeal body and primordial spirit break with the mirror. He was about to have his soul dissipated!

“Dragon Mountain Sanren, I'll have you two pay the price eventually!”

Son of Heaven Yin hollered as his body sunk and fell to the ground. Devil aura rolled, and a dark devil flower grew from the earth and bloomed.

Son of Heaven Yin's body fractured as he fell into the devilish aura.

That devil flower bloomed completely. It was three to five feet tall and exploded forth as devil aura dissipated along with it.

Yan'er caught up, but she only saw how the aura dissipated with no traces of Son of Heaven Yin's body.

At the same time, the dragon qilin rolled with the six heavenly dragons before stopping. Yan'er was too powerful, and he was knocked too far.

Hollering came from afar. Their short confrontation likely alerted the others who were flying there to check.

The dragon qilin stood up aching and surprised.

They rushed towards Prince You Ming, who was hugging the Glassy Sky Pagoda while sleeping and drooling, the paper man still pasted to his back.

Yan'er tried to take the Glassy Sky Pagoda out of his embrace, but he hugged it too tightly.

The dragon qilin took out the Grand Primordium Divine Stone he got from Qin Mu and utilized what he learned regarding the Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness. He whispered, “Prince, there are soft cloud beds here. You like sleeping in the clouds. You are tired, very tired. You hug the clouds like a soft blanket…”

His consciousness burst forth as it invaded Prince You Ming's brain.

Prince You Ming let go of the Glassy Sky Pagoda and fell backward. Yan'er held him and placed him on the ground gently. She took the Glassy Sky Pagoda and said, “Let's go.”

Noises were everywhere as voices shouting the word “thief” surrounded them. The dragon qilin's expression changed as he said, “We can't get away in time! This treasure is reliable, get it to help us!”

Yan'er shook the Glassy Sky Pagoda and said, “Fog! Wind and thunder!”

Thick and dense fog flooded out of the Glassy Sky Pagoda and instantly covered the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace. Soon, wind and thunder came to mask people's shouting.

The dragon qilin flew outside while dragging Yan'er with him.

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