Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1088 - A One-Off Meeting

With the help of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, the dragon qilin and Yan'er quickly escaped from the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace with the six heavenly dragons. Looking back, the celestial palace was still enshrouded in the mist.

The dragon qilin and Yan'er carried the Glassy Sky Pagoda, kissing it as they skipped and danced in joy. The six heavenly dragons surrounded this number one treasure in the world, singing and dancing, looking unusually cheerful.

Suddenly, the dragon qilin stopped and said, “We seem to be short of one… Oh no, Cult Master is still in the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace!”

Everyone looked at each other, speechless.

The six heavenly dragons repeatedly coughed as they looked around. They then started whistling.

Yan'er stamped her foot and said, “We only thought about beating up Son of Heaven Yin and stealing things and ended up forgetting that Young Master is still in the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace. Young Master is even seriously injured and can't mobilize his consciousness. What should we do?”

The dragon qilin's expression wavered as he paced around. “The purpose of stealing the Glassy Sky Pagoda was because Cult Master was seriously injured, and thus we needed the magic of this treasure to protect us. Now that we have this treasure, we have lost Cult Master…”

The young heavenly dragon stopped his whistling and whispered, “Stop whistling, I'm about to pee…”

The whistling stopped.

Everybody was motionless on the celestial river. Below their feet, a big black fish in the river swam past leisurely, making a strange howl.

“Cult Master will definitely be fine.”

The dragon qilin looked in the direction of the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace and saw plenty of people running out of it and charging towards them. He immediately asserted, “Cult Master has always been smart. All along, he has needed to take care of us instead of us taking care of him. Let's go first, surely he'll be able to take care of himself!”

Yan'er and the six heavenly dragons nodded their heads.

Everyone then left hurriedly.

“Have you given the dragon blood treasure tree to Cult Master?”


“And there's a lantern on the tree?”


“That's good. If things take a turn for the worse, he can still put out the lantern and return to the ghost ship.”

In the guest room of the Jade Capital City, Qin Mu heard some commotion outside and was a little puzzled. ‘What happened? Could it be that Long Pi and Yan'er were here stealing the Glassy Sky Pagoda?'

After some time, Qin Mu said in bewilderment, “Why are Yan'er and Long Pi still not back yet?”

After a long time, Qin Mu was finally sure. ‘These fellows, after they stole the Glassy Sky Pagoda, they simply left me behind! Those two are heartless!'

He was unable to do anything to anyone now. If he ran out and was found, he would be caught as a thief and wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Prince You Ming finally woke up from his hangover and was stunned when he discovered that the Glassy Sky Pagoda was missing. He cried out, “Who stole it?”

When he heard that the culprits were Dragon Mountain Sanren and a princess from South Deity's family, he was even more shocked and was quiet for a long time.

He finally recovered his senses and said, “Tell our people to stop their pursuit and return to the celestial palace. Although the Glassy Sky Pagoda is a good treasure, the lives of our people are more important. We will immediately return to the North Pole. There can't be any more delays!”

As his people returned to the celestial palace, Prince You Ming stabilized his Dao heart and fully focused on driving the celestial palace along the celestial river back to the North Pole. It was just that his parents had spent their entire lives forging the Glassy Sky Pagoda. When he thought of it, he couldn't help but feel a terrible pain in his heart.

“That d*mned couple!” Prince You Ming cursed in rage.

Qin Mu carefully adjusted the light and stayed in place. He continued to mobilize his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, relying on the Grand Primordium Origin Stone to help him recover to his peak condition as soon as possible.

During this period, several flying serpent goddesses came to clean the room. Qin Mu had no choice but to use his consciousness to hide from them.

However, during the night, the guest room was lit up, causing many to take notice.

Only, when they entered the room to check, they were unable to find anything or determine where the light came from. As a result, many were spooked.

Gradually, news about the haunted guest room spread among the people.

After ten or so days, Qin Mu finally felt that his consciousness had stabilized, and the primordial liquid in his body had almost been depleted.

He looked inward at his corporeal body and saw that the muscles of his reborn corporeal body were like jade, his blood a rich red. Both his qi and blood were flourishing. When he moved gently, his body glowed everywhere as nearly two thousand ancient god apparitions emerged, their Dao rhythm revolving around.

‘Big Senior Brother's horizons and knowledge are extraordinary. He used so much primordial liquid to reconstruct my corporeal body, improving it significantly!'

He was delighted. ‘He's indeed my big senior brother, truly old and experienced. His horizons and knowledge are much higher than mine. During my daily cultivation, I only dare to use a drop of primordial liquid at most. He, however, used one entire cauldron of liquid to reconstruct my corporeal body!'

Qin Mu took a look at this Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and saw that the reconstructed sun, moon, and stars were brighter than before. The sky was like a mirror as countless stars dazzled across it. Youdu was dim and gloomy, making it difficult to gauge its depth.

Each of his celestial palaces was new and shiny, with leisurely Dao rhythm resonating from them. The various Dao rhythms gathered together, seeming like they were trying to form a Great Dao melody with thousands of Dao marvels in it.

‘Big Senior Brother is indeed knowledgeable!'

Qin Mu praised him again in his heart. After he endured this calamity, his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was actually much bigger than before. It once again expanded outwards, and the surge of his vital qi was like a blazing fire sweeping across a plain or a giant flood engulfing the heavens and earth, vigorous and copious.

His consciousness didn't increase much but was more tenacious than before.

Qin Mu gave a sigh of relief and stood up. He retracted his consciousness that was deposited in the dragon blood treasure tree and moved beside the window, opening it to take a look outside.

It was daylight.

His consciousness rippled, pulling the dragon blood treasure tree and the lantern into the heart of his brows, storing them in the Qin word land. He then opened the door and walked outside, thinking to himself, ‘After the death of Celestial Emperor, the Celestial Venerables will fight over his corporeal body. I need to go and take a look. I also need to meet Celestial Venerable Yun…'

He quietly left the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace and came to the top of the celestial river. Suddenly, he saw the rapid currents beneath the celestial palace. A dragon-headed black turtle was carrying the palace, moving up north along the river.

Qin Mu laughed heartily and said in a loud voice, “Prince You Ming, do you recognize Mu Qing?”

The black turtle was indeed Prince You Ming. As he had lost his treasure, he took the initiative to punish himself by carrying the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace to the North Pole. When he heard those words, he quickly slowed down and cried, “Mu Qing? Is it Celestial Venerable Mu?”

Qin Mu smiled and nodded. “That's right. I was being pursued by my enemy and had to temporarily seek shelter in your treasure residence to avoid him and recover from my injuries. Please accept my apologies for not informing you.”

Prince You Ming hurriedly said, “Celestial Venerable, please don't blame yourself. Come to think of it, I have to call you ‘Master'! If you hadn't imparted your way to become a god to me, I wouldn't be where I am today. Celestial Venerable, if you could allow me to transform, let's meet in the celestial palace. I'll order my men to receive you with hospitality!”

When Qin Wu saw how considerate and warmhearted he was, he shook his head. “My enemy is extremely powerful. Hence, I can't reveal myself in your Black Tortoise Celestial Palace. I don't want to implicate you.”

Prince You Ming probed, “May I ask, who is Celestial Venerable's enemy?”

“The Grand Emperor!”

Qin Mu's expression was a little grim as he said solemnly, “You may not have heard of him. However, when you're back with North Deity, they will explain to you the origin of the Grand Emperor.”

Prince You Ming hesitated a while and said, “Celestial Venerable, I have lost my family's treasure. I would like to request that Celestial Venerable stay for a few days more and put in a good word for me in front of my parents so that I won't get punished…”

Qin Mu smiled ambiguously. “Prince, I would be bringing you and the North Deity couple harm if I stayed. As for your punishment for losing the treasure, I'll plead for you the next time we meet.”

Prince You Ming didn't dare to hold him up. He sent him out of the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace, waving as he watched him leave. “Celestial Venerable, you must not forget to plead for me!”

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