Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1095 - Heavenly Master Bai Yujing

Gradually, a peculiar magic power was spread out. His divine art sensed all the souls and soul black sand in heaven and earth. It passed through heavens and worlds. It went up to Xuandu and down to Youdu. It was vast, for it covered the universe's four poles.

His thoughts and consciousness passed through these worlds figuratively as he tried to feel the marks left behind by South Deity Vermillion Bird. Gradually, he found some drifting black soul sand in the South Pole. It was part of South Deity's broken soul.

He guided it to the Primordial Realm, and then, he felt another part of her soul.

Yet this soul was resisting him!

Qin Mu was confused as his thoughts and consciousness followed this unique pull through worlds. He reached the celestial heavens and felt the Western Heavenly Gate.

His thoughts entered a celestial palace, and it went through palaces and reached a Numinous Sky Hall. He saw a female deity looking at "herself" with a face as cold as frost.

She coldly laughed and extended her palm to cover and break Qin Mu's Soul Guide divine art as she angrily said, "Son of Heaven Yin, are you trying to trick me again? Haven't you suffered enough from Great Aunt?"

Qin Mu recollected his consciousness and took the feather. He shook it to store the black soul sand bursting forth into the feather before shockingly saying, "Yan'er, your mother's reincarnation is at the celestial heavens. She's the heavenly master of the Western Heavenly Gate's Jasper Flower Palace!"

He found it hard to believe as he exclaimed, "The heavenly master of the Western Heavenly Gate's Jasper Flower Palace, one of the four great heavenly teachers, is named Bai Yujing! The third out of the four great heavenly teachers! Your mother reincarnated into her and has reached the Emperor's Throne Realm! She's in a great position of power in the celestial heavens too!"

Yan'er stared and stuttered, "That Heavenly Master Yujing of the celestial heavens is my mother? That silly Que Feiyin from then?"

Qin Mu nodded and walked around. He muttered, "It seems that I miscalculated. Son of Heaven Yin couldn't kill her 99 times, so her vermillion bird god soul never awakened. This is bad, very bad…"

Green veins popped out of his forehead. They were restless as he said, "Vermillion Bird reincarnated and reached the Emperor's Throne Realm. She must be smart and powerful to become the third heavenly master of the celestial heavens. It'll be very hard to get her to die again! Crucially, I don't know how many times she has died and how far away she is from 99 times…"

He clenched his fists. "Son of Heaven Yin, you're so useless that you can't even kill this lady! You aren't befitting of the name beauty killer!"

The dragon qilin's mouth twitched as he thought, 'Clearly, Cult Master failed, yet he's blaming it on Son of Heaven Yin. Cult Master only wanted to use Son of Heaven Yin to make Mother-in-law's reincarnation smart enough to survive the Dragon Han Era. Yet, due to Son of Heaven Yin's grinding, Mother-in-law became so smart that she can't die!'

He couldn't help but shake his head again.

Qin Mu was worried and couldn't help but frown.

Which heavenly master, especially those of the celestial heavens, wasn't clever like the devil?

To be able to become the third heavenly master, it was clear how intelligent Bai Yujing was!

Although the four great heavenly teachers were of a lower position compared to the four great side deities like Red Deity and Black Deity, they were, essentially, equals.

More importantly, they were of the Emperor's Throne Realm!

Que Feiyin reincarnated to become Bai Yujing. She was smart and exploitative. Otherwise, she wouldn't be one of the celestial heavens' four great heavenly teachers.

Yan'er looked at him, dumbfounded.

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Don't worry, your mother's reincarnation has the memory of the previous generations. She recognizes us and now knows why she met us on the celestial river then. She knows who we are and knows that she lost her memory due to Son of Heaven Yin's scheme. She's relying on my jade pendant. All we have to do is find her and tell her that she's South Deity's reincarnation, and she will agree to die again."

Yan'er was delighted.

The dragon qilin blinked and thought, 'Cult Master is lying again. Crucially, Mother-in-law doesn't know that she's a soul of South Deity. She's already at the Emperor's Throne Realm and has her own thoughts. Why would she willingly die again? It'll be hard to reawaken the vermillion bird god soul!'

Qin Mu understood that. He just didn't tell Yan'er so that she wouldn't be worried.

Suddenly, the sky darkened, which shocked Qin Mu. He got her to take out her lantern, then realized that he wasn't in the past but in the present. He smiled and said, "I transmigrated to the past, and I've been quite tense. I'm still that way despite returning."

He looked up, and his smile gradually froze.

He saw a giant body blocking out the sky. The proportions of the head and body were wrong, for the body's head was way larger than the torso. There were bone spikes all over the back of its head too. With one shake, the bone spike mountains shook.

It was a giant beast from the void. It had a large eye with multiple pupils that contracted one after another!

With six legs and thin membranes between them, it deployed its wings after drilling out of the void and skidded through the sky at fast speeds!

Void beast!

Qin Mu was dumbfounded as he watched the void beast fly away.

The overlord of the primordial beasts that lived in the ancestral court appeared above Eternal Peace in the Primordial Realm!

He saw a lady standing on the void beast's back, and it was Divine King Lang Wo!

Qin Mu chased after it when large boats of the celestial heavens burst into the Primordial Realm's sky, followed by thunder-like drum sounds.

A large god pounded the drum as the soldiers on the ships shouted and chased after the void beast.

"Divine King Lang Wo found the location of the ancestral court and summoned a void beast from it…"

Qin Mu hollered, and Yan'er rose into the air as a dragon sparrow immediately. She chased after the void beast with them onboard.

Yan'er had already digested most of the swallowed ancient gods, so she flew faster than before. She chased after them, and they saw boat after boat crash while emitting smoke. The further forward they went, the more boats were destroyed and fractured. The warriors on the boats had their limbs cut off.

Qin Mu looked into the distance and saw how the void beast went between the void and reality. When the weapons and divine arts of the celestial heavens' warriors attacked it, its body went into the void so that they would pass through its body and not threaten it.

It was a massacre!

The gods and devils of the celestial heavens had never faced such a tricky beast, one that their divine arts were useless against!

When Yan'er caught up, the battle had ended.

The void beast swallowed the last god. It then stopped, looking down and covering its giant mouth as it stared at the approaching dragon sparrow and those on it.

It roared loudly as the bone mountains on its back shook threateningly.

Yan'er stopped. Qin Mu looked up and saw Divine King Lang Wo standing behind one of the ridges of the bone mountains, looking at him.

"Holy infant," she whispered.

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