Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1096 - Meeting Lang Wo Again

"Divine King."

Qin Mu managed to calm down. Lang Wo was able to summon the void beast. It must have been Luo Xiao who imparted the summoning technique to her.

Qin Mu's reverse summoning was comprehended from Luo Xiao's summoning technique. Back then, when he designed the reverse summoning sacrificial altar, he didn't hide it from Luo Xiao.

And more importantly, Qin Mu had left a summoning sacrificial altar in the ancestral court!

In other words, if Luo Xiao had imparted the reverse summoning technique to Lang Wo, she could use this sacrificial altar to enter the ancestral court!

'The reincarnated ancient Celestial Emperor Gu Xiao once said that there was great horror in the ancestral court, and it's unknown whether he was referring to the void beasts or something else. However, if the void beasts in the ancestral court escape…'

He couldn't help but shudder. He remembered the densely packed void beast eggs in the nineteenth void and felt a chill down his spine.

If the seal of the ancestral court was broken, the void of the ancestral court would then be connected to the void of the outside world, and the densely packed void eggs would fall from the nineteenth void into the various worlds. That would bring about total extinction and annihilation!

The leader of all void beasts was the void beast mother.

And the Grand Emperor was her master!

If Divine King Lang Wo had broken the ancestral court's seal, the Grand Emperor would then control all of the void beasts, swallowing up heaven after heaven, world after world.

"Lang Wo, have you been to the ancestral court?" Qin Mu asked.

Divine King Lang Wo's faint gaze fell on him. She shook his head and said, "I have never been there. Without your detailed space-time coordinates, I'm unable to enter that place. Holy infant, you have been gone for ten years and should have found out the specific location of the ancestral court, right? Tell me, and I'll summon the void beast mother."

She whispered, "With the void beast mother, we won't be afraid of the celestial heavens. The masters of creation can return to our glory days!"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "The void beast mother belongs to the Grand Emperor. He was able to enter the Great Void to perform his massacre because he had the void beasts. Lang Wo, if you still think that I'm the holy infant of the masters of creation, send this void beast back. You must absolutely not touch these terrifying lifeforms!"

Lang Wo revealed a smile. Her body rose and came before the giant eye of the void beast, floating like a tiny speck of dust. She shook her head and said, "Holy infant, you aren't a master of creation after all. To a master of creation, whoever can subdue and domesticate a void beast is a hero, and you have no such intentions."

Qin Mu took a step forward and said solemnly, "All of the void beasts obey the void beast mother. It hasn't really been domesticated by you! The void beast mother is controlled by the Grand Emperor. Your efforts are just helping him, without any benefit to the masters of creation!"

Suddenly, the void beast lifted up its eyelid, exposing boundless rows of teeth. It then disappeared behind Lang Wo.

In an instant, it appeared in front of Qin Mu, Yan'er, and the rest. Its ferocious-looking mouth was wide open, preparing to swallow them all!

Yan'er got a fright and was about to resist. The eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened, visualizing countless sharp spikes, fanning out in a haphazard fashion!

These spikes were created inside the void beast's body. When the void beast hurriedly tried to turn incorporeal, Qin Mu's spikes became incorporeal. When it materialized into physical form, the spikes followed suit.

The void beast cried endlessly in pain. Its body had been punctured with a thousand holes and drenched in fresh blood.

"Holy infant, although you aren't a master of creation, you have completely mastered our methods."

Divine King Lang Wo waved her hand, and the spikes in the void beast disappeared. "Visualization is a method to counter the void beasts. If you can deal with a void beast, the masters of creation can naturally deal with it easily as well. To us, this ancient primordial beast doesn't pose any danger. Conversely, it'll become a weapon of our people. Even if the Grand Emperor controls the mother beast, he's unable to threaten us."

The void beast closed its mouth and looked at Qin Mu with its giant eye. It then revealed a fearful expression as it hid behind Divine King Lang Wo, its tail clasped between its legs.

Qin Mu wanted to say more, but Divine King Lang Wo had already entered the void with the void beast. Her consciousness came rippling over. "Holy infant, today was just an experiment. I'll summon more void beasts, but rest assured, it's not because I want to deal with you. I'll lead these void beasts to the Great Void, where they will confront the celestial heavens!"

She and the void beast disappeared, her consciousness gradually weakening. "In this case, I can help buy time for you to grow up. Isn't this the best of both worlds?"

"I'm worried about you."

Qin Mu whispered as he faced the high altitude cold wind, "The Grand Emperor has always wanted to break open the ancestral court. If the evil in it is released, it'll bring about a catastrophic disaster to the world. But before that, you will be killed by him…"

He, together with the dragon qilin and the rest, headed towards Eternal Peace. Before returning to the celestial heavens to see Bai Yujing, he needed to repair the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage. This carriage had already been damaged thrice, with the most recent incident being at the West Pole. It would need to be repaired for them to arrive at the celestial heavens quickly."

Yan'er was still a little chubby, so her speed was slower than the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage.

Moreover, he needed to settle some matters in Eternal Peace.

'As for Heavenly Master Bai Yujing. If she doesn't want to die, I'll have to break the divine art of Son of Heaven Yin at the source.'

Qin Mu pondered. In order to break the divine art of Son of Heaven Yin at the source, he needed to understand the detailed structure of the Mingdu Heavenly Gate.

'There's a Mingdu Heavenly Gate with Di Yiyue. As long as I find her, the mystery of Son of Heaven Yin's divine art will no longer be a secret!'

His gaze flickered. Since the calamity of Eternal Peace erupted, Di Yiyue and the others had quietly vanished and hadn't been seen in the Primordial Realm.

Di Yiyue, Tian Shu, Sakra Buddha, and the rest didn't travel to Carefree Village. Saint Woodcutter had also disappeared.

'Could they be hiding in Fengdu? Where is Fengdu today? Perhaps Eternal Peace will know where it is.'

While he was thinking, the earth suddenly rippled like waves. Qin Mu stopped and saw soil flying around him as trees sprouted up wildly. Their vines coiled and danced like dragons, growing at lightning speed!

Within a few breaths, the vegetation there looked like thousands of years had passed and had transformed into a dense primitive jungle.

If one was to look from outside, they would find that the beautiful piece of land where Qin Mu and the rest originally stood had become a green dome with a radius of more than a hundred miles. It had sealed up the area and was extremely airtight!

"Ten years…"

A faint sound traveled from the densely packed trees. Between the thick trees, vines rustled as they slithered around, looking like giant pythons. It felt like someone was sobbing, sending chills down everyone's spines.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you promised me that you would summon my soul and revive me in 10 years. You are already two months late!"

Qin Mu and the rest landed. The ground in front of them shook and cracked as a gigantic stone coffin slowly rose from the ground.

The stone coffin opened, and the corpse of the High Emperor howled as corpse aura filled the air. He was about to jump out of the coffin to kill!

"Hold it!"

Qin Mu laughed. "Mother Earth, I came back to fulfill my promise of resurrecting you. Do you know that I was banished to the distant ancient era, struggling to survive? Finally, I made it back alive, precisely because I have conviction supporting me. That is, to fulfill my promise to Mother Earth!"

The claws of the High Emperor's corpse stopped in front of him, though their stench drifted forward.

Qin Mu's expression remained unchanged.

Among the vines, the voice of Mother Earth traveled over, sneering. "Are you going to fool me again? You are no longer the Invincible Great Wizard! Celestial Venerable Mu, the ancient gods are saying that Celestial Venerable Huo killed South Deity and that you were unable to resurrect her. You are now useless to the ancient gods."

Her voice was erratic. A green vine stretched forward like a poisonous python and quietly arrived at Qin Mu's side, coiling around him as it grew.

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