Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1098 - Measuring the Dao Heart

As soon as Qin Mu said those words, a violent tremor came from the ground. Mother Earth was enraged by his threats. However, instead of continuing to attack him, she retracted into the distance.

Qin Mu heaved a sigh of relief and opened the third eye at the heart of his brows. It pierced deep into the ground, looking into it for a long time before confirming that Mother Earth was gone. Only then did he say, “You can talk.”

The dragon qilin also heaved a sigh of relief, saying, “After the resurrection of Mother Earth's souls, she'll definitely occupy the Primordial Tree in Eternal Peace's capital, which is the body of Gongsun Yan. For her rebirth this time, her strength will be greatly weakened. It'll be impossible for her to take back her body from Celestial Venerable Xiao. Hence, she'll definitely make a move on Gongsun Yan.”

Qin Mu nodded and said solemnly, “I have already given her a warning. I can't help her if she wants to court her own death.”

He put away the roots of the Primordial Tree that were severed by the Glassy Sky Pagoda. Although the vital essence of Mother Earth had dissipated from them, they were still the roots of the Primordial Tree and were extremely hard!

The roots could only be injured by Emperor's Throne divine weapons and were definitely the best choice for refining treasures!

What truly surprised Qin Mu was the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

He didn't mobilize too much vital qi to stimulate the power of this treasure. Instead, he relied on the strength of the Glassy Sky Pagoda to cut the roots of the Primordial Tree into those neatly organized pieces. It was as easy as chopping melons and cabbage.

If he could invoke the full power of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, how terrifying would that be?

'Good treasure…'

He looked at this strange treasure, revealing a mesmerized look. He then hurriedly shook his head. He had almost become as obsessed as Wei Suifeng with the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

However, the Glassy Sky Pagoda did seem to have an alluring power that could infatuate people.

Qin Mu even had the thought not to return this treasure to Prince You Ming!

'There's something strange about this treasure!'

Qin Mu was secretly aware that the Glassy Sky Pagoda wasn't as simple as just being the top treasure in the world. It wasn't just a powerful treasure, it could even mesmerize his Dao heart!

'Could it be the ancient god egg?'

He looked at the top of the Glassy Sky Pagoda. This ancient god egg was very responsive and was different from the ancient Celestial Emperor Tai Chu or the egg of Tai Shi, which was very strange indeed.

“In that case, why did Cult Master agree to help her summon her souls in ten days?” the dragon qilin asked puzzledly.

The dragon qilin's gaze also landed on the Glassy Sky Pagoda. He had controlled this strange treasure before and was clearly mesmerized by it. Except that he wasn't as obsessed as Wei Suifeng.

Qin Mu saw him gazing at it, and his heart shuddered slightly. He put the Glassy Sky Pagoda away and smiled. “Since I have promised her, I won't go back on my word. Moreover, the ten-year period is up. When I resurrect Mother Earth, that will show the rest of the ancient gods that I'm still the Invincible Great Wizard and that they still have to continue supporting me!”

The dragon qilin sobered up and said hesitantly, “After the three souls of Mother Earth are gathered, will she take over the body of Gongsun Yan?”

Qin Mu walked forward and said indifferently, “In that case, I'll make it clear to the rest of the ancient gods not to commit evil. I can resurrect them, but I can also destroy them!”

He clenched his fists and said coldly, “These ancient gods should think about this carefully and respect their allies!”

Everyone hurried towards Eternal Peace's capital city. After seven days, they finally arrived.

Looking from a distance, the capital city had an upper and a lower level. The upper capital city was built on the canopy of the Primordial Tree, and the lower capital city was built around it.

The last time, when Qin Mu left, he gave Gongsun Yan some primordial liquid. Gongsun Yan must have absorbed the primordial liquid, causing the Primordial Tree to grow wildly. The original Eternal Peace capital city couldn't accommodate it, so Ling Yuxiu had to lead the officials to build another capital city.

The original capital was also expanded to accommodate a larger population.

Outside the capital, the number of Mud River manufacturing factories had increased. In the factories, the furnaces and the mechanical giants worked day and night as the divine arts practitioners continuously forged all sorts of divine weapons.

Qin Mu slowed down his pace and traveled around for a week. He discovered that people of Eternal Peace were now wealthier than before. There were also a large number of merchant ships flowing in and out, bustling with activity. The Mud River was packed with people from the celestial heavens and all parts of the Primordial Realm, as well as merchant ships from the various heavens.

The merchant ships of the celestial heavens came to transport away the spirit weapons required by the divine soldiers and the gods of the celestial heavens for everyday use, while the merchant ships of the various great heavens and countries of the Primordial Realm often ferried ore and other minerals produced in these places.

Eternal Peace exchanged those spirit weapons for celestial currency from the celestial heavens and then used the celestial currency to purchase ore and other minerals and materials from the various great heavens. Within ten years, a sizable industry had been established.

And this was just one small part of Eternal Peace.

In fact, apart from the capital city, there were River Tomb, the Overlord Prefecture, Surging River, and Li River in the south. Their scale of development wasn't insignificant, at least the same if not better than the capital city.

The capital city was responsible for forging divine weapons. River Tomb was responsible for imprinting runes. The Overlord Prefecture was responsible for the design and refining of spirit pills and spirit medicine. Surging River was responsible for the forging of formation diagrams. And Li River was responsible for the design and forging of the spirit weapons for everyday use. Each of these places had their specialties.

Qin Mu found Mute and Blind but saw that Butcher was there as well. Qin Mu's face slightly changed, and he had a little hesitation in his heart. However, he was spotted by Blind, who had especially good eyesight. The loud and clear voice of Mute traveled over. “Mu'er is here!”

Qin Mu obediently stepped forward. Butcher took out two divine knives and threw one over. “Mu'er, perform some strokes. Let me see if you have managed to enter the path through knives over this period!”

Qin Mu caught the divine knife. It was close to ten feet long. He clasped his index and middle finger together as he touched the blade gently, sliding along the thin blade from the handle to the tip. He then laughed heartily. “Grandpa Butcher, I haven't comprehended the Dao of knives, but I comprehended something better!”

Butcher walked out with his huge knife, raising his eyebrows as he smiled. “Better? Little brat, since the beginning of time until the present day, people who deceived their masters and destroyed their ancestors all had the same tone as you. Are you planning to beat me up badly?”

Qin Mu carried the long knife on his shoulder and took off his shoes, following Butcher out of the factory barefooted. “I dare not deceive my masters or destroy my ancestors. However, I have seen many things from my recent travels and have reached a certain level of attainment in my Dao heart.”

Butcher narrowed his eyes and stomped with his giant feet. The shoe on his foot was smashed by his knife qi. “What is Dao heart good for? I'll chop your Dao heart into pieces!”

Mute hurriedly took out a box to sit down and retrieved his tobacco bag. He pinched some tobacco leaves and lit his water pipe, grinning as he took a puff.

Blind also came out, leaning on the side. Mute offered him the water pipe, but he rejected it with a wave of his hand. He then whispered, “People who deceived their masters and destroyed their ancestors all had the same tone as Mu'er?”

Mute nodded.

Blind hesitated. “That was how I talked to my master back then.”

Mute made a stroke and smiled gleefully. “Mu'er learned that from you.”

Butcher waved his long knife, and his knife light fluttered and danced across the sky with a whoosh. It then retracted into his long knife as it stabbed into the ground. He plainly said, “You say that your Dao heart is better, so let's compare our Dao hearts first.” He then closed his eyes.

Qin Mu shook his hand and stabbed his long knife in front of him, also closing his eyes.

“Good knife technique!” Blind exclaimed.

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