Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1099 - Seeing the Spirit in the Knife

Mute was spooked by him. He angrily stared at him and waved all sorts of hand gestures.

Blind closed his eyes to "look" at Butcher and Qin Mu's confrontation. He leisurely said, "Mute, you have two eyes, yet you see nothing. Let me help you!"

He put his palm on Mute's face to cover his eyes.

Mute was going to push his hands away when he shuddered, for he really "saw" it!

He "saw" Butcher and Qin Mu standing there, not moving, yet their "spirits" were in an ever-changing form. Thousands of knife skills went towards one another like streaks of light.

The knife lights were bright and shiny. It contained large knives that were so big that they could cleave the heavens. There were also tiny knives that were as delicate as flowing water. That was how ever-changing their spirits were. Every moment, countless skills were used. The fighting was so intense that people couldn't take their "eyes" off of it!

They were like two imposing knife gods learning and comprehending each other via their extreme knife skills.

Mute stared blankly.

At the same time, he heard the sounds of war drums as loud as thunder or the cheer of billions. It was the spirit coming from Qin Mu's body!

In his daze, it was as if he passed through ancient history and saw how a knife light scraped through endless darkness. It was as if he saw the history in which people of the past fought!

In the knife light and sword shadows, powerful muscles rose in the dark to fight and defend against the treacherous calamity of that era, the injustice!

They carried the darkness to overcome the dangers. A batch of people fell one after another, yet in the sea of corpses, more rose!

They walked towards the light from the darkness, from the past to the present.

The spine of this race was never broken!

Mute's blood boiled, and he couldn't help but shout, "Good knife skill!"

Blind put his hand down and leisurely said, "You saw it?"

Mute nodded. He felt that his face was wet. Surprisingly, he couldn't help but cry when looking at Qin Mu's knife skills.

He blinked and said, "I'm choking on this water. It's spicy."

The dragon qilin stepped forward carefully before whispering, "Old masters, how's the contest? Why can't I understand it?"

Blind and Mute glanced at him. Blind said, "This fellow doesn't get it yet?"

"Not yet."

The dragon qilin laughed in apology and said, "Old masters, I don't understand, yet you two say it's good. Please guide me on this."

Mute took out a small silver pellet from his box, threw it to him, and said, "Throw it in the middle of them."

The dragon qilin threw it. It was a divine weapon, and it reacted violently upon reaching the center!

As if it was incited, it fractured towards the outside and instantly became thousands of divine spears!

This was Eternal Peace's refinement method and a spear pellet designed by Eternal Peace's Overlord Prefecture Heavenly Saint Academy. By compressing countless spear handles, it formed a sphere!

Eternal Peace's refinement standard, in both design and accuracy, became number one in the worlds and was only inferior to the Patriarch Creation Palace of the celestial heavens!

Another thousand divine spears came out, yet their tips were sliced upon as if they were cleaved by invisible divine knives. They fell harmlessly to the ground!

Soon, countless large spears became swimming dragons that danced in the air before attacking Qin Mu and Butcher!

The divine spears were potent enough to strike back automatically when ambushed due to River Tomb Academy's runes.

Such divine spears could save lives in large scale battles, so they were popular in the celestial heavens. They spent a lot on buying them!

However, before the spears even fell, they disintegrated into countless fragments that fell down like rain!

The dragon qilin was spooked. The refinement standard of Eternal Peace had reached such a standard that even he was amazed. He returned to the past with Qin Mu and saw rough divine weapons, so when they returned to Eternal Peace, they felt that the past they were in was a barbaric and primitive era.

However, the development in Eternal Peace in the past five years was rapid. They became many times more advanced than before, which naturally shocked the dragon qilin.

What shocked him even more was how Qin Mu and Butcher's knife skills were so accurate and sharp despite them both having their eyes closed!

They stood there as if they were harmless, yet if one stepped between them, they would probably be cut into countless pieces instantly!

'Cult Master is more powerful too.'

The dragon qilin blinked. 'We returned to the ghost ship after stealing the Glassy Sky Pagoda and abandoned him in the Dragon Han Era. What did he experience then?'

His Dao heart must have been upgraded by a lot during that period of time.

The upgrading of his Dao heart elevated his spirit, bearing, experience, and knowledge exponentially!

That was why neither of them was at a disadvantage despite their knife paths colliding.

People on the outside came for the commotion, while people on the inside understood everything they watched. Without the commotion, the only person who could understand them was Blind.

In the gaze of his god mind's eyes, Qin Mu's spirit became more oppressive, and it even briefly overwhelmed Butcher!

This was after his experience, of course.

Without the experience of transmigrating to the Dragon Han and the emotions he felt from experiencing the great historical revolutions, it would have been hard for Qin Mu to nurture such an undefeatable spirit!

'Butcher can't take it anymore, he has to strike!'

As soon as he thought about that, the divine knife in front of Butcher suddenly rose like a dragon. Butcher held it and struck!

Qin Mu's spirit was too strong. If it continued, there would be no way for him to crush Qin Mu's Dao heart. Instead, he would be defeated without a battle!

This was something a strong practitioner who entered the path with the knife couldn't tolerate.

Besides, Butcher felt that Qin Mu was feeding his knife with him.

Feeding the knife was feeding the path. First, one fed the qi. If one had enough qi, the knife would be quick enough, and one could feed the knife skill. With good knife skills, one would be powerful.

Feeding the knife skill again would allow one to get the hang of it and, as such, understand the spirit.

Feeding the spirit, one would get the knife path!

For a long time, Qin Mu hadn't lacked comprehension or knife skills. He just failed to understand the underlying spirit of the knife path.

Now that his spirit was there, having his spirit merely touch the knife path wasn't enough.

One couldn't enter the path with the knife just from comprehension alone, one had to strike.

His spirit was like a seed that hadn't sprouted yet. It merely grew in the shell, for he needed pressure, stronger pressure.

Butcher pulling out his knife gave him that!

Butcher was the harshest teacher in Disabled Elderly Village. He was always harsh when teaching Qin Mu. If Old Ma wasn't protecting him, Qin Mu would have died to him at least a hundred times!

This was no exception!

Butcher, with his long knife, unleashed the first move of the Heaven Knife—Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities!

This was a knife skill of the battlefield. During Butcher's era, the best weapon was a knife. It was as fast as lightning. On the battlefield, only people fast with the knife could survive!

As a being who comprehended the nine heavens of the knife path before becoming a god, his attainment in knife skills skyrocketed when he reached the period of Eternal Peace's reform!

He made this stone to grind knives, which was so good that it could make Qin Mu's knife bright and sharp!

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