Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 110 - Cathouse And Flower Alley

An hour later, the black feather and red crest had sprinted its way to the capital city. Qin Mu looked forward and his heart wavered slightly. He had seen River Tomb City before and was extremely shocked yet the capital city in front of him brought him a greater shock than River Tomb City.

River Tomb City was built on Gold River and was a hundred yards above the river surface, having a magnificent sight.

Whereas this capital city was built on mountain ranges which were like huge dragons. Furthermore, it wasn't a single mountain range but nine mountain ranges.

Nine mountain ranges which were like dragons crawling on the flatlands gathered at the location of the capital city. The place where nine dragons converged and where the dragon's heads gathered was the capital city.

This kind of majestic grandeur had already far surpassed River Tomb City which was built on Gold River. It was no wonder Emperor Yanfeng made little of the saying that River Tomb City intercepted the dragon vein by building it on top of the dragon's head. The capital city was originally sovereign of nine dragons, so why did he have to be concerned with the River Tomb City of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, which suppressed just one dragon?

With nine dragons surrounding and protecting the capital city, there were still four barracks ten miles away from the capital city. Each barrack was as huge as a city and seven miles away from the barracks were eight towns. Even though they were towns, they could be compared to cities.

These eight towns were built beside a huge river which was the second big river in Eternal Peace Empire called Mud River. The water and land transportation there was extremely convenient and fast. The first big river was Surging River which came from Great Ruins.

Even though it was the second big river, Mud River was called the dragon's vein of Eternal Peace, the orthodox dragon's vein. Whereas Gold River was just rumored to be a dragon's vein and many people in all levels of society didn't approve of that.

Qin Mu gazed into the distance. The capital city where nine dragons converged had an extraordinary atmosphere which was as expected from the place where the Son of Heaven ruled the world from.

"There still troops hidden in the mountains!" Qin Mu gazed at the Nine Dragons Mountain Ranges and could faintly see the qi of troops which made him cried out in astonishment.

The few soldiers on the back of the bird were also astonished as they looked towards him. One of them asked, "Little brother know people in the army? You even know that there are troops hidden in the mountains."

Qin Mu didn't reply. The reason he could see a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses hidden among the Nine Dragons Mountain Ranges was because of his Heaven's Eyes. The Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill which was imparted to him by Blind had the art to gaze at qi.

What was called 'gazing at qi' was to observe the fate.

Stationing troops at such a large scale in a place like the capital city to use the qi of the troops to suppress the fate of the empire, it naturally couldn't escape his eyes.

The bow and arrow calvary sent them to the capital city's gate before taking their leave. Qin Mu and Wei Yong had their travel permits checked at the city gate and entered the capital city. As the city below the foot of the Son of Heaven, it would naturally be extremely flourishing. Even though Qin Mu had been to River Tomb City and the flourishing River Tomb City had broadened his horizons, the capital city was an entirely different scenery.

It was bustling here but there weren't merchants haggling over every cent. There was wealth accumulation, but more, much more than this, there was cultural heritage.

The houses and buildings were atmospheric and the sculpting techniques of the stone lions along the roadside were also very exquisite. The rhyming couplets on the doors of big families were also distinctive. All the families here placed Door Gods on their external doors and this also gave him a wonderful feeling, as if the Door Gods could really come alive to defend against demons and monsters.

One tiny clue reveals the general trend. Checking a leaf and one would know if it's spring or autumn. Observing a drop of water and one would know how blue the sea was. As Qin Mu observed his surroundings, he became fully aware of how formidable the empire was.

Village Chief and the others once told him that Eternal Peace Empire was a sect that was disguised as a country. Only now did he know how powerful this sect was!

"Does Brother Qin have a place to stay?"

Wei Yong invited him, "If not, there's no harm coming to the duke's manor to stay for a few days. We can wait until the Imperial College opens its doors and go over to take the examinations."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and shook his head, "I have old friends from my hometown in the city and I'm going to live with them. Brother Wei Yong, let's part our ways here."

Wei Yong could only drop the subject and said, "When you've settled down, you can order someone to notify me at the duke's manor."

Qin Mu smiled, "Definitely. That's right, Brother Wei Yong, where is the cathouse at?"

Wei Yong had a weird expression, "I didn't know before that Brother Qin is still a disso… sophisticated person that likes this kind of taste. The biggest cathouse in the capital city is at Flower Alley. Walk all the way to the end of Flowery Phoenix Street and take a right turn, after that you will see Flower Alley after another three streets. The best cathouse in Flower Alley is called Rain Listening Pavilion. Ehem, do not ask me how I know, I've never been there… Take care of your body!"

Qin Mu was bewildered. What kind of taste is going to the cathouse? And what has it to do with the body?

The two of them parted their ways.

Qin Mu brought Hu Ling'er forward and walked towards in Flowery Phoenix Street.

"This is not a cathouse…"

In Flower Alley, Qin Mu looked at the buildings on both sides and was bewildered. The buildings were the crimson red color with lanterns hanging at the doors but there were no signs of cats.

"Little brother come up and play!" Some little sisters waved to him from the top of the building.

"Young Master Mu, do you know them?"

Hu Ling'er was bewildered, "They're shouting so enthusiastically!"

"It was the same when I went to Border Dragon City. There were some sisters who were very cordial and I wasn't used to it."

Qin Mu walked forward and looked at the signboards on his way. The Flower Alley was very deep and had a lot of twists and turns. Once they were deep inside, it wasn't as bustling as before. The maidens here were more reserved as they hugged their pipas and leaned against the windows. With their faces half concealed by pipas, they gently played pipas in a clear and serene tone.

As they continued to walk in, the soft music came from inside. Qin Mu opened the door to take a look and saw light muslins fluttering about. A few maidens were running to and fro among the light muslins while some maidens were tuning their instruments.

Walking further in, there were some girls upstairs practicing their songs and dances. Peals of laughter like loud and clear bells sounded out from time to time, charming and lovely. Reaching the alley here, there were not as many passersby as before. There would be one or two men coming out from the courtyard from time to time. They seemed like the master as they had graceful and warm women tidying their clothes and sending them off reluctantly.

However, the men who walked out from inside would always cover their faces when they saw Qin Mu, as if they were afraid of being recognized.

Qin Mu was bewildered. It's nothing shameful to walk out of their own house so why are they covering their faces?

"The people in the city are really strange."

He walked deeply into Flower Alley and saw a building which wrote Rain Listening Pavilion. The door of this building was tightly locked, however, the courtyard looked deep and was very silent.

Qin Mu came forward and knocked on the door. A moment later he heard pattering footsteps sounding out with a girl's gentle voice, "I'm coming, I'm coming."

The sound of door bolt opening came from inside and a slit was opened at the door. A girl poked her head out behind the door and asked curiously when she saw Qin Mu, "Guest, who are you looking for?"

Qin Mu asked politely, "Is Fu Qingyun around?"

That girl pulled the door half open and smiled, "May I ask for young master's name? It's easier for me to inform as well."

"You can tell her that my surname is Qin."

The girl closed the door and her footsteps gradually went far away. She must have gone to inform. After some time, the door opened once again and a familiar face was revealed. It was the Cathouse Hall Master Fu Qingyun and when she saw Qin Mu, she couldn't help being surprised and delighted, "Young master is finally here! Quick, quick, come inside! Sisters, what are you waiting for? Serve the tea, young master is here!"

"Young master is here?"

The girls' voices came from inside and they sounded very melodious. Their tinkling voices sounded like small birds chirping on a tree that had just sprouted in spring. Blue, green, red and purple dresses fluttered in front of Qin Mu's eyes as the maidens from Rain Listening Pavilion came out and welcomed him, dazzling his eyes.

The maidens of Rain Listening Pavilion all had their distinguishing features. Some of them were as warm as soft jade, some were as cold as ice frost, some were delicate and charming and some were passionate like fire. It could be said that they were like a mix of flowers that gradually charmed the eyes of the person looking at them.

Fu Qingyun immediately said, "Move away, all move away! Young master has just arrived after a long and tiring journey so don't pester young master! Why are you not preparing the tea?"

These girls dispersed like a bunch of butterflies. Some went to scoop up spring water, some went to wash the teacups and some went to boil the water. That relieved Qin Mu so much, and he appeared relaxed. Fu Qingyun led him into the main room and said, 'These girls lack discipline. Young master, don't blame them! It's dangerous outside. The war brought confusion and disorder, and perhaps things unforeseen have happened to young master on your way over here?'

Qin Mu smiled and said, "I indeed met some troubles but I was lucky to get through daunting experiences without mishap. You can inform the higher-ups in the cult to inform Patriarch."

Fu Qingyun smiled, "Patriarch has been waiting quite some time for young master. Actually, Patriarch had already told us that if we met young master, we should tell young master to meet him."

Some of the girls came up with tea and sneaked a few glances at Qin Mu while giggling.

Qin Mu gave a smile in return and asked bewilderedly, "Sister Yun'er, where do I go find him?"

That girl heard Qin Mu referred to Fu Qingyun as Sister Yun'er and giggled again.

Fu Qingyun gave her a stare and ousted her out before smiling, "Of course Imperial College. Young master drink tea."

"Imperial College?"

Qin Mu was astonished and forgot to drink the tea in the teacup he had raised. Wasn't Imperial College the place the scholars go to for learning? Why did he have to go to Imperial College to meet the young patriarch?

"Young master have no idea?"

Fu Qingyun smiled, "Patriarch is the empire's Grand Chancellor of Imperial College, a lower third-ranking official that in charge of Imperial College, so naturally he would stay at Imperial College. Even though the imperial scholars of Imperial College has the honorific of being students of the Son of Heaven, but they are actually students of Patriarch."

Qin Mu's heart was strongly shaken. All the imperial scholars in Imperial College were students of the young patriarch?

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng actually dared to hand this official position to the patriarch of Heavenly Devil Cult? Weren't they worried that he got too powerful?

Fu Qingyun seemed to be able to see his thoughts and said, "The human world is like a game to Patriarch. No one knows his true identity. Actually, he's an old man virtue and prestige, an otherworldly expert whose reputation had stirred the world long before the time of the first emperor and had always been mysterious. Even Imperial Preceptor had also consulted him for advice and the path. It was also through Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's vouch that he could become the empire's Grand Chancellor of Imperial College."

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