Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1100 - Entering the Path With the Knife

Butcher was once a divine arts practitioner of the army, someone who had crawled out of a mountain of corpses. He became a generational knife expert after as he used his knife to nurture his heroism to become a generational scholar.

He was the most dazzling person of that era.

By deploying his knife skill, he forced Qin Mu to take his knife out too!

Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities!

Their knives were like lightning in the night, so fast that one couldn't see them clearly. Their figures and steps moved like illusions, while their knife hums aligned with their ears.


Their knives were so fast that the air grew hot due to friction. Divine fire was ablaze in the knife light. When their knives collided, two flaming tornadoes were created, in which countless knife lights crisscrossed!

They stepped on the void as they rose. Their flaming tornadoes twisted together, causing flames to grow to a thousand feet tall. Their long knives moved in all directions and were elusive.

"Slow! Slow! Slow! You're still too slow!"

Butcher's voice came from the sky. It was vague and elusive as he furiously scolded Qin Mu. "Faster! Faster! You have to forget about your divine arts, your title, and your other divine weapons. All you have is a knife, and that's all that you believe in!"

"Even the best painter can't draw the spirit of people! With your spirit, make it your knife and your path! Your knife is the flame in your heart!

"Something unequal? Cleave it with a knife!

"An obstacle? Cleave it with a knife!

"A god or devil blocking you? Cleave it with a knife!

"An unfair heaven? Cleave it with a knife!

"Lawlessness in this land? Cleave it with a knife!

"A tactics grandmaster would never let his knife leave his hand and would never use divine arts!"

At the gate of the shipyard, Blind and Mute became concerned. Blind whispered, "This pig butcher seems to be going crazy, right?"

Mute nodded. "He hasn't been like this for a couple of years. When he's crazy, he even chops himself… If he does, can you stop him?"

Blind said anxiously, "It would be hard. He's always been slightly stronger than me. Although I comprehended better things, he also seems to have comprehended impressive things. It would be hard for me to block his attack before he cleaved Mu'er."

The dragon qilin whispered on the side, "Old masters, Cult Master is strong. He killed the five elements ancient gods in the past."

Mute and Blind were shocked. They sat there and squinted their eyes before laughing. "Then we aren't afraid. Hehe. Mu'er is fighting the pig butcher with his cultivation. I'm quite excited to see what he'll do to the pig butcher when he enters the path with the knife."

"Hehe." They had naughty smiles on their faces.

Yan'er blinked and whispered, "Are Master's elders all like this?"

The dragon qilin hesitated before whispering back, "Almost all of them. Almost none are decent, except maybe Granny Si, but she has a lot of evil aura around her…"

While they were talking, the knife skills Qin Mu and Butcher were deploying in the skies was ever-changing. The power in their knives grew stronger. It was Sun on East Sea Thousand Layers Wave first, then it became Raising the Knife From Forbidden. Soon, Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining, Long Knife Hangs Below the Moonlight, and Among the Stars the Heavenly Horses were used. Finally, Knife Opening the Bright Moon Ring was used. With the deployment of one heavenly knife after another, their knife skills grew more and more powerful!

When one looked up, they could see black lines suddenly appearing in the sky. It was the space cleaved out from the speed of the divine knives!

In the sky, countless stars shone, and celestial heavens' gods peeked out from the star picture above Eternal Peace. They were maintaining the orbits of the star picture formation of the Primordial Realm and were spooked by the battle.

Those gods were worried that they would attack the star picture due to their bloodlust and kill them too.

Even more terrifying was how one of the two in the duel was clearly a lunatic. He unleashed all of his big and powerful knife skills as if he was suicidal.

"It appears that the previous star picture was cleaved open by him," they discussed.

Butcher shouted and howled as he unleashed his blade crazily. His voice was as loud as thunder, and it caused ringing noises in the ears of the gods above.

"You have boundless spirit and power, yet they aren't unleashed along with your knife!"

He became crazier as he hacked at Qin Mu until he couldn't dodge to his side. He had to back off with blood all over him.

It was as if he was trying to cleave Qin Mu to death with his knife instead of helping him comprehend his knife path. Qin Mu was suppressed until his spirit kept on compressing and retreating. It was like a sprout suppressed in a shell, unable to peek out!

Butcher was thirsty, and as such, his knife skills became more and more terrifying. He hollered, "Unleash! Unleash! Unleash!"

"Your path, everything you want to protect, and the beliefs you persist in, unleash all of them!

"Don't hold back! Don't be worried! Don't have any burdens! Unleash!

"Unleash all of them on me!"

Qin Mu's muscles bulged as his hairs split open. He suddenly roared, "Eyaaaaa—"

His vital qi burst forth, his blood and essence surged, and his spirit became torrents. His spirit, vital qi, essence, and blood flooded into his knife. The arduous journey of humans in the past, the hardships they suffered, and the passionate hot blood of warriors found in sorrowful songs were all unleashed in this knife!

Knife light lit up the sky and cracked open the star picture in it. The long knife pressured and broke everything as it cleaved towards Butcher with boundless power!

At that moment, in the shipyards on the banks of the Mud River, divine knives being manufactured suddenly trembled. Countless divine knives stood up and gave off divine light that rushed into the sky in spectacular fashion!

Butcher laughed and faced it with his knife, shouting, "Heaven Knife Realm!"


His knife realm expanded. The first, second, and third heavens of the knife path were released. Instantly, they became the 14 heavens of the knife path that formed a Heaven Path Realm.

It was different from the Knife Path Sky Realm that Luo Wushuang was great at calculating. His Heaven Knife Realm was grand and lacking in those precise calculations. All he had was his long knife!

Qin Mu cleaved it and the Heaven Knife Realm. He followed suit by cutting into the first, second, and third heavens…

The long knife broke the waves and knife path heavens one after another until they were all cleaved. The knife was so fast that it cut open the fourteenth heaven with one knife and broke through the Heaven Knife Realm!

Butcher pulled out his knife and struck out in front of him.


His knife met Qin Mu's, and their divine knives collided. Both halted to a stop.

The energy contained in Qin Mu's knife was instantly dissipated by Butcher's knife. At the same time, the countless divine knives in the shipyards below fell back down. They gathered back their divine lights and became lifeless again.

In the sky, Qin Mu withdrew, held his knife in reverse, and bowed towards Butcher.

Butcher adjusted his long knife in the same way before returning the favor, saying, "You entered the path. You didn't waste my efforts. You shall stay here to think about the name of the first heaven of your knife path while I drink below!"

Qin Mu nodded.

Butcher fell from the sky. As he landed, his steps were clearly haggard.

Blind rejoiced in his misfortune as he asked, "How's your injury?"

Butcher stared at him and the dragon qilin. He looked angry as he asked, "Where's the dragon saliva? Take it out to heal me!"

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