Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1101 - Knocking on the Southern Heavenly Gate

The dragon qilin retrieved the Bottle of Flask World and used the primordial liquid to heal Butcher's injuries. Mute and Blind laughed, and Mute gestured. "Your Emperor's Throne technique is complete, so why did you force him to enter the path with the knife instead of imparting the technique to him?"

Butcher retrieved the medicinal pills that Apothecary made for him to stabilize his chaotic vital qi and nourish his divine treasures and celestial palace. He then shook his head and said, "You lot know nothing. I created the technique, so it's suited to me, but it might not be suited to him. The best teachers never impart their own techniques. Instead, they get others to comprehend their own paths."

He looked up into the sky while thinking about the name of the first heaven of Qin Mu's knife path as he said, "My older disciple, Ba Shan, couldn't make it. He lacked meaning in the path, so he could only go to the wayside. He could become a grandmaster by combining combat techniques, though, so I imparted my technique to him. However, Mu'er is different. He can go further, so he must comprehend for himself."

He stretched himself as his eyes jumped, then begrudgingly said, "This fellow's power is too strong! His spirit energy settled for way too long. His journey also gave him a lot of benefits, so when he used his knife path, I almost thought I couldn't take it."

Blind's gaze flashed as he said, "His sword path started from the tenth heaven of Village Chief's sword path, which he used as a foundation for his own sword path. His knife path is based on your Nine Skills of Heaven Knife, so when he started, he had the nine heavens of knife path. This little fellow has such attainments at 40 years old…"

Yan'er said, "Master said he just reached ten years old."

"Shameless! How shameless! Shameless beyond belief!"

Butcher, Mute, and Blind scolded until they were satisfied. They felt relieved after that.

"Cultivation actually depends on Dao Heart and one's horizons."

Butcher said with gratitude, "If an old farmer farmed for his entire life and thought only about that, it would be hard for him to get out of it. He would be a farmer forever. If his focus wasn't just on his land, he could discover a more vast world outside. He wouldn't be limited to that land, and he could walk out of that land for greater attainments!"

Blind nodded and added, "It's important to broaden one's horizons and grind one's Dao heart. One's limitations lie in one's profession. One's highest attainment would be becoming a professional in their profession. To become a grandmaster, one has to widen their horizons and have further ambitions to elevate themselves."

Mute nodded and added, "One can only improve if they aren't limited by things around them. Mu'er's is determined to use his knife path beyond just killing pigs. So, the first heaven of his knife path is like the ninth heaven of Butcher's knife path."

Butcher was displeased, but that was what he meant too.

Qin Mu ground his Dao heart first and expanded his horizons further, so he could open his own path on his knife path foundations.

Such a form of passing things down made him delighted.

Yan'er shockingly asked the dragon qilin, "Do all of Master's elders have such a high opinion and expectations of him?"

The dragon qilin nodded and said, "That's why Cult Master often returns to learn from them."

Yan'er spat out her tongue.

Butcher glanced at Blind and Mute before saying, "I imparted my path. What about you two?"

Blind hesitated before saying, "It's easy to talk about the formation celestial palace, but it will be hard for him to comprehend the path and his own celestial palace."

Mute gestured. "The forging celestial palace isn't hard. What's hard is how to get him to comprehend his own path."

Both of them grew worried.

Yan'er hesitantly asked, "Fatty Dragon, was it easy for them to comprehend their own Emperor's Throne techniques? I saw how difficult it was for those in history."

"It was hard for the latter because they started with nothing and were often alone in their efforts due to lack of exchange in Emperor's Throne techniques."

The dragon qilin explained, "However, Eternal Peace is different, for multiple Emperor's Throne techniques of Eternal Peace can be learned in any academy. In Eternal Peace, there are dozens of them, and nobody is forbidden from learning them. However, there are more of other types of techniques."

He hesitated before saying, "Now, there are more Emperor's Throne techniques. If you have the power, you can even learn dozens of them. However, opening one is difficult. It's even more difficult to cultivate the Emperor's Throne Realm. One can't only rely on techniques. There are many Emperor's Throne techniques in the celestial heavens, but there are few who reach that realm."

Yan'er spat out her tongue. Eternal Peace had a vague atmosphere to it. It was filled with flourishing vitality and passionate scenes, unlike the intrigues of the celestial heavens.

Of course, the rapid development of Eternal Peace was still related to heavenly masters like Woodcutter and Yan Yunxi, along with what the Founding Emperor Era passed down.

Before the Eternal Peace Calamity, the four great heavenly teachers of the Founding Emperor Era entered Eternal Peace and provided the results of their reform to the various great academies of Eternal Peace. Results from various paths like medicine, painting, forging, formation, sword, knife, construction, design, farming, and animal husbandry were all absorbed by Eternal Peace.

It was the fastest period of development for Eternal Peace.

During the Eternal Peace Calamity, Qin Mu carried Eternal Peace through it, which secured Eternal Peace's foundation and the gains of the reforms. Thus, Eternal Peace's development could continue.

Another interesting phenomenon was how Yan Yunxi took Eternal Peace's reform results to Carefree Village, in the hope that Carefree Village could absorb them and create a path.

What she didn't expect was how not only did Carefree Village not absorb them, but it also remained stagnant until Qin Mu's arrival.

What was most intriguing was how the first to absorb Eternal Peace's reform results and come up with new things was Founding Emperor, the person that Carefree Village's people grumbled the most about.

He opened the twentieth sword form and got the sword path to rise another heaven, allowing him to get closer to the ultimate realm of the sword Path.

"Studying books and the blade for ten years, traveling west to the city of Dragon Han."

Qin Mu's loud cry came from the skies. The masses looked up and saw Qin Mu waving his blade. His knife light crisscrossed like chains, flashing like lightning and rumbling like thunder!

"I hereby knock on the Southern Gate with the intent of retrieving the public secretary with my long knife!"

He leaped and fell from the sky, appearing in front of Butcher and the others with a divine knife before returning it to Butcher. He bowed and said, "Grandpa Butcher, I know what the first heaven of my knife path shall be called. It shall be named Knocking on the Southern Heavenly Gate!"

Butcher laughed and said, "Not bad, it's meaningful. I brought you into the knife. Your future still depends on you."

Qin Mu nodded. In the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, the knife path celestial palace was reassembling itself. It reformed itself to become more complete.

Butcher didn't impart techniques to him. Instead, he guided him into the knife path, so he had to rely on himself for the perfection of his knife path celestial palace.

Butcher's teaching method was barbaric and direct. He wasn't the best teacher, but he was also the best.

Qin Mu closed his eyes as the buildings of the knife path celestial palace were erected. The divine palaces and halls were formed under the knife aura. The Jade Pool and Jade Stage were built rapidly before creating the God Execution Stage and Jade Capital.

Thousands of knife auras stacked together in the central fortress of the Jade Capital to form a Numinous Sky Hall based on the knife path!

The corner of his spirit embryo's eye twitched. The knife path's Numinous Sky Hall was too strong. It had to experience a lot of grinding for it to comprehend the knife path's extreme and enter the hall to become the knife emperor of the Emperor's Throne!

Yet, what terrified him was the God Execution Stage formed by two knife lights!

They were formed by the coalescing of the Great Daos of the knife and were sharp enough to cut through everything. Although his knife path primordial spirit was still under the Southern Heavenly Gate, he couldn't help but shudder upon looking at the two knife lights.

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