Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1102 - Finger Pressing Down on Red Lips

In the future, he was most certainly going to step on the knife path's God Execution Stage and endure it!

Whether he could take it, he didn't know.

Qin Mu calmed himself as his primordial spirit entered the Southern Heavenly Gate to feel the power of the Southern Heavenly Gate's knife path.

His cultivation rose again as his true god realm rose once more. All sorts of comprehensions about the knife path appeared in his head.

After a while, Qin Mu absorbed the comprehensions, opened his eyes, and said, "I brought some treasures back. Grandpa Butcher, see if there's anything useful."

He waved and covered the sky to form an enclosed space to put all sorts of treasures. They were the treasures from the ancestral court that he stole from Clear Sun Hall.

The masses were shocked as they looked at the hovering treasures. Mute was exceptionally excited as he caressed a pearl while trembling. It vibrated and showed the landscape within.

Mute mumbled, "Mu'er, did you clear Celestial Emperor's vault?"

"Yep!" Qin Mu replied cheerfully.

"Well done!"

The three elders gave him a thumbs up and praised, "As expected of Cripple's disciple!"

"I also have some roots of Mother Earth here, the roots of the Primordial Tree, which are exceptional like these treasures."

Qin Mu took out many roots and said, "The Primordial Tree is the treasure tree of the ancestral court. It's easy to forge an Emperor's Throne divine weapons from it. Take whatever you need, grandpas. By the way, did you all meet Prince You Ming?"

"Prince You Ming?"

Butcher thought about it, and Qin Mu drew Prince You Ming before he recognized him. "Oh, so he's Prince You Ming. He's an honest man. He first came to Eternal Peace's capital and told the emperor that he came to back them up on the order of North Deity. North Deity also sent people that looked weird with 300 to 500 Five Thunder Pots too."

Qin Mu smiled. "That's him! He's the son of North Deity, an Emperor's Throne Realm being. Where is he now?"

"The emperor tested him and felt that he was incapable despite his high cultivation realm. What he learned was outdated and old."

Blind took one of the roots of the Primordial Tree. He was satisfied and said, "Thus, the emperor told him to go to every academy to learn and study every technique and record. I don't know which academy he's in now."

Prince You Ming was one of the few strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne in the Dragon Han Era. Yet, when he reached Ling Yuxiu's place, he became an incapable person, which was amusing.

However, it was to be expected.

Although he was very talented, he was suppressed for 600,000 years without contact with the outside world. His divine arts were still divine arts from then.

Although his realm was high and he was the highest realm being in Eternal Peace, he wasn't really useful to Eternal Peace.

If he could absorb the results of Eternal Peace's reform, his cultivation would grow exponentially. Then, he would become a major pillar of Eternal Peace.

Blind took the Primordial Tree root and Divine Spear Long Tuo. The spear immediately entrenched itself in the root to absorb its power. Blind continued, "The gods sent by North Deity are under me. I teach them every day, for they aren't that useful."

He couldn't help but shake his head, saying, "In terms of formations, North Deity Xuan Wu's formations are too outdated. I have to teach them from the start, so I sent them to primary school to learn with those little girls."

Qin Wu blinked and said, "There are many pretty girls in the Black Tortoise god race."

Blind utilized Long Tuo to refine the Primordial Tree root before saying, "They are all serpents of Wu. They aren't that pretty, they just know how to decorate themselves."

Qin Mu was speechless. He asked whether West Deity sent gods too. Mute assembled a divine axe from a box, tried to cut open a divine mountain, and said, "There were ladies with exposing clothing that acted sweetly. We got them to work in the shipyards."

Qin Mu probed, "The ladies of the West Pole are beauties. Have you thought of marrying one of them, Grandpa Mute?"

"Women are bothersome."

Mute was displeased as he shook his head and said, "Those White Tiger ladies are strong and pretty but also bothersome. It's hard for me to simply teach them how to forge. Marrying one? I have neither the time nor the energy for them!"

Qin Mu was stunned as he advised, "Grandpa Mute should work hard to repopulate the Heavenly Works God Race."

Mute coldly laughed and said, "The Heavenly Works God Race are humans too. Whoever holds the path of forging is a Heavenly Worker! You are one too! Give birth to a couple of them, and stop bothering me with these trivial things!"

Yan'er said to the dragon qilin, "Now I know why Master isn't married yet."

The dragon qilin nodded. "Do you think he has hope?"


"I feel the same."

Mute was the number one Heavenly Worker of Eternal Peace, so he had high standards for materials. He didn't directly choose an ancestral court treasure mountain like the cheap Wei Suifeng. He instead took a piece out of every treasure to combine them to forge a divine weapon.

He was an expert in combining materials. He had once seen High Emperor Sword God Bai Qu'er and got some books from the High Emperor Era from her.

Then, the divine mines for divine gold in the Primordial Realm were all held by Mother Earth. The South High Emperor Celestial Heavens held very few of them, so they had great attainments in matching materials.

"One has to understand the attributes of every divine gold, regardless of how good the material is. One even has to understand the different characteristics of divine gold to create good divine weapons."

Mute mixed the divine gold and divine materials, then glanced at Qin Mu and said, "Give your broken carriage to the White Tiger Heavenly Workers for repair and follow me for some time. I'm forging some treasures for the old guys of Disabled Elderly Village, and I can teach you some things. Blind will help me use microscopic forging to create the best divine weapons! Your sword pellet also requires some reforging!"

Qin Mu hesitated before saying, "Before this, I still have to do one thing. I might not have the time…"

Mute asked, "How long do you need?"

Qin Mu replied, "Until the day after tomorrow. I'll finish it by then."

Mute loaded the materials into the box, lifted it, and left. Before he left, he said, "After you're done, find us at the shipyard. Butcher, inform Village Chief, Granny, and the others to be there together. They have to be there for me to forge them ultimate divine weapons!"

Butcher left.

Qin Mu gave the broken Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage to the White Tiger Heavenly Workers of the shipyard. Those lively ladies got excited as they said, "Your carriage is broken again? We fixed it the last time! How great of it to be broken again so quickly!"

Qin Mu left with a dark face, returning to the capital to see Gongsun Yan.

Gongsun Yan lived in the downtown area of the capital. When she saw his return, she was really happy, welcoming him with a water pot.

Qin Mu allowed her to water him before saying, "From now on, don't speak. Don't ask anything even if you encounter anything. Don't say anything, for I am here for everything."

Gongsun Yan was going to speak, but Qin Mu pressed on her mouth with his finger. Gongsun Yan blinked, then stopped trying to speak as she blushed.

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