Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1104 - I'm Indeed Celestial Venerable Mu

Gongsun Yan raised her head and smiled. "Great Wizard, no matter how careful you are, you're still unable to guard against me. This body still inevitably ended up in my hands! Primordial liquid, come to me!"

The ground shook, and a thick root burrowed out of the ground, a large flower sprouting from it. The inside of the flower was full of primordial liquid. It drooped over and poured the liquid onto Eternal Peace's Primordial Tree.

She succeeded in stealing the body and thus poured all of her treasured primordial liquid onto her new body, intending to use the primordial liquid to raise the power of her new body so that she could reach her peak condition as soon as possible!

The roots of Mother Earth and the Primordial Tree of Eternal Peace absorbed the primordial liquid. The roots linked up together and grew, becoming more and more entangled!

The roots of Eternal Peace's Primordial Tree merged with the roots of Mother Earth. The thick roots burst from the ground in all directions, passing through countless divine mountains, rivers, streams, and even penetrating deep into the lava beneath the earth!

Soon, Eternal Peace was covered with the roots of the Primordial Tree!

The roots continued to extend in all directions, spreading across the Primordial Realm, drawing nutrients from the land!

Gongsun Yan's power was getting stronger and stronger. If one were to use realms to measure her, her cultivation would reach the Jade Capital Realm in a few breaths, then Numinous Sky, charging straight towards Emperor's Throne with terrifying speed!

Soon, her abilities reached the Emperor's Throne Realm, and it was still increasing continuously, becoming unimaginably powerful!

"Celestial Venerable Mu, the Invincible Great Wizard, ultimately, you haven't placed yourself in the correct seat!"

Gongsun Yan laughed cheerfully as her voice traveled all over Eternal Peace, reaching the deserted area where Qin Mu summoned the souls. "You're just a tool that keeps us ancient gods immortal. A dog we raised. Instead of doing a good job being a dog, you tend to think of yourself as our partner, even showing me your arrogance! You have to remember…"

Her voice turned extremely icy. "You aren't fit enough!"

Thick clouds of fog surged from the outside towards the bottom of the Primordial Tree. Qin Mu's voice traveled from the fog, saying leisurely, "Mother Earth, do you think I only used the simple method of sealing Gongsun Yan's corporeal body to deal with you?"

Gongsun Yan was slightly stunned.

The fog followed Qin Mu as he walked over. Soon, everywhere was covered by it.

Qin Mu stood in the fog in front of her and plainly said, "Mother Earth, I already warned you not to make a move on Gongsun Yan, yet you didn't take my advice to heart and still went ahead. Working with you ancient gods has caused me a great deal of frustration. It looks like I have to show off my might."

Gongsun Yan laughed coldly. "You're just a dog kept by us, the ancient gods, and your only use is to revive us. Do you really think that you're Celestial Venerable Mu? You're just a lucky little brat who borrowed Celestial Venerable Ling's divine art to transmigrate to the past…"

Qin Mu raised his hand towards her and spread his five fingers, then whispered softly, "Bang."

Although his voice was gentle, it felt like an earthshaking thunderclap when it reached the ears of Mother Earth. With a thunderous boom, her god soul exploded, turning into countless grains of black soul sand and pouring out from Gongsun Yan's ears, mouth, and nose!

Her other two souls were terrified. Her god soul had clearly been revived, she had checked it and was sure it hadn't been tampered with by Qin Mu!

However, at that moment, she was unable to feel her god soul at all!

"I'm Celestial Venerable Mu, who established the path through divine arts."

The fog got heavier as Qin Mu's voice traveled from the fog, saying indifferently, "You have never accepted this, thinking that anyone who returned to the ancient times could become Celestial Venerable Mu. However, from the ancient times until now, there has only been one Celestial Venerable Mu. That's me, and it's only me! I can let you live, and I can also kill you."

Gongsun Yan's pupils contracted. The roots were silently probing in the fog, searching for traces of Qin Mu.

At the same time, the Primordial Tree was also gently stretching its branches into the mist.

"I need to show off my might. However, not just to you, but to every ancient god."

Gongsun Yan's eyes lit up when Qin Mu's voice traveled over, and she sent countless roots and branches in his direction!

At that moment, Mother Earth's heaven soul instantly disintegrated, turning into black soul sand that scattered all over the place!

Mother Earth's mournful scream came from the mouth of Gongsun Yan, sounding extremely shrill. It was filled with panic and the fear of death.

It was her first time experiencing such a frightening thing.

It was clear that her current strength surpassed Qin Mu's by several folds, and it wouldn't take much effort to crush him to death. However, her life and death were in Qin Mu's hands!

She had survived countless calamities from the ancient primordial era to the present. She had survived the fierce battles of the ancient primordial era. At the end of the High Emperor Era, she had survived even after getting chopped by Celestial Venerable Ling and other members of the Heaven Alliance.

Even when Celestial Venerable Hao personally attacked her, she was able to escape and live.

However, right now, she felt as though she was very close to her own death!

She didn't even understand what tricks Qin Mu pulled!

"I considered myself an equal when I joined forces with the ancient gods, but you don't consider me as much of an ally."

Qin Mu's tone was indifferent. He then said sorrowfully, "It's fine to take advantage of me, but you even began to attack the people around me. Mother Earth, I'm unable to tolerate your impudence! Today, I'll use your death to declare to all ancient gods that I'm an ally, not their animal!"

He was about to completely destroy the earth soul of Mother Earth when suddenly, there was a surge of darkness in the fog. At the same time, a bright brilliance appeared across the sky, shining from over the horizon. It even penetrated the star atlas covering the Primordial Realm as it shone towards the capital city of Eternal Peace!

Qin Mu's heart shuddered slightly, and he stopped what he was doing.

Darkness swirled beneath the ground while flames flashed. A magma Earth Count appeared, swirling as it slowly rose.

The light in the sky also converged, turning into an old man with a white beard and brows who descended from the sky. He arrived at Eternal Peace's capital city and entered Qin Mu's residence.

Qin Mu bowed and said, "Dao Brother Earth Count, Dao Brother Heaven Duke."

Magma Earth Count and the clone of Heaven Duke hurriedly returned the courtesy. "Celestial Venerable Mu."

Heaven Duke laughed. "We came here when we realized you were using our power to resurrect Mother Earth and started observing what was happening. We didn't expect Mother Earth to be so muddle-headed, provoking Celestial Venerable Mu. Mother Earth is a majestic lifeform that has existed since the ancient primordial era, safeguarding the Primordial Realm and sheltering the sentient beings, which numbered over ten billion. She doesn't deserve to die."

Magma Earth Count said, "The celestial heavens are so powerful that even Heaven Duke and I can't protect ourselves. If you kill Mother Earth, wouldn't you lose a like-minded Dao friend?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "Like-minded? I wouldn't dare to presume. She has taken advantage of me too many times. Is that how you treat an ally? Didn't both Dao friends hear that she said that I'm a dog raised by the ancient gods!"

Magma Earth Count and Heaven Duke looked at each other. Heaven Duke then laughed. "Mother Earth is an unreasonable fellow. Don't bother yourself with her. She doesn't think before she speaks. Now she knows that she was in the wrong. Dao Friend, I would like to request that you give her a path of survival."

Qin Mu dispelled the fog. His expression softened as he reluctantly said, "Both Dao brothers have taken good care of me. I can be referred to as the Invincible Great Wizard because I borrowed your powers. Therefore, I won't ignore the guidance of my Dao brothers. Mother Earth, I'll spare you today. Now, quickly get out of Gongsun Yan's corporeal body!"

Gongsun Yan revealed a look of resentment and shouted, "My roots have already been fused with this Primordial Tree and can't be separated. Where can I go after leaving this body?"

Qin Mu took out the core of the Primordial Tree and threw it on the ground. He said plainly, "I'll lend you this stick for you to reside in."

Gongsun Yan gritted her teeth in anger. Heaven Duke gave a cough, and Mother Earth's earth soul involuntarily flew from Gongsun Yan's body into the core of the Primordial Tree.

Her voice traveled from the core of the Primordial Tree, speaking hoarsely. "I'm only left with my earth soul, and this core is so weak and tiny. How do I handle the ten Celestial Venerables in the future?"

Qin Mu tossed her a bottle of primordial liquid and laughed coldly. "After resurrecting you, I even lost my original capital! You used a bottle of primordial liquid and the core of the Primordial Tree to beg me to resurrect you. Now I have returned them to you. You have reaped a good deal!"

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