Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1105 - The New Mother Earth

Mother Earth was enraged. She had suffered a huge loss this time. The roots of the Primordial Tree were the foundation of her life. Now, they had become Gongsun Yan's roots with the primordial liquid applied to them.

And that little brat actually said that she had reaped a good deal!

Gongsun Yan woke up and shook her head. She was shocked but delighted when she realized she still had her body. When she saw Heaven Duke and Earth Count, she became timid and was afraid to speak.

Qin Mu stepped forward and took her hand. He then smiled. "Earth Count, Heaven Duke, let me introduce you to the new Mother Earth, Gongsun Yan."

Earth Count and Heaven Duke bowed and said, "Greetings, Dao Friend Gongsun."

Gongsun Yan was at a loss and felt uncomfortable.

Qin Mu laughed. "Sister Yan, won't you return the courtesy?"

Gongsun Yan could only bow.

Heaven Duke laughed. "The Primordial Realm and Xuandu are like one family. Dao Friend Gongsun, you must come to Xuandu often, promoting the relationship between these two realms."

Gongsun Yan didn't know what to say and could only nod.

She didn't understand the weight of Heaven Duke's words, but Mother Earth was incensed.

What Heaven Duke did was recognize Gongsun Yan as the new Mother Earth. She would rule the Primordial Realm in the future and be his equal. Hence, he referred to her as a Dao friend and invited her to make a trip to Xuandu.

This undoubtedly cast Mother Earth aside and covertly deprived her, the rightful ruler of the Primordial Realm, of her authority!

But she also knew that the situation was beyond her power. Gongsun Yan had the roots of the Primordial Tree. Together with so much primordial liquid watered upon her, her future achievements would be limitless.

Gongsun Yan wasn't an ancient god and didn't have their many restraints. With the reform of Eternal Peace, her achievements wouldn't necessarily be inferior to Mother Earth. Hence, she was acknowledged by Heaven Duke.

Moreover, Mother Earth only had the core of the Primordial Tree and a bottle of primordial liquid, far from being able to challenge Gongsun Yan for the right to rule the Primordial Realm.

It could be said that her lifetime achievement was to have Gongsun Yan.

Qin Mu was too hard-hearted. His purpose wasn't only to get rid of Mother Earth, he also wanted to establish a new Mother Earth!

If Heaven Duke and Earth Count hadn't appeared, there was no reason to keep Mother Earth alive since Eternal Peace already had a new Mother Earth.

Heaven Duke smiled. "Celestial Venerable Mu, can you remove the tampering on Mother Earth's earth soul?"

"How difficult is this?"

Qin Mu said earnestly, "Since this is the wish of both Dao brothers, I'll naturally accede to it."

His consciousness fluctuated, and Mother Earth felt countless little worms burrowing within her earth soul as incomparably intricate runes flew out one after another.

Earth Count watched the extremely tiny runes fly towards Qin Mu. They disintegrated as they traveled through the air, turning into vital qi and consciousness that returned to his body. He asked, "What divine art did Celestial Venerable Mu use?"

"Very easy."

Qin Mu modestly said, "I simply used microscopic carving to carve my runes on every grain of black soul sand. The runes were placed on the altar that I used to summon the souls for Mother Earth. When the souls were summoned, those runes imprinted themselves on every grain of black soul sand as they passed through the altar."

Although he made it sound easy, it was obvious that the task was pretty difficult.

The black soul sand was considered the finest particle. Carving and imprinting runes on each grain of black soul sand was virtually an impossible task!

The reform of Eternal Peace had begun to involve microscopic carving and microscopic imprinting. No other race in the thousands of heavens and worlds had ever set foot upon this field!

"In addition to the microscopic carving on the black soul sand, I also worried that I wouldn't be able to disintegrate the souls of Mother Earth instantly. Hence, I used Celestial Venerable Ling's divine art, which is also very simple."

Qin Mu had a sincere gaze as he said, "It's just a simple unchanging divine art. On the altar, before I reconstructed Mother Earth's three souls, I had already performed the unchanging divine art on her three souls when they were in black soul sand form. This provided me another layer of guarantee. Either way, I can kill Mother Earth easily."

Earth Count and Heaven Duke were quiet.

Heaven Duke coughed and reached out to grab the core of the Primordial Tree. He then smiled. "Mother Earth, you're weak now, and it's dangerous for you to remain in the Primordial Realm. Why don't you go to Xuandu to recuperate first? I have a Heavenly Pool in Xuandu, which will allow you to recover your corporeal body. Although your body won't reach its full potential, it will by no means be insignificant."

Mother Earth said, "I have troubled Dao Brother greatly."

Heaven Duke bowed at Qin Mu and left with Mother Earth.

Qin Mu returned the bow and watched as they rose up into the sky.

Magma Earth Count looked at Qin Mu quietly. After some time, he said, "You aren't that simple and pure Qin Mu from back then."

Qin Mu laughed. "Does Earth Count not wish for me to grow up?"

Magma Earth Count shook his head and said, "Naturally, I wish for you to grow up. Except, I remember when Heaven Duke and I were in your eyes. We are unable to return to that time."

Qin Mu sighed ruefully. "It's indeed impossible to return to that."

Magma Earth Count bowed and sank into the ground.

Qin Mu maintained his bow until Earth Count completely disappeared.

The dragon qilin and Yan'er hurried over. Qin Mu wiped off the sweat on the back of his neck and said emotionally, "When sitting at the same table as equals with existences like Heaven Duke and Earth Count, I'm still a little fearful."

Yan'er quietly went behind him and checked. Sure enough, there were many goosebumps on Qin Mu's neck. He was just pretending to be calm earlier.

Gongsun Yan was at a loss and still a little overwhelmed. When she saw that Qin Mu was about to leave, she quickly grabbed his sleeve.

She was about to cry, her voice full of fear as she begged, "Young Master, don't go, I'm scared and confused. Mother Earth is my mother, yet she wanted to take my body. Not just that, Heaven Duke and Earth Count called me a Dao friend and talked about the Primordial Realm and Xuandu. I…"

She bit her lip and was so drenched in tears that she looked like a beautiful pear blossom that had bathed in the rain. "I just want to stay here and plant trees and invite phoenixes over to make nests! If you run out of water, I can water you. I can also fertilize you and help you catch bugs. I have never encountered anything like today…"

Qin Mu patted her on her back, waited for her to finish crying, then smiled. "Yan'er, don't you understand? You're no longer what you used to be. You're now the new Mother Earth of the Primordial Realm! What you haven't figured out is that every ancient god is envious of you!"

Gongsun Yan raised her head, her eyes filled with tears that hadn't dried up, looking at him puzzledly.

Qin Mu smiled. "Be it Heaven Duke, Earth Count, Mother Earth, the four deities, or the other millions of ancient gods, they are bound by their own Great Dao and are unable to break through that barrier. Mother Earth wanted to take you over because she wanted your body to break free of the shackles of the ancient gods. You aren't an ancient god, but you have the power of the ancient gods. You can still cultivate and reach a higher realm. How can they not envy you?"

Gongsun Yan pinched the corner of his clothes tightly and held onto him. "I don't understand, you have to teach me…"

"Let go of me first. I'll ask Granny to come and teach you. Her magnetism divine art and other various divine arts are those that have entered the path. She's the best person to teach you. With her help, you can quickly master your own power."

Qin Mu struggled twice but was unable to break free.

The current Gongsun Yan was definitely an adult half-god, possessing the battle power of a top-tier Emperor's Throne practitioner. Only her cultivation realm was lacking.

Her realm was still very low. At present, she had only cultivated the true god realm, as she wasn't interested in cultivation. The reason she was so powerful was her bloodline, as well as the roots of Mother Earth and her treasured primordial liquid.

When his clothes were being held onto by such a terrifying existence, Qin Mu was unable to escape!

Qin Mu laughed. "After a while, I think the celestial heavens will come to know of your existence and should summon you in the name of the ancient Celestial Emperor, granting you an official post such as Mother Earth of Eternal Peace. I'll let the emperor guide you on the celestial heavens' etiquette… Let go of me first! Don't pull my pants!"

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