Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1107 - What a Good Sword

"So, Mother Earth, are you doing this or not?" Heaven Duke asked.

Mother Earth clenched her teeth and said, "If I do, there will be no place for me in Xuandu, for Ancestral God King will kill me and chase me! You only saved me so you can use me to eliminate the celestial heavens' forces in Xuandu!"

Heaven Duke looked at her and said, "After that, I'll lend you West Deity's growth soil."

With great murderous intent, Mother Earth shouted, "Fine, I'll do it!"

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu separated again. They went back to the shipyard, where Village Chief, Apothecary, Granny Si, Cripple, Old Ma, and Deaf had arrived. Butcher contacted them via various teleportation formations.

Now that Eternal Peace was rich, all sorts of materials were shipped from the heavens to be forged into divine weapons and spirit pills. There were more than enough to support the teleportation doors of various cities.

Disabled Elderly Village gathered together, causing a lot of commotion. Mute had already sorted and prepared the materials to create the divine weapons in accordance to everyone's divine arts.

The divine weapons Eternal Peace forged for the celestial heavens were all standardized. The process in the shipyards was as smooth as flowing water. Every shipyard was in charge of one or two procedures.

As Eternal Peace's strongest Heavenly Workers and formation experts, it was a big deal that Mute and Blind were personally forging the weapons.

Village Chief wanted a sword with a scabbard instead of a sword pellet. Butcher wanted two divine knives. Granny Si wanted a Dao wheel that could carry her own Great Dao divine arts. Old Ma wanted a monk staff. As for Cripple, he wanted a pair of gloves and boots.

Deaf wanted an inkstone. Apothecary wanted a cauldron to forge pills in. Blind wanted to refine his Divine Spear Long Tuo, while Mute wanted a new furnace and hammer.

Qin Mu observed everything from the side. While Village Chief's sword was made, Village Chief unleashed his own Sword Dao divine art, causing sword runes to fly everywhere. Meanwhile, Blind used formations to stabilize the divine arts and turn them into microscopic runes to be hammered by Mute's hammer into the sword!

Qin Mu examined the ancestral court's divine gold. Every particle of it had the smallest Sword Dao runes imprinted on it, which amazed him.

Such a path of forging contained microscopic algebra, microscopic sculpture, microscopic formation, microscopic runes, and microscopic forging. Thus, only the best of Heavenly Workers and formation masters could do it!

Even beings like Village Chief would need to fuse a lot of vital qi, energy, consciousness, spirit, and essence into the divine weapon to forge such a divine weapon.

It was only so that one could unleash the maximum potential of their divine weapon!

During the forging, Village Chief ran out of vital qi, energy, and consciousness multiple times. Thus, he had to rest to continue.

Blind said, "If we stop and continue like this, the blade won't be able to be finished at once, affecting its power."

Qin Mu got the dragon qilin to get the Bottle of Flask World. He distributed some primordial liquid for Village Chief's swift recovery.

Mute saw the liquid and abruptly said, "Mu'er, get more water for refining!"

Qin Mu was shocked. He didn't want to, but he still allowed the dragon qilin to hand more of it to Mute so he could refine the blade.

Village Chief's sword was the most delicate art, and no mistakes were allowed. Its power would even exceed that of Village Chief!

The more Qin Mu observed, the more he learned.

He pioneered microscopic algebra, but microscopic formations, sculpting, imprinting, forging, and runes were pioneered by Eternal Peace.

Then, the leaders of Eternal Peace's reform saw the future in microscopic algebra, so they funded its research fanatically. Today, many accomplishments were made!

It took a dozen days and a lot of primordial liquid for Village Chief's sword, but it was finally done!

When it was done, all of the divine weapons in the shipyards on the banks of the river reverberated at the same time!

When Village Chief grabbed it, the reverberation grew more intense.

He steadied himself to take the sword out when Blind stopped him, saying, "The king of weapons is definitely more powerful than you. It'll definitely try to establish that in the first unsheathing. Pull it out outside, somewhere far away. The shipyards can't withstand its power."

Village Chief walked out of the shipyard, and the masses followed to witness it.

Village Chief's unsheathing was a testament to the success of their efforts and Eternal Peace's reform over the past ten years!

Village Chief was about to do it when Blind frowned and said, "Further."

Village Chief leaped into the air away from the shipyards before saying, "How about here?"

Mute shouted loudly, "Even further."

Village Chief had no choice but to climb. After a bit, he shouted, "How about here?"

Mute checked the reverberations from the shipyards' divine weapons before shouting back, "Even further!"

Village Chief climbed until the naked eye could no longer observe him. His voice sounded out from afar. "What about now?"

"What is it, Long Tuo?" Blind asked his divine spear.

The black dragon divine spear on his waist vibrated and said, "I feel its sword light piercing me even when it's not unsheathed. If it is, it'll establish its power and suppress all sharp things around it. I'll surely be cut!"

Blind shouted, "Even further!"

Village Chief flew to the sky, higher than even the Primordial Tree in Eternal Peace's capital. He could only see the capital and the Primordial Tree when he looked down. The surrounding dragon vein became minuscule too.

He looked up. If he climbed higher, he would be near the star picture. Thus, he hurriedly inquired with his consciousness, "What about now?"

After a while, Qin Mu's consciousness arrived. "Village Chief, Grandpa Blind wants you to go higher."

Village Chief furiously said, "I'll be in outer space if I go any higher. It can't be that strong. There's no way it can cut the shipyards' divine weapons from so far away!"

He pulled his blade, and it was unsheathed.

Qin Mu's consciousness around him instantly melted. All he could see was dazzling sword light before his consciousness was broken.

At the same time, the divine weapons in the shipyards nearby vibrated and reverberated. Their countless runes lit up instantly, for the weapons felt threatened. Their powers were activated as dazzling divine lights flooded out of each divine weapon.

In the next moment, the people outside the shipyards heard breaking sounds come from each shipyard. They immediately headed back.

Before they entered, a recently forged sword pellet fell apart. It had 360 divine swords within, which all broke, ruining everything!

In the shipyards, the light coming from the divine weapons dimmed. Breaking sounds came next, causing the faces of everyone in the shipyards to turn dark.

"Village Chief, this old man, can't sit around. It's as if he's a child!"

Butcher was furious as sounds of reverberations came from his divine knives. He quickly said, "The power of that sword is coming for our divine weapons!"

Blind immediately used his vital qi and divine spear. His spear made a cry of sorrow as sword marks appeared on its dragon head and body.

In the shipyards, more divine weapons broke. The light given off by them was soon extinguished. Broken divine weapons covered the area.

The Heavenly Workers in the factory stood there dumbfounded. Broken divine weapons were weapons like knives, swords, and spears. Other divine weapons like shields and hammers were intact.

After a while, everything settled down. The shipyards were in a mess!

Suddenly, Village Chief's voice came from the outside. "What a good sword! I feel myself becoming younger with it."

Everyone was furious inside the shipyards.

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