Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 111 - Heavenly Devils Dancing On Water

Qin Mu slowly let out a murky breath. This news was simply too astonishing to him, making him unable to digest it in an instant.

Even though the empire's Grand Chancellor was a lower third-ranking official and didn't seem to be very high, the position was simply too important. Imperial College governed all the techniques and divine arts in the world, to select and edit them into scrolls. It could be said that it was the sacred grounds of martial arts and divine arts, a place of supreme learning.

Furthermore, Eternal Peace Empire's officials were all from Imperial College and every person who walked out of here was a student of the young patriarch. There was camaraderie as a master and disciples between the young patriarch and the students.

This official position was not high but its bully pulpit was just powerful!

Adding the hidden identity of the young patriarch into consideration, now that was very terrifying.

Fu Qingyun continued, "Since young master has come here, why don't you rest for a few days and find another day to go to Imperial College. However if young master wanted to enter Imperial College, you will have to pass some tests."

Qin Mu was bewildered, "What kind of test?"

"Imperial College is not a place anyone could just enter. You have to become an imperial scholar before you can enter."

Fu Qingyun smiled, "Patriarch's wish naturally is that young master has to become an imperial scholar first. The examinations for imperial scholars will soon begin. Young master will sit for the examinations with the other scholars from around the world. Once you complete the examinations, you will be able to enter."

"Much thanks, Sister Yun'er."

Qin Mu gave a sigh of relief and smiled, "I haven't found a place to stay yet so I'll stay here at Sister Yun'er's place for a few days."

Fu Qingyun whispered, "It's not that young master can't stay here, you'll have to guard against the few little hussies here. They have lots of intention and can't wait to climb over my head to become the cult mistress."

Qin Mu face turned bright red and mumbled, "There's actually this sort of thing?"

Fu Qingyun chuckled, "Young master, you won't be able to handle their instigation like this. Follow me, I will arrange the room for you."

The room Fu Qingyun arranged was very elegant. It was just that this room had been decorated like a female's accommodation, even the blanket was fragrant. Fu Qingyun immediately said, "This is where I rest. If young master is not satisfied, we can change another room."

"There's no need for that."

Qin Mu placed his backpack on the table. However, Fu Qingyun was still in the room and didn't leave. Biting her bright red lips, she asked gently, "Does young master still have any other instructions?"

"I've got nothing more, much thanks Sister Yun'er."

Just as Qin Mu finished his words, his backpack moved and a little white fox carrying a little backpack popped out. Fu Qingyun took a glance and immediately turned around to walk out, muttering to herself, "No wonder, he had brought his own little vixen…"

Hu Ling'er's body reeked of alcohol and Qin Mu frowned, "Ling'er, you have been secretly drinking in the backpack!"


The white fox was drunk and suddenly gave a hiccup. She immediately shut her mouth but she gave another hiccup. She stood up with her two back legs and swayed, almost falling off from the table.

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He took out an empty wine jar from the backpack and said, "You still say no? I've studied Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures these past few days and I have found a technique that's suitable for you. It's called Spirit Creation Technique. After completely comprehending this technique for a few days, I've decided to teach it to you and you ended up drunk again."

The fox on the table finally fell head first. Qin Mu carried her up and threw her onto the bed. Hu Ling'er hugged the pillow and fell asleep. Qin Mu was also very worn out from avoiding the chase of Dragon Rider Sect, thus he too fell into a deep sleep after lying down.

When night fell, he was awoken by hunger and he instantly woke up. However, he saw Hu Ling'er still asleep thus he didn't wake her up.

Qin Mu took out the toothpaste and wooden toothbrush from his backpack and washed up. Walking out of the room, there was a girl waiting outside and when she saw Qin Mu, her eyes lit up and smiled, "Young master has woken up. Sister knew young master must be hungry therefore she had prepared the dishes already and asked me to stay here to invite young master for dinner."

Qin Mu said his thanks and followed her to an elegant room in Rain Listening Pavilion. With bamboos beside the window, there was a pavilion, rock garden and pool past the bamboos, looking very serene.

Qin Mu sat down and the few girls walked in in a line and placed down the dishes. Soon there was a table filled with dishes. Outside the window, a maiden dressed in white carried her guqin and sat in the pavilion, playing it gently. A moment later, another few girls came over and there were some that carried pipa, some that carried long flute and some that carried guzheng as they sat there to perform.

Qin Mu was enthralled as he ate the food while watching and listening to the performance. He felt carefree and relax.

His gaze landed on the ten fingers of the girl who was playing the guqin and subconsciously put down his bowl and chopsticks. His fingers also started strumming by themselves. A while later, his gaze landed on the body of the pipa girl as he observed the skill of her fingers. He then looked at the finger skill of the flute girl as he reveled in it.

"Thunder Fingers Of The Pipa Player not only has to pluck but also has to flick, bow, hook, pick, struck, strum…"

Qin Mu's eyes became brighter and brighter. The finger skills of the girls who were playing in the pavilion made him more and more excited. Comparing them with Thunderclap Eight Strikes that he had cultivated, he only felt that his comprehension of the move, Thunder Fingers Of The Pipa Player, was becoming deeper and deeper. He had a feeling of understanding and was itching to jump in to play to his content!

Looking at the girls playing the instruments, he also had a desire to play as well. This desire burned more and more furiously. However, he didn't know much about temperament and didn't dare to offend these beautiful women without careful consideration.

However, that desire became more and more restless.

He was so enthralled that he had even forgotten to eat. His ten fingers were sometimes playing the guqin, sometimes fiddling the pipa, sometimes pressing onto the flute and sometimes strumming the guzheng.

The girls in the pavilion seemed to have noticed the youth behind the window. A girl said softly, "Sister Yue'er, young master is looking at you! I think he has taken a fancy to you!"

That girl lowered her head in embarrassment and didn't dare to lift it up.

Right at this moment, Qin Mu was finally so pleased and lost his sense of measure. Standing up and taking a big stride, he crashed through the window and came to the pavilion in a few steps. Without any explanation, he stretched out his hand and snatched the pipa from that Sister Yue'er's hand.

The girls in the pavilion actually thought that the young cult master was going to get rough and snatch the maiden. Never would they expect the young cult master did not snatch Sister Yue'er and instead, snatched her pipa away.

Qin Mu seemed to have entered a wonderful state. With the pipa in his arms, he gently strummed it. What came out wasn't a clear and melodious tune. It instead gave off crackling sounds of thunder splitting the sky, shocking all the girls!

Qin Mu lost himself in the pleasure and his ten fingers went up and down on the pipa. The claps of thunder became melodious music in his ears which messed up all the flute's sound, guqin's sound and guzheng's sound.

These girls had worked hard on the tune and right after they were messed up by the thunderclaps Qin Mu had strummed out, they quickly made some adjustments and played solemnly, trying to suppress the noise Qin Mu had made.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

The thunderclaps played by Qin Mu suddenly changed and became sonorous and powerful. It was like the clang of metal and stone with a majestic killing aura. It once again suppressed the tune of the girls with the weird noises from the pipa, causing everyone to look at each other in dismay.

The competitive spirits of these girls were instead ignited. The guqin girl gave a smack with her palm and her guqin was raised vertically on the floor. The guqin girl played the guqin like a harp. Her ten fingers went back and forth rapidly, causing the tempo of the music to become so fast that human's ears couldn't differentiate the flavors of the notes.

The flute girl also stood up and her footstep moved subconsciously. With every step, her loftiness grew and her flute sound became brighter. That temperament swept up flowers in a whirlwind upwards, wholeheartedly trying to suppress the weird noises Qin Mu had played.

At the side, a girl hugged a daruan and had streamers fluttering behind her which touched the floor from time to time, propping this girl in the sky, suppressing the weird noises Qin Mu made from the sky.

Another girl then ran out of the pavilion. A moment later, this girl pushed out a big yangqin and started to strike the yangqin. The temperament that the yangqin gave off was clear, fierce and actually had the momentum to turn into divine arts. The temperament pushed the girls in front of the yangqin to go along with it to suppress Qin Mu as well as the noise created by Qin Mu.

Another girl then ran out of the pavilion and a boom sounded out. That girl actually tore down the house and pushed out a bianzhong that had fifty-six bells of different sizes. That girl wielded a mallet and struck the bells, causing the bells to resonate loudly. The fifty-six bells all had their own tones which boomed towards Qin Mu.

Qin Mu was beside himself with joy and laughed loudly as he hugged the pipa. The tune that a pipa could play was very limited but in his hand, he had an atmosphere of a powerful army. It felt as if one had entered the slaughter grounds of devils and gods that was densely covered with dark clouds and lightning, with the mighty devils and gods in a full-on slaughter!

In his mind, no matter if it was the Thunderclap Eight Strikes that Old Ma had imparted to him, Village Chief's sword skill, Cripple's leg skills, Butcher's knife skills or Mute's hammer skills, they were all incorporated into his play.

The writings in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures that were related to temperament also surged into his mind at this instant, causing the sound of his pipa to hasten and his killing aura to grow heavier. Meanwhile, the god voice, devil voice, and buddha voice could be faintly heard together with the pipa sound.

Suddenly this pavilion couldn't handle the temperament of everyone and shattered into pieces. The girls and Qin Mu was about to fall in the pool when their vital qi burst forth at once and allow them to stand on the water.

As the girls traveled on the water, they revolved around Qin Mu continuously and the temperament became even more hurried and tight. Qin Mu's vital qi burst forth and his pipa was raised vertically in the air. With his ten fingers dancing rapidly, the sound of the pipa hastened and blocked the tune coming from all directions.

Suddenly the pipa strings snapped off one by one and Qin Mu threw away the pipa. The girls became delighted, however, they saw the pool water suddenly floating upwards and become strings of water which surrounded Qin Mu. Qin Mu was no longer restricted by the size of the pipa and the water strings around him were strings he could strum. As he plucked the water strings, thunderclaps boomed out which caused the girls to sway from the tremors.

"What's the ruckus about?"

Fu Qingyun walked over and saw all the girls retreating step by step in defeat. Suddenly a girl laughed out loud and threw away her bamboo flute. She then started dancing along with Qin Mu's temperament as she abandoned all restraint in her messy clothes.

Fu Qingyun gave an astonished expression and went back to the house to take out her pipa at once, "Young master is comprehending a divine art, fall back sisters, let me lend him a helping hand!"

Just as she was saying that, all the girls were defeated and got controlled by Qin Mu's temperament. They sang and danced beautifully on the water, giving off smiles that were devilish.

Fu Qingyun shook her head repeatedly. The sound of her pipa rang out and suppressed the tune that Qin Mu had played using the flowing water. All the girls only regained their consciousness now and immediately bowed towards Fu Qingyun before retreating from the pool.

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