Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1110 - Creation Divine Weapon

The Flask World was extremely complete. It was the treasure of the masters of creation's Hidden Mountain Tribe, and it was considered a high-tier heaven.

Not only that, but the Bottle of Flask World was made by masters of creation, so if one encountered combat, one could use it to kill, though that required powerful consciousness attainments.

Today, Qin Mu passed on the masters of creation's consciousness cultivation techniques to Eternal Peace. The gods and divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace combined techniques like the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge and today's cultivation system to develop many new consciousness techniques.

All Dutian Devil King had to do was learn the techniques from Eternal Peace and get his people to worship the Bottle of Flask World to refine it. After that, it would become a great divine weapon that protected them!

Dutian Devil King grew excited and immediately entered the Flask World to tell his people about it.

After many years, the destruction of Dutian World, the death of countless people, the loss of their homes, their ignored cries for help, and other obstacles, they finally settled down!

He was filled with boiling passion, yet he also knew that his merit in attacking the Heavenly Feather World wasn't enough for him to obtain a heaven like the Flask World.

The Flask World was even larger than the Heavenly Feather World. Qin Mu gave him the Bottle of Flask World out of friendship.

Qin Mu inquired about what happened from Yu Zhaoqing, who told him what happened when Dutian Devil King led his people to attack the Heavenly Feather World. The Heavenly Feather World was occupied by devils then, and they just so happened to counter the Heavenly Feather Race's techniques.

Not only that, but the demon king of their race controlled the Heavenly Feather Race's divine art, so even Yu Zhaoqing could be manipulated.

Instead of attacking immediately, Dutian Devil King used his identity in the devil race to sneak into the Heavenly Feather World and learn the devils' techniques. After two years of studying them, he comprehended a way to counter them and then imparted it to people like Yu Zhaoqing.

Yu Zhaoqing spread it among her race and attacked after another two years of preparation.

After that, they managed to land a devastating and swift blow against the devils there that exterminated them within a year after meticulous preparation!

Qin Mu listened in and praised, saying, "One will always win if they understand themself and their enemies. Dutian Devil King has the virtue of a true master."

Yu Zhaoqing smiled and said, "In the beginning, Dutian's relationship with the three dragon Dao brothers was bad. He was hung and beaten. After that, they got better, and they even saved each other's lives."

Qin Mu laughed heartily as he called the nine heavenly dragons and said, "Are you all staying here or following me to the celestial heavens? If it's the latter, I'll wash away the memories of the previous years and implant new ones. If it's the former, then you all have to change your identities and live and die by Eternal Peace."

The nine heavenly dragons morphed into humans and discussed. They came to a conclusion and said, "We followed you and know many secrets, Celestial Venerable. If we return, we'll probably be in danger even if you wipe away our memory. Thus, we choose to stay here, for we might accomplish something here."

Qin Mu took out the Life and Death Book and said, "As such, I'll help you nine once. I'll remove your names from the Life and Death Book so that the celestial heavens can't track you down."

He shone on the nine of them with the book and used Youdu divine arts to remove their names from heaven and earth.

They suddenly felt relaxed before bowing and thanking him.

'Since I'm returning to the celestial heavens, it's time to return the Glassy Sky Pagoda to Prince You Ming.'

Qin Mu thought about that, and his consciousness entered the Qin word land to retrieve the Glassy Sky Pagoda when a strange voice was heard that made his heart flutter.

At that moment, he saw the ancient god egg of the Glassy Sky Pagoda making a strange Dao voice. Not far away, the weird runes on Tai Shi's egg's surface became ever-changing. It also gave off a curious Dao voice. It was as if they were interacting!

Sweat covered Qin Mu. He dared not make any noise as he took a treasure from the Qin word land before leaving.

When he did that, the two large ancient god eggs became silent, and tranquility was restored.

After that, however, curious Dao voices were emitted from the two eggs again!

Qin Mu had goosebumps on his body, and his heart was pounding. He thought, 'The egg of Tai Shi and the other ancient god egg developed intelligence! The lifeforms inside are communicating! What are they discussing?'

He had a chilling feel about it.

'I can't return the Glassy Sky Pagoda to Prince You Ming yet!'

Qin Mu calmed himself down. It was natural that he thought badly of two ancient gods communicating in their eggs before they were born.

There was only one ancient god born from an egg thus far. That was the ancient Celestial Emperor. If both of them were born, wouldn't there be two more ancient Celestial Emperors?

An ancient Celestial Emperor was already horrifying. He was dead but not suppressed and had done a lot of evil during his time.

If those two ancient gods worked together, the danger would be far larger and wider!

'I can't alert them now.'

Qin Mu's gaze flashed. He called the dragon qilin and Yan'er and said, "The dragons are staying, so you two have to pull the carriage."

The dragon qilin put the lasso on himself. Yan'er ran to him and put on the lasso as well. They said, "Master, when are we heading off?"

Qin Mu had just boarded the carriage when the celestial heavens' ambassador came. He read out Celestial Emperor's decree, which summoned Gongsun Yan to the celestial heavens.

Gongsun Yan cultivated with Granny Si those days to strengthen her cultivation. She followed Ling Yuxiu to learn the celestial heavens' customs too. Now that she was about to go to the celestial heavens to see Celestial Emperor, she became nervous.

Qin Mu allowed her to board the carriage, which would carry her and the god official to the celestial heavens. He smiled and said, "Since you're not nervous when you see me, there's even less reason for you to be nervous when you see the ten Celestial Venerables. According to seniority, my position is above theirs."

Cold sweat covered Gongsun Yan's hand. Qin Mu clutched it before she was able to be calm.

Qin Mu solemnly said, "We'll go now! Don't use the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge at the Primordial Tree. Use the one outside the capital!"

Yan'er nodded and pulled the carriage to that Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge with the dragon qilin.

Qin Mu sat in the carriage, thinking about the communicating eggs. He was still unnerved as he thought, 'It seems that I have to find Celestial Venerable Ling's letter that Big Senior Brother left behind. With it, I can use the unchanging substance divine art to understand the Dao language of Tai Shi's egg. With it, I'll know what they're talking about!'

Yan'er and the dragon qilin pulled the carriage to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, and Qin Mu asked the god official, "Where does this bridge lead to?"

"The Patriarch Creation Palace, Celestial Venerable."

'Patriarch Creation Palace?'

Qin Mu's heart shuddered as the carriage entered the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

After a while, the carriage shook as it arrived at the celestial heavens. Qin Mu looked out and saw the Patriarch Creation Palace.

The number one shipyard of the celestial heavens was the Patriarch Creation Palace!

Although Qin Mu was Celestial Venerable Mu of the celestial heavens, it was his first time there. He looked out the window and saw countless gods with three heads and six arms working about to forge heavy divine weapons. Every strike with their hammers was like a thunder's rumble!

They were the celestial heavens' Heavenly Workers, for they had three heads, six arms, and a frighteningly fast forging speed.

The entire Patriarch Creation Palace was a giant shipyard filled with furnaces that had blazing divine flames. The place was alive day and night. Top-tier divine materials and divine gold were shipped there from various great heavens.

The place was filled with the most capable Daoist of the celestial heavens' Dao Sect. They were all skilled in algebra. Countless other craftsmen from other worlds were there too. In terms of scale, one Patriarch Creation Palace was enough to rival all of the shipyards of Eternal Peace!

Suddenly, Qin Mu's pupils contracted as he saw the creation divine weapon at the heart of the Patriarch Creation Palace.

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