Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1111 - The Four Deities Divine Weapon

In what was originally supposed to be the Numinous Sky Hall, a giant divine weapon stood erected inside, its eight giant wheels interlocked like before. They didn't have any mechanical bearings. However, with marvelous ingenuity, when the eight wheels were in operation, they could continuously imprint runes of creation onto the object that was being created in the center of the wheels.

On the eight wheels, there were incredibly complex runes of creation. As the wheels operated, the runes lit up brightly, and the power of creation surged from the eight wheels.

From the structure of the Jade Capital City, it looked like there were thousands of heavenly furnaces in the city. Those furnaces had pipes made from divine metal, and those pipes were covered with transmission runes, which allowed them to transport the energy in the furnaces to the eight wheels.

In order to start those behemoths, all of the furnaces in the Jade Capital City would need to be lit up, which was very taxing!

'This is the creation divine weapon created by Celestial Venerable Ling and is also the treasure that created Jue Wuchen and the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu.'

Qin Mu looked at the creation divine weapon and thought, 'After the death of Celestial Venerable Yun, this treasure was sent to the celestial heavens.'

The greatest legacy of the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens was that creation divine weapon!

And at that moment, in the Patriarch Creation Palace of the Jade Capital City, the huge heavenly furnaces suddenly lit up. The creation divine weapon was being activated!

Qin Mu's heart jumped. He looked over and was inexplicably shocked. 'The celestial heavens have activated the creation divine weapon. What are they planning to make?'

The runes of the eight wheels of the creation divine weapon glowed. The light they emitted was getting brighter and brighter.

Qin Mu instructed the dragon qilin and Yan'er to get closer. When he looked from a distance, he saw giants of the celestial heavens pulling a huge cart with a large pile of meat in it, looking like a mountain.

"Cult Master, it's the Grand Duke of Jupiter!" the dragon qilin exclaimed.

Qin Mu nodded. The Grand Duke of Jupiter was being sent to the vicinity of the creation divine weapon. Several Daoists got off the cart and carried him off, placing him into the center of the creation divine weapon.

He seemed muddle-headed, oblivious to what was happening.

At that moment, the eight wheels began to slowly rotate. The light on the wheels became more and more intense, each rune glowing incomparably bright, shining their brilliance on his body!

Wrrng wrnng wrnng!

The creation divine weapon rotated faster, as did the light rays emitted by the runes. One after another, the runes of creation were imprinted onto the Grand Duke of Jupiter's body. He was gradually transforming, growing out his head, limbs, and torso!

As the countless runes shone, Qin Mu vaguely saw that some of the runes weren't runes of creation but runes of the ancient gods' Great Dao, which gave off a dazzling red brilliance.

The god official said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, His Majesty is still waiting for us."

Qin Mu watched this scene of creation intently and said, "Wait a while. That is… runes of South Deity Zhu Que's Great Dao!"

Qin Mu was stunned. The Grand Duke of Jupiter was transformed by the runes of creation. His figure was slowly changing into something that looked similar to South Deity Zhu Que!

And over time, the degree of resemblance was getting closer. Not only that, but the ancient god Great Dao of South Deity Zhu Que was imprinted on this created body, strengthening the soon-to-be-created South Deity, making her stronger!

The Vermillion Bird Sacred Fire emanated from the body, blazing as it revolved around this newly created South Deity, turning the creation divine weapon bright red!

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently. The ten Celestial Venerables were planning to recreate South Deity Zhu Que!

However, they weren't exactly recreating South Deity but forging a South Deity divine weapon!

Why were the celestial heavens recreating South Deity?

"Mother…" Yan'er mumbled.

The dragon qilin was at her side, consoling her gently.

Qin Mu composed himself and said solemnly, "Yan'er, Long Pi, let's head towards the Jade Capital City."

The treasure carriage moved forward, but at a very slow speed. From time to time, Yan'er looked back at the created South Deity. Although she knew it wasn't real, she still couldn't look away.

"God official, why is the Patriarch Creation Palace recreating South Deity?" Qin Mu asked.

The god official said, "What do I, a lowly official, know? However, I heard a rumor that the Celestial Venerables were creating weapons, and it's not just limited to South Deity. They also made a copy of East Deity, West Deity, and North Deity, supposedly to be used for the attack on the Great Void."

Qin Mu glanced at him and laughed. "You do know quite a bit."

The god official laughed apologetically. "Earlier, the celestial heavens attacked the Great Void and lost plenty of soldiers and generals, suffering serious losses before it could discover the path to the Great Void. His Majesty was furious and told the ten Celestial Venerables that they must definitely conquer this indomitable place. Hence, the ten Celestial Venerables instructed the Patriarch Creation Palace to create divine weapons of the four deities, intending to use them to suppress the dangers of the Great Void. This isn't a secret in the celestial heavens."

Qin Mu laughed heartily and gave him a bag of celestial currency.

The god official put the celestial currency into his sleeve and became more at ease. "In recent days, the path to the Great Void has been discovered. However, the ten Celestial Venerables haven't decided on a safe way to enter the Great Void. It's too troublesome to let everyone in the great army of the celestial heavens cultivate Neither Thought nor No Thought. Also, not everyone can master it. Each time a set of reinforcements is sent, more than half are killed or injured before they reach the Great Void. Those who arrived were remnants of a beaten army. Hence, someone thought of the Emperor of Endless Clouds."

Qin Mu's interest was piqued. He asked, "The Emperor of Endless Clouds?"

"This Emperor of Endless Clouds was a rebel."

The god official said, "However, he went to the Great Void back then and had a way of restraining its peculiarities. Unfortunately, when the ten Celestial Venerables summoned Green Deity to ask about him, Green Deity said that he had already drowned the Emperor of Endless Clouds in the river on the orders of Celestial Emperor. The ten Celestial Venerables then asked their men to seek out the disciples of the Emperor of Endless Clouds. I don't know what happened after that."

Qin Mu remembered that he had come across his big senior brother's divine art in the Great Void. It was also Wei Suifeng's divine art that guided them to the land of the Great Void.

Clearly, Wei Suifeng had his own unique method of subduing the Great Void's peculiarities.

"In that case, does he have any disciples?" Qin Mu probed.


The god official said with a smile, "The Emperor of Endless Clouds was the great emperor in charge of Endless Clouds Palace. He guarded galaxies such as the first pillar, second pillar, third pillar, and the nine prefectures. The ancient gods there were all ruthless characters. They each had their own races, with strong practitioners emerging within. He guarded these places for the celestial heavens. If he didn't have disciples, it would be very hard to fight against these ancient gods."

Qin Mu took out another bag of celestial currency and said, "Are you able to get your hands on the geographical map of the Endless Clouds Palace?"

The god official quietly accepted the money. His movements were quick, not inferior to Cripple. "When we arrive at the Numinous Sky Hall, I'll get a geographical map of the Endless Clouds Palace for Celestial Venerable."

Qin Mu nodded gently. "How do we get to the Endless Clouds Palace? I wish to know."

The god official hurriedly said, "Since Celestial Venerable had requested, I'll naturally tell you what I know."

The treasure carriage drove into the Jade Capital City and arrived at the Numinous Sky Hall. Qin Mu and Gongsun Yan got off the carriage as the god official quickly entered the hall to report on their arrival. Gongsun Yan was still a little nervous. Qin Mu smiled as he said, "I'm around, there's nothing to worry about."

His consciousness entered the heart of Gongsun Yan's brows and hid inside her divine treasure. Only then did he realize how powerful she was. Her vital qi was as vast as the great ocean of the Primordial Realm, simply boundless!

However, Gongsun Yan's strength wasn't derived from the divine treasures or celestial palaces, it came from her bloodline.

"Proclaim, Gongsun Yan is to enter the court for an audience!"

Gongsun Yan composed herself as she slowly walked into the hall.

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