Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1115 - The Attack Must Penetrate, and the Battle Must Be Won

After half a year, the four deities divine weapons were escorted into the Great Void and into the crumbling void.

The most terrifying bit of the Great Void was the star journey between the entrance and the Great Void. The gods and devils of the celestial heavens named it. It was called the crumbling void.

In there, one could get anything one wanted, for thoughts became reality.

It was just that one's internal fears also became reality. Devils in people's hearts would turn real and kill people from the void.

The void there was filled with chaotic and complex ownerless consciousness, caused by the invasion of the Great Void by the Grand Emperor. The Great Void was a world visualized and created by the primordial masters of creation. Yet when this world collapsed, countless masters of creation died with it, and the heaven, earth, and stars they visualized were also destroyed along with the void.

When outsiders entered, the devils in their hearts would be captured by ownerless consciousness and turned into reality.

That was why the celestial heavens' army and generals were lost every time.

Yet, the four deities divine weapons had no such devils, so they could suppress the peculiarities of the Great Void.

The armies of the four sects of the celestial heavens sent the weapons to the collapsing void. Initially, everything was alright, as the powerful divine weapons suppressed the chaotic consciousness around them. They guarded a section of the void for the army of the celestial heavens to enter into the Great Void straight from its entrance.

Yet, when the weapons were set up, a peculiar change that no one expected occurred. The divine weapon West Deity went out of control and killed the Western Sect Army, causing chaos!

Daoist Baiyu and Monk Lingyue stood on its shoulders, their primordial spirits driving the god to go on a rampage.

The divine weapon West Deity was a divine weapon made from copying West Deity's corporeal body. Although it wasn't a divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, it was still incredible. They used their divine arts to manipulate it as if they were controlling an ancient god of war!

The divine weapon West Deity deployed their divine arts, and sword lights crisscrossed in the vast collapsing void. Golden dragons thousands of miles long flew around, destroying war chariots and killing those on board. The corpses were scattered across the void.

That part of the road in the collapsing void was lost. The Western Sect Army was defeated, so devils began to breed in soldiers' hearts, causing them to spawn in the void.

"First, we'll break the Western Sect Army, then the Southern Sect Army, and then the Eastern Sect Army. That way, we can take the South Deity divine weapon and East Deity divine weapon."

Daoist Baiyu plainly said, "We shall end it with the Northern Sect Army. Once we take the North Deity divine weapon, we can enter the Great Void and rendezvous with Carefree Village's strong practitioners."

Monk Lingyue frowned and said, "Even if we are exceptionally powerful, can we deal with the sect armies? Any of them can deal with three to five strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne. Besides, they are under the celestial heavens' four great heavenly teachers. There are many wise disciples in their midst. It'll be hard."

"Emperor, speed is a crucial asset of war. If you're right, we're done for. Thus, our attack must penetrate, and we must win the battle. If we're to fight, we must catch them off guard!"

Daoist Baiyu suddenly said, "Besides, we aren't alone. We have an infinitely large army."

Monk Lingyue's heart fluttered. He looked back and saw countless ferocious-looking and terrifying heart devils swarming towards them.

Daoist Baiyu said, "They are our army! They can help us defeat the Southern Sect Army and chase their remains to attack the Eastern Sect Army. Once we have the other two divine weapons, it'll be easy to defeat the Northern Sect Army!"

They drove the West Deity divine weapon to lead the heart devils towards the Southern Sect Army. They hadn't gotten the news yet, so it was too late when they saw the endless heart devils rushing towards them.

The soldiers guarding the divine weapon were experienced, and they immediately inserted their primordial spirits into the South Deity divine weapon to become a vermillion bird and face the enemies. Yet, in the next moment, the Southern Sect Army was already routed by the West Deity divine weapon. The clash of the divine weapons was akin to the clash of the ancient god South Deity and ancient god West Deity. The Southern Sect Army suffered heavy casualties as a result!

The army of heart devils burst forth, and the Southern Sect Army collapsed. The crumbling void almost became a slaughterhouse where heart devils massacred the sect armies.

During the chaos, Daoist Baiyu and Monk Lingyue worked together to execute the warriors controlling the South Deity divine weapon. With one of them at the helm of each divine weapon, they charged towards the Eastern Sect Army with even more heart devils!

They used war to feed war, taking a large number of heart devils to attack the Eastern Sect Army. As such, they collapsed even faster, leaving behind countless bodies for the Great Void entrance.

When Daoist Baiyu and Monk Lingyue got control of the East Deity divine weapon, the former immediately used the South Deity divine weapon to pick it up. He flew into the air to avoid the heart devils and drove straight towards the nearby Northern Sect Army with the West Deity divine weapon controlled by Monk Lingyue.

The warriors of the Northern Sect Army had already received the news, and thousands of gods and devils' primordial spirits had entered the North Deity divine weapon corporeal body in preparation. However, when they saw the overwhelming amount of heart devils flooding towards them, despair overwhelmed them!

The celestial heavens heard about it, but by the time Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Hong arrived, most of the four sect armies were already lost!

The powerful million-man army of the celestial heavens was almost lost entirely. Only the Eastern Sect Army escaped with half of its strength. Countless more were trapped in the crumbling void, surrounded by heart devils and faced with the threat of death.

The two great Celestial Venerables searched around but were unable to find the four deities divine weapons.

That shocked the celestial heavens. It was the biggest setback the celestial heavens had suffered since the High Emperor Era!

The celestial heavens was furious as they ordered the Patriarch Creation Palace to rebuild the weapons. The four great heavenly teachers readjusted the four sect armies' power and mobilized the army of the four great deities. They brought on the Celestial River Navy and put Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Hong in charge as they went into the Great Void.

At the same time, Daoist Baiyu and Monk Lingyue descended upon the Great Void with the four deities divine weapons. They were visibly travel-worn as they smiled at each other when they walked towards the masters of creation's god city.

The masters of creation were alerted as if they were facing a large enemy. The two of them came to the city, and Daoist Baiyu solemnly said, "The previous imperial preceptor of Eternal Peace, Jiang Baigui, and Grand High Emperor Yanfeng are here to help."

The masters of creation had never heard of them, so they looked at each other, refusing to open the gates.

At the same time, Yan Yunxi rushed there with the armies of the masters of creation and Carefree Village. She was glad when she heard the news, and she became even more glad when she went up the city towers. She said to the chiefs of the masters of creation, "The number one heavenly master and the celestial emperor of Eternal Peace are here! Everyone, welcome them with me!"

The gates were opened, and imposing masters of creation stood on the sides. Yan Yunxi brought the masters of creation chiefs to welcome them personally, saying, "Founding Emperor's Heavenly Master Zi Xi hereby welcomes and congratulates the number one heavenly master and the celestial emperor of Eternal Peace with the chiefs of the masters of creation!"

Monk Lingyue was shocked as he stood on the palm of the West Deity divine weapon. He smiled and said, "How did it become the celestial emperor of Eternal Peace? Don't say that. I'm merely the great high emperor."

Daoist Baiyu came forward and said, "Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi, I'm merely the former imperial preceptor, not the heavenly master."

"There are batches of incredibly intelligent people in every era of history. They are exceptionally powerful, yet they are good in nature. This causes them to have no accomplishments and fame."

Yan Yunxi invited them in, saying, "I studied history and read through countless ancient texts. I came across a record that talked about Dragon Mountain Sanren as the number one heavenly master of the Dragon Han Era, defeating Heavenly Master Shang Pinying. Yet the ancient record didn't pass down his battle records. Jiang Baigui, Dao Friend Jiang, you broke a million soldiers of the celestial heavens' four great heavenly teachers. No one will record that down. However, you two did well, so shouldn't you be the number one heavenly master of Eternal Peace?"

"Number one heavenly master of the Dragon Han Era, Dragon Mountain Sanren?"

Daoist Baiyu leisurely said, "That senior didn't chase fame nor profits. I admire him."

Yan Yunxi laughed and said, "The feat you two accomplished today is on par with that of Dragon Mountain Sanren!"

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