Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1116 - Celestial Venerable Ling's Letter

Western Heaven.

Endless Clouds Palace, Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. A beam of light fell down and formed the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage on the bridge.

Qin Mu walked out and examined the area. He saw the Endless Clouds Palace in ruins, with collapsing palaces dotting the area. Some of its divine gold and materials were even taken away and used. All that was left were broken walls.

It was as if someone raided the place and scraped it clean of valuables.

The current Endless Clouds Palace only had a few gods left guarding it. They had white hair and looked pale with shabby clothes. They saw Qin Mu's carriage from afar, observed it, and didn't dare to approach it.

Yan'er flew over, and those gods ran away before being caught by Yan'er and wrestled to the ground.

"Have mercy on us!" Those gods kowtowed.

Qin Mu frowned and asked, "What happened to the Endless Clouds Palace?"

"You don't know about this, but after the last incident with the Emperor of Endless Clouds, the celestial heavens didn't send a new Emperor of Endless Clouds to protect this place. Thus, the three pillar heavens and nine prefectures went rampant and raided it countless times."

A god with shabby clothes cried out, "There were many brothers protecting this place originally, but they were abducted into slavery. Only the old, weak, and diseased are left. Two days ago, another group of thieves raided this place again. They found nothing and thus extracted blood from some of our brothers, claiming they needed it to refine treasures…"

Qin Mu was stunned as he asked, "Why didn't you all report this to the celestial heavens?"

"I wouldn't dare."

The old gods cried, "The demon kings said that if we do, they'll kill us!"

Qin Mu didn't know what to do as he looked around from the top of the Endless Clouds Palace. He saw how the palace stood within pillar one, two, three, and the nine prefectures. One could view all of them from there.

The so-called pillar one and pillar two were pillar heavens.

Pillar heavens were worlds in pillar form. Qin Mu looked into the distance and saw three pillars above the nine prefectures. The stars coalesced, for they were heavenly pillar worlds formed from stars.

The nine prefectures of Western Heaven included East South God Prefecture, called Dawn Earth, South High Prefecture, called Deep Earth, West South Weapon Prefecture, called Flood Earth, Proper West Cover Prefecture, called Open Earth, Central God Hope Prefecture, called White Earth, West North Pillar Prefecture, called Fat Earth, North Black Prefecture, called Capable Earth, East North Salt Prefecture, called Hidden Earth, and Proper East Raise Prefecture, called Trusted Earth.

The prefectures had their own ancient gods. It was the same for the three pillar heavens. They were called the three pillar gods.

The Endless Clouds Palace was built between the three pillar heavens and nine prefectures.

In the latter age of the Dragon Han Era, the celestial heavens flew up and away from the Primordial Realm. The Dragon Han split, and the star gods and four ancient god deities left the Primordial Realm and the celestial heavens for other parts of the universe.

The four poles were the residences of the four deities, while Western Heaven, Eastern Heaven, Southern Heaven, and Northern Heaven were ruled by the White Deity, Green Deity, Red Deity, and Black Deity, respectively.

They were named the four color deities and were distinguished by their assigned colors. They were different from the four deities because they cultivated from being Postcelestial lifeforms or half-gods.

They had a lot of power and four great celestial palaces each in their hands. The Endless Clouds Palace was one of them in Western Heaven and belonged to White Deity.

From the Dragon Han Era until now, there were endless wars. The four color deities changed too. Every time one of them died in combat, Celestial Emperor would choose a strong practitioner of the Emperor's Throne Realm to replace them.

The only one not replaced was Black Deity Yin Chaojin. He was called Son of Heaven Yin and held the position of Black Deity firmly. He ruled Northern Heaven and built Mingdu.

The place the Endless Clouds Palace was at was part of Western Heaven. When combined with three other great realms, they collectively formed Western Heaven.

"It's impressive that Big Senior Brother was able to suppress twelve ancient gods alone."

Qin Mu looked down at the nine prefectures below. He saw how they were connected and contained many half-god races and Postcelestial lifeforms. He looked into the distance and saw the land shrouded in murderous intent. Blood light filled the skies as wars began in the prefectures!

Looking below from there, one could see the waves created by terrifying divine arts. Mushroom clouds rose, accompanied by dense god light.

"Why is it still so chaotic despite the presence of ancient gods?" Qin Mu asked.

A white-haired god shook his head and said, "The ancient gods guarding the place have never cared about these things. When those thugs below declare war, they'll sacrifice meat and blood to them, so they'll descend and kill too."

Qin Mu frowned and asked, "What about the Emperor of Endless Cloud's disciples?"

"They escaped after he was captured. They likely became demons and devils in the lower bound. Maybe they were part of those who raided the Endless Clouds Palace."

An old god said, "The celestial heavens came searching for them a couple days ago. They didn't find them here, so they went down for them. They haven't returned yet."

Qin Mu waved his hand, letting them back down. Yan'er couldn't help but give them some spirit pills to fill their stomachs.

Those gods were very grateful and ate them quickly. They cried and said, "It's been so long. All we've been eating are the bark and leaves of the palaces. But those d*mned people came up and took even the divine trees, so now there's not even bark…"

The old gods cried when they talked about it.

Qin Mu took out Wei Suifeng's map and matched it with the palace. He found the marked point, but it was empty, being nothing but rubble.

Qin Mu frowned as he lifted his hand. The rubble began to float and form a large palace in the air that slowly descended.

Qin Mu entered and looked around. He saw a broken star picture on the top.

He went underneath it to examine it. It was tattered, which made it hard for him to imagine what it would be like if it was complete.

Qin Mu went silent as his vital qi burst forth to create stars to make up the rest of the star picture.

He knew about Wei Suifeng's Celestial Dipper Technique. It was a technique that came from the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, so it was easy for him to patch up the star picture.

It was patched up, and an object fell from it. It was a potted plant.

Qin Mu caught it. It was rectangular with fake mountains, trees, and water in it. There were small needle leaf pines beside the center fake mountain, which had many whirly branches. There was a small house with a yard beneath it.

There were three rooms to each side of it and three main halls with doors and windows. One could see light coming from the inside, as well as papers on the desk and chairs. There was a pot of tea too, which was steaming.

'The letter of Celestial Venerable Ling!'

Qin Mu became passionate, as the potted plant wasn't actually one. It was a shrunken version of Celestial Venerable Ling's old residence created by Wei Suifeng via spatial divine arts that he put into the potted plant!

Her residence was simple. After her death, her manuscripts were moved by the celestial heavens. Even her residence was moved.

Soon, it was stolen. The person who stole it was Wei Suifeng!

'I finally found Celestial Venerable Ling's letter!'

Qin Mu's heart pounded as he looked to the other rooms. They were filled with manuscripts. It was clear that Celestial Venerable Ling put a lot of effort into researching the path of creation and the unchanging divine art.

'With it, I can comprehend Celestial Venerable Ling's unchanging divine art and creation divine art. I can even use it to reverse engineer the Tai Shi egg's Great Dao runes and break the unchanging divine art from there!'

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