Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1117 - Celestial Dipper Technique

Qin Mu was planning on entering the potted plant when powerful divine art waves appeared. An extremely powerful aura was approaching Endless Clouds Palace rapidly!

Qin Mu's heart fluttered as he stored the potted plant. He walked out of the hall, and as soon as he did, it collapsed to form rubble.

Yan'er and the dragon qilin also noticed someone's rapid approach. When they looked in that direction, they saw six gods and devils chasing a young man with unique divine arts.

Their divine arts were like a crimson flag erected in the sky that unfolded with the wind as it rotated. Countless rusty iron swords shot out of the flags to attack the young man as soon as it rotated.

“Blood Rust Flag Scripture, the technique of White Deity.”

Qin Mu looked up. White Deity of Western Heaven was also called Gold Deity, for he was the master of golden auras. His scripture once beat Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha. It was powerful.

Qin Mu once faced Prince Qiu Ming, who cultivated it, so he was familiar with it.

“Yu Chudu, you won't escape! You should stay and return to the celestial heavens with us!”

The young god withstood their attacks as he ran while fighting. He planned to escape to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

The disciples of White Deity attacking him were powerful. They were all strong practitioners of the Jade Capital Realm with fresh skulls dripping blood on their waists.

The young god was injured but bravely fought on. His divine arts were perfect. In a moment, he caused the celestial river to be hung upside down. It was the Hanging of the Celestial Dipper!

“Celestial Dipper Technique! It's Big Senior Brother Wei Suifeng's disciple!”

Qin Mu's eyes flashed. It was an Emperor's Throne technique that he comprehended by combining the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures that he cultivated with other techniques, the Great Dao of Xuandu, and the ancient era's Xuandu and celestial river.

That young god should be Wei Suifeng's favorite disciple since he was able to get his true teachings.

The experts of the celestial heavens were there to arrest him in order to get the method to endure the crumbling void!

He was too powerful, however, for he had already cultivated the Celestial Dipper Technique to the Jade Capital Realm. Even the collaboration of six Jade Capital Realm strong practitioners of the celestial heavens couldn't take him down.

However, he was too heavily injured for him to escape.

Six blood rust flags surrounded him, each a hundred feet apart. Countless rusty swords went through them, while those six White Deity disciples hovered in the air, refusing to get closer.

There was rusty gold air reverberating wherever the rusty swords went, causing the affected areas to become powder!

Yu Chudu's Celestial Dipper Technique was already at a very high realm. However, he couldn't break out of the flag formation no matter how much he tried, for he was trapped by six of the flags.

White Deity's technique was unique. It was more akin to formation techniques. If only one person deployed it, it was merely a normal Emperor's Throne technique. However, the power of the technique grew exponentially when more people used it. The collaboration of six Jade Capital Realm gods made them more powerful than a god or devil in the Numinous Sky Realm!

It was already incredible that Yu Chudu could resist until now. However, his capture was inevitable.

Suddenly, Qin Mu was moved. He looked up and saw a ship above the Endless Clouds Palace. There were long spears stuck in it that had skulls on them.

The skulls opened their mouths, and the tips of those long spears stuck out of the skulls' mouths, making the skulls seem more sinister.

The way the gods and devils handled things was unspeakably barbaric. It was as if they were in the prehistoric era!

A man with a purple shirt stood at the front of the ship with his hands behind his back. His gaze fell on that young god.

Qin Mu looked up. The man felt something and swept his gaze over. His eyebrows jumped as he pleasantly shouted, “Celestial Venerable Mu!”

The ship stopped, and that man walked off the ship. He bowed and said, “Disciple of Celestial Venerable Hao, White Deity's Beta Ceti Star Sovereign, Jing Baichuan, hereby pays his respects to Celestial Venerable Mu.”

Qin Mu examined him and said with a hint of shock, “You're a star sovereign of the Western Heaven Palace, Beta Ceti Star Sovereign? As an ancient god, why would you become Celestial Venerable Hao's disciple?”

Jing Baichuan smiled and said, “Celestial Venerable Mu doesn't know about this, but Beta Ceti Star Sovereign is dead. I killed him, so I replaced him as the star sovereign of Beta Ceti. I took his skull and refined it to be a divine weapon and ate his corporeal body. The flesh of the ancient gods is tasty. Celestial Venerable Mu, have you tried it?”

Qin Mu shook his head and said, “I've killed many ancient gods, but I haven't tasted their blood and flesh.”

Jing Baichuan laughed. “I heard that Celestial Venerable Mu killed ancient gods before too, but that was a thing of the Dragon Han Era. The ancient gods then were brutal and barbaric. Although they were born from the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, they knew little about their own Great Daos. However, today's ancient gods drill and research into their own Great Daos and are thus way more powerful than those of the Dragon Han Era.”

Qin Mu acknowledged it and said, “You certainly are more powerful to be able to kill Beta Ceti Star Sovereign and replace him.”

Jing Baichuan smiled, looked at the attack on Yu Chudu by the six experts, and leisurely said, “Celestial Venerable Mu, if, let's say, I transmigrated and returned to the first year of the Dragon Han Era, could I have become Celestial Venerable Jing?”

Qin Mu smiled and said, “Maybe, or maybe you would die. Worthy Nephew, the skulls on your ship…”

“They are the disciples of the Emperor of Endless Clouds.”

Jing Baichuan leisurely said, “The Emperor of Endless Clouds rebelled and was arrested. His disciples failed to receive mercy and be grateful and instead chose to escape to the world of the nine prefectures, becoming bandits. I was too lazy to care, but the celestial heavens ordered me to clean up. These skulls are to be exchanged for military exploits. If your skull could be used to exchange for that, I would be glad to take it. Unfortunately…”

Qin Mu smiled and said, “My head is worth it. At least seven of the ten Celestial Venerables want it. One could be rewarded for one's gamble. Worthy Nephew, you could be doomed or become extremely rich. Don't you want to try it?”

Jing Baichuan's eyebrows lifted as he laughed. “Don't tempt me, Celestial Venerable. I'm weak.”

Qin Mu smiled before suddenly saying loudly, “Purple Han returns to the Celestial Dipper's side hilt. Rarefaction causes the horse trapped in haste!”

Yu Chudu, who was trapped in the flag formation, heard it and suddenly had an idea. He used his divine art, and it changed rapidly. Purple gas filled the air, and the river hung in a balance. Using the Celestial Dipper as a hilt, the power of his divine art grew rapidly!

Those six White Deity disciples originally trapped him. However, the six blood rust flags suddenly rotated disorderly. A celestial river gathered the Celestial Dipper, surrounding the six great flags!

Their divine arts were suddenly thrown into chaos, allowing Yu Chudu to use the Purple Han returns to break away!

Jing Baichuan's eyes jumped as his gaze landed on Qin Mu.

Qin Mu leisurely said, “A batch of stars has countless bright stars while a moon falls in the tree!”

Yu Chudu suddenly had a flash of inspiration and used the Celestial Dipper Technique. With the split of his hands, a gap in the heaven appeared. Dazzling stars fell out of it to cut open an expert White Deity disciple at the Jade Capital Realm!

His primordial spirit escaped. However, the moonlight shone brightly. He looked up and saw a bright moon crashing down from the sky, pulverizing his primordial spirit!

Yu Chudu broke out of the formation without waiting for Qin Mu's advice. His techniques changed as the celestial river circled him. The stars were resplendent as they suppressed the blood rust flag.

He was obviously a brave and intelligent person. The celestial river circled after suppressing a blood rust flag to lock another god in the Jade Capital Realm. With the closing of his palm, countless stars flooded into the other god's body and went out of his back!

His body shuddered as those stars almost let out all of his blood and essence. His primordial spirit was also beaten up until it died!

With one strike, Yu Chudu immediately avoided the attacks from the other four. His body changed to become that of an ancient star sovereign to attack another primordial spirit.

That god became groggy minded as his primordial spirit was pulled out. It was only with the lucky rescue of the three others that he survived.

Jing Baichuan could no longer watch. He rose up, and his figure disappeared immediately!

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