Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1118 - Broken Sword Killing

In the next moment, he appeared in front of Yu Chudu!

Yu Chudu was shocked and quickly unleashed his Celestial Dipper Technique against Jing Baichuan!

Jing Baichuan flipped his hand up, and lightning and thunder appeared. A seal then vaguely appeared. It was his palm seal that had control over heaven and earth. The dragon and phoenix talismans beneath it were clearly visible!

Even Heaven Duke's Heavenly Dao, Earth Count's Great Dao of Youdu, and Mother Earth's Great Dao of Magnetism were imprinted in his palm markings!

He was like a ruler who controlled all of the Precelestial Great Daos of the world as he crushed the Celestial Dipper Technique, the celestial river, and the Celestial Dipper with one strike. The giant seal crashed down, and Yu Chudu spat out blood as his bones were snapped. He fell into the ashes!


The Endless Clouds Palace shook. It was high up and floating above the three pillar heavens and nine prefectures, yet it sank by hundreds of miles due to one hit from Jing Baichuan's seal!

He was Celestial Venerable Hao's disciple, and such a divine art was so powerful that even Qin Mu couldn't help but praise it.

Yu Chudu climbed up shakily and criss-crossed his hands in front of his chest in a defensive posture. However, he suddenly spat out blood and fell down. One of his broken bones stabbed through the skin on his right leg, causing it to protrude outside.

Yu Chudu groaned but said nothing.

Jing Baichuan plainly said, "With my abilities, Celestial Venerable Mu, could I have become a Celestial Venerable during the Dragon Han Era to play around?"

Qin Mu's voice came from behind him. "I was uncertain previously, but as soon as you struck, I knew it was impossible. That divine art was something Celestial Venerable Hao imparted to you. You have nothing of your own. You may be powerful, but it would be hard for you to become a golden commander during the Dragon Han Era. It would be even more difficult for you to become a Celestial Venerable."

Jing Baichuan acknowledged it and slowly lifted his palm. He smiled and said, "So how did you become a Celestial Venerable during the first year of the Dragon Han Era, Celestial Venerable Mu?"

Halfway through his divine art, he stopped because he felt murderous intent behind him.

Qin Mu's murderous intent locked him there, causing his muscles to tense up. It seemed like he would be executed by Qin Mu if he moved!

"One has to get rid of the restraint of realms to become a Celestial Venerable."

Qin Mu's calm voice said, "Celestial Venerable Ling became unchanging substance, becoming the mist of the Surging River. She brought me back to the first year of the Dragon Han Era. My techniques were incomplete then. They were just at the Celestial Being Realm, two realms away from the Divine Bridge Realm. Yet, I had no opponents amongst the divine arts practitioners then. Even Mistress Yuanmu's projection couldn't catch my divine arts."

Reverberations came from the sheath on his waist as he leisurely said, "You can go back to the past and become a Celestial Venerable. However, you need power that ignores realms. I'm at the true god realm now. Worthy Nephew, what realm are you in?"

Jing Baichuan tried really hard to deter his murderous intent as he slowly raised his palm while staring maliciously at Yu Chudu, who was frozen. He coldly said, "Since a long time ago, judging by realms, I'm at the peak of the Jade Capital Realm. Another step and I'll be in the Numinous Sky Realm!"

"Then, you can try and experience the true power of real Celestial Venerables."

Qin Mu looked at his back and said, "However, this may be your last strike too."

Jing Baichuan's palm suddenly raised, and at the same time, Qin Mu rushed forward. The broken sword at his waist automatically leaped from its sheath and shot forward before being caught by him.

Jing Baichuan's palm reached the top as he suddenly turned around. The thunder and lightning rose again, and the seal went towards Qin Mu!

His blood boiled and became a sea of blood in the air. The seal went through it, causing the talismans to be dyed red!

His body dazzled as thousands of Daos surrounded him. His celestial palace appeared. The Southern Heavenly Gate, Celestial Street, and Heavenly Market rose one by one. Halls were rapidly built as the Jade Capital stood high up. Beneath the Numinous Sky Hall was his vast and imposing corporeal body. Behind him was the even more grand Numinous Sky Treasure Hall!

"My celestial palace is my realm!"

His palm fell, and with a voice like thunder, he said, "I'm in a place where I can't be defeated!"

Yet he was facing the broken sword of Qin Mu. With its cleave, it became a long knife that had knife light a thousand feet long. It cut open the dyed seal instantly!

The knife light fell, and the Southern Heavenly Gate was cut into two evenly!

It disappeared, and Qin Mu stabbed forward with his sword, causing the halls of Jing Baichuan's celestial palace to collapse and fall apart!

The third move of Qin Mu's Calamity Sword, Facing Calamity!

Facing Calamity Sword was a Dao Sword that chopped off celestial palaces and divine treasures to allow one to face calamities. It also cleaved the celestial palaces and divine treasures of others to get them to face calamities!

Jing Baichuan saw rolling sword streams pick up divine palaces and halls. His celestial palace was falling apart. In Qin Mu's sword light, even the water in his Jade Pool was boiling!

Jing Baichuan hollered, and celestial palaces rose, which became connected to his main one. In total, there were five of them. The other four celestial palaces had imposing primordial spirit apparitions!

The four primordial spirits used the Great Dao of the various celestial palaces to attack Qin Mu!

He cultivated five Emperor's Throne techniques to the Jade Capital Realm. He also fused and connected them, which made his level of comprehension and aptitude extraordinary.

The divine arts from the five celestial palaces were all unique. As the useful right-hand man under White Deity, he naturally cultivated White Deity's blood rust flag. Beside it, his other Emperor's Throne techniques were powerful too.

However, the primordial spirits in his four celestial palaces weren't real, only apparitions of the main primordial spirit.

The celestial heavens hadn't managed to get Crimson Emperor's Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness, preventing one from cultivating the real primordial spirit in the other celestial palaces and hence limiting the accomplishments of other Emperor's Throne techniques.

The sword light of Qin Mu's Facing Calamity Sword whooshed past the blocking of the four great celestial palaces' primordial spirit as if it was a torrent. In the next moment, Jing Baichuan's God Execution Stage collapsed. The two bits of baleful air were crimson. It was clear that many gods and devils had died in his hands, causing his God Execution Stage to be powerful!

Yet, even those two bits of baleful air were extinguished in the sword light!

In his four great celestial palaces, the primordial spirit apparitions attacked to try and stop Qin Mu. However, Qin Mu's figure was like an arrow that left a bow. With a loud boom, the Illustrious Virtue Gate of the Jade Capital collapsed!

The glorious sword light destroyed everything along the path of the Celestial Street and reached the front of Jing Baichuan instantly!

Jing Baichuan lifted his hands to catch it, his fingers colliding with it as if they were mountains.

At that moment, his corporeal body grew taller and thinner. He became flatter, larger, and more non-material. The sword light passed through his palm, yet it didn't seem to hurt him.

Qin Mu's divine art to enter the path, Grand Overarching Heavenly Completion.

Jing Baichuan howled and used all his cultivation to try and break this divine art. The Grand Overarching Heaven was cracked as he took control of his body once again before inflating it.

The sword light in Qin Mu's hand morphed into the first move of the Calamity Sword, Opening Calamity Sword. A sword light went straight for the heart of Jing Baichuan's brows.

Jing Baichuan lifted his hands and clamped the Opening Calamity Sword at the final moments with his fingers. He coldly laughed and said, "Master has rehearsed this move of yours multiple times and broke it long ago…"

Qin Mu unleashed a punch. He focused thousands of apparitions, the martial path, and combat techniques into the one punch that he struck the Opening Calamity Sword with.


The Opening Calamity Sword went through Jing Baichuan's fingers and went out the back of his head.

Qin Mu retrieved his sword, and the broken sword entered the sheath that was still on his waist. He plainly said, "You're not accomplished enough yet. Even if you returned to the Dragon Han Era, you would merely be second-rate there, far from people like Niu Sanduo."

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