Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 112 - Five Elements Wall Break

"Young master's temperament seemed to have many things mixed in with it!"

Fu Qingyun gently plucked and slowly strummed, using a milder temperament to face the battle. She immediately tested out the things hidden in Qin Mu's temperament. There was god voice, Buddha voice and devil voice contained in Qin Mu's temperament which was very weird. There was also a killing aura going on a punitive expedition and seemed like it could cause a massacre as it sped along.

There were writings regarding temperament in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures of Heavenly Devil Cult, however, it wasn't as complicated and scattered like this. She could hear from Qin Mu's temperament that there was the temperament technique of Heavenly Devil Cult which was called Heavenly Devil Rainbow Raiment Tune, however, this was only a part of Qin Mu's temperament.

Apparently, Qin Mu had sunk into a wonderful state and couldn't free himself. He should be comprehending something that was even more profound and was trying to mix everything together.

Once Fu Qingyun was ascertained of Qin Mu's real intention, she felt reassured.

This kind of crazed state was extremely hard to get and only when one was in a deep level of comprehension could they access such a crazed state.

You don't succeed if you aren't crazy. You won't become Buddha if you aren't crazy.

Fu Qingyun held the pipa and the temperament burst forth from her fingers gradually grew urgent. She was trying to guide Qin Mu, to allow all his skills to converge together and complete their fusion.

The girls of Rain Listening Pavilion might act willfully when they had the battle of music with Qin Mu, but it had also been a great help to Qin Mu. The combative and high pressure had forced Qin Mu to continuously improve his temperament.

Whereas she used a method to guide and to oppose him, to allow Qin Mu to fuse better and faster.

She had extremely high attainments in temperament that far surpassed many girls in Rain Listening Pavilion. With her guidance and pressure, Qin Mu improved rapidly.

Qin Mu used Heavenly Devil Rainbow Raiment Tune and allowed her to benefit as well. Heavenly Devil Rainbow Raiment was a technique in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. Even though Fu Qingyun had learned it before, she didn't learn it completely. When she was guiding Qin Mu, she had also received Qin Mu's guidance at the same time, thus she managed to learn the parts in Heavenly Devil Rainbow Raiment Tune that she hadn't learned.

After some time, Fu Qingyun noticed that Qin Mu was gradually breaking free from his crazed state. The temperament of the two of them slowly conformed with each other as they played a song together in perfect harmony.

However, at this moment, a dozen of girls carried out a huge bell from the room. The bell was higher than a human with Hu Ling'er sitting on the top and shouting, "Let's strike the bell. We definitely can break his devil voice…"

Fu Qingyun stopped playing her instrument and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She then scolded, "Are you trying to kill young master? Stop fooling around and put back the bell!"

Those girls lowered their heads in disappointment and carried the bell back. Hu Ling'er was also disappointed. It was obvious she wasn't happy that she didn't get to use the big bell.

Qin Mu regained consciousness and looked at his surroundings in astonishment. Only now did he realize that he had created such a ruckus and apologized to Fu Qingyun at once.

"These little girls are insensible and almost delayed young master's cultivation. Young master, do not blame them."

Fu Qingyun smiled, "Young master hasn't eaten yet. You have been restless the whole night and the sky is almost bright."

Qin Mu immediately called the little fox spirit, the troublemaker, to eat together.

The youth in brocade clothes threw away the dishes that were not finished and took the empty plates to wash. The few girls saw it and tried to snatch the chore in a flurry, "How can young master do this kind of crude and lowly chores? Just leave it to us."

Qin Mu smiled, "There's no noble and lowly in the path so how can chores be noble or lowly? I have already finished washing. There's no need for all of you to dirty your hands again."

Fu Qingyun asked, "What realm is young master in now?"

With fire on both of his hands, Qin Mu evaporated the water beads on his hands and replied, "I'm still in Spirit Embryo Realm."

Fu Qingyun frowned slightly. Spirit Embryo Realm was a little too low and it would be very difficult to enter Imperial College. Even the scholars that Imperial College had made an exception to take in were normally martial arts practitioners who had awakened their Five Elements Divine Treasure.

With just Spirit Embryo Realm, it was probably impossible to pass Imperial College's examinations.

She had originally thought that Qin Mu at least was at Five Elements Realm. After all, when she saw Qin Mu three years ago, he was already at Spirit Embryo Realm. She didn't expect that Qin Mu had actually not improved for the past three years.

What she didn't know was that even though Qin Mu's realm didn't increase, his cultivation had instead increased by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, with his spirit embryo awakening the fourth time, his four great vital qi could circulate as he wished and the density of his vital qi was also outstanding among the martial arts practitioners.

"From now, there are still two days before Imperial College starts school. Young master should try as much as you can to break the wall, and succeed in two days time."

Even though Fu Qingyun had said so, she still felt a little worried in her heart. It was simply too forced for him to succeed in Wall Break in just two days. It was practically an impossible task.

Qin Mu nodded his head and smiled, "I will definitely succeed in Wall Break two days later."

Fu Qingyun drove the girls out and said, "Don't come and disturb young master for the next two days. Little fox, don't stay here as well. Let young master comprehend to his heart's delight."

Hu Ling'er could only follow them and leave. However, the girls told the little fox, "Sister Ling'er, let us teach you the skill of enticement. It's pretty interesting…"

When Qin Mu walked out of Great Ruins, he had been trying to break open his Five Element Divine Treasure to enter Five Elements Realm. After studying Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures for the past few days, he also pretty much had quite some understanding to it.

There are secrets to awakening Five Elements Divine Treasure in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. In the scriptures, it stated, "To forget the form and raise qi into golden liquid, to accept with philosophical calm whatever fate may be. To forget the form and transform it into qi then into spirit, to pass through the three passes of thus avenue."

"Purple red palace the scorching moon furnace, spirit embryo the silent great profound altar. Cinnabar the scarlet phoenix's blood, mercury the black tortoise's liver.

"Gold lead chose to classify as clay pot, wood mercury flew off to reside in mud ball. Magnificent pond right in the sea of qi, divine room right in the yellow court."

The golden liquid was the golden light in Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. Qin Mu had already created his Silent Great Profound Altar in his spirit embryo. The golden sea in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was already emptied and with his vital qi circulating, he had already formed the marking of the profound altar below his spirit embryo.

All that was left now was to form a profound altar using vital qi formations in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. The center of the profound altar would be his spirit embryo.

Five Elements Divine Treasure was also called Five Phases Divine Treasure. It was located between two breasts, where the heart was. This was why the heart was also called the purple-red palace.

The cinnabar and mercury in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures were all metaphors. Cinnabar referred to fire, mercury referred to water, lead was gold, wood mercury was wood and clay pot was earth, which corresponded to the five elements. They were Fire Element Mars, Water Element Mercury, Gold Element Venus, Wood Element Jupiter and Earth Element Saturn.

Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures had stated that in order to open Five Elements Divine Treasure, the positions of the stars must be set.

The positions of the stars meant that the five elements in the sky should correspond to the five elements in Five Elements Divine Treasure of the human body. With everyone having different body constitution, different growth and different gender, this resulted in different positions of the five elements in the Five Elements Divine Treasure.

Therefore he required the help of the five elements in the sky to calculate the five elements in his body, to determine the positions of the stars and used his vital qi to break through.

Qin Mu took out a thick stack of papers from his backpack as well as a charcoal pencil and an abacus. Beside him was ten books of 'Computational Canons'. Qin Mu flipped the papers and on each page was filled with densely packed calculations. He was using the fundamental methods to calculate the positions of the five elements and after these few days, he was finally reaching the end.

The abacus clacked non-stop and when the sun was finally high in the sky, Qin Mu stretched his body and stood up to move his limbs.

On the first sheet of paper was a heart drawn by him. Beside the heart was numerous calculations that were closed together. Five lines were then drawn out which surrounded the heart in a pentagon shape. Every corner was marked out with a gold, wood, water, fire and earth attributes.

Qin Mu used the principles of mutual creation and destruction among the five elements to calculate the positions of the stars. He finally calculated out the exact location of his purple-red palace.

Qin Mu exercised his body and started to move slowly. Executing his vital qi, he let his vital qi course vigorously through his body and at the same time, whenever his vital qi passed by his spirit embryo, it became more and more boundless. Qin Mu walked faster and faster and gradually a wind was raised in the room. The wind grew bigger and bigger, blowing open the doors and windows. Qin Mu just walked out of the building and came to the courtyard without regards to other as he scampered around endlessly.

Finally, as his vital qi was circulated to its maximum, his spirit embryo on the profound altar stood up in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. Raising both his hands to the sky, each hand had five strands of vital qi surging into the sky of the divine treasure. With the two converging into one, they turned into five stars.

The five stars were connected to each other with vital qi. With their sides and corners connected to each other, they formed a pentagon. The pentagon then gradually turned bright and shone down like a mirror with a hum in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, opening the Conception and Governor vessels. As it continued shining down his throat, the light shone down with a hum onto his ventricle.

Qin Mu's vital qi burst forth boundlessly and surged down the path of light, striking onto the place where the light was shining on.

A rumble rang out beside his ears and a formless door was opened in his ventricle. That formless wall was shattered into pieces by his vital qi and vanished without a trace. A divine treasure was hereby awakened!

A god voice sounded in his mind but before it could interfere with his vital qi circulation, his Five Elements Divine Treasure was already opened!

Qin Mu stopped in his steps. The accumulation for the past half a month was transformed into this single copious strike. It really was refreshing to his heart's content!

"Why didn't young master cultivate in silence and had instead come out?" Fu Qingyun walked over and grumbled slightly.

Qin Mu opened his eyes. His aura was continuously rising and his cultivation became denser and denser. He then smiled and said, "I've broken the Wall."

Fu Qingyun's heart leaped and stared at him with a look of disbelief. She muttered, "W-what did young master break?"

"I have broken the Wall of my Five Elements Divine Treasure." Qin Mu smiled.

Fu Qingyun felt light-headed, "But, I had just left your room…"

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