Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1120 - Killing a Few Ancient Gods

“In that case, we shall set off from the White Deity Celestial Palace,” Qin Mu said resolutely.

Yu Chudu hesitated and examined Qin Mu's expression. He probed, “Was Senior Uncle trained in creation techniques? I followed my teacher in cultivating the Celestial Dipper Technique. Within it, there are seven forms of creation. It can change one's appearance and body, even to that of a half-god. Maybe it could help us avoid the celestial heavens' line of sight and not leave any traces…”

The dragon qilin, who was standing beside him, shook his body and transformed into a dragon sparrow. He laughed. “Does the creation technique look like this?”

Yu Chudu got a fright and hurriedly nodded. “Has this brother learned the Celestial Dipper Technique before? Teacher said that the Celestial Dipper Technique was created by him. How do you know this technique?”

The dragon qilin burst into loud laughter. “This isn't the Celestial Dipper Technique, but a technique in the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. The Celestial Dipper Technique is a technique that's derived from the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures.”

Yu Chudu was stunned as his revered image of Wei Suifeng suddenly collapsed. He murmured, “Teacher said he created this technique… In that case, this Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures should be created by Teacher as well?”

The dragon qilin laughed. “The Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was created by the first heavenly master of the Founding Emperor Era, Saint Woodcutter.”

The image of Wei Suifeng in Yu Chudu's head collapsed again, shattering into pieces. He had respected Wei Suifeng as a celestial being and had placed him highly in his heart. He didn't expect that the Celestial Dipper Technique was actually from the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures!

“Disciple Nephew, there's no need to listen to his nonsense.”

Qin Mu scolded with a laugh. “Although the Celestial Dipper Technique originated from the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was too complicated. There were too many techniques in it. Most of them were just scratching the surface and didn't delve deep into the subject. Hence, the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures were simply a way for people to become gods. However, Big Senior Brother Wei Suifeng combined his own experiences, comprehension, and other Emperor's Throne techniques to create the Celestial Dipper Technique.”

He paused for a moment and said, “Except that it's now outdated.”

When Yu Chudu heard this, he wanted to refute it for Wei Suifeng's sake. However, he remembered that Qin Mu only used cultivation at the true god realm to kill Celestial Venerable Hao's disciple, Jing Baichuan. Jing Baichuan was a Jade Capital Realm individual, similar to him, but Qin Mu was able to defeat him in one blow.

From this, it seemed that the Celestial Dipper Technique that he had laboriously cultivated was indeed outdated.

His image of Wei Suifeng's invincibility once again crumbled.

Qin Mu glanced at him and praised, “Disciple Nephew Yu, your aptitude and comprehension aren't bad at all. In a short time, you broke the god in your heart, greatly increasing the cultivation of your Dao heart!”

1Yu Chudu gave a snort.

Qin Mu led everyone and flew towards White Earth of the nine prefectures below. He sighed and said, “It's precisely because your master's Celestial Dipper Technique is derived from the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures that I didn't learn his technique. My techniques can be said to be of the same source as his. Cultivating the Celestial Dipper Technique wouldn't let me have another celestial palace.”

Yu Chudu saw that they didn't change their appearances and reminded him. “Senior Uncle, it's best that we change our appearances…”

“There's no need to.”

Qin Mu laughed. “I have an Emperor's Throne level consciousness. No matter who sees us, we won't appear as us in their eyes. Even for an Emperor's Throne practitioner, they won't be able to tell unless they pay attention.”

Yu Chudu was bewildered.

The White Earth Hope Prefecture was the central prefecture in the world of nine prefectures, sitting directly in the center. If one looked down from the sky, the mountain peaks of this White Earth God Prefecture were white, and it was the same for its land. It was a unique sight.

There were many white beasts in White Earth. They had white fur, without any stray hairs. These strange beasts lived in the forest and were very difficult to spot.

However, the flames of war raged across White Earth. Ten of thousands of divine arts practitioners under the command of gods and devils attacked cities and seized territories, capturing mortals and divine arts practitioners as slaves. Wars between nations were also common.

They were wearing ferret furs and were dressed in white. The blood on the battlefield stained the clothes red and dyed the white sand red. There were corpses everywhere.

Qin Mu saw that the customs of the Dragon Han Era were preserved.

When two major powers fought, they often pushed their slaves to the front. They set up simple sacrificial altars and used those slaves as blood offerings to lure and enlist the help of ancient gods or powerful half-gods.

Qin Mu didn't see the arrival of the ancient gods in White Earth, but he saw many winged or one-eyed and four-armed half gods descending, killing on the battlefield, unleashing their divine might.

“Why has this place become like this?” Qin Mu frowned as he asked Yu Chudu.

“It has always been like this.”

Yu Chudu shook his head and said, “It's not just White Earth, it's the other eight prefectures as well. I heard Teacher say that the customs here are the same as those of the Dragon Han Era. They rely on blood sacrifices to invite the gods to the mortal realm to aid in battle and conquer territories. Once divine arts practitioners become gods, they rise to the ancestral star of the nine prefectures, waiting for others to invite them down to the lower bound through blood sacrifice. Teacher wanted to change the nine prefectures and the three pillar heavens, but ultimately, he didn't have much success. When he was still alive…”

Qin Mu had a strange expression as he said, “The Emperor of Endless Clouds isn't dead.”

Yu Chudu got a fright and cried out, “Teacher isn't dead? I cried terribly at his funeral for more than ten days!”

He couldn't help but shake his head again. “My senior and junior brothers thought that Teacher had been taken to the God Execution Stage and was doomed eternally. Hence, I was sad for a long time and simply left the Endless Clouds Palace to become an outlaw. Except that now, my senior and junior brothers are dead…”

His expression dimmed before he roused his spirits. “When Teacher was here as the Emperor of Endless Clouds, he planned to change the tradition of nine prefectures and three pillar heavens. The nine ancient gods of the nine prefectures and the three ancient gods of three pillar heavens sought him out and told him that these ancient rules couldn't be changed. Seeing that Teacher was of the human race, they would remove humans from the sacrificial offerings as a way of giving face to Teacher. Teacher refused, and they fought.”

Qin Mu asked, “What happened after that?”

“Those 12 ancient gods were defeated and agreed to do away with the blood sacrifices.”

Yu Chudu paused for a moment and said, “However, they turned around and complained to White Deity, who rebuked Teacher and said that these rules existed in the entire Western Heaven. He asked Teacher if he intended to break the rules of Western Heaven. Only then did Teacher realize that Western Heaven was still in the Dragon Han Era and hadn't changed.”

He gave off a long sigh and said, “Teacher then lowered his head and apologized to the ancient gods of the nine prefectures and three pillar heavens and removed the human race from the sacrificial offerings. The twelve ancient gods didn't put him on the spot, just giving a few words of sarcasm that Teacher laughed off. However, he cried for a long time after he returned.”

Qin Mu's heart pounded as he said slowly, “The Emperor of Endless Clouds cries?”

Yu Chudu turned his head and wiped his eyes. “My brothers and I were all orphans picked up by Teacher. We didn't have good aptitudes, with only me being slightly better than the rest. Our Endless Clouds Palace was mocked by others as an orphan palace. Hehe, my days with Teacher were happy and carefree. After that, Teacher ran into trouble and was taken away by the celestial heavens. We thought that Teacher was already dead, so we left for the lower bound on a whim.”

He raised his head and said astringently, “After Teacher left, the nine prefectures and three pillar heavens returned to their former ways. Whenever war between major powers and nations breaks out, they still use humans as sacrifices, worshiping the ancient gods of the nine prefectures and three pillar heavens. My brothers and I rebelled because we didn't accept this. I didn't expect…”

Qin Mu patted his shoulder and said, “Don't be sad, your senior and junior brothers will watch over you and bless you from the heavens. Let's go. Where is the ancestral star of those nine ancient gods of the nine prefectures?”

Yu Chudu was stunned and asked puzzledly, “Senior Uncle, aren't we going to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to head towards the White Deity Celestial Palace? Why are we going to see the ancient gods?”

Qin Mu looked at the sky, his eyes gentle and as smooth as jade as he said, “The ancient gods and I are in a natural alliance. The ancient gods need me, and I also need the ancient gods. But the ancient gods of the nine prefectures and three pillar heavens have clearly submitted themselves to the celestial heavens and become the lackeys of White Deity. So…”

He retracted his gaze and revealed a dazzling smile that felt like sunshine during spring. “I'll bring you to kill a few ancient gods.”

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