Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1122 - Rainbow–Like Sword, Dragon

The White Earth ancient god took notice when the Glassy Sky Pagoda landed and immediately opened his eyes. The body of the four-armed white ape suddenly crackled as his muscles bulged. His physique became even larger than before and was expanding ceaselessly!

However, as Qin Mu bowed, the Glassy Sky Pagoda suddenly exploded violently, and its 28 canopies transformed into layers of heavens that constantly expanded outwards!

The entire White Earth ancestral land was instantly pulled apart by the 28 heavens. The gods and devils that were circling the ancient god were involuntarily tossed into the sky, landing on the different layers of heavens. The sacrificial altar beneath the ancient god was sent flying away as well, landing far away from him!

The moment Qin Mu bowed, he had already charged forward. As the 28 heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda shifted their positions, he was instantly brought to the front of the ancient god.

He was able to control the Glassy Sky Pagoda simply through his thoughts. This treasure was recognized as the best treasure in the world. From the perspective of Qin Mu, the refining methods of North Deity Xuan Wu weren't that brilliant and could even be considered as simple and crude.

They simply smelted treasures together forcefully. This was extremely crude and an eyesore.

However, the treasure was worthy of being the world's top treasure because too many treasures had been smelted together by North Deity Xuan Wu. Coupled with the ancient god egg, which made one's wishes come true, there was no other divine weapon in the world that could match up to this treasure.

The corporeal body of the White Earth ancient god was still expanding. However, there were 27 heavens between him and his ancestral land, and each of them seemed incomparably vast!

He suddenly felt emptied of his power, and a fear that he had never experienced surged in his heart. 'This is the treasure of North Deity Xuan Wu, the Glassy Sky Pagoda!'

He was panic-stricken. The Glassy Sky Pagoda was even praised by the ancient Celestial Emperor as the world's top treasure, possessing unpredictable power. Naturally, he knew of this treasure.

'Hasn't this treasure been missing for 600,000 years? Why did it appear now?'

Although he was in a state of confusion, he decisively stopped his corporeal body from expanding and began to shrink it instead.

If he had continued to expand his corporeal body without the support of his ancestral land, his body would only appear big and strong on the outside while being weak on the inside.

When his corporeal body shrank, his strength was condensed. After painstakingly researching his own Great Dao for millions of years, he was utterly convinced that he didn't need to fear anyone!

However, in the next moment, Qin Mu appeared in front of him and charged towards him.

Qin Mu drew out his sword, which covered the entire sky!

Right at that moment, when his corporeal body stopped expanding and had yet to contract, was when his power was at its weakest.

Even so, he was calm in the perilous situation. The ancient gods were born into the Dao and had an innate ability to control the Great Dao, possessing an advantage that Postcelestial lifeforms couldn't match up to.

Although the ancient gods couldn't set foot into other realms, as long as he researched his own Great Dao, he was convinced that he could rely on his innate advantages and his own perception of his Dao to surpass Postcelestial lifeforms and half-gods!

In his own Dao, he was supreme and peerless!

However, when he saw Qin Mu's sword light, he realized that Qin Mu's sword was charging towards his weakness.

No Great Dao was perfect, especially those of ancient gods. This was because all of the ancient gods would be summoned by the ancient Celestial Emperor so that Dao Ancestor of the Dao Sect could map out their runes of Great Dao.

Even Heaven Duke and Mother Earth's runes of Great Dao were mapped out by Dao Ancestor, and the White Earth ancient god was no exception. When he saw Qin Mu's sword light, he knew that Qin Mu's sword skill divine art was directed at his weakness.

Without thinking much, he raised and shook his hand. Light rays exploded from the center of his palm as his Great Dao boomed. He was convinced that he could crush Qin Mu and his sword skill divine art with his magic power.

He raised his three other hands, and each had a different mudra. One to kill the corporeal body, one to shake up the primordial spirit, and one to destroy everything Qin Mu had!

Those three seals were his highest achievements, representing the ultimate skills he had comprehended through his hard work in researching his own Dao for millions of years.

His first palm had already clashed with Qin Mu's sword light. As long as he was able to block Qin Mu's sword and smash it into pieces, his second, third, and fourth attacks would land on Qin Mu in succession, pulverizing him!

At that moment, he saw Qin Mu's sword passing through the five fingers of his palm. It was as though Qin Mu didn't encounter any resistance. However, he saw his thumb flying up as half of his palm, along with his other four fingers, detached and fell from his hand.

Along with the snow-white sword light was Qin Mu's figure. When he saw Qin Mu's face clearly, it scared him.

“Celestial Venerable Mu…”

The muscles on the ancient god's face began to shake violently. The terrible existence who slaughtered the five elements ancient gods in the distant ancient era was back!

To him, Celestial Venerable Mu was like a stranger. However, when he heard about his name after Qin Mu killed the five elements ancient gods, it got imprinted deeply into his head, like a nightmare that would materialize from time to time to terrorize him.

He had heard of Celestial Venerable Mu a long time ago. However, he had disappeared for 600,000 years and didn't appear again until 10 years ago.

Only at that time did he realize that Celestial Venerable Mu was just a young man who had transmigrated to the Dragon Han Era through a stroke of luck. He used the appearance of Mu Qing and wasn't very capable.

What was more important was that Celestial Venerable Mu no longer had his former ferocious reputation, though he had gained the title of Invincible Great Wizard among the ancient gods.

According to legend, as long as Celestial Venerable Mu was safe, the ancient gods could be invincible and immortal.

The so-called Invincible Great Wizard meant that he was a powerful magic practitioner who could make the ancient gods invincible. It didn't mean that Qin Mu himself was invincible.

The ancient gods rejoiced and thought that they would be able to return to the days of the Dragon Han Era, perhaps even returning to the ancient primordial era when ancient gods ruled the world.

When the White Earth ancient god heard this rumor, he was very happy. Although he depended on the celestial heavens and White Deity of Western Heaven, even maintaining the custom of blood consumption and blood sacrifice, he wasn't free and couldn't be as unrestrained as before.

If the ferocious and cruel Celestial Venerable Mu who killed ancient gods back then could become a great benefactor who could make the ancient gods invincible, that would be a good thing.

Also, since Celestial Venerable Mu was weak and tiny, controlling him should have been easy.

However, Celestial Venerable Mu was there to kill him now!

The second mudra missed Qin Mu, as did the third. The fourth mudra arrived behind Qin Mu, giving off a majestic aura!

At the same time, light rays burst forth from the horn on his forehead, shining towards Qin Mu!


The light rays landed on top of the sword light, dissipating it and revealing the essence of the broken sword.

His fourth attack came from behind Qin Mu. If he didn't dodge, he would be killed by it!

A smile flashed on his trembling face as his voice boomed like thunder. “Celestial Venerable Mu, hold it! We're natural allies…”

Before he could finish his words, the broken sword in Qin Mu's hands expanded, transforming into a divine knife that slashed towards his divine horn!

The slash split open his hard divine horn as easily as splitting bamboo. The divine horn was sliced in two, flying off from the top of his head.

The White Earth ancient god followed up with his fourth attack immediately, which arrived at the back of Qin Mu's heart. At that moment, the divine knife in Qin Mu's hand turned into a long sword, which passed across his forehead.


The fourth attack struck the back of Qin Mu's heart forcefully, and flesh and blood flew all around. Flying along with the flesh and blood was the skull of the White Earth ancient god.

His skull flew backward, while Qin Mu's back was almost completely blown away by his attack. His back muscles were completely rotten and were sent flying behind the White Earth ancient god, just like his skull.

Qin Mu looked down and was able to see the ancient god's brain structure clearly.

The ancient god was only left with half a brain.

The moment Qin Mu lowered his head, his third eye at the heart of his brows opened, and a ray of light penetrated into the remaining half of the White Earth ancient god's brain.

The god soul of the ancient god disintegrated. His earth soul tried to escape, but it was too late. Instantly, it was pulverized, turning into tumbling black soul sand that dissipated into the air!

The Glassy Sky Pagoda retracted, and the 28 heavens turned into the 28 canopies, closing up along the pillar.

The gods and devils returned to the vicinity of the sacrificial altar. They hadn't composed themselves, and their eyes were full of confusion.

The White Earth ancient god remained seated on the sacrificial altar of the ancestral land. Three of his palms still had mudras whose powers weren't yet dissipated, while his other palm was only left with half a palm.

His smile remained frozen on his face.

“God Ancestor, what happened?” the gods and devils looked around and asked.

Only then did they realize that the White Earth ancient god was dead!

Qin Mu mobilized his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, quickly healing the injuries on his back. He then pulled out the Glassy Sky Pagoda as he turned to leave, saying solemnly, “Let's go to the Black Prefecture in the north to meet the Capable Earth ancient god!”

Behind him, sounds of wailing and crying traveled over.

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