Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1124 -

The Capable Earth ancient god had the face of a human, the body of a dog, and the feet of a tiger. His mouth was filled with long sharp protruding teeth. Behind him were nine gigantic green tails. He was making merry on the sacrificial altar, enjoying a dance performance.

He was surrounded by many celestial troops and generals and was heavily guarded. Below him, there were heavenly ladies playing drums made from silk and bamboo. Their voices were melodious, and their dance was graceful.

Those heavenly ladies had good figures and wore very little clothing, which barely covered their intimate parts. As they danced in front of everyone, their postures were extremely provocative.

The Capable Earth ancient god and a group of god generals laughed with joy. He got excited and raised his wine cup. There wasn't much wine left in his three-legged bronze cup that was as tall as a man.

He reached out and grabbed a heavenly lady who was singing and dancing. He tightened his fist, squeezing the blood out of that heavenly lady and into his cup. He then drank it in one mouthful!

That heavenly lady was already dead and was tossed away by him.

Qin Mu saw this scene as he looked from outside the Capable Earth ancestral land. He produced the Glassy Sky Pagoda, took a few steps back, and abruptly dashed forward. On the way, he threw the Glassy Sky Pagoda into the Capable Earth ancestral land!


The speed of the Glassy Sky Pagoda was faster than the speed of sound. Soon, it reached a speed of 100 times faster than sound. Its jade pillar dragged a trail of flames into the Capable Earth ancestral ground as it slowly opened its canopies!

Qin Mu was following behind the Glassy Sky Pagoda at a comparable speed. As he charged forward, he lowered his head while his hand pressed against the hilt of his broken sword.


Two streaks of lightning, one man and one treasure, penetrated the sinister earth aura of the Capable Earth ancestral land. The gods and devils guarding the North Black Prefecture were killed in a flash before even seeing them.

The Glassy Sky Pagoda ran through the various divine palaces and halls and arrived at the sacrificial altar in an instant, pointing directly at the heart of the Capable Earth ancient god!

The Capable Earth ancient god's reaction was extremely fast. He reached out and immediately grabbed the jade pillar of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, yelling, “Who dares to be so insolent?”

The 28 heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda opened and expanded out.

The Capable Earth ancient god was shocked to see that his body was lifted high up and sent to the first heaven, far away from his altar.

The moment the 28 heavens expanded outside, a sword light flew over. The huge pupils of the Capable Earth ancient god reflected the sword light as it grew bigger and bigger. It then exploded and transformed into the 33 heavens.

His corporeal body was stabbed by the sword as the 33 heavens expanded outwards. No matter how strong his corporeal body was or how much effort he used to mobilize the power of his corporeal body to suppress the sword light, the power of his 33 heavens of the sword path ultimately represented the imprint of Qin Mu's sword techniques on the 33 voids.

From his observation of Capable Earth ancient god's Great Dao cultivation, he hadn't comprehended his Great Dao up to the level of the 33rd void.

His cultivation was extremely strong, his magic power extremely dense, and his comprehension of his own Great Dao was unmatched. However, his Great Dao was broken, and his comprehension of Dao was inferior to his opponent, causing his corporeal body to be unable to handle the 33 heavens of the sword path.

His corporeal body was divided into thirty-four parts. The thirty-three parts of his body from bottom to top turned into various heavens with vast mountains and rivers.

His head flew up, and together with it was the figure of Qin Mu. His left palm was pressed on the heart of the Capable Earth ancient god's brows.

The Celestial River's Viewing of the Four Poles.

Around the Capable Earth ancient god's head, a celestial river emerged, running through the Four Extreme Heavens. On the Four Extreme Heavens, the Great Dao forms of Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise materialized, combining their strength in one attack, striking deep into his brain.

The three souls of the Capable Earth ancient god shattered, killing him.

Yu Chudu and the others waited anxiously outside. Qin Mu had suddenly abandoned them and broken into the ancestral land of the Capable Earth ancient god. They couldn't help but be worried.

At that moment, a huge head flew out from the sinister earth aura, hitting the ground and tumbling a few times.

“Let's head over to the next ancient god's ancestral land,” Qin Mu said in a gentle voice as he walked out of the sinister earth aura.

The dragon qilin quickly caught up with him and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Cult Master, you've already killed two ancient gods. If you continue to kill them, aren't you afraid of offending Heaven Duke and Earth Count? They are, after all, ancient gods as well. All beings grieve for their own kind. If they realize that you've killed the ancient gods here, they'll inevitably be a little unhappy.”

Qin Mu stopped and said, “Can Heaven Duke and Earth Count handle these ancient gods? Either they are unable to control them, or they never did. These ancient gods are two-faced. On the one hand, they joined the celestial heavens, enjoying the status and power, feeding on all beings. On the other hand, they want me to make them invincible so that they can overthrow the celestial heavens and return back to the barbaric distant ancient era! I absolutely can't tolerate these kinds of creatures in my camp!”

The dragon qilin said, “That being said…”

“I don't want this kind of ally!”

Qin Mu coldly said, “The Dragon Han Revolution failed because the half-gods replaced the ancient gods, and nothing has changed! If even Eternal Peace allies with these ancient gods and overthrows the celestial heavens, there will be no change!”

The dragon qilin hesitated. “What if Heaven Duke and Earth Count don't understand this?”

“They need to. They are gods born from the Great Dao, different from these gods born from sacrificial worship.”

Qin Mu walked forward, saying, “After all, the ancient gods born from the Great Dao are different from the ancient gods born from sacrificial worship. The ancient gods born from sacrificial worship were originally born with the evil thoughts of the masters of creation of the ancient primordial era and can never change their ways. Heaven Duke and Earth Count will understand my decision.”

The dragon qilin kept quiet.

The gods and devils of the White Earth ancestral land were unnerved after the death of the White Earth ancient god, but they quickly calmed down and hurried to the other ancestral lands to inform the remaining eight ancient gods.

At the same time, three of the gods and devils flew towards the three pillar heavens to inform the ancient gods there.

The White Earth Hope Prefecture was located at the center of the nine prefectures, so the route to the other eight prefectures was the shortest and the fastest. However, it still took three to five days to reach the ancestral land of each prefecture.

One of the gods rushed to the Proper South High Prefecture as swift as the wind, barging into the ancestral land of the High Prefecture ancient god and weeping loudly. “Deep Earth ancient god, please help us. The White Earth god ancestor was assassinated!”

When the Deep Earth ancient god heard those words, he couldn't help but fly into a rage. He slapped his table and bellowed, “Who is so bold to kill my sworn brother?”

That god said, “I didn't see clearly. Without any sight or sound, White Earth god ancestor simply died…”


The Deep Earth ancient god was enraged. He immediately shouted out an order. “Mobilize the great army and head out to the White Earth god prefecture with me to see who this audacious culprit is!”

After half a day, the great army of gods and devils embarked. The Deep Earth ancient god sat in the center, surrounded by thousands of gods and devils in formation.

The Deep Earth ancient god was feeling a little uneasy. He thought to himself, 'Since that person was able to kill White Earth sworn brother, his abilities are by no means insignificant. If I rush forward, I'll most likely be ambushed by this person. However, I'm protected by my great army, and my battle formations are tight. Even strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne would find it hard to get close…'

At that moment, the Glassy Sky Pagoda fell from the sky as its 28 heavens expanded, smashing the battle formations into nothingness!

After some time, the 28 heavens disappeared, and everything returned to normal. The Glassy Sky Pagoda turned into a blue light, which rose up into the air, disappearing among the white clouds in the sky.

The Glassy Sky Pagoda disappeared, and the soldiers all returned to their places, looking as though they had never left.

Everyone hurriedly looked at the Deep Earth ancient god and saw that he remained in his seat, motionless. His hands were still holding onto the armrests of his treasure seat tightly. However, his head was gone!

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