Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1125 - Not Leaving Any Path of Survival

On that day, the nine prefectures descended into chaos. One after another, the news came, sending shockwaves across the nine prefectures.

“The Capable Earth ancient god is dead without a complete corpse!”

“The Dawn Earth ancient god was killed while he was traveling!”

“The Open Earth ancient god is dead!”

“The White Earth ancient god was beheaded, and his three souls shattered!”

“The Hidden Earth ancient god was killed in his dreams, without any external injuries!”

“The Flood Earth ancient god was killed in his ancestral land!”

The terrible news seemed like it had wings, flying all over the nine prefectures and the three pillar heavens. The gods of the three pillar heavens sat upright, their expressions solemn.

After they had received the news, they didn't become fidgety like the Deep Earth ancient god. Rather, they immediately gathered together. Only by doing so did they feel more assured that they wouldn't be killed out of the blue.

“From this news, it seems that the ancient gods of the nine prefectures were wiped out.”

The first pillar ancient god had a solemn expression. He looked like a ghost king with his green face and protruding fangs. He said with a low voice, “Within five days, nine ancient gods from White Earth to Deep Earth were killed. This shows clearly that the fighting wasn't evenly matched. Rather, the killer went around unopposed. Before the other nine prefecture ancient gods received the news, he had snuck into their ancestral lands and killed them.”

The second pillar ancient god, with his red face and protruding fangs, frowned and said, “We're already not weak. All these years, we've been researching our Dao techniques, and our abilities have become stronger. Broadly speaking, although we aren't on the same level as the ten Celestial Venerables, we should be able to match up to strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne. How did those ancient gods of the nine prefectures die without any resistance?”

The third pillar ancient god said, “When I heard the news, I could only deduce one possibility.”

His gaze flickered as he said, “The top treasure in the world has emerged.”

As soon as he said this, the other two ancient gods fell into shock and revealed incredulous looks.

“To be able to kill our ancient god sworn brothers of the nine prefectures so quickly, that would take the world's top treasure, the Glassy Sky Pagoda. And I know the assassin, it's the rumored number one heavenly master, Dragon Mountain Sanren!”

The third pillar ancient god said, “I heard a story from the youngest brother of Northern Heaven's Black Deity. Back then, when Black Deity, Son of Heaven Yin, separated from the celestial heavens 600,000 years ago, he went to the celestial palace of North Deity Xuan Wu and met Dragon Mountain Sanren there. Dragon Mountain Sanren used the Glassy Sky Pagoda to defeat the millions of gods and devils of the Celestial River Navy, causing the number one heavenly master back then, Shang Pinying, to vomit blood after three bouts. After that, Shang Pinying was depressed and was unable to recover from this setback for the next 10,000 years. Ultimately, Yue Tingge replaced him.”

He fell into a daze, and his face revealed a terrified look. When he spoke, his voice was a little hoarse. “At that time, Shang Pinying controlled military powers such as the Celestial River Navy, the two Divine Martial Guards, and the Northern Sect Army. These forces were more than enough to handle Mother Earth. However, Dragon Mountain Sanren, with the help of a few divine arts practitioners, gods, and devils of the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace, killed and destroyed half of these four great armies of gods and devils!”

The other two ancient gods couldn't help but reveal looks of fear.

The more one knew about the strength of the celestial heavens, the more one would hold the celestial heavens in awe and veneration, not daring to resist.

Back then, they were there when the celestial heavens split and knew very well how treacherous the situation was.

The celestial heavens had sent its great armies to prevent the four deities from leaving. However, they were defeated, and Celestial Venerable Huo was seriously injured by South Deity Zhu Que.

However, the most terrifying battle took place on top of the celestial river, where the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace was being intercepted. The military strength of the celestial heavens was severely weakened after that and didn't recover for a number of years.

However, the more impactful matter was the theft of the world's top treasure, the Glassy Sky Pagoda. At that time, there were many different versions of the incident circulating among the masses, but few knew the inside story.

“Back then, after Dragon Mountain Sanren defeated the great army of the celestial heavens, he stole the Glassy Sky Pagoda and disappeared without a trace.”

The third pillar ancient god said, “Son of Heaven Yin was at the Black Tortoise Celestial Palace at the time and thus had a lot of inside information. I only heard about this when Son of Heaven Yin talked about the matter accidentally.”

There were a total of eight ancient gods of the pillar heavens, which were known as the Eight Pillar Heavens. There were three pillar heavens in Western Heaven, four in Eastern Heaven, and one in Northern Heaven. The ancient god of Northern Heaven's pillar heaven was the youngest.

“Because of this battle, Dragon Mountain Sanren was recognized as the number one heavenly master. He then disappeared with the Glassy Sky Pagoda and hasn't been seen for 600,000 years. Hence, it became an unsettled case of the Dragon Han Era. I didn't expect that the motive of his reappearance would be to come after us, the ancient gods.”

The third pillar ancient god said, “We can't sit here and wait for our doom!”

The other two ancient gods frowned and said, “Dragon Mountain Sanren was already so powerful 600,000 years ago and can only be more powerful now. He has the number one treasure in the world, the Glassy Sky Pagoda. How can we defeat him? There's only death waiting for us. Maybe he's on his way to kill us now!”

The third pillar ancient god smiled. “Hence, we should leave while we still can!”

He got up and said, “Let's abandon our ancestral lands and head over to White Deity of Western Heaven. No matter how powerful that Dragon Mountain Sanren is, he won't dare to attack White Deity!”

“To abandon our ancestral lands…” Those two ancient gods were a little reluctant.

The third pillar ancient god said, “You'll be killed if you don't. If you leave, you can still survive. What's your decision?”

The two ancient gods stood up and said in unison, “The ancestral lands aren't as important as our lives. Let's leave!”

The three ancient gods immediately shrank their bodies and flew out of the third pillar heaven. They turned into three streams of light that headed straight for White Earth's Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. After two days, they arrived at the bridge. After entering the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, they came to Western Heaven.

Western Heaven was the celestial palace of White Deity. It was extremely grand and imposing, with more than ten Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges that led to various places like the celestial heavens, Eastern Heaven, Southern Heaven, Northern Heaven, and Mingdu.

There were many buildings in the celestial palace, so there was no space to build the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges inside it. They were erected around the palace instead.

The three ancient gods arrived and saw that the White Deity Celestial Palace was rather empty. After asking around, they found out that the celestial heavens had mobilized White Deity's troops to attack the Great Void.

Today, White Deity led the gods and devils of his celestial palace towards the celestial heavens, planning to reach the Great Void by passing through it. Only Prince Qing Zong was around in the celestial palace.

“The celestial heavens even mobilized White Deity's troops. Could the Great Void be so difficult to conquer?”

The three ancient gods were surprised and looked at each other. “Prince Qing Zong may be powerful, but it would still be difficult for him to oppose Dragon Mountain Sanren. Coupled with the fact that there aren't many troops around, it's not safe for us to remain here. Why don't we head towards the celestial heavens from here?”

The second pillar ancient god said, “I didn't eat much over the last few days of fleeing. I'm so hungry. Why don't we get some food first?”

The other two ancient gods also felt a little hungry after hearing his words. “There are too many rules in the celestial heavens, and it's difficult to eat freely there. Let's just get some food here at Prince Qing Zong's.”

The three ancient gods flew below the White Deity Celestial Palace. Below it was a vast continent created from the growth soil that the first White Deity borrowed from the celestial heavens.

On it, there were many beings. However, life was relatively tough.

As the three ancient gods flew through the air, they saw a city below. Although it was run-down, there was still a sizable population. They quickly turned and headed there.

When the divine arts practitioners of the city saw those three ancient gods descending, they hurriedly armed themselves. However, they got turned into ashes as the first pillar ancient god flew past.

There weren't many divine arts practitioners in that town to begin with. Now, they were only left with common folks. They huddled together and wailed terribly.

The three ancient gods ate to their hearts' content. No matter how those villagers tried, they were unable to escape.

An ignorant little girl, looking malnourished and skinny like bones, walked forward unsteadily, holding a bone that was only left with a few shreds of meat on it. She held out the bone and said timidly, “Uncle, eat this, please don't eat us…”

The first pillar ancient god reached out and grabbed her, chuckling as he said, “Uncle doesn't eat bones. Uncle only eats people.”

When he was about to swallow that little girl, a sword light suddenly flashed past. The first pillar ancient god could only look at his broken arm in a daze as divine blood gushed out of his wound.

In the next instant, he felt a chill in the heart of his brows as a broken sword stabbed through the back of his head, exiting from the front!

The second and third pillar ancient gods were shocked. They heard a loud noise as a gigantic pillar stabbed into the center of the city. Soil flew up into the air as the canopies fluttered in the wind.

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