Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1126 - All Requests Granted

"Dragon Mountain Sanren?" The expressions of the two ancient gods changed drastically as they cried out.

The dragon qilin, who was following behind Qin Mu, got a shock. "There are actually people who can recognize me? Am I so well known?"

He raised his tail straight up like a flagpole and wiggled it twice.

When he appeared as Dragon Mountain Sanren, he didn't have a tail, as he needed to be in human form. Now, in his dragon qilin form, he could naturally wave his tail.

The two ancient gods were so horrified that they didn't care whether their senior brother was dead or alive. Instead, they quickly rose into the air. However, at that moment, the canopies of the Glassy Sky Pagoda expanded as the 28 heavens opened up, separating the two ancient gods.

The second pillar ancient god immediately ran, his speed becoming faster and faster. He shook his shoulders, opening up the two bone wings on his back as the membrane on the bones trembled. In a flash, he leaped onto star after star, like a flickering shadow.

At that moment, he realized that they weren't stars but gigantic treasures. They gave off a dazzling brilliance, like stars hanging in the heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

'This is truly the world's number one treasure…'

Just as he thought until there, the space around him transformed. In an instant, he found himself in front of Qin Mu again!

The second pillar ancient god was astonished. He was far away from his ancestral land, and his strength was greatly reduced. He definitely wouldn't be able to defeat Dragon Mountain Sanren, and his death was certain.

However, when his gaze landed on Qin Mu and the rest, he was stunned.

'The cultivation of these people isn't high. The highest is that little green sparrow. There's one that's at the Jade Capital Realm and another at the true god realm. Could it be that Dragon Mountain Sanren isn't here and that they're just his disciples?'

He couldn't help but be excited. If they were just the disciples and followers of Dragon Mountain Sanren, it would be a godsend for him!

'If the number one treasure in the world, the Glassy Sky Pagoda, lands in my hands…'

Instead of retreating, he charged forward towards Qin Mu and the rest!

At that moment, Qin Mu bowed at the Glassy Sky Pagoda and said, "May the treasure offer to the first heaven to eliminate our strong foe."

As soon as his voice landed, that ancient god egg high up at the domed roof of the Glassy Sky Pagoda trembled, radiating sounds of Great Dao. A majestic force of Great Dao gushed from the domed roof and poured into the ancestral court treasures of the first heaven!

Instantly, those strange treasures were filled with heart-palpating trembles. World-annihilating light rays contorted the space inside the Glassy Sky Pagoda before exploding in all directions, engulfing the second pillar ancient god!

An earth-shattering boom traveled over. The second pillar ancient god's body evaporated on the spot, leaving no corpse or bones!

The dragon qilin and Yan'er cheered in unison. Qin Mu, however, couldn't help but feel spooked. He raised his head and looked at the ancient god egg at the top of the sky, feeling a little fearful.

The lifeform in the ancient god egg was unimaginably powerful. It granted whatever was requested. Its divine arts were powerful, and so was its strength, giving Qin Mu a feeling of even surpassing the Celestial Venerables.

He was afraid that even the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu controlled by the Celestial Venerables wouldn't be able to match up to it!

Qin Mu maintained his composure. However, goosebumps popped out on the back of his neck, and cold sweat rolled down.

On the other side, the third pillar ancient god was also moving very fast, escaping the various heavens quickly.

At that moment, Qin Mu bowed again and said solemnly, "May the treasure offer to the 17th heaven to attack this strong foe!"

A loud and clear Dao sound once again traveled from the ancient god egg at the top of the sky, sounding like melodious large bells and waves of war drums. At the same time, Qin Mu's consciousness quietly rose into the sky, trying to probe the mystery of the ancient god egg.

This ancient god egg was different from Tai Shi's egg. When Wei Suifeng split the Tai Shi egg, the power in the Tai Shi egg was activated. Various Great Dao markings flowed from the egg as the sound of Dao roared.

This ancient god egg had no strange phenomena on its outside, so it was difficult to explore what was inside. Only when its power was mobilized was a path for its power to flow out opened up, giving Qin Mu the opportunity to sneak his consciousness inside.

The various ancestral court treasures of the 17th heaven gave out a bright brilliance, killing the third pillar ancient god. At the same time, Qin Mu's consciousness reached the side of the ancient god egg, burrowing into it.

Upon entering the egg, he saw a huge primordial gas cloud, vast and boundless. He didn't know what substance it was exactly. It didn't look like egg fluid.

Just as he was about to take a closer look, suddenly, the gas cloud turned into a giant bell. On its surface, there were birds, beasts, insects, fish, the sun, moon, stars, galaxies, constellations, and all kinds of natural phenomena.

When Qin Mu was about to take a closer look, the giant bell suddenly vanished and was replaced by a huge ancient-looking cauldron. It sat atop a heavy earth aura, floating up and down, spinning endlessly.

There were various relief sculptures of all kinds of ancient gods on its surface, such as gods with three-headed and six-armed forms, gods with the head of a human and the body of a snake, and gods with the head of a cow and the face of a tiger, among many others.

Before Qin Mu could get a clear look, it disappeared. A bright mirror then emerged. Within it, thousands of worlds appeared, teeming with life and bustling with activity. It was as though the lifeforms of the universe were going through ceaseless evolution.

Suddenly, the bright mirror disappeared. The strange primordial gas cloud swirled again. From its purple air, a lady walked out. She had a peerless face, which made people fall in love with her at first sight.

'Lang Wo…'

Qin Mu was stunned. Divine King Lang Wo walked towards him with a smile. She was youthful and quick-witted, gentle and amorous.

When Divine King Lang Wo came to his side, her appearance changed, becoming another young lady. She was dressed in white and had a long sword on her back. There were tiny dragon horns on her forehead, and her hair rested on her shoulders, like water flowing down.

'Bai Qu'er…'

Qin Mu's heart trembled. Bai Qu'er walked towards him, her eyes revealing a longing that lasted for 40,000 years.

However, her appearance changed again, becoming a young girl whom he had met on the Surging River. Ling Yuxiu, who was dressed as a man, appeared in front of him, her eyes full of playfulness and brashness.

Among those three women, one was deeply attracted to Qin Mu but had forsaken all of her emotions for the sake of her race's future.

One was the High Emperor Sword God. Because of her belief that one's life was greater than the heavens, she alone bore the heavy burden of guarding the survivors of the High Emperor Era, seeking a path of survival in the dark.

It was also because of that night's encounter during the calamity of High Emperor, which resulted in a lifelong misunderstanding, that she waited miserably for Qin Mu for 40,000 years.

The other was a relationship formed from childhood. However, one of them became an emperor, while the other became an imperial preceptor, so they couldn't be together.

The three women all came from the weakness of his Dao heart, created to counter the weakness of his inner heart!

Lang Wo wasn't cold anymore. Bai Qu'er could forsake everything. Ling Yuxiu could return to how she was in the past.

It felt as though if he were willing to stay, he could get what he desired, to be together with those three ladies forever.

'This isn't real, just an illusion…'

Qin Mu's consciousness was in chaos. Ling Yuxiu had already reached out with her palm and gently touched his consciousness, making it tremble.

Celestial Venerable Mu, who shocked and awed the Dragon Han and stirred up trouble in the celestial heavens, wasn't a god who was omnipotent and not affected by his feelings. Ultimately, he was a man with a tender heart.

His consciousness couldn't help but transform into his figure, feeling the touch of his lover.

Ling Yuxiu's face turned into Bai Qu'er as she lay on his chest. When she raised her head, her face turned into a youthful Lang Wo, soft and tender like water.

"You could stay here. There's no need to carry everything on your shoulders. We can be together forever." Her breath smelled like orchids and irises.


His consciousness exploded and vanished.

He took the initiative to destroy his consciousness so as to prevent himself from getting mesmerized inside the ancient god egg.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the death of the third pillar ancient god.


Qin Mu's eyes moved away from the ancient god egg in the sky as he thought quietly to himself, 'Although this ancient god hasn't been born, it's able to transform into any form and substance, even any person!'

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