Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1128 - Bone

While the dragon qilin and Yan'er were quite familiar with Qin Mu's resurrection divine art, Yu Chudu was seeing it for the first time. He couldn't help but be amazed.

Qin Mu had summoned and reconstructed her broken soul. Such a divine art was able to go against the laws of heaven. He had seen and known plenty of divine arts, but he had never even heard of the type of divine art that Qin Mu had just displayed.

That type of divine art had transcended beyond life and death and the wheel of reincarnation. Even ancient gods who were born out of the Great Dao like Heaven Duke, Earth Count, Heavenly Yin, Celestial Empress, and Yuanmu were unable to control Qin Mu's fate.

Apart from shock, there was also fear in Yu Chudu's heart. He felt that that type of divine art would prevent people from dying, which went against the laws of heaven, perverting the Dao of reincarnation.

However, while most divine arts in the world followed the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, there were also divine arts that perverted it.

For instance, the path of healing, which healed the wounded and rescued the dying was also a perversion of the laws of heaven. Another example would be the path of growing, which caused crops and livestock to grow rapidly.

Forging and smelting were the same, breaking open the mountains, splitting apart the seas, building bridges in the air, and laying down roads. Weren't those going against the laws of heaven?

Moreover, every divine art in the world was full of destructive power, eradicating life and destroying nature. This also went against the laws of heaven.

Except that people had long gotten used to it and didn't find it strange. Qin Mu's divine art, on the other hand, was still unusual and hence shocking.

The little girl woke up. She curled up her lips and was about to cry. Yu Chudu hurried forward and gently comforted her.

“Disciple Nephew Yu, you can't stay in the celestial heavens or the territories of Western Heaven anymore. Why don't you take her to the Primordial Realm?”

Qin Mu said, “She's now alone and helpless. It's too dangerous for me to take a little girl with me. Hence, I ask you for help.”

Yu Chudu was a little unwilling as he said, “Disciple would like to train under Senior Uncle for a while, broadening my horizons.”

Qin Mu laughed heartily. “It's no use being with me. Your teacher's abilities far surpass mine, and his horizons are much higher. Soon, I'll be able to rescue him. When that happens, you can be reunited with him. That's when your horizons will be broadened.”

“It's no fun being with Teacher, it's not stimulating enough…” Yu Chudu muttered softly.


Qin Mu had a strange expression as he thought to himself, 'Going forward, there will be times that you'll be stimulated to the point of even nearing death.'

Yu Chudu also knew that he was of great importance to the celestial heavens. Wei Suifeng was unorthodox and clever. He was able to barge into the Great Void and traverse through the crumbling void by creating a way to shield himself from the heart devils.

Only an extraordinary talent like Wei Suifeng could create such a technique.

Yu Chudu was Wei Suifeng's most capable disciple, and he taught him all of his abilities. The celestial heavens would do anything to have that technique!

“When you're at Eternal Peace, there'll be someone who will be able to track you down and lure away your soul.”

Qin Mu took out the Life and Death Book and took several glances at Yu Chudu. He then said, “That person is Son of Heaven Yin. I'll help remove your name from the Life and Death Book so that he won't be able to find you.”

He erased Yu Chudu's name from the Life and Death Book, saying, “It could be as long as five years or as short as two years before I rescue your teacher from the ghost ship. You can then be reunited with your teacher again. When you're at Eternal Peace, make sure you study earnestly. You must also understand what you have absorbed and create your own path, striving to improve from third-rate to second-rate.”

Yu Chudu had a solemn expression as he bowed to express his thanks. He held the hand of the little girl and said, “Disciple will closely follow the guidance that Senior Uncle has given me!”

Qin Mu bent down to look at the little girl and smiled. “Little girl, what's your name?”

The little girl was still clutching the animal bone tightly in her hand. There were some stains on her face as she said timidly, “Hua Xuanxiu. Uncle, please eat this.”

She placed the animal bone, which had been gnawed until it only had a few tiny pieces of shredded meat left, in front of Qin Mu. Qin Mu accepted it and laughed. “Hua Xuanxiu, what a nice name. Do you know that after coming back to life, your three souls and seven spirits have been strengthened by my divine art? Even divine arts practitioners of the Six Directions Realm aren't your match. On top of that, I'll give you a bigger bone!”

He reached out and retrieved the thigh bone of the second pillar ancient god. He removed the flesh and spent some time tempering and suppressing the terrifying power contained in the bone. He then placed the bone into her hands and smiled. “This can protect you.”

Hua Xuanxiu grabbed the enormous thigh bone tightly and examined it. She was a little disappointed. “Uncle, there's no meat on it. This is meant for dogs!”

“Dogs are unable to chew it.”

Qin Mu laughed heartily and waved. “Worthy Nephew, take her and be on your way.”

Yu Chudu bowed again. He then held Hua Xuanxiu's hand and left.

Qin Mu threw the animal bone that Hua Xuanxiu gave him to the dragon qilin. The dragon qilin opened his mouth to catch it and immediately spit it out, saying resentfully, “I'm a vegetarian… Cult Master, where are we going next?”

Qin Mu started to walk off as he said, “Let's head to the White Deity Celestial Palace and transit to Southern Heaven, Northern Heaven, and Eastern Heaven to take a look.”

The dragon qilin quickly followed him together with Yan'er. He then probed, “Are we going to kill the ancient gods of the other heavens? If all of the ancient gods of the four great heavens are dead, it'll result in a massive upheaval.”

“We're only going there to visit, simply taking a look.”

Qin Mu's gaze flickered and said, “I want to go to those worlds to see how the people live there. I don't necessarily have to lay my hands on the ancient gods. Hehe…”

He laughed. “Actually, aren't the half-gods just another batch of ancient gods? So what if I can kill all of the incorrigibly obstinate ancient gods? Even if the ancient gods are gone, there will be batches and batches of half-gods to kill, never-ending.”

The dragon qilin pondered and asked, “In that case, how can we change all this?”

“We still need to self-strengthen. The human race needs to strengthen itself, and so do the Postcelestial races.”

Qin Mu thought for a while and said, “When humans are stronger, they'll no longer need to fear the half-gods and will be able to resist them. Moreover, only when they are stronger will they be able to push for change and become gods for the masses. This is the reason Eternal Peace's reform is essential. When you encounter an unjust situation, dealing with it with force is akin to making a small fuss. What I really want to do…”

He looked at the White Deity Celestial Palace, which was getting closer and closer, and said plainly, “What I really want to do is push Eternal Peace's reform to all corners of the universe and the great heavens, breaking the gods in people's hearts! The Dragon Han Era failed to achieve this, as did the Crimson Light Era, High Emperor Era, and Founding Emperor Era! But Eternal Peace might be able to do it.”

He let out a long sigh. “While I travel to the four great heavens, I can make use of the time to calm down, research and comprehend Celestial Venerable Ling's letter, rescue Big Senior Brother, and rescue the Feathered Forest Guards on the ghost ship. What's even more critical is…”

He didn't continue on.

He had to understand the Great Dao of the two yet-to-be-born ancient gods in the Glassy Sky Pagoda's egg and the egg of Tai Shi. He had a very bad feeling about those two ancient gods.

Especially in his Qin word land, where the two ancient gods were communicating with each other. However, when his consciousness entered the Qin word land, they would stop immediately.

That was simply too bewildering!

If those two existences that were comparable to the ancient Celestial Emperor were born, what terrible storm would they stir up?

He needed to understand what they were communicating about, their thoughts, and their Great Daos!

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