Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1129 - Emerging as an Invincible Expert

In the White Deity Celestial Palace, Prince Qing Zong was in a terrible position. There was news from the nine prefectures that the nine ancient gods were killed, and their murderer was unknown. The three pillar heavens ancient gods had also vanished without a trace.

White Deity had just led the army out of Western Heaven, and now such a big event had happened. When White Deity returned, he would definitely reprimand him severely for his ineptness. Whether he could still be a prince was now in question.

“Your Highness, there's news from the nine prefectures that the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge that links the nine prefectures to the celestial heavens was destroyed. The disciple of Celestial Venerable Hao, Beta Ceti Star Sovereign Jing Baichuan, was found dead in the Endless Clouds Palace…”

The god general that reported the news hesitated a while before continuing. He said, “The gods and devils that were with him were all killed, and the disciples of the Emperor of Endless Clouds have disappeared without a trace…”

“Jing Baichuan is dead?”

Prince Qing Zong felt like his head almost exploded. He said angrily, “Who can tell me what happened in the nine prefectures? Why is there such a big mess? Where are the three pillar heavens ancient gods?”

The god general shook his head and said, “There were no traces of the three pillar ancient gods. However, the god that guards the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge said that he saw the three pillar heavens ancient gods entering the bridge towards our White Deity Celestial Palace…”

At that moment, a god quickly came forward to report. “Your Highness, we have investigated the turbulence in the lower bound. The three pillar heavens ancient gods arrived at the White Deity Celestial Palace and secretly descended to the villages in the lower bound to consume the humans there.”

“Those three bastards don't understand the gravity of the situation!”

Prince Qing Zong flew into a rage. He slapped his table and shouted, “With all these things happening, they even came to my territories to eat people! Call them up, I want to ask them who's behind the massacre in the nine prefectures!”

The god hesitated before saying, “They're dead…”

Prince Qing Zong's anger was immediately dispelled by that piece of news. He fell back into his treasure seat and muttered, “Dead?”

The god said, “The three pillar heavens ancient gods were found dead outside a city. According to the god responsible for supervising the lower bound, he saw countless heavens expanding outwards, with a heaven ball hanging at the top of the heavens. They were filled with plenty of treasures, like stars across a starry sky, bombarding and killing the three pillar heavens ancient gods.”

Prince Qing Zong had never heard of such a treasure. He shook his head and said dejectedly, “Father has ordered me to guard Western Heaven since the celestial heavens mobilized him to attack the Great Void. Black Deity, Green Deity, and Red Deity have also been mobilized. The celestial heavens will also send out the ten guards and various great armies. Now we have this on our hands. The deaths of 12 ancient gods in Western Heaven isn't a trivial matter. I'm unable to hide this…”

His headache was so bad that he could feel his head splitting open.

The god said with some hesitation. “Your Highness, should we report this to the celestial heavens?”

“Yes, we need to. There's no way we can hide this!”

Prince Qing Zong said resolutely, “Request the Divine Constable Camp of the celestial heavens to investigate who is responsible for this! Also, immediately seal up all of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges within our territories! The killer is still in Western Heaven and hasn't left. We must absolutely keep him in Western Heaven!”

The god was about to leave when Prince Qing Zong suddenly called out to him, saying, “Also, immediately notify all of the ancient gods in Western Heaven to quickly set off for the White Deity Celestial Palace!”

The god left hurriedly.

'The person who killed the 12 ancient gods must be extremely powerful. Also, the dozens of heavens should be a type of formidable treasure. With the guards of the White Deity Celestial Palace and the dozens of ancient gods of Western Heaven, the culprit shouldn't be able to barge into the White Deity Celestial Palace.'

Prince Qing Zong paced around, gritting his teeth forcefully as he turned and walked outside. He thought to himself, 'I have to personally check the place where the three pillar heavens ancient gods died, to see if there are any clues left behind!'

However, he was also cautious. He summoned a hundred gods and devils who were considered experts in Western Heaven to escort him.

Prince Qing Zong took off his robe and put on a guard uniform. He then hurriedly left the White Deity Celestial Palace with the rest of his men.

Just as he stepped out of the Southern Heavenly Gate, he stumbled across a young man with a dragon qilin not far away, walking as they arrived at the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

There was also a chubby green sparrow standing on top of that dragon qilin's head.

The god that was guarding the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge had already sealed the bridge. However, he looked as though he didn't see them as they walked up onto the sacrificial altar.

Prince Qing Zong was amazed, and his heart trembled slightly. At the same time, he saw a strange tiny creature burrowing out of the dragon qilin's ear. It looked like Earth Count, except that it was far smaller.

The tiny Earth Count stood by the ear hole of the dragon qilin, stretching lazily as it yawned a few times. Suddenly, it saw Prince Qing Zong and quickly shouted, “Ahh!”

The dragon qilin and young man turned back and happened to meet the eyes of Prince Qing Zong.

Prince Qing Zong didn't know what to do. He bellowed in rage as eight huge flags furled on his back, flapping loudly against the wind!

He executed the Blood Rust Flag Scripture. At the same time, his gaze made contact with the young man's eyes.

“A great expert of the Numinous Sky Realm. No wonder he wasn't hypnotized by my consciousness.”

The young man's voice sounded very close to Prince Qing Zong, but it was getting further and further away. Prince Qing Zong's consciousness got a little hazy, and he looked to be in a daze.

“My consciousness attainments aren't high enough. If I could reach Divine King Gong Yun's level, I wouldn't be spotted by him. However, since I've noticed him, I can use my spells to deal with him.”

The voice became more and more blurred, and Prince Qing Zong felt that his thoughts were slowly stiffening. It was as if they were gradually transforming into pieces of wood. His memory of the young man was gradually disappearing. He only heard a melodious song traveling over, its meaning obscure.

“When a game of chess is profound and marvelous, one game can be played over the span of several springs. Emerging as an invincible expert, be lenient wherever it's possible!”

When the singing stopped, Prince Qing Zong shook his head immediately, waking up from his daze. He looked confusedly at the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, and then at himself.

“Why would I execute the Blood Rust Flag Scripture as though I was about to meet a great enemy? I must have been too nervous.”

He couldn't help but laugh, dispelling the Blood Rust Flag Scripture as he shouted, “Soldier over there, immediately seal up the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge!”

The soldier that was guarding the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge immediately roused his spirits and sealed up the bridge.

Suddenly, the other Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge lit up, and the god whom he had just dispatched returned with several ancient gods.

Prince Qing Zong was shocked. “So fast?”

The god bowed and said, “Your Highness, I've been gone for ten days. Luckily, I was able to complete my mission…”

“Ten days?”

Prince Qing Zong was in a daze as he stared at him blankly. He then cried, “How many days have you been away?”

The god was a little confused but still answered his question. “It has already been ten days.”

“Ten days, ten days…”

Prince Qing Zong shuddered a few times as intense fear gradually took over his heart. He was sure that he had just arrived outside the celestial palace and was momentarily distracted. Instead, ten days had already passed!

If he had come under a spell, the guards following him would be under the same spell. How terrifying it was to have so many of his gods and devils stand there with him for ten days!

As he fell into a daze again, a hazy voice sang in his mind once more.

Prince Qing Zong followed along, singing softly. “Emerging as an invincible expert, be lenient wherever it's possible… Be lenient wherever it's possible… Return back to the palace!”

With a huge wave of his hand, he shouted, “Gather all my troops to guard the White Deity Celestial Palace and wait for the celestial heavens' Divine Constable Camp to arrive! Until White Deity returns, stop using human sacrifices!”

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