Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 113 - Divine Physician

According to Fu Qingyun's experience, the normal speed for Wall Break required more than one try. Some people even needed to try a few thousand times before they could break the Wall and succeed in Wall Break.

Calculating out the stars positions was one thing and Wall Break was another.

Five Elements Wall Break required one to impact the Wall again and again with his vital qi to create a small crack on it and then to expand the crack slowly to finally break the Wall completely. Only then could it be considered a success when the Wall was completely unable to regenerate.

Qin Mu immediately succeeded in Wall Break right after she had just left. That was very rare.


Fu Qingyun's heart leaped. Unless Qin Mu's vital qi was abnormally vigorous. This way he could be able to succeed in Wall Break with just one try.

"Young master, let us purely use vital qi to clash with our palms."

Fu Qingyun saw that he was puzzled and immediately smiled, "I'll close my other divine treasures and leave only my Spirit Embryo and Five Elements open. I just want to test how profound Young master's cultivation is."

Qin Mu nodded his head. Their palms touched and the vital qi of each other burst forth. Fu Qingyun gave a grunt and sound of wind whooshed past her ears. The scenery in front of her eyes changed continuously as she flew backward and crashed through a few buildings and a few high walls before stopping the impetus and got embedded on a wall.

Covered in dirt, she broke free from the wall and raised her head to take a look. She saw that she was about a hundred and thirty yards away from Qin Mu. In between them were a few buildings and walls that had huge human-shaped holes created by him. Through the holes, she could see Qin Mu and couldn't help having a lingering fear in her heart.

What she used was her strength from Five Elements Realm and it was only a clash with Qin Mu's vital qi, she didn't expect that the difference between them would be so huge. It couldn't help making her slight dejected.

Blow, it was really a huge blow to her!

However, she soon regained her state of mind and thought to herself, "He's our sacred cult's young cult master after all, it's perfectly logical for him to have this kind of cultivation. Furthermore, in the contest at Disabled Elderly Village, he had already ruthlessly defeated me."

Qin Mu immediately came forward. Fu Qingyun smiled, "I'm fine. Young master's cultivation is abnormally vigorous as expected. Patriarch and Cult Mistress wasn't wrong in their judgment. There was still a day and a half to the opening of Imperial College. Young master had better stabilize your realm."

Qin Mu understood. With the success of Five Elements Wall Break and the awakening of another divine treasure, there were some new transformations happening in his body and he had yet to check them.

Fu Qingyun looked around and laughed bitterly to herself. Ever since Qin Mu came here, Rain Listening Pavilion had suffered disasters after disasters. It was either the pavilion getting wrecked or the buildings getting holed.

"He's the young cult master after all, tearing places down wherever he goes. Luckily he will leave my place two days later and go tear down Imperial College. En, Patriarch is going to have a headache and I can finally relax…"

Qin Mu didn't know she harbored the thoughts of him tearing down Imperial College and went back into his room. The youth sat down quietly and his consciousness slipped into his Five Elements Divine Treasure. In the divine treasure was a starry sky and there were five huge stars shining. Other than that it was complete darkness.

"Five Elements Divine Treasure is actually completely different from Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure."

Qin Mu was astonished. There was no cultivation technique for Five Elements Divine Treasure in his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. This gave him a slight headache.

He had seen the cultivation pictures of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. There were only the first two pictures and the third one was incomplete. Qin Mu tried his best to remember that incomplete picture. In the incomplete picture, there were indeed stars but other than the five stars, there were also five gods. Each of them had his own design and his own path of vital circulation.

However, more than half of the picture was destroyed and the specific path of circulation was already blurred with age.

Qin Mu composed himself and his consciousness floated. In the high and chilly starry sky, his consciousness planned to float its way up to one of the stars.

However, as his consciousness flew, the star actually seemed to be flying away as well. The distance between him and the star always stayed the same far.

Qin Mu frowned and tried to fly to the other stars. Those stars also flew away as he tried to get close to them.

"What is going on?"

Qin Mu was stumped. He wanted to see if there were the five gods in the cultivation pictures on the stars. However, now that he couldn't reach the stars, he could only drop it.

His consciousness remained in his Five Elements Divine Treasure. He executed his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and instantly saw a strange transformation. Suddenly an orange star started to tremble and a fire red glow shot straight out from the star and onto Qin Mu's consciousness with a buzz.

Qin Mu instantly felt his consciousness flooded with energy that was blazing like fire. That energy was changing the structure of his consciousness and allowed his consciousness to have a physical body!

Under the prompts of the flame, legs grew out from his consciousness, followed by arms and head. In just a short while, his consciousness merged with the peculiar energy and he became a queer being with a human face and bull body!

Qin Mu was blank. He lowered his head to have a look and saw that his body was a scarlet bullock and there was a bull's tail that was grown behind his buttocks. His front was bare and on the tip of his tail was a tuft of long fur.

Qin Mu swayed his tail and his tail ended up whipping on his large and firm buttocks, giving off a burning sensation.

His two legs were bull's legs and his thighs were sturdy and strong. They were as thick as elephant's legs however his shanks were very slender. His feet were bull's hooves.

Not only that, the glow that shot out from the fire element star was still gathering and formed two fire dragons with fierce claws and teeth under his feet!

Fire god!

Qin Mu's heart leaped. He had seen similar sculptures in the divine temples in Border Dragon City. The people of Great Ruins worshipped sculptures of this form as the fire god.

However, the energy surging from the fire element star wasn't strong. The body that had formed off his consciousness was only a faint apparition.

"Could this be the Fire Element Divine Treasure in my Five Elements Divine Treasure? In that case, what about the other elements…"

Just as Qin Mu thought of this, another sky blue star also suddenly trembled. An aqua blue glow shot down from that star and landed on his 'body' with a buzz!

At the same time, the other three stars with different colors trembled and each of them had its own glow shining down, landing on his body one after another.

Qin Mu gave a grunt and his fire god form immediately started to fall apart, and at the same time, the other forms started rising. However, the attributes of the energies shot from the five stars were completely different and not only were they different, they even countered and restrained each other. They clashed together in his consciousness and obliterated each other in the clash!


A loud explosion sounded out and Qin Mu's consciousness which had entered his Five Elements Divine Treasure was obliterated in the explosion. Qin Mu's eyes blacked out and fainted.

When he woke up, he realized he was lying on a bed and Hu Ling'er was placing a warm, moisturizing towel on his forehead. Meanwhile, his head was so painful that it felt like it was a watermelon smashed on the floor, splitting apart.

In front of the bed, a few girls stood there with concerned expressions.

"Young master seemed to have suffered from qi deviation. Luckily Ling'er discovered it earlier and called us."

Fu Qingyun had a worried look and said, "Young master, I had already called people to brew the medicine and it would be ready soon. However, the institution would open in two days and I'm afraid Young master wouldn't be able to make it. Qi deviation required more than ten days of recuperation…"

Outside the door, two girls were brewing the medicine and the fragrance of the medicine floated over. Qin Mu struggled to get up and took a sniff of the fragrance before saying, "I have injured my consciousness and my spirit is damaged. The medicine you are brewing is the right prescription, however, it lacks pond monkshood. Pick two mace of pond monkshood… Carry me up, let me brew the medicine."

Fu Qingyun was astonished. This young cult master actually knew how to brew medicine?

She was skeptical and ordered her girls to grab the herbs. She raised Qin Mu and found out that Qin Mu's consciousness was frail and it was hard for him to move, therefore she ordered people to carry the medicine furnace and furnace fire in.

Qin Mu endured his headache and executed his vital qi to lift up the medicine furnace. He shook it gently and the medicine furnace landed on the ground, however, the water and the herbs inside the furnace floated in the air by his vital qi. The girl who had grabbed the herbs came back and threw the pond monkshood into it at once.

Qin Mu's hand technique changed irregularly and soon he had mixed all medicinal properties together and with a gently pluck, the medicinal dregs automatically dropped out from the water. The water vapor then evaporated and a few red pellets were left.

Qin Mu took the red pellets and pushed out the medicinal energy. His headache gradually lessened, however, sometimes he still had the head-splitting pain from time to time, "I have to brew another set of medicine tomorrow morning and I'll completely recover."

The girls in the room were astonished. Qin Mu's technique of brewing medicine was pure and simple yet ever-changing, dazzling their eyes.

Suffering from qi deviation wasn't a small matter. Was this medicine really that effective, to be able to help him recover in half a day?"

"Without an advancement in technique, it looks like I won't be able to cultivate my Five Elements Divine Treasure and make the power of the divine treasure my own cultivation."

Qin Mu recovered his strength and stood up with a smile, "I got hasty and caused sisters to be worried."

"Young master is skilled in the art of healing, do you have knowledge in gynecology?" A girl suddenly asked.

Qin Mu said, "As long it involves medical skill, I know everything."

The girl's expression turned slightly red, "I have slight pain in my womb. I don't know if young master…"

Qin Mu checked her pulse and smiled, "Small issue, your inner qi lacks proper care and you have a slight cold womb. Let me write out a prescription for you."

A girl immediately came forward and passed him brush and ink. Qin Mu picked up the brush and wrote down a prescription, "This medicine is Womb Warming Pill. You take it and It will nurse your inner qi and break the root of the illness."

The eyes of the remaining girls in the room lit up. The guqin girl whose face was red from embarrassment asked in a soft voice, "Young master, I also have a little problem…"

"Young master, take a look at me too!"

"Young master, my menstruation is irregular…"


Fu Qingyun's head became oversized and she shouted, "Young master was just suffered from qi deviation and had yet completely recovered. All of you stop making a racket and let young master rest quietly!"

Qin Mu smiled, "It's no bother. I can't train after getting suffering from qi deviation. It just so happens that I can help the sisters to nurse their bodies while I'm resting. It doesn't take much energy. Furthermore, I eat and stay here in Sister Yun'er's place, and how could I not repay everyone for your taking care of me?"

The girls were delighted and lined them up. Qin Mu diagnosed their conditions and wrote out prescriptions for them one by one. The pipa girl saw Fu Qingyun still in the room and smiled, "Sister, why are you still here?"

Fu Qingyun sneered. After a while, she came forward and stretched her hand out and bit her lips, saying in a low voice, "Young master, my cultivation may be high but there are some problems with my body. For the past few months, I suffered from red dragon imbalance. Sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn't…"

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