Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1136 - The Great Formation Picture of Dragon Mountain

"You're the real beauty killer, Imperial Preceptor. Son of Heaven Yin pales in comparison to you!"

Emperor Yanfeng felt some sympathy when he saw how disheartened and disappointed Yan Yunxi was. However, the dominant feeling in his heart was admiration. Admiration for Eternal Peace's former imperial preceptor, Jiang Baigui.

He was always honest towards ladies. In Eternal Peace, he was determined to become a saint and had no thoughts towards love and pleasure. He even thought of it as a burden.

If not for his forced gift of marriage and the guidance of Qin Mu, Jiang Baigui would probably still be single today.

He had that kind of power and ability.

Jiang Baigui was a devoted person. He was fine when not in love, but when he was, he would become extremely loyal. Even though Yan Yunxi was smarter and prettier than his wife, he didn't take it to heart at all.

This was why his wife felt relaxed about him leaving Eternal Peace.

One sentence from Jiang Baigui annihilated Yan Yunxi's hope in a cruel manner.

Jiang Baigui bowed and said to Yan Yunxi, "Uncle, since I'm worth an army of a million gods and devils, should there be a calamity in Eternal Peace, I hope you'll help with said army."

Yan Yunxi nodded silently with a pale expression.

Jiang Baigui straightened himself and solemnly said, "Thus, Uncle, you can go and prepare with Divine King Lang Wo and Founding Emperor."

Yan Yunxi left.

At the same time, they heard a lazy voice from below, which said, "You're really powerful, Little Brother."

Jiang Baigui and Emperor Yanfeng looked down from the tower and saw a large man in shabby clothes sunbathing at the bottom. He leisurely caught the fleas on his body while constantly laughing as if he was mentally unstable.

Emperor Yanfeng's gaze flashed as he whispered, "When did this beggar come? He looks crazy. I didn't detect him at all. Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi is a great master, and she failed to detect him too!"

Jiang Baigui leaped down from the tower and stood in front of him with his hands behind his back. He leisurely said, "Of course I'm powerful."

The madman caught fleas while looking up at him, then laughed. "Disciple of Woodcutter Wen Tiange? As expected, you speak with haughtiness in your tone."

He stood up and put one of the fleas into his mouth, which crackled, then spat it out and said, "Even Wen Tiange isn't so haughty in front of me, for he lost to me. All of the four great heavenly teachers attacking you are wise. You might not be able to beat them even by working together with Zi Xi."

Jiang Baigui leisurely said, "They're old and outdated. I'll counter them in formations."

"However, their power is overwhelming."

The madman laughed and said, "How many do you have in Carefree Village? How many masters of creation are there? How many battles can you withstand? You'll soon run out of soldiers. You are fighting thousands of worlds with the masters of creation and Carefree Village! You can't win."

Jiang Baigui frowned.

The madman laughed. "Aren't you very good? Woodcutter Wen Tiange is already haughty enough, yet you're haughtier."

Jiang Baigui said with humility, "I'm not the most powerful of Eternal Peace. I have a brother who's always better than me in the same realm. However, compared to others, who are triangles, I'm a straight line."

The madman was stunned. It took awhile for him to understand. He continued, "I'm talking about wisdom, not power."

"I see."

Jiang Baigui said, "In terms of wisdom, my second brother would have to flatter me. He's not as smart as me. Compared to me, he's missing a vertical straight line."

The madman laughed and leisurely said, "Then we shall compete. I'll lay the formation, and you'll break it. If you can, I'll help you against the four great heavenly teachers. If you can't, I'll watch you die."

Jiang Baigui's eyebrows were raised as he asked, "Who might you be?"

The madman lost all of his craziness as he straightened his body. With an imposing posture and an awe-inspiring voice, he replied, "The previous number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens, Yue Tingge of the Dao Sect! The current four great heavenly teachers of the celestial heavens lost to me! The four great heavenly teachers of Founding Emperor—Fisherman, Woodcutter, Farmer, and Scholar—lost to me as well, in both might and wisdom!"

Jiang Baigui was moved as he pleaded, "The previous imperial preceptor of Eternal Peace, Jiang Baigui, hereby asks for your guidance!"

Yue Tingge's aura was aggressive as he used his vital qi to display his formation. They formed models of soldiers and treasures which he used to line up his formation.

The formation was special, as it surprisingly resembled the form of the number one treasure, the Glassy Sky Pagoda. It was split into 28 heavens with various treasures in each heaven. Soldiers and formations were deployed around the treasures. Not much, but they were able to become one with the treasures to form thousands of picturesque formations.

In addition, each formation of Yue Tingge's was different. There were thousands of different formations formed from thousands of treasures. Each one of those formations became one with the treasures!

Even more terrifyingly, he used few people, yet each formation's structure was able to unite the formation with people and treasures in a tight manner. It was easy to defend yet hard to attack!

Yue Tingge finished his formation and solemnly said, "This formation is called the Great Formation Picture of Dragon Mountain. It was restored and illustrated by the number two heavenly master, Shang Pinying, who went crazy for thousands of years after being defeated by secluded formation master Dragon Mountain Sanren. Shang Pinying called forth all the wise men of the world to try and break it. Nobody could break it after hundreds of thousands of years. I did it, which gave me the title of the number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked at the formation formed by the Glassy Sky Pagoda and shuddered. 'Many of the formation skills of this formation were researched during Eternal Peace's reform! Who is this Dragon Mountain Sanren of the past?'

In the great formation picture of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, there were too many of Eternal Peace's formations. Three people stood out as having the highest attainments in formations in Eternal Peace. One of them was the previous imperial preceptor, Jiang Baigui. The other two were God Eyes Blind of Disabled Elderly Village and West Earth Formation Master He Yiyi.

They pioneered many different formation skills and formations, entering the path with changes in formations.

Besides the three of them, there were also General of Heavenly Strategies, Qin Jian, as well as Qin Baoyue, who was famous for his killing formations, and Situ Xiu Leqing, who became famous for laying formations via the might of heaven and earth. There was also Grand General of the White Horse, Quan Wuding, who was famous for his battle formations. They all had their own specialties.

The formations used in Dragon Mountain Sanren's great formation picture largely contained formation pictures of Eternal Peace!

Other formations were variations of those from Eternal Peace's reform, but more intricate. It was just that there were thousands of other formation skills that Jiang Baigui had never seen before. Still, breaking it wasn't too difficult for him.

When he examined it, he couldn't help but admire this Dragon Mountain Sanren. The formation was actually a combination of thousands of formations and formation skills. In combination, they formed a giant killing formation!

Thousands of formations working together to become one complete formation!

Yue Tingge coughed and reminded him, "Jiang Baigui, the order of these 28 heavens can be changed at any time!"

Jiang Baigui's heart shuddered as he slowly nodded and said, "It's indeed powerful. No wonder it held up against wise men of the world for hundreds of thousands of years!"

However, he could still see how the one who laid the formation did it in a hasty manner. That Dragon Mountain Sanren could have made it more intricate, but there were many flaws due to what seemed to be a lack of energy in laying formations.

He was right. Qin Mu's consciousness at that point was heavily injured by the Grand Emperor. He was groggy and barely conscious, which caused a lot of flaws in his formation.

Besides, he laid it via the dragon qilin, which granted him the title of the number one heavenly master. However, because of this, there were many shortcomings in the formation.

The most terrifying thing about the Great Formation Picture of Dragon Mountain was how the 28 heavens could change their order at any time, which would cause previous efforts to break it to be wasted!

That was because by changing their order, one could erase another's prior efforts!

"Eternal Peace Heavenly Master, how many men do you need to break it?" Yue Tingge asked.

Jiang Baigui thought in silence before replying, "Five hundred thousand."

Yue Tingge was stunned. He used a million to break it.

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