Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1137 - Founding Emperor Visits the Celestial Heavens

Jiang Baigui morphed into 500,000 gods and devils with his own vital qi while Yue Tingge was in control of the great formation picture of Dragon Mountain Sanren. He used various formations and waited for him to break it.

It was a formation picture that nobody had broken in the hundreds of thousands of years since the Dragon Han Era. Every heavenly master knew about it. Yue Tingge became famous worldwide because he broke it. As such, he was conferred the title of the number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens!

He personally took control of the formation picture and used dazzling arrays of formations. If one wasn't intelligent enough, they could become dizzy from looking at it for one moment and find it hard to identify things, much less break it.

The army that Jiang Baigui's vital qi morphed into went straight in. He did things differently from Shang Pinying then. Shang Pinying broke every formation he saw steadily and slowly. In comparison, he deployed his army straight to the top of the 28 heavens!

Yue Tingge sighed, for he knew that Jiang Baigui knew the trick to breaking this formation picture instantly.

Yue Tingge took many years to come up with this trick.

At the top laid the heaven ball, which was the ancient god egg of the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

Jiang Baigui used superior might to occupy the areas around it without attacking it. By doing so, he blocked the egg with mirrors to lock it.

He deployed his formation inversely as he moved his army into thousands of different formations in a way that was more delicate than the formations in the Great Formation Picture of Dragon Mountain, which astounded Yue Tingge!

Yue Tingge was stunned!

The core of the thousands of formation skills of the formation picture was the egg. Jiang Baigui concentrated his superior force to attack it quickly and lay down the 28 heavens formation around it, using the egg as the core. By doing so, he became the host and occupied the 28 heavens of the formation picture, allowing him to push out the 28 heavens formation!

As such, his formation picture replaced the Great Formation Picture of Dragon Mountain and became the new 28 heavens formation picture, with the egg as its core!

Yue Tingge could no longer reverse the 28 heavens, as Jiang Baigui occupied it and reversed it. Soon, all the formation skills in it were broken. Not one survived!

Yue Tingge sighed, dissipated his vital qi, and said, “You're a genius. This formation is the great formation picture of Dragon Mountain Sanren. However, this treasure is the number one treasure in the world, the Glassy Sky Pagoda. Yet, you broke it too, using the least amount of men and suffering few casualties. You really are the number one heavenly master of Eternal Peace!”

Jiang Baigui pulled back his vital qi as well, asking, “Heavenly Master Yue, did you use this method too?”

Yue Tingge's pride was shaken as he shook his head with his hands behind his back. He disappointingly replied with an outpour of aura, “I didn't. After I entered the Heaven Ball, I used the method of nailing wedges. I nailed them into the 28 heavens one by one to limit the changes. I used a million men to break it and suffered heavy casualties…”

He recovered, smiled, and asked, “You said your brother is superior in everything except intelligence. This claim sounds familiar to me. Who might your brother be?”

Jiang Baigui replied, “Heavenly Master Yue, you probably haven't heard of him before, for he is Celestial Venerable Mu.”

Yue Tingge was startled. He recovered and laughed. “So, it's him! This fellow is very haughty and acts like he's the second greatest after the heavens! I've disliked him for a long time!”

He nodded with glory overflowing on his face. “He's stronger in everything else. His speech is so infuriating that you can be suffocated by it! Yet, he's not as intelligent as us!”

Jiang Baigui nodded too, feeling the same way.

They smiled at each other, for they knew that they had found their bosom friend. They both had the pleasure of looking down at and crushing Qin Mu with their intelligence.

The celestial heavens.

Qin Mu walked out of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and thought, 'I wonder how the battle at the Great Void is going. Can Founding Emperor and Lang Wo defend against the onslaught of the celestial heavens?'

He was unnerved.

The cooperation between Carefree Village and the Paramita World's masters of creation was spurred on by him. He had also planned the inciting of Carefree Village's bloodthirst, as well as the re-ignition of Carefree Village's reform via refining weapons in the Great Void.

If, however, the celestial heavens gathered a very large army of the celestial heavens, they might not be able to hold on.

He looked around and saw that the celestial heavens had become way more empty than usual. Although the celestial heavens was vast and boundless, there were many gods and devils that resided there, which caused the place to be constantly crowded.

Now, almost half of the celestial heavens' forces were mobilized, which made the Celestial Street empty, as fewer people traveled on it.

'It seems that the celestial heavens has gathered its forces to attack the Great Void and prepare for one decisive battle. That's indeed the most time and force efficient method!'

Qin Mu was shaken. The ten Celestial Venerables had to be mobilized to use this method. After all, there were two Celestial Venerable level beings in the Great Void, Founding Emperor and Lang Wo. It was just that he didn't know how many of the ten Celestial Venerables had been mobilized!

'Only if Founding Emperor can withstand it will they be pulled into a stalemate. Only then can the Great Void be used to refine and forge weapons. If they fail, they can only retreat and hold the Void Bridge.'

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes and looked at the Jade Capital in the distance. If the ten Celestial Venerables wanted to get rid of Founding Emperor and Lang Wo with minimal losses, they had to use at least six Celestial Venerables.

It was the only way for a perfect victory.

There had to be two Celestial Venerables guarding and controlling the Celestial Emperor corporeal body in the celestial heavens to prevent an attack from Heaven Duke and Earth Count.

'I don't know how many Celestial Venerables headed for the Great Void…'

He was thinking about it when torrential sword energy was activated in the celestial heavens' chambers of concubines. Qin Mu's heart shuddered as he looked on hastily. He saw a sword light rise into the air from Celestial Emperor's chambers of concubines to form the apparition of the 34 heavens of the sword path, which suppressed the celestial heavens!

The sword light rose into the air, and crackling immediately came from the halls and palaces of the celestial heavens. The palaces and halls cracked open as if they were cut open by a sharp sword!

Loud noises came from Qin Mu's back too. He immediately turned around and saw how the Southern Heavenly Gate of the celestial heavens was sliced neatly into two!

“Founding Emperor Qin Ye has arrived at the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens to pay a visit to Celestial Emperor!”

Founding Emperor's voice came from the chambers of concubines in the Jade Capital. It was grand and loud as it reverberated in everyone's ears.

There was an uproar across the celestial heavens.

Although half of the celestial heavens' forces headed for the Great Void, there were still many people guarding the celestial heavens. The Left and Right Feathered Forest Guards, Left and Right Divine Awe Guards, Left and Right Divine Stratagem Guards, the six imperial guards of the celestial heavens, and thousands of other gods and devils rose into the air to get into formation before rushing towards the chambers of concubines.

Qin Mu immediately rose into the air to get a better view.

“Your awe is unparalleled and unchallenged, Emperor. Yet you choose to hide in the Numinous Sky Hall and not show yourself. Why, Emperor?”

Founding Emperor pulled out the Carefree Sword and gently swung it in the chambers of concubines. Instantly, the sword ripped the void, causing an indefinite expansion of space that separated him from the six imperial guards chasing after him!

They tried their best to fly towards him, yet the space between them expanded, causing them to be unable to get close to Founding Emperor no matter how fast they flew.

Founding Emperor put the Carefree Sword back into its hilt and walked towards the Numinous Sky Hall, saying loudly, “I heard that the ten Celestial Venerables laid a trap and killed you a long time ago, Celestial Emperor. After that, they made a substitute in order to fool everyone.”

He walked quickly, yet not hastily, and leisurely said, “If you're real, Emperor, then take a blow from my sword!”

Chapter end

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