Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1146 - Escaping into the void

Qin Mu smiled and said, “I suddenly remembered that Heaven Duke and I call each other brothers. Heaven Duke calls me Dao friend, so it's reasonable to call you nephew.”

Divine King Zu was unable to restrain his anger, and the other Celestial Venerables hurriedly urged, “Let's just address each other as Dao friends. We are all Celestial Venerables, so there's no need to make things so awkward. Calm down, calm down.”

Celestial Venerable Hong also tried to persuade him, “Celestial Venerable Mu, don't say too much. Don't take advantage of him. He has a hot temper, and if he really wants to kill you, we won't be able to stop him.”

Qin Mu said angrily, “That day at Jade Pool, he was the first to jump out and tried to kill me! So what if I take advantage of him, so what if I make him call me uncle?”

Divine King Zu had just calmed down when he became furious again. He shouted, “Don't stop me, I'll hack this fellow to pieces!”

Qin Mu flew into a rage and pointed at him while scolding, “If you have the guts, come and chop my head off! If I blink my eyes, I'll change my surname to Zu!”

Everyone hurriedly stopped him. Celestial Venerable Hong held Qin Mu back while God Sovereign Lang Xuan held Divine King Zu, “Calm down, calm down!”

Both of them cursed at each other and turned their heads away, not looking at each other.

Qin Mu took this opportunity to examine his surroundings and was bewildered. Other than them, there was no one else present. Even Heaven Duke and Earth Count didn't come here.

“Where's Mistress Yuanmu? This shouldn't be the case!”

Qin Mu frowned and thought to himself, ‘Logically speaking, Mistress Yuanmu will definitely not let go of this opportunity and will definitely come here. Why hasn't she shown herself?'

He looked around. Celestial Venerable Qiang is Grand Emperor, which is confirmed. Then, who was Mistress Yuanmu?

Could it be Celestial Venerable Hong?

Qin Mu looked at Da Hong and was suspicious. Mistress Yuanmu was a little hussy and isn't consistent with the image of an expert displayed by Celestial Venerable Hong.

“Other than us, there are only the heavenly dragons pulling the carriage. Mistress Yuanmu could not have become a heavenly dragon.”

Suddenly, Qin Mu's gaze landed on the white cat in Celestial Venerable Yan's arms. The dragon qilin coughed. Qin Mu knew what he meant but he pretended not to hear and thought to himself, “Mistress Yuanmu wouldn't have become the white cat in Heavenly Lady Yan's arms, right? This white cat is a male, and Heavenly Lady Yan is suspected to be Celestial Empress. She's very serious, and the white cat looks more like her lover, not like Mistress Yuanmu…”

He couldn't help but have a headache. Compared to the white cat, he believed that Celestial Venerable Hong was Mistress Yuanmu.

The other Celestial Venerables gathered together to discuss and finally came to a decision. They said, “It's still possible to split the benefits equally. However, with the addition of Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu, Ancestral Court will be split into eleven portions. Including Celestial Venerable Mu, we will each receive a portion.”

“As for Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and the rest of the ancient gods, their ambitions are aloof, so forget it.”

“When we reach Ancestral Court, everyone will search for places of treasure: first come first servet. There are void beasts everywhere in Ancestral Court, so we must clean it up properly.”

Everyone finished their discussion and asked Qin Mu, “What does Celestial Venerable Mu think?”

Qin Mu said with a smile that was yet not a quite a smile, “Can't we just divide Ancestral Court into eleven portions directly and assign one to everyone?”

Celestial Venerable Hao said, “There are so many fierce strage beasts and void beasts in Ancestral Court. If we just divide directly into eleven portions, who will guard them? Everyone will have to rely on their own abilities to occupy their own land and clean up the void beasts in their territory for their disciples to explore.”

God Sovereign Lang Xuan laughed, “If Celestial Venerable Mu doesn't have the ability, leave it to me. I'll help you manage it.”

Heavenly Lady Qiang said, “That's a good idea. We are Celestial Venerables, after all, and we can't stay in Ancestral Court for long. After all, Celestial Heavens is the main matter. Let's first clear out a portion of the territory and ask Celestial Venerable Mu to send the disciples in. As for mining the treasure mines, collecting the treasures, and eliminating the other void beasts, let the disciples do it.”

Qin Mu was very unhappy. These Celestial Venerables were obviously bullying him for not having his own strength. Even if Qin Mu manage to mark his territory, he wouldn't be able to defend it.

Another reason for not dividing Ancestral Court directly was to force Qin Mu to enter. This was the equivalent of exiling him into Ancestral Court.

If Qin Mu stayed in Ancestral Court and didn't leave, it would be the equivalent to suppressing this brat. They wouldn't have to worry about him creating trouble for them and giving them a headache.

But if Qin Mu left Ancestral Court, it would mean that Qin Mu had abandoned his own territory. These Celestial Venerables would naturally be glad to swallow Qin Mu's share.

If the land was directly split into eleven equal portion and they snatch Qin Mu's share, then this brat would most likely make a ruckus and make them all irritated.

Qin Mu snorted, knowing that these old fellows were bullying him for being young and weak. He said indifferently, “Let's do it as you say”

All of the Celestial Venerables were delighted to see him suffer.

Qin Mu immediately set up the sacrificial altar, and the eight Celestial Venerables around him watched from the side in awe. Qin Mu sneered and constructed the sacrificial altar in front of everyone. He even imprinted the runes required for the sacrificial altar neatly in front of everyone, without missing a single step.

He didn't mind Celestial Venerable Hao, Celestial Venerable Xiao, and the rest to witness the construction of this reverse summoning sacrificial altar. This was because reverse summoning required two steps. The first step in constructing this altar must contain no mistakes.

This first step was extremely important.

However, the second step was also equally important, and that was to use the reverse summoning divine art!

Qin Mu's reverse summoning divine art came from the master of creation Luo Xiao. However, Luo Xiao used divine consciousness divine art, which was unique to the masters of creation.

On the other hand, the reverse summoning divine art, that Qin Mu had improved on, had incorporated the modern system of runes. In order to maintain his life, Qin Mu did not impart it to Luo Xiao, naturally Da Hong and Gu Xiao wouldn't know either.

Even if the eight Celestial Venerables learned the runes on the reverse summoning sacrificial altar, it would be very difficult for them to deduce the reverse summoning divine art from the runes.

This was Qin Mu's qualification.

“Everyone, please step up to the sacrificial altar.”

Qin Mu constructed two sacrificial altars with one prepared for the return trip. He climbed up one of them and stood in the centre of the sacrificial altar. He said with a smile, “When reverse summoning, you need to establish a consciousness connection with the void beasts in Ancestral Court. Therefore, if Dao friends suddenly see an eye above your heads, don't be alarmed; that's a void beast. I'll use the void beast to determine the location of Ancestral Court and pull us over.”

“There's actually such a divine art?” the Celestial Venerables exclaimed in admiration.

Qin Mu said with a smile, “This is the effect of the reform. It's precisely because of the reform that Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge exists: making it convenient to come and go. It's also because of the reform that there's this reverse summoning divine art.”

Celestial Venerable Xiao coughed and reminded him, “Celestial Venerable Mu, don't say such treasonous words. Quickly execute your divine art.”

Qin Mu laughed and executed his divine art.

Previously, it wasn't difficult for him to bring Luo Xiao, Gu Xiao, and Da Hong into Ancestral Court. However this time, he had to transport eight Celestial Venerables, making it a much harder task. Fortunately, Qin MU was much stronger than before. He executed the reverse summoning divine art with all his might, and a huge eyeball instantly appeared in the sky.

The Celestial Venerables exclaimed in admiration and said in unison, “Good divine art!”

Before they could finish their praise, a non-stop popping noise came from the sky above their heads, and hundreds of huge eyes instantly appeared!

Those were the eyes of void beasts, and there was more than one; there were hundreds of them!

Qin Mu feared that one void beast wouldn't be able to pull all of them into the Great Void, so he reverse summoned hundreds of void beasts in one go!

Even when the eight Celestial Venerables saw the eyes of so many void beasts, they remained calm and composed.

Their abilities were too strong, and only this many strange beasts couldn't do anything to them.


The sacrificial altar flew into the void!

The next moment, the sacrificial altar appeared in Ancestral Court and floated in front of the hundreds of void beasts.

The Celestial Venerables laughed loudly and rose into the air. They went to find their own foothold in Ancestral Court and left Qin Mu on the sacrificial altar, surrounded by the void beasts.

Hundreds of void beasts stared at Qin Mu who was in the centre of the sacrificial altar.

Qin Mu sighed and smiled at Celestial Venerable Hong, “Why isn't Dao Friend Hong leaving?”

“I already promised you that we can be neighbours and rely on each other.”

Celestial Venerable Hong smiled and said, “Furthermore, you can owe me another favour. This way, I can receive two promissory notes.”

TL: Fun fact about the term “seven divine treasures”, in the raw, the term used is “七蔵” which literally means the “seven stores”. It is a reference to the term “三蔵” or “three stores” in buddhism which refers to the three branches of buddhist sutra.

Chapter end

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