Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 115 - Demonic Nature

That cliff was so slippery and could literally not be stepped on. It was impossible to run it up!

Not all scholars had learned the art of flying and if they wanted to jump up the cliff, the difficulty would be extremely high. In addition, these people were also in Spirit Embryo and Five Elements Realms. With their realms not there yet, they were unable to learn divine arts.

Just this wall alone could probably eliminate more than half of the scholars.

However, many scholars who had learned the art of flying started to fly up the mountain cliff and passed this stage with ease. However, they were the minority. There were also many scholars who decided to sprint up the cliff and all of them broke their heads as they sprawled on the cliff without exception.

The scholars who had never learned the art of flying frowned hugely. Some of them tried to jump up the mountain cliff. However, with the cliff being over a hundred yards tall, who had such a strong physique to jump it up?

Many of the people could only jump halfway before they fell back down. As for the scholars who fell back down, they were disqualified and chased out of the mountain.

"Isn't it easy going up the cliff?"

Wei Yong went forward and chuckled, "All of you only thought about running up, jumping up and flying up. Why didn't you think of pulling yourself up?"

He had a chubby head and huge ears but his thinking was exceptionally flexible. He actually tied his vital qi thread to his swords and controlled his swords to fly up to the top of the cliff first. Wei Yong controlled ten vital qi threads and used these vital qi threads to grip onto the top of the cliff. He then slowly tightened the vital qi threads and pulled himself up the cliff little by little. When he nearly reached the top, his chubby palms hooked onto the wall of the cliff and flipped himself up the top of the cliff. He waved toward Qin Mu below, "Brother Qin, try pulling yourself up as well?"

"There's no need."

Qin Mu bent his legs so much that he almost squatted on the floor. The power in his legs burst forth along with his vital qi and his body whizzed upward. He leaped a hundred and twenty yards upwards and landed beside Wei Yong with a boom.

Wei Yong jumped in shock and looked down with astonishment, "Brother, what you cultivated are battle techniques right? That's right, what you used was a knife. Your battle technique abilities are truly remarkable!"

Under the mountain cliff, the hundreds of scholars were all stupefied.

That middle age Daoist nodded his head and wrote a "battle" word beside Qin Mu's name. He then wrote another "wit" beside Wei Yong's name.

Wei Yong's method was somewhat an opportune shortcut and the scholars below were enlightened. Ideas flowed into their minds and they started to use sword control or other techniques to make their vital qi threads hang on the mountain cliff, helping them to climb the cliff in this way.

The number of people on top of the cliff grew more and more. Meanwhile, Qin Mu and Wei Yong continued forward. Even though it was a jade summit, there were still hills, springs, waterfall, and greenery here, looking very serene. There were even birds and animals, however, the birds and animals here looked different and were abnormally huge. Furthermore, they usually grew scales and feathers. They should have absorbed the dragons' qi from the nine dragons' veins and therefore it caused an alienation.

"Please stop, scholars!"

They came to the first great hall of Imperial College. This great hall was extremely wide, spanning three hundred yards left and right. The platform in front of the great hall was also extremely wide and could fit several thousand people. Qin Mu looked around and the divine arts practitioners that had gone up the mountain earlier weren't here. The examinations for the divine arts practitioners should be different from them.

In front of the great hall stood ninety-nine Daoists and behind every Daoist stood a god. These were gods formed by their vital qi. They only had the upper halves of their bodies floating in the air, looking very sturdy and majestic.


Qin Mu's heart shook violently. The abilities of the ninety-nine Daoists were extraordinary. Making the vital qi have a form, they were probably close to the Celestial Being Realm. The power of every Daoist was probably no inferior to the hall masters of Heavenly Devil Cult!

As expected of Imperial College which was famous for being the number one sacred ground for supreme learning!

These ninety-nine Daoists still had yet reached Border Dragon City Lord's level. The apparition of the heavenly god with eight arms and eight heads behind Fu Yundi's body was complete and looked real, which was incomparably terrifying. It was clear that these Daoists were a level or two below Fu Yundi.

"However, why are the gods these ninety-nine Daoists have formed with their vital qi completely the same?"

Qin Mu frowned. If their ins and outs were found out by their opponents, wouldn't they be slain by their enemies however they liked?

"This kind of Daoists, granny can kill ten with one hand!" The youth thought to himself.

Imperial Preceptor popularised primary school and college; however, there was also its disadvantage and that was the martial arts and divine arts they taught were very homogeneous. Qin Mu started to feel that sects also had their own good points. After all, what each and every sect taught and was good at was different, and this resulted in the diversity of martial arts and divine arts.

Of course, the effect of primary school and college was still extremely powerful. It could allow the talents of many more scholars not to be cramped and thwarted. After all, disciples that were accepted by sects previously were only a minority. Now having primary schools and colleges everywhere, talented people came forth in large number.

These ninety-nine Daoists stood there without moving. Suddenly the gods behind their backs which were formed by the vital qi floated out and landed on the circular platforms in front of the great hall.

The Daoist in front said with a deep voice, "Scholars from all around the world, form groups of ten, divide into rows and come forward. Unleash your most powerful moves and attack the gods' apparitions in front of you! You can use any method, no matter if it's the god path, devil path or the Buddha path, unleash to your heart's content and nothing is prohibited! The gods' apparitions would also attack you and only one shall remain among the ten. The last one standing on the stage would pass the test."

The scholars in front of the great hall went into an uproar. To defend against the attacks of the gods' apparitions and one shall remain among the ten, this test was much crueler than the previous test. The test to climb the cliff had already disqualified half of the scholars and this test was actually going to disqualify ninety percent of the scholars!

Everyone became frenetic and people split into groups to go up the stage. Wei Yong moved far away from Qin Mu at once and went up another stage.

Qin Mu stood on the stage and not long later, there were ten people already on the circular platform he was on. Meanwhile, the other ninety-eight platforms all had ten scholars each.

"Begin!" a Daoist shouted.

Before the sound of his voice had died away, the ninety-nine gods' apparitions moved at once and attacked the scholars on the stages and the scholars all tried to defend against the attacks!

At this moment, Qin Mu's body motion was like a phantom as he dodged the attack of the god's apparition and sprinted on the circular stage. Nine explosions sounded out one after another as nine figures flew off the stage.

The scholars that were on the same stage with him were all smacked away by him before they could even be forced off the stage by the god's apparition!

On the circular stage, the god's apparition that was attacking Qin Mu suddenly stopped and remained motionless.

"You've passed." In front of the hall, the ninety-nine Daoists gave off an astonished expression while the Daoist in the lead solemnly said.

Qin Mu bowed to him and walked down the stage. The Daoist had a heavy expression and spoke softly to the Daoists beside him, "I see that this youth is corrupted at heart and has a slightly demonic nature. The other people on the stage were working together to withstand the attacks of the god's apparition and only he laid his hands on the others."

Just as he said that, startled cries sounded from other stages. The other scholars were following Qin Mu's example and also attacking the scholars that were on the same stage with them while they were being attacked by the gods' apparitions. In just a short while, hundreds of people were forced off the circular stages.

Not long later, this test had ended and only a hundred people were left. The scholars that could pass were all of Five Elements Realm and no scholars of Spirit Embryo Realm were able to pass. Qin Mu took a look and saw Wei Yong had also passed successfully. The cultivation of this chubby youth was indeed very profound, as expected of a scholar that came from the Wei Family of River Tomb.

Many Daoists were startled. They had completely not expected that a perfectly designed examination had turned out this way.

A moment later, a Daoist shouted loudly, "All scholars that have passed enter the hall while the rest of the scholars leave the mountain."

Qin Mu and the other scholars walked towards the great hall in front; however, he kept feeling that there were gazes fixed upon him attentively. Looking back, he saw the gazes of all ninety-nine Daoists landing on him.

Qin Mu adjusted his clothes and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. He then gave a radiant smile back to the Daoists and walked into the great hall.

"Demonic, demonic!" Behind him, the ninety-nine Daoists said in unison.

The Daoist in the lead wrote down his evaluation behind Qin Mu's name and threw the name register into the air. In the sky, a crane flew past and held the name register in its mouth. It then flew past the great hall and went towards the mountains.

"Such a demonic youth, it's best to eliminate him on the way to prevent him from harming our Imperial College and ruining the Imperial College's reputation! Hope that the examiners behind could disqualify him!"

Qin Mu and the various scholars went into the great hall but they still didn't see the batch of Six Directions Realm's scholars that had gone up the mountain first. These scholars were all divine arts practitioners so the contents of their examinations must be different from them.

Qin Mu looked at the surroundings and saw some murals on the pillars of this great hall. There were hundreds and thousands of strange murals, making him puzzled, "What is this test about?"

Wei Yong smiled, "Imperial College tests different things every year so no one would know what they are testing. If we knew what they were going to test us, it wouldn't be so difficult to enter Imperial College."

Qin Mu nodded his head. Suddenly his heart trembled slightly. The murals on these pillars were actually vital qi circulation diagrams of some techniques!

Every picture was the circulation route for different techniques!

He looked at them one by one and his heart was rather shocked. For Imperial College to carve the circulation diagrams of techniques here, aren't they a little too at ease? Aren't they afraid that others might pry on them?

"The vital qi circulation diagrams in this hall are all incomplete diagrams."

A scholar beside him said, "Every technique is incomplete. I've heard that the empire's Grand Chancellor had searched the entire world for these incomplete techniques and carved them here."

Qin Mu suddenly noticed a picture and his heart pumped violently for a second. This picture was the circulation diagram of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique!

Then he frowned. This picture should be the circulation diagram of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique at the Six Directions Realm and wasn't the circulation diagram of Five Elements Realm which he needed the most.

"Could it be that Patriarch had found the circulation diagram of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique somewhere, therefore, he had carved it here? In that case, does Patriarch know the other circulation diagrams? No matter what, I'll have to become an imperial scholar of Imperial College to see Patriarch!"

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